Ivar, Timewalker, Volume 1: Making History

Ivar, Timewalker, Volume 1: Making History From The Dawn Of The Dinosaurs To The Battle Of Trafalgar To The End Of Time Itself The First Century Spanning Adventure Of Ivar, Timewalker Starts Here At This Very Moment In Geneva, Switzerland, History Is Being Made A Thousand Meters Underground Inside The Large Hadron Collider, Researcher Neela Sethi Is About To Discover Time Travel And Jeopardize Her Life In The Process But She Doesn T Know That Yet Ten Minutes From Now, Every Deadbeat Chrononaut, Wannabe Conqueror, And Misguided Protector Of The Timestream Will Be Banging Down Her Door Good Thing That The Legendary Ivar, Timewalker, Got There First Right Now It S Down To History S Most Jaded, Most Tempestuous Time Traveler To Stop The Worst Of Everything That Is, Was, And Will Be Before Time Runs Out New York Times Best Selling Creators Fred Van Lente Archer Armstrong, Amazing Spider Man And Clayton Henry Harbinger, Incredible Hercules Begin A Clock Stopping Odyssey Into The Distant Past, Far Future, And Every Moment In Between Right Here With The First Volume Of Valiant S Latest Epic Intro Priced At JustFor New Readers Collecting Ivar, Timewalker

Van Lente was raised by a mystery loving mother who preferred Dorothy Sayers to Agatha Christie, but we won t hold that against her and a wisecracking Woody Allen lookalike scientist father in what appears to be some kind of genetic experiment to write his first novel, TEN DEAD COMEDIANS, even though neither parent nor the son himself would know it for many years Van Lente spent his time betwee

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  • Paperback
  • 112 pages
  • Ivar, Timewalker, Volume 1: Making History
  • Fred Van Lente
  • English
  • 08 December 2017
  • 9781939346636

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    A really fun and interesting take on time travel Ivar is the brother of Armstrong of Archer Armstrong fame And so apparently, this time travel gig is due to his fuck up with whatever happened back in the day the pre pre historic day referred to in The Michelangelo Code story Which also explains how Ivar kept popping up as a Jesus figure to Archer and kind of trying to nudge him toward helping Armstrong.It opens with Ivar nabbing a young scientist Neela who is just about to discover something big The past future relationship between these two is slowly and not completely revealed as a very cool plot thread color me intriguedI also really liked the way the whole time traveler thing was explored The whole you simply can t kill Hitler because Time itself won t let you change pivotal things was just super refreshing Instead of being super careful to follow rules, Ivar basically does what he wants to do, and there are little to no repercussions.Fuck that butterfly and his flappy wings While this might not be for everyone, I personally loved it I ve already got the second volume on hold at my library, in fact Valiant is killing it for me this month

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    Another fantastic Valiant book Basically Dr Who set in the Valiant Universe but with an intelligent companion The book immediately explores the tenets of time travel I loved that every time traveler immediately tries to go and kill Hitler and that the universe won t allow major events to be changed The issue where Neela repeatedly tries to save her father was very well written.

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    Of the three Anni Padda brothers, Ivar is definitely the most boring Armstrong is a drunken adventurer, Gilad is a fighter Ivar is basically a museum docent He walks through time with people, showing them history, not altering it, and then doing it all over again Well, lucky us for getting a whole series of that Fred Van Lente is best placed to write this, not just because he s the Archer and Armstrong writer, but because of his indie series Action Philosophers where he could apply that informative style to Ivar Timewalker Unfortunately the demands of the book means that he can barely touch on some of the interesting subjects here The Battle of Trafalgar, the plot to assassinate Hitler before lapsing into heavily expositional scenes on the utterly dull time travel story Ivar s got to save the inventor of time travel, Neela Sethi, from Prometheans, artificial suicide life from the fifth dimension or something so it s time to quickly jump from one era to another The comic was flat boring Ivar is barely a character, he s some suave ish dude who travels through time like a personality free Doctor Who, while Neela basically becomes the main character Who s Neela The better question is, who cares Predictably they go back in time to see about killing Hitler before he rose to power, then things go off the rails once time travel and all the usual tropes are trotted out What if we do this, will it change that, blah blah blah It s so damn boring.Clayton Henry s art is fine, some of the historical scenes are ok, but generally I read this with my eyes half closed that s the thing with time travel stories once you ve read a few, they all blend together and I felt like I d read this before at least a hundred times I wasn t much of a fan of time travel stories to begin with but Ivar Timewalker s dreary series has only cemented my opinions against this very limited sub genre.

