Prisoner of the Queen (Tales From the Tudor Court #2)

Prisoner of the Queen (Tales From the Tudor Court #2) DNF 35%.Boring Repetitious writing Dull heroine Twee shit with pets A romance as scintillating as a bowl of cold oatmeal grabs parachute and bails Had a real Young Adult feel to the tone and writing, though I guess it s for the adult market It was blah, no matter how it was labeled. Kindhearted Katherine Grey Knows Well The Peril Of Being Born With Royal Blood As Henry VIII S Grandniece And One Of The Heirs To The English Throne, Her Noble Birth Has Doomed Her To Live Among The Schemers And Seducers Of The King S Court Barring Her From The Peaceful Life That She Truly DesiresAfter Her Sister Fails To Keep The Throne, And A New Queen Rises To Power, Katherine Finds Herself Surrounded By Adversaries Since Queen Elizabeth Sees Her As A Threat, And Court Conspirators See Her As An Ally, Katherine Is Forced To Play A Game She Knows She Cannot Win And When She Reunites With The Man She Truly Loves, Katherine Has Even At Stake With Treachery At Every Turn And The Life She Dreams Of Within Reach, Katherine Must Make An Impossible Choice Will She Submit To The Queen S Authority, Or Will She Pursue Love No Matter The Cost I love the Tudor period It is hard to believe that anyone could write another book dealing with this royal dynasty that would still leave me feeling like I haven t read a half a million books on the subject, ok, maybe not so many, but it feels that way sometimes but E Knight does.So yes, the Tudor period is very overdone, in both historical fiction and romantic fiction, but, there s always something , or someone to learn about In this case, Katherine Grey, who was the sister to Lady Jane Grey, the nine days queen.I ve read books that feature the Grey sisters but they focused mostly on Jane and Mary This was the first one that I ve read that put Katherine in the spotlight.This is a tragic romance but one that really pulls you in This is a woman of royal blood, whose life is really in the hands of the Queens, both Mary and Elizabeth, who see her as a threat I felt terribly sorry for her She seemed to want love rather than power, and she definitely didn t have the love of many people in her life Her mother wasn t exactly the nicest woman, and the Queens that she served wouldn t trust or like or much, with good reason really, not that Katherine did anything to usurp the throne, but other members of her family did That put her in constant suspicion E Knight makes Katherine a very real person to her readers as well as Ned There are things that happen in her life that will make you cry along with her The loss of her pup, was one moment that really got to me I always hate reading about the death of animals or when someone s pet wasn t allowed to make a journey with them to a new life.I love the writing style and the obvious research that went into bringing this story to life This book was a joy to read, even as the story breaks your heart. I m still not entirely sure about this book I know I ve only read about 50 pages, but it s just not vibing with me And that in itself is bothering me I ve never had this issue with a book Ever But there is a first time for everything I guess Hopeful I ll finish it this year I m actually kind of depressed about this I m so glad that I decided to try out Eliza Knight s Tudor Series, written under E Knight to differentiate from her romance novels she s been so successful at writing though I ve not read those yet Speaking strictly on her Tudor Series novels, of which I ve read both now, E Knight is a superb writer with detailed prose, excellent dialogue, and emotional characters Fully researched, these historical novels on the Tudor Era bring a fresh take to the shelves of what is fast becoming, if it hasn t already, a major sub genre of historical fiction.Speaking of book two, Prisoner of the Queen gives us the story of Katherine Grey, sister to the well known Jane Grey cousