The Long Woman

The Long WomanTwo Brothers Compete For The Same Woman, But Only One Is Alive Maud Kerne Is Faced With The Ultimate Choice Yet She Herself Is The Key That Will Unlock The Greatest Of Mysteries Is There Life After Death Is There Love An Antiquarian S Widow Discovers Her Husband S Lost Journals And Sets Out On A Journey Of Remembrance Across S England And France, Retracing His Steps In Search Of Healing And Independance Along Alignments Of Place And Memory She Meets Mystic Dione Fortune, Leyline Pioneer Alfred Watkins And Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Obsessed With The Cottingley Fairies The Long Woman Is An Exploration Of The Sacred Landscapes Of The Past And The Secret Landscapes Of The Soul

Kevan Manwaring is a prize winning writer who lives on the edge of the Cotswolds He is the author of over twenty books including The Windsmith Elegy series of Mythic Reality novels Desiring Dragons, Oxfordshire Folk Tales, Northamptonshire Folk Tales, The Bardic Handbook, and Ballad Tales ed He loves walking in other worlds, but sometimes he prefers to ride his Triumph Legend motorbike Winn

[Reading] ➿ The Long Woman Author Kevan Manwaring –
  • 243 pages
  • The Long Woman
  • Kevan Manwaring
  • English
  • 13 September 2017
  • 9780954613754

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    I received this through Goodreads Giveaways.I found this book very mystical and I loved it.On the front cover the Bath Chronicle quotes this as A love letter to the English landscape and I could not put it better myself The book tells the story of the spiritual past of the landscape as seen through Maud ,who was widowed during the First World War and her Husband Isambard I particularly liked the quotes from poetry which were at the start of every chapter.Reading this made me aware of our ancient land and I am determined to go to Glastonbury and walk to the top of the Tor Highly Recommended.

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    This eloquent and evocative novel celebrates the English landscape and the spirit of place is tangible on almost every page Its premise is intriguing a journey taken by an antiquarian s widow in the 1920 s across England and France retracing his steps in search of healing and independence The land itself is integral in the narrative, places and ancient memories recaptured by the author s own love of language as well as the landscape There are snatches of poetry throughout and each chapter starts with a well chosen verse The epistolary format is particularly well used Maud is reading the journal written by her husband His character comes across from these extracts, his single minded obsessive nature and how she let him indulge his passions, but she also reads that he loved her and needed her as much as she needed him The sense of place adds its own rhythm and this becomes a character in its own right Everywhere Maud Kerne goes reminds her of a lost husband and his obsessions This is effective, allowing the author to demonstrate his own connection with the sacred landscapes of the past Maud is a very weak character at first but develops into a stronger woman who knows her own mind for the first time in her life.The first two thirds of this book easily deserved five stars but, towards the end, the brief but intense sexual encounter was jarring, as if it had been added for shock value It shattered the sense of reverie that had been building for the last two hundred pages but perhaps this is just my opinion In summary, this was still a very enjoyable read that rekindled my own interest in earth magic

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    I received this book for free via Goodreads First Reads.This was over two years ago and I apologise to the author for the delay in my review.This book had do many elements that it isn t one that can be pigeonholed into a genre There is a supernatural element, a love affair with the landscape of England, an unexpected romance, other forms of love as well as the aftermath of World War One.There is some very moving prose from an accomplished writer as well as a plot that never feels uneven It was an enjoyable read except when the author did the unforgivable and one I would recommend as a slightly darker summer read than you would normally see on a beach.3 stars seems fair as I didn t dislike any specific element of the book but I also couldn t pick out anything after reading it that I would say I particularly loved.

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    I received a free copy of this book from a Goodreads giveaway and was intrigued to read a book which seemed different from my usual choices This book explores the complexity of grief, relationships and independence cleverly and mixes this all with a touch of the supernatural.Whilst I did find The Long Woman slow at times, I also found it inspired me to want to travel and see of our English landscape after reading about Maud s journeys There is a thirst for life within the pages of this book that is infectious and through bringing about this eagerness to travel, I feel this book will stay with me for a long time I enjoyed the literary references throughout the novel and felt this book went off in a completely different direction to what I was expecting Maud s journey to asserting her independence is both intriguing and inspiring and the characters we meet along the way add a lovely element to the book.

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    I received this book as a Giveaway , for which I am very grateful I don t normally read anything dystopian, fantastical, paranormal or that is unlikely to actually take place, but I did give this book a try I found it very well written and an in depth look at grief and the deep rooted problems of shaking off shackles and trying moving on or not The slight reference to the paranormal and the underlying theme of undead spirits having difficulty in leaving this world was not my cup of tea but I enjoyed the literary merit of the book I am stingy with my rating stars in all my reviews, mainly because I find there is too much of a leap between the star criterias perhaps ratings of 1 to 10 would be better it would for me I would have given this book 2.5 had it been possible or perhaps 6 out of 10 if the criteria was widened.

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    A Goodreads Win The Long Woman by Kevan Manwaring This book is set in 1922 where Maud Kerne a school teacher whose husband was MIA during WW1 has struggled to come to terms with his death, discovers his hidden journals decides to visit the places he went She goes on a spiritual journey comes to terms with his death.I enjoyed reading this, although I found it a bit slow in places I liked the spiritual aspects of the book felt that Maud s awakening as a person woman the most important part of the story.

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    Despite almost 20 years of engaging multiple disciplines of spiritual teachings, training in many forms of healing and energy work, and learning a fair bit about consciousness, I have not previously been drawn to the Druidic path.Your book seems to be helping me now to make that connection.For that, I thank you.Alexis Z.

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    Recently re read then met the author randomly in the local pub A gentle tale which takes you along on a journey of re discovery.

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    Won in the Goodreads Giveaways not read, passed on.

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    Maud s husband was killed in WW1 She struggles with her widowhood and the life she now leads When she discovers her husband s journals she sets off to retrace the journeys he took and thus deal with her grief In some respects this was a sad tale of those left behind after war but it was also about rebuilding a life and forging something new It got a bit New Age y in parts for me but overall it was an okay piece of historical fiction.

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