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Reasonable Doubt Full SeriesThe Complete New York Times Bestselling Serial, Now Available In One Book My Cock Has An Appetite A Huge And Very Particular Appetite Blonde, Curvy, And Preferably Not A Fucking Liar Although, That S A Story For Another Day As A High Profile Lawyer, I Don T Have Time To Waste On Relationships, So I Fulfill My Needs By Anonymously Chatting And Sleeping With Women I Meet Online My Rules Are Simple One Dinner One Night No Repeats This Is Only Casual Sex Nothing Nothing Less At Least It Was, Until Alyssa She Was Supposed To Be AYear Old Lawyer, A Book Hoarder, And Completely Unattractive She Was Supposed To Be Someone I Shared Law Advice With Late At Night, Someone I Could Trust With Details Of My Weekly Escapades But Then She Came Into My Firm For An Interview A College Intern Interview, And Everything Fucking ChangedListening LengthHours AndMinutes I did an audio re read of the 3 part series of REASONABLE DOUBT Putting voices to the characters added to the naughtiness of Andrew If you haven t met Andrew yet you re missing out He s a lawyer that has an appetite for sex On a lawyer chat group he finds willing participants He has 3 rules One dinner One Night No repeats Sounds like a good plan for any bachelor Aaah, but there s someone who makes him wonder if rules are meant to be broken Gifted copy from Whitney Gracia Williams Thanks for this steamy audio. 5 Dirtiest Hottest Asshole Stars BR with Anna and Dawn Read as part of this week s TopPick ShhLYT F BR week on Epic Love Sagas. I have been waiting to start this bad boy for quite some time, everyone raved about it when it came out but I don t know why I seriously just didn t read it then. I was so excited when I discovered Anna and Dawn hadn t read it either that we decided to do a buddy read and join the Shhluts in this week s TopPick ShhLYT F BR week EPIC LOVE SAGAS HEA or non HEA Please join us here we have so much fun Now, let s talk about this amazing serial novel Reasonable Doubt is divided into 3 volumes now you can also find it in a full novel format and it s written by Whitney G Williams who I have to say you are freaking talented, woman These books tell the story of Andrew Hamilton a.k.a Thoreau an extremely hot lawyer, an dirty talking asshole with capital A and a very misterious man who has suffered betrayal and now has three rules for the women he meets online One dinner One night No repeats and Aubrey Everhart a.k.a Alyssa a pre law student who dreams of becoming a ballerina, a young woman who is dissapointed by her always busy parents and, a woman who starts an interesting friendship with Andrew in the most curious circumstancesTwo weeks, he whispered That s when you and I are going to meet face to face, and I m going to claim every inch of you I can t I can t agree to that You will And the second you do, you re going to invite me over and I m going to remind you of everything you ve teased me with over the past six months Let s just start saying that Andrew and Aubrey do not start being honest with each other they start as two different people who meet on a online LawChat where Thoreau gives advice to Alyssa about some cases she is working on basically, Aubrey s homework Things change when Andrew discovers the truth when Aubrey starts as an intern in his workplace he sees that he was being naughty with a young woman who is 10 years older than him and who obviously is still not a lawyer And let s speak clearly Andrew Hamilton HATES liarsOnce someone lies to me they re dead to me forever Do you remember me saying that Now these two start having smokin hot sex and the first volume ends with a cliffy that left me quite speechless As you can imagine, Andrew is not what he appears to be, there are lots of layers on him and Aubrey acts as a young but mature woman Volume 2 continues with their relationship after the discovery and it s full of ups and downs they fail at not touching each other, Aubrey falls in love with him and Andrew gets on the top of the list for being an insensitive jerk Again, the sex is amazing but we finish with another cliffhanger evenshoking than the first one it broke my heart and make me love Andrew again, poor thing And with Volume 3 we conclude their story with the whole truth and finally, FINALLY their HEA it s very difficult to summarize the whole thing in one review lolAndrew was the epitome of what it meant to be an asshole, a shining example of what that word stood for, but no matter how pissed I was, I hadn t been able to stop thinking about him As you can all imagine with my updates and comments, my favourite thing in Reasonable Doubt is, of course, Andrew Hamilton Ladies, meet THE BEST dirty talker in history I am not kidding He is, as Aubrey says sexy as fuck I haven t meet any other male character that is so freaking good with words, women you will need lots of panties while reading this, just sayin However, together with this amazing talent comes an asshole of first category he was so mean to Aubrey sometimes and a playboy especially at the beginning and when he does not want to accept his feelings for the heroine But again, you will love this man at the end because there are so many reasons of why he behaves this way I felt so bad for him, I totally get his behaviour and again because he is the hottest dirty talkerI want to be friends with someone who s interested inthan my pussy I m interested in your mouth, too Contrary to your unfounded and silly assumptions, I do not have a panty fetish and I do not sleep with them over my face at night I do, however, have a new fetish for your pussy, and if you re interested in letting me sleep with THAT over my face at night, feel free to let me know See what I mean fanning myself Ok, focusing lol What was the other aspect that I enjoyed the most Well, that would be Aubrey Everhart She is perfect for Andrew, she has a strong character, she fights for what she wants, she follows her dream and she is simply a kick ass heroine Definitely, Aubrey is the perfect match for AndrewPS Yesterday s extra ingredient in your coffee was flakes of melted super glue I hope you enjoyed it Subject You I liked you as Thoreau, but I love you as Andrew I loved this serial as a whole, I loved Whitney s writing style definitely this will not be my last book from hers , I loved the main characters to pieces they are so complex and great and I loved their amazing love story it s full of emotions, misteries and off the charts chemistry Also, I really enjoyed their HEA, having the extended epilogue and that super cute hot final scene Whitney G you have written a fantastic story, seriouslyDoes that mean you won t fuck me at the end It means I won t leave you at the end I fucking love you, Aubrey he repeated, wiping my face And I ll do whatever it takes to show you that Therefore, my rating for Reasonable Doubt the full novel is 5 STARS and I believe I don t have to say why because it s shows all around my review I LOVED EVERYTHING And I know this is a crazy long review but I cannot reduce itbecause this is not only about one volume, this is about the three volumes in one I seriously wanted to add evenbut I don t want to scare you all haha To finish, obviously, I have to say if you haven t read this series please do, you will not regret meeting Andrew and Aubrey I highly highly recommend this CHECK OUT MY BLOG HERE I reread this, because it is one of my favourite series and I needed a good laugh..And yes it still tasted good like an old red wine.I have loved most of the sarcastic assholes males that Whitney G has described in her books Jake, Michael, Garret, Ryan etc Andrew Hamilton is definitely my favouriteIs there anything else outside my comfort zone that you d like me to do for you tonight 4.5 STARS I liked you as Thoreau, but I love you as Andrew I loved this series so much It has been a while since I ve enjoyed a series so thoroughly that when it was over I was so freaking sad I liked Aubrey and I LOVED Andrew I mean what is there not to love Sure, he was a jackass many times but he was so damn sexy I just want to marry his freaking dirty mouth I was so happy with how Aubrey made Andrew work hard near the end The steam throughout the series was freaking amazeballs Seriously, it was scorching hot that I just couldn t get enough The angst in this series definitely heightened my enjoyment of it It wasn t too much or too little The ending was so, so good I just loved It was sweet that I just melted And I am so happy there was an extended epilogue that you can read online I m not lying when I say I was so sad to see this end Which is why I just had to read it Overall, this was really great I will definitely be re reading them I wish I could take all your pain awayeven though you think you ve been permanently damaged You have so much to give and you deserve so much in return I just hope that eventually there might be some room left in your heart for me Here is the link to the extended epilogue are my mini reviews of each part in the series Volume OneVolume TwoVolume Three So, I m super late getting to this one.Honestly, with so many reviews ratings, I don t know what I could possibly contribute to the conversation regarding this popular book, so I ll just give you my wonderful.gif full opinion.There s so much deceit, secrets and lying by omission in this book SeriouslyAnd, despite the fact that they both have lied, deceived and withheld information from the other, they still get raging pissed when they find out THEY have been lied to and kept in the dark by the other one.The only constants in this book are the steamy chemistry factor between them and the repeated love you hate you And yes, it s an absolute constant.They re mad at each otherThey re hot and heavy againThen, once again, they can t stand each otherAnd, they can t keep their hands off each otherHonestly, it was a bit beyond annoying.But, alas eventually EVENTUALLY it all works out and we get the HEA Yay 5 ANDREW is my BOOK BOYFRIEND StarsReread Audio VersionIf you haven t read Reasonable Doubt, you are crazy and if you have read it, you need to listen to the audio version now I can t stress how much I enjoyed listening to this beautiful, sexy and witty series.AudioThe Audio version is fantastic This is my first audio book with dual POV Meaning, I got a male and female narrator I absolutely love the narrators Aubrey s voice is ridiculously cute and you can really feel her emotions I love listening to her getting embarrassed, shock, fluster and turn on I m such a fan of hers that I looked for other books she narrates so I can listen to them.Andrew has a deep and confident voice If you had to listen to an alpha voice, it would be him I enjoy his transition between voices and when he cuts someone off since Andrew does that a lot.Both voices works and it made the book flow so nicely I could listen to this book again Whitney did well in picking the cast ReviewI wrote a review for each book, but this is my overall review on the series.Andrew is a lawyer He s also very cocky, mean and loves sex with random women He uses a lawyer website to meet and hook up with women Aubrey is a pre law student She s also a ballerina cute right She wants to be a ballerina professionally but her parents will only pay for her tuition if she s in law school too Andrew and Aubrey form a friendship on line Aubrey uses the site to get help with school work, but she pretends to be an established lawyer Andrew doesn t have friends but he likes talking to Aubrey so he continues his friendship with her via texting, calling and emailing But eventually it s not enough and he wants to meet her in person.I love Andrew s character Whitney has a way in creating these crazy, strong, alpha Heroes You just want them to take you and have their way with you I love the way Andrew pursues Aubrey He s so determined to get into her pants and he makes it very clear AND IT S SO HOTTTT THIS WHOLE BOOK IS HOT Aubrey is too cute She s beautiful, young and smart and all she can think about is ballet, but now she s consumed with Andrew She knows she can t be with someone who has sex casually, that s not her, but Andrew makes it very hard for her to resist him Each book takes you deeper into their relationship There s tension between Aubrey and her non supportive parents There s Andrew s issue with commitment and they are HUGE Andrew also has a past and it s kind of like the underlying story throughout the series Bits and pieces are revealed and I really enjoyed those parts.Reasonable Doubt is written well with developed and strong characters, engaging story line and addictive sex scenes.READ IT or LISTEN TO IT or like me DO BOTH An Audio copy was kindly provided REVIEWREVIEWSeries Qu puedo decir Ahhhh Para m es un cinco estrellas sin ninguna duda A ver c mo puedo explicarlo No es un libro de stos que se te quedan grabados para toda la vida, no es un esencial , pero engancha de tal manera y est tan bien escrito que no se merece ni una estrella menos Ahhhhh Andrew me encantaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Que s que es cierto que a veces deber a lavarse la boca aunque tambi n me gusta cuando es cerdo , pero hay personaje masculino literario m s r pido que l en dial ctica Siempre haya la contestaci n adecuada en cada momento, y es tan bueno que me hace reir Hay superpegamento en el suelo Sal de aqu La relaci n que tiene con su secretaria es divertid sima y c mo se deshace de ella cada vez que sta le ataca sexualmente es para enmarcar Se pueden dar calabazas de mejor manera Ya hablando en serio, he visto a Andrew con su pose de duro, fr o, inalcanzable , como un hombre inteligent simo y sensible Est despechado, tiene una trauma de tres pares de narices y lo paga con las mujeres utiliz ndolas, pero no lo estar as t si hubieses vivido lo mismo que l Con esto quiero decir que lo justifico Lo que le pas si puede hacerte cambiar y por tanto lo comprendo Y sto es uno de los puntos m gicos del libro, pues puedes ponerte en su piel y perdonarlo Gracias Whitney Gracia Williams Inciso por favor escritor s, hagan los traumas cre bles, si no el libro se cae.Y ten a que aparecer Aubrey,el complemento perfecto En los primeros mensajes que mandaba a Andrew me pareci mayor supongo que eso tambi n lo confundi Y Aubrey empez a gustarme Ella lo conoci a l haciendo trampas, trampas para ganar tiempo, para poder luchar por su sue o y a la vez lidiar con su familia y lo que sta esperaba de ella Y Andrew lo descubri Que me l o, que lo cuento todo En definitiva, que Aubrey me gust por no amilanarse, por luchar por ella misma La comprend en sus dudas, en su esfuerzo, y ella me regal o r la m sica mientras bailaba e imaginarla en el escenario Que s Que me ha encantado el libro Porque para m es un s lo libro no tres Y me he quedado con ganas de abogados guapos, bailarinas interesantes y New York Aconsejad simo Hot as sin asshole manwhore lawyer, anyone York narrates his lines in the audiobook, by the way, if you want an orgasmic voice to go with that Anyways The dude gets around But he s too lazy to chase tail in bars so what does he do He signs up for an exclusive dating website only for lawyers But it s hokay, he isn t there to really date He just wants a lil bit of lovin , if you know what I mean So it s actually on this website he finds some newbie lawyer chick who he helps answering her questions about the stuff lawyers do God knows why he does it May be because she flat out refuses to meet him in person and sleep with him But then they start talking about personal shit and become friends online Aaaaand of course it s not long until But check this This chick she s actually not even a lawyer at all, she s a law student making him help her with her homework D LOL can you say So what happens when one day this chicka walks into his office to interview for an intern position I actually enjoyed the story quite a bit It was pretty fast paced and quite intense when it comes to the sex scenes There are definitely no rainbows or unicorns when these two have. um sexual relations lol This dude is a bit of a savage and if you re into dirty talkers then this one s for you I actually loved that the hero doesn t become a love sick puppy, it takes him a long while to come to some realizations The heroine is a bit on the doormat side and it s probably the only thing that kinda sucked for me in the book Other than that verra good. Audiobook Re readThe Reasonable Doubt series is one of my all time favorite erotica series There s always a bit of trepidation when I re read a favorite book a concern that it won t be as good as I remember I had the perfect excuse to re read Reasonable Doubt when I was gifted an audiobook copy, but I was evenhesitant I had a specific voice in mind for Andrew, and much like movie adaptations of books, I was worried it wouldn t live up to my expectations My fears were completely unfounded because I loved the book eventhe second time around, and the voice actors are spot on My cock has an appetite I ll be honest The first sentence in the book description had me rolling my eyes I m glad I didn t let that put me off though because this series is incredibly enjoyable and very addictive.Andrew is a foul mouthed, misogynistic lawyer with a rapier wit He is also a serial online dater who has zero tolerance for lying and no interest in relationships beyond one night stands At times I really wanted to hate Andrew and the next moment he d say something that had me laughing out loudYou re a fucking liar, Ava You ve fucked so many people behind my back that I ve lost count As far as I m concerned, you deserve to rot behind bars Maybe then your overworked pussy will get a much needed break Since you ll only be around women for the next fifteen years, I suggest you give pussy a try The taste is quite impeccableIf you like audacious, dirty talking anti heroes then you re going to love Andrew.Aubrey is a sheltered 22 year old undergrad student double majoring in pre law and ballet OK, so it s rather unrealistic but just go with it While pretending to be a certified lawyer, Aubrey meets Andrew through an exclusive online social networking site for lawyers He s trolling for hook ups, and unbeknownst to him, she s looking for help with her homework The two develop a flirtatious friendship through email exchanges that are filled with sexual innuendo and witty banter Subject Re Desert DickThank you for your concerns about my dick Although, seeing as though you ve NEVER discussed getting laid, I think having Cobweb Pussy is a farserious illness Thank you for telling me that my dick is in your prayers I d prefer if it was in your mouth Things become problematic when Aubrey goes to interview for an internship at Andrew s firm, and he discovers Audrey s deception Sparks fly, boundaries are tested, and double standards are explored I prefer strong heroines so I found Aubrey to be a frustrating character at times Although very secure in most aspects of her life, she frequently allows Andrew to treat her like a doormat It helped me appreciate her character growth, however, once she finally starts to develop a backbone.Andrew, Andrew, Andrew For me, the story is all about Andrew It s a love hate relationship with a complicated character, and it really does take all three books before you fully understand his motivations There is no question that Andrew is a master of dirty talking, and the sex Holy schnikes Thermonuclear hot There are so many nice touches I enjoyed Each chapter begins with legal terminology that parallels the state of Andrew and Aubrey s relationship e.g., Emotional Distress, Perjury, Cross Examination, and Impasse The hilarious email exchanges are priceless I love how Whitney Gracia Williams manages to create sexual tension and chemistry between the characters through their emails alone In terms of the audiobook, Sebastian York does a fantastic job of narrating Andrew s part His voice is deep, resonant, and sexy exactly how I imagined Andrew would sound Just wait until you hear this man speaking deliciously filthy words in your ears You d better have several pairs of clean panties on hand Erin Mallon delivers an equally strong performance voicing Aubrey I give her credit for trying to imitate Andrew s deep baritone voice, even if it comes across a little cartoonish sometimes Both narrators are incredibly expressive and their performances truly bring the characters to life Reasonable Doubt is a seductive treat that is funny and extremely entertaining from beginning to end If you re a fan of erotica, I can t recommend it highly enough The boxed set includes a very satisfying extended epilogue as well deleted scenesGifted copy kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review AuthorWhitneyGDon t forget to sign up for Whitney s monthly newsletter here

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