Sweet the Sin (Revenge Saga, #1)

Sweet the Sin (Revenge Saga, #1)Kelly is tormented by one question Is she committing the ultimate betrayal Sweet the Sin is the first in a two part erotic series about love, deception and revenge The female protagonists finds herself sleeping with a man she should loathe, fear and potentially ruin as she uncovers the truth of her past Pet Artist Kelly Watson immediately drew me into her world with her disturbing history that has understandably left her with issues of trust I enjoyed her characterisation and the way her past emerges throughout the story arc She lived through hell 18 years ago and now, with her weapon of sex, she may have the opportunity for her own brand of justice Caleb Marshall is a charismatic, powerful business man who s used to getting exactly what and whom he wants Both protagonists prefer to satisfy their desires with one night no strings attached dalliances but in each other, for their own individual reasons, they see something they wantof Kelly has an agenda to address and Caleb is implicitly drawn to her They share an intense physical attraction What will be the consequence Kelly s impetus behind the story and her relationship with the male protagonist is highly intriguing and is the driving force behind the way I felt throughout There s a tinge of sadness and suspense entwined and their physical relationship is very, very steamy but there are times that I didn t quite feel the intensity of their sexual chemistry, partly due to the heroine s reasons for seeking out the relationship Having said that her disconnection makes total sense within the context of the story her suppressed emotions are logical but maybe this and other elements began to feel a little repetitive and detracted from my connection to the story The third person narrative traverses between Kelly and Caleb s perspective and, as it began to develop, revealing the story layers, I began to favour the hero s point of view in the telling It felt warmer and becameemotive to me whilst I experienced Kelly using HOT SEX as a means to exact her revenge There are times I relished Sweet the Sin and there are moments that, if I m completely truthful, my interest waned because of the repetitive nature of Kelly s thoughts and actions I began to lose faith in her motivation which felt a little frustrating because in the early stages of the story I loved her character Ultimately this story of love and revenge kept me engaged to the end and left me wanting to know how their story ends I ve a feeling that the conclusion could provide me with the angst feelings I crave Advanced copy received from the publishers, via NetGalley, in exchange for my honest review thoughts 04 07 2015 I really hate to do this, but it just didn t work for me I really like this author I found her a few years ago via a Freebie onI ve read several of her books and have liked them all This one Just not for me.Why It started good I was engaged immediately But, then, the story stated falling apart for me I have real issues with plots that just don t make sense or come together This one had some interesting characters, but the way they came together was clunky One such example is a mother you ve not seen since you are eleven just showing up in your locked house and the why and what comes next Just didn t make sense to me and I couldn t handle much .I read to the 30% mark and stopped.You may not have the same issues I have with illogical plots If not, you may really like this one.Happy Reading ARC provided by the author and Random House Publishing Group Loveswept via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.I changed my mind and decided to not rate this book I have a proven track record with this author and know she is really good I really like her and anyone can have a book that just doesn t work. 3 STARS I quite enjoyed this one Only read one book from this author in the past and I remember loving it.Though I must say my rating was difficult to ponder Overall I can say that I liked the book but some parts I really felt were unnecessary and made me feel a little uncomfortable.Claire Kent s writing has something that will definitely push you to read past your level of admittance The book is told in the third person POV, mostly from Kelly but we get to have Caleb s from time to time She got me hooked to the story from page one, and the first interaction scene happening left no guess to what I just got myself into Some damn good erotica.We meet Kelly Watson, young pet portrait artist yes, they exist leaving her life day by day She suffered a great deal as a child losing her father in terrible circumstances and being abandoned by her mother after while She s since have been adopted by a wealthy older couple, growing up with her trust shattered and building up a stoical mind as a way to protect herself.She met Caleb Marshall fortuitously, while she was expecting to meet a client of hers in a public park His description