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The Maxx The Maxx WikipdiaThe MAXX, TomeMaxximized Sam Kieth Babelio As One Of The Earliest Creators For Image Comics, Kieth Created The Maxx A Homeless Superhero Who Lives In A Box Both Maxx And His Social Worker Friend, Julie, Share Adventures In Both The Real World And In The Outback, A Fantasy Realm Inhabited By Their Jungle Inspired Totems The Maxx TV Mini SeriesIMDb Maxx Is A Purple Clad Superhero Living In A Cardboard Box His Only Friend Is Julie Winters, A Freelance Social Worker Maxx Often Finds Himself Shifting Back And Forth Between The Real World And Aprimitive Outback World Where He Rules, And Protects Julie Fr Voir Sries Voir The Maxx En Streaming Vf Gratuitement Peter Parker, Un Jeune Tudiant, Est Un Jour Mordu Par Une Araigne Radioactive Qui Lui Donne Des Super Pouvoirs En Mmoire De Son Oncle Ben, Mort Dont Il Se Sent Responsable, Il Lutte Contre Le Crime Sous L Identit De Spider Man, L Homme Araigne Achat The Maxx Pas Cher Ou D Occasion Rakuten Bonnes Affaires The Maxx Dcouvrez Nos Prix Bas The Maxx Et Bnficiez De % Minimum Rembourss Sur Votre Achat The Maxx Image Comics Database FandomThe Maxx WikipediaMaxx Wikipdia La Chanson Est Devenue Une Chanson Succs Topdanspays D Europe En Juin , Maxx Sort L Album To The Maxximum L Album Prsent La Chanson Succs You Can Get It Qui S Est Classe E En Angleterre Eten Finlande En , Maxx A Commenc Lutter Pour Crer De Nouvelles Chansons Succs En Europe

Kieth first came to prominence in 1984 as the inker of Matt Wagner's Mage, his brushwork adding fluidity and texture to the broad strokes of Wagner's early work at Comico Comics. In 1989, he drew the first five issues of writer Neil Gaiman's celebrated series The Sandman, but felt his style was unsuited to the book (specifically saying that he "felt like Jimi Hendrix in The Beatles") and left, han

❮Read❯ ➪ The Maxx  Author Sam Kieth –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 104 pages
  • The Maxx
  • Sam Kieth
  • English
  • 11 April 2019

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  1. says:

    The simple summary of this book is that Julie decides to leave The Maxx behind to sort her life out and he’s not chuffed about it! Wow, that sounds… boring.

    There’s some weird stuff about the Outback, which is imaginary or something, Mr Gone, who’s dead but isn’t, some kid with his arm stuck in a wall that’s also a portal, and a flashback issue to Julie’s childhood. But mostly it’s a very muddled and meandering book with little substance for all its self-conscious “artiness”.

    I liked The Maxx initially because it’s a peculiar take on the usual superhero story. It’s a bit whacky with lots of cartoony animals like the Isz showing up (eyeless gremlins) and there’s some question over what The Maxx is anyway - is he some crazy homeless friend of Julie’s? Her spirit animal? Just a lost kid dreaming it all up? But a lot of those interesting questions get pushed to the side in this third volume of the re-mastered series to be replaced with…

    ... a whole lotta nothing instead! There are entire issues here where I couldn’t tell you what the point was, like the kid with the arm stuck in the wall - why was that relevant? And what is Mr Gone’s deal anyway - so many pages with this guy sitting against a wall talking gibberish! A random kid who wants to be a supervillain for some reason? The Maxx sulks the whole time while Julie dithers about, as is her wont, until she packs her bags and goes.

    So. What.

    Sam Kieth’s art is fine but his and William Messner-Loeb’s script is tedious to say the least. I’m struggling to understand why I should care about anything that happened in this book. The Maxx is an interesting character but without a story to match, it’s the dullest comic to read. Kieth and Messner-Loeb being weird for the sake of it is much too trying to enjoy. This third volume is the worst one yet in a series that continues to decline in quality.

  2. says:

    This was pretty good though the series just gets weirder. Too tired to writer a full review will come back later. Still solid though.

  3. says:

    This volume is where The Maxx really starts to broaden out and tell the stories of other people who don't interact with or barely interact with the main character. It's that aspect which really gives the series legs. When it uses its surreal aspects to comment on the reality of life is when it's at its best.

  4. says:

    Reseña de Víctor A. Sagasti para Mulder Comics:

    THE MAXX MAXXIMIZED - volumen 3
    Los giros argumentales que se dieron en la entrega anterior, sirvieron para aclarar qué rol juega THE MAXX en la vida de JULIE. Para terminar de englobar ese aspecto, en esta entrega se muestra el motivo específico a modo de remembranza.
    La revelación quizás culmine el ciclo de WINTERS en esta saga, pero no significa que la historia finalice; se abren nuevas posibilidades sobre qué camino tomará THE MAXX sin su “REINA DE LA PANGEA”.
    SARAH tomará la posta como una de las protagonistas. Al tener lazos que la ligan con MÍSTER GONE, genera expectativas en cómo se vayan a desarrollar las líneas narrativas.
    Al ser parte THE MAXX de un mundo poblado de enmascarados (los antihéroes de los 90´de la editorial IMAGE), algo que ya se abordó en el número anterior, siempre genera mitos esta clase de seres. Partiendo de ese concepto, se verá a unos chicos tomando posición por el que da nombre a la historieta, y otros por MÍSTER GONE con sus esbirros los ISZ.
    Quedan 4 entregas, con un panorama flamante, el mundo subconsciente y real, variopintos personajes, decisiones de vida, estupor por lo leído, la inocencia de un juego de niños en este cruce de realidades, pero sobre todo, una impecable historia que merecía la reedición del clásico de culto de los 90´, THE MAXX.

    Publicado originalmente en USA por la editorial IDW en los números de THE MAXX: MAXXIMIZED, 9 al 12 entre los meses de julio a octubre de 2014.
    El equipo creativo fue:
    SAM KEITH en la elaboración de la historia y los dibujos.
    Entintada por JIM SINCLAIR.
    Coloreada por RONDA PATTISON.
    Portadas a cargo de SAM KEITH y RONDA PATTISON.
    Si quiere conocer más sobre personajes con la complejidad psicológica como los expuestos en este cómic, diferentes ramas del psicoanálisis, el contexto histórico y social de los 90´, todo tipo de historietas, como cualquier otra información que precise, recuerde que en la biblioteca siempre hay lugar para acceder a todo lo que necesite. Estos establecimientos culturales que resguardan el saber universal, ofrecen opciones populares, públicas y escolares.
    Sigan siempre en contacto con la galaxia cibernética de MULDERCOMICS desde todas sus plataformas para mantenerse al tanto de lo que sucede en el mundo de la historieta.
    Hasta pronto.

    · KEITH, Sam; MESSNER—LOEBS, William y otros; THE MAXX: MAXXIMIZED; volumen 3; EDITORIAL IVREA S.L.; Julio 2017; BUENOS AIRES; REPÚBLICA ARGENTINA. MUSSO, Federico (traducción); COSTA, Nicolás (letreado).

  5. says:

    This volume picks things back up, and seems have been intended as an ending to the comic. For those familiar with the MTV television show, the arc presented in that show ends with this volume. Julie leaves Maxx and Sarah/Sara becomes an increasingly important character, being the origin for Mr. Gone. Julie is believable here, and the nature of the "Outback" becomes more clear. That said, there does seem to be an anti-climatic ending to the story which would have been more "problematic" if it had actually been the ending to the piece. Many who want more conventional comic book narratives and clearer resolution will be disappointed in this volume although I think the storytelling is strong here as is the mythology building.

  6. says:

    Finally the art is starting to work. Does the story make any more sense? No, it keeps getting more weird. Feels like a nonsense ride through Keith's psyche. I think most of the stuff he writes is a bit like this. Am I still interested to know how it works out? Yeah, maybe it will pull itself together soon...

  7. says:

    A superhero book that isn't a superhero book.

    And one that spells out some things in odd ways. He builds up all this mystery and tension only to dispel it almost immediately and bluntly delivered via Mr. Gone.

    Very interesting.

  8. says:

    The more of this series I read the more I think it was very underrated. It's going to eventually need a payoff that explains the weirdness but to this point it's been a very original story. There's really nothing else quite like this out there, or if there is I'm not aware of it.

    We are starting to find out more about Mr. Gone and seeing more of the real world. Things are becoming a little more substantial in this volume as far as more real world story and less existential story. But then again, maybe it just seems that way.

  9. says:

    Edición argentina. Tomo 3 de 7 en el que concluye lo que sería el primer graaaan arco de la serie, con más escenas bajoneantes que ningún otro, pero vos decís eso porque no sabés la que se viene cuando pegan un salto de varios años...

  10. says:

    Bueno 7/10

    "Las cosas se ponen serias, y a nuestro Hulk morado le va mal en todo".

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