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    Now, normally I m a bit of a Valiant fanboy They re probably my favorite superhero universe publisher but they really screwed up here well, at least compared to many of their books.What s it about A scientist is about to accidentally create time travel so of course a time traveler goes back in time to take her and an evil organization is after her.Pros The art is fantastic as it is in most Valiant books.The action scenes are good Like most Valiant one of the reasons I like the Valiant universe this is not a predictable for sure.I really like the ending.Cons The characters are awful Ivar the time travel guy is like a not very good Doctor The scientist is poorly written She could have been interesting but instead just freaks out and says whatever nerdy sounding stuff the author could come up with There s a random robot that just kinda shows up and says stereotypical gamer stuff for no reason I already sorta touched this but the dialogue ugh.There are MAJOR plot holes.I think this book tries to be funny but fails Okay, there was one joke I laughed pretty hard at but that was it.The story could have been interesting but it actually ends up being pretty boring.Overall It could have been a good comic but it is ruined by the awful characters and boring execution This book is not entirely horrible, there are some good things I mentioned but it mostly is poorly made especially compared to Valiant s awesome titles like Bloodshot, Harbinger, Rai and many though in all fairness, I guess those would be very hard to compete with.2 5

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    Bullet Review It s Doctor Who, and I ve never seen an episode of Doctor Who.Ivar What s His Name meets Neela What s Her Name to prevent her from being destroyed by Arnold Schwarzenegger oh, whoops, wrong time travel story Anyway, they have to run through a bunch of different eras, because when you have time travel in your story, you are morally obligated to 1 go back to prehistoric days, 2 try to kill Hitler, and 3 try to keep your dead parent from dying.This book acts like it has science but it s made up when the plot requires it A compass is needed to travel through time until Ivar doesn t need it, and he can create whatever new drug or gizmo to deus ex machina the hell out of whatever situation he s in.Not to mention neither Ivar nor Neela are interesting enough characters to make me have a shred of investment in learning what their story is and what happens next to them.Yawn My suggestion go watch Back to the Future, Terminator or Dr Who and skip this.

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    Serie muy entretenida de saltos en el tiempo, Ivar Anni Padda interrumpe a Nehli Sethi, una cient fica a punto de realizar un experimento que la llevar a descubrir los viajes en el tiempo, a partir de entonces comienzan una hu da distintas pocas para evitar que les atrapen los prometeanos, unos constructos tecnol gicos del futuro que se pueden desplazarse en las cuatro dimensiones.Una historia muy loca y divertida en la que Fred Van Lente intenta huir de las paradojas t picas de los relatos de viajes en el tiempo mientras los protagonistas intentan no matar a Hitler xD.

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    Ivar, Time Walker is another well done Valiant Comics revival Making History does a decent job of introducing Ivar for those unfamiliar with him The eldest of three immortal brothers, he possesses a time compass that allows him to calculate where and when timearcs will open up Basically, windows through time and space that allow Ivar to travel across centuries Making History sees Ivar intercepting researcher Neela Sethi just before she completes an experiment that would invent time travel Ivar struggles to convince Neela to trust him, just as Prometheans robot soldiers from the end of time attack Ivar and Neela skip across time as he explains that the Prometheans work for Oblivi 1, a sentient city at the end of time that seeks to remake the past in its twisted image.Ivar brings Neela to the early 20th century to demonstrate how the timestream protects itself from being altered Specifically, with the first thing that all neophyte time travelers try to do kill Hitler There s a good reason that Ivar tries to impress that lesson on Neela The duo separates when Neela believes Ivar is manipulating her A tragedy from Neela s past points toward her own connection to Oblivi 1.Key Valiant writer Fred Van Lente is at the helm of Ivar, Time Walker and immediately sets an entertaining sci fi swashbuckling tone Van Lente does a decent job of setting up the mechanics of Ivar s ability to navigate time without getting too deep into the nature of the timearcs themselves He also introduced various bits of futuristic tech that explain how Ivar manages to operate smoothly in a variety of time periods And he gleefully explodes various tropes from other time travel stories with which fans will be familiar.Although he s the title character, Ivar remains something of an enigma by the end of the first arc Fans of Archer Armstrong will have a bit background on the character, but Van Lente takes his time unfolding Ivar s secrets in his own series Instead, Neela takes of the spotlight and proves to be a rather compelling co star Her intelligence and exasperation make her both relatable and a logical pivot for a lot of the plot action Van Lente sets up some very effective dilemmas for Neela that drive Making History and set up the arc to follow With a lot of humor and an adventurous spirit, Van Lente makes the book an entertaining adventure, even if its star could stand to be prominent.Another Valiant staple, Clayton Henry, handles the art for the first arc with assists from Robert Gil and Francis Portela and with Brian Reber on colors Henry has a clean, dynamic style that works well with Ivar s widescreen aesthetic He infuses energy into the action sequences and comes up with some clever layouts and visual riffs to sell the time travel adventure It s crisp, classic work that suits the material If there s a minor quibble, it s that a time skipping plot should provide opportunity for an artist to cut loose, so Henry s restraint is a tad curious But overall, the title looks good Ivar might be a tougher sell than some of Valiant s other offerings mostly because it s heavily serialized and depends on some knowledge of the lead character s family tree to be truly effective Van Lente s leisurely approach to revealing Ivar to viewers might not be everyone s cup of tea, either Overall, though, the series is a respectable addition to Valiant s line that continues to expand its stylistic borders.A version of this review originally appeared on www.thunderalleybcp.com

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    DNF 75%.I read the first three issues of this volumeand then completely forgot about it until I saw it in my Currently Reading list.If Dan Slott s Silver Surfer series is Doctor Who in the Marvel Universe , then this series is Doctor Who in the Valiant Universe And that sounds like it should be fun But the end result is just boring Ivar, the time traveling protagonist, has the personality of a block of wood The story is meandering and forgettable The art is fine, if unremarkable.Ehh.

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    This is one of those books I very much just got because the cover is really pretty though I feel like that s not a bad thing to do when it comes to buying graphic novels because art is 50% of the story book and unfortunately the cover was my favourite thing about it It looks kinda David Aja esque so I had to get it, failing to remember at the time that I dislike time travel stories and probably wouldn t like this one either.It wasn t BAD but it wasn t really for me There were lots of complicated explanations as to how everything worked and as with most time travel stories I just wanted to curl up in a ball in the corner of a room and cry It was cool to try some Valiant comics because I m very new to them any suggestions as to where I should start are welcome and some of it was interesting I think the most interesting part was trying to work out who to trust as we re sort of in the same position as Neela with regards to the amount of information we have about the supposed good and bad guys I probably won t carry on with the series but it definitely wasn t all bad.

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    The artwork is great and the story is just accessible enough, considering the complexities of time travel, to be highly entertaining and funny to boot It s easy to recommend to anyone looking for strong, human characters and detailed universe mechanics with a hint of sci fi.Ivar Anni Padda travels through time to save the life of the inventor of time travel, Neela Sethi They jump through time to get away from their pursuers, cyborgs that Ivar claims want to change the past in their image He reveals that their adversary is an entity in the far future enhabiting the orbital city Oblivi 1 Interestingly, the entity is led by a future Neela Sethi, so it s anyone s guess which is the good side view spoiler The two follow Hitler through time in an effort by Ivar to demonstrate the way history protects itself from tampering They get captured by nazis, are split up and Gillad Anni Padda frees Neela, but he has his own mission Neela is followed by two cyborgs that try to tell her about her future self, but they disintegrate before being able to Still, she loses all trust in Ivar and goes her own way to try to change history and save her father She meets several instances of herself gathered in a bar They try to explain the futility of her trying to save her father, but her goal is clear Still, no matter how many times she tries, the timeline refuses to prevent her father s death After she gives up, her future self steps in to offer a solution to break history hide spoiler

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