fit her client s and she mistakenly approach him thinking she s to paint a portrait of his dog.Caleb is a little much older than Kelly, in his forties, he is her complete opposite Powerful and rich businessman, he exudes charisma and confidence.Ensues a great flirting session between the two, some banter joust revealing their instant attraction Attraction both of them decide to act on and find their release not so far from the public eye Agreeing that their encounter must remain unrepeated, they part ways leaving the reader literally hooked and wanting .Claire Kent astutely crafted captivating characters and depicted lust, desire and hunger with a real perceptive sensibility I truly could feel the raw emotions of both characters and genuinely wanted to get to know them and off course was hoping for second meeting The scene in the park was just fucking hot and definitely not the most heated This book was definitely on the smutty side with A LOT graphic sex scenes and it pleased my pervert side, thank you Receiving an information from her estranged birth mother about Caleb s identity and past, Kelly takes advantage of her charms to seduce and exploit Caleb Will she find what she s looking for Will these two aloof characters will fall for each other How ugly the truth is going to be You can fuck me now, and I d never give you a second thought You d never hear from me again If I fuck you, I promise you ll think of me again It s unfortunately to soon and impossible to tell because the book is ending on a mild cliffhanger It s with the reappearance of Kelly s mother that my uncertainty regarding my rating comes in Kelly felt somewhat driven to con Caleb based on her estranged mother s hear says It was obvious some kind of animosity and resentment was going on between Kelly and her mom, so I couldn t understand why she felt compelled to follow her mom s idea to seduce Caleb.What left me some kind of bitter taste and really made me uncomfortable was some of her sexual encounters with Caleb Clearly she was attracted to him at least her body but due to his past and what he might have done, she felt ashamed, disgusted by the very idea to touch him and rightly so.It was really disturbing, as a reader, to read about scorchingly hot sex scenes with the back thoughts of the heroine questioning herself and giving herself a pep talk to follow through.At one point it almost felt like we were running round and round because one sex encounter would go perfectly on both ends when the time after she would question herself again The repetitiveness of her indecisions was borderline boring and I must admit it played a great deal in my 3 stars rating.Last point at least, I had no idea I was going to read a 2 parts story when I requested this title I don t think it was mentioned anywhere at the time and I truly felt cheated to have to wait on a second book to know how this will end and what consequences Kelly s manipulation will have on her growing relationship with Caleb Next book is scheduled for release in October, and there s no tell if I ll read it then I usually wait for all parts of a serial to be released before starting because I read so many books I just can t rely on bribes of memories to fully appreciate the next one.To conclude, Sweet the Sin was a really entertaining erotica novel, covering attraction and lust, with a nice revenge subplot and a growing forbidden love I received an Arc in exchange for an honest reviewMore reviews and book talk atYou can find me here too I was provided an ARC through Netgalley in exchange for honest feedback The first book in the series, this book did a great job of building the suspense and storyline I have so many questions and cannot wait for the next book in this series This story gives new meaning to the term sleeping with the enemy Kelly and Caleb were certainly intriguing Each of them has their own relationship issues and sordid past While her motives are less than upfront, she does develop genuine feelings for Caleb, no matter how inconvenient It seems that these two jaded lovers are cut from the same mold.Overall, this was a good read The characters and storyline were well developed This book left me cravingDid Caleb do it or not In The First Novel In USA Today Bestselling Author Claire Kent S Deeply Sensual Story Of Love, Lust, And Deception, A Woman Searching For The Truth Discovers That She S Sleeping With The EnemyPortrait Artist Kelly Watson Keeps Her Relationships Simple And Steamy, With No Strings Attached She S Had A Hard Time Trusting Other People Since She Was A Child, When Her Father Was Murdered For Trying To Blow The Whistle On Corporate Corruption Nearly Twenty Years Later, Kelly Finds Herself In The Arms Of A Seductive Stranger The Very Same Man Who May Have Ordered Her Father S Death And Even As She Plays Him, Using Hot Sex As A Means To Revenge, Kelly Is Tormented By One Question Is She Committing The Ultimate Betrayal Caleb Marshall Has Spent Decades Forging A High Powered Career, Rejecting Intimacy For The Convenience Of Fast Women And Cheap Thrills But Kelly Intrigues Him, Pushing Commitment Buttons He Didn T Know He Had Still, Something Is Wrong Despite Their Physical And Emotional Chemistry, Caleb Feels The Fear Inside Of Her Now The Only Way To Keep Her Safe Is Coming Clean, Before Secrets And Lies Destroy Their Connection No Matter How Deep, Intense, And Addictive It May Be Sweet The Sin Is Intended For Mature Audiences Includes A Special Message From The Editor, As Well As An Excerpt From Another Loveswept Title I was so pleasantly surprised by this that I don t even know what to say.Honestly, it was so so so so good The characters, the writing, the story, it had me on the edge of my seat Really freaking addictive.I actually hated the hero in the beginning I just could not stand him, but he gradually wormed his way into my heart I was swooning like a sap by the end of the book.Speaking of the end, what the hell I need the next book Like now I can t wait for it It s gonna be so good I ll be impatiently waitingARC provided generously by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review This erotic novel at this point I m hesitant to call it a romance, as there isn t a lot of love happening between the two main characters is the first of two parts, and is the story of Caleb and Kelly Kelly is out for revenge for the brutal murder of her father, and when it turns out that her one night stand oraccurately her one afternoon stand might be the one responsible, she finds a way to gain access to him and his household on the pretense of needing his protection in order to find proof that he was the one behind it She uses sex as a weapon to gain Caleb s, well, maybe not trust, but attention But when she finds herself unable to keep her feelings for him in the neat and tidy box she s constructed, will she pull out of their burgeoning relationship I feel quite conflicted about this story I ve always liked Claire Kent s writing as she definitely excels at erotic stories and she s among my favourite authors But this is the first time where I haven t liked the characters in question Kelly is a strong and confident woman, quite at home with her body and her decisions regarding sex She doesn t do relationships, she prefers one night stands and is quick to cut off any attempt at further contact That in itself didn t bother me, but her wilful manipulation of Caleb in their relationship was not particularly attractive, though it was understandable considering her motivation Caleb is also an enigma he s a powerful, ruthless, businessman, who while he senses that Kelly is keeping secrets from him, is still interested in a sexual relationship with her I m not really sure that I liked him either, though he is muchconcerned and caring about Kelly than vice versa He is an anti hero in my eyes But then again, she s an anti heroine, so a somewhat perfect match for each other The sex definitely drives their relationship, in both a negative and positive way While Kelly was initially attracted to Caleb on the basis of their surprisingly heated rendezvous, when she finds out that he might be the man responsible for her father s murder she feels at once anger, guilt, and disgust So at the beginning, the sex between them is quite one sided, in the sense that Caleb thinks Kelly is really into it, and Kelly is not, but is trying to forge a connection between them by using sex When she actively engages with him sexually again it s not at all like their first uninhibited time together and you could feel her mentally gritting her teeth at putting herself in this position I m sure this is the first time that I ve read a sex scene where the heroine is actively trying NOT to get turned on by the hero But by midway, she s finding that she is actually enjoying it much to her guilt and they try different scenarios where she discovers that the rougher Caleb is, theturned on she gets As their relationship progresses, she finds thatandshe is engaged in what they are doing and unable to keep her attraction to him from overwhelming her when they are in bed together Caleb on the other hand can sense that things aren t always right between them He knows she is holding back from him emotionally, and works to fix that It s a constant power struggle She knew what he was doing It was still the same challenge Get her to lose control, get her to beg She wasn t going to give into it, no matter how her body was responding to him, no matter how much she needed him to think she was fully into this.So she bit her lip again, refusing to give him what he wanted, even as the pleasure kept tightening into a coil inside her Ask me, he growled, fucking her hard and fast and in a way her body desperately needed.She whimpered, still trying to resist, needing to come so badly her vision had blurred But she couldn t She couldn t As if he were holding it back by the power of his will Oh God, she mumbled, the demands of her body finally too powerful to resists Oh, God, please Make me come Make me come With a gutteral sound of satisfaction, his rhythm intensified Then come, Kelly Come now We know by the end of this part that they are drawn to each other sexually and emotionally, but that they each have a lot of secrets that are waiting to spill This section ends fairly abruptly with no real sense of what s going to happen next except that if they don t start sharing the truth, they won t last long And if they do confess their guilty secrets, things might even be worse What was interesting to me about that story was that even though the characters didn t really appeal to me, I still liked the plot and the edginess of it, and the suspense and tension kept me engaged from the beginning I m interested to see how this story will end 3.5 stars Note a copy of this story was provided by the publisher via NetGalley for review.Note 2 this review also appears as a blog post at Straight Shootin Book Reviews 2.5 3 stars This didn t really work for me For most of the book, I felt like nothing was happening except sex And not even good sex It was sex with a HUGE dose of guilt and anger on the part of Kelly She was feeling guilty for actually living Caleb even though he may be the man responsible for the death of her father I must say, though, I did like Caleb He was older than the usual romance hero and I liked that and he was smart and arrogant and his cockiness was sexy Sadly, it ended in a cliffhanger I just don t know if I can deal with reading aboutof Kelly s guilt ARC provided by the publisher via Netgalley I ve been disappointed with the last few books I ve read which has rolled over to this one The premise is interesting, I do like a darker story, and the overview suckered me to want to read this The first few chapters were pretty good and I found myself saying, I m going to love this Sadly, by the middle of the book I was feeling like I can t wait to finish this because I can t go on The ending rounded up my feelings a bit so I might just read the next in the series to know what happens IlikedCaleb No business person on this planet is without faults and some skeletons in their closet but that doesn t make him a bad guy For me, it shows he played the game to succeed in his career but his feelings of guilt show he s human He s smart, sexual, in control, and just pretty easy to like His mouth, God, that man can talk to me any time I wanted to like Kelly, and for a time I did, but I just felt like strangling her by the middle of the book I guess I m a big liberal and her constant going to war with herself without clear and straight evidence bothers me I m a big believer of going with your gut instinct and also in the truth will set you free Granted, being free may not always feel nice but it does allow for healing I felt as though she allowed herself to fall in love but couldn t allow herself to be truthful That just annoyed me Her mother also made me want to pull out my paintball gun and have my merry way with her Overall, I have to give this book a disappointed 3.5 stars I was really looking forward to this read and was disappointed with how it was laid out I think, if it was structured differently, I d be singing its praise and happy dancing in my pajamas instead of already diving into another book to forget my disappointment. Wow holy twist and turns batman Just when you think you have this book figured out, another shoe drops and you are right back to square one scratching your head and wondering what the hell. First of all let me just say Caleb is sinfully delicious I mean I could eat that man morning, noon and night and still want another serving The things his muscled body and wickedly, wonderful dirty mouth can do to a woman s overies is downright amazballs But like all delicious things, too much can be hazardous to your health.The whole time Kelly is making plans and working through her plot of revenge I was holding my breath and begging her to just let it the f ck go I saw red flag everywhere and I knew when that other shoe did drop, it was gonna be bad news bears And ooooohhhh shhhhhheeeeettt was it ever You have to read this book, seriously like add it, right now I ll wait The entire time you are reading this book and gettingandandinto the story you have no idea which way is up,down,side to side Like just Mind blown I loved Kelly and Caleb They were amazing, flawed characters and so easy to get caught up in Both were raw, sexual, and brilliant in their own way They make you smile They make you hot They make you scream at them they know what they did They just make you Feel Good, bad, happy and sad If this book where a relationship status on Facebook it s complicated would fit it to a T I haven t fan girled hard over a book like this in a long time I recommend this book to Everyone ARC was provided by author in exchange for an honest review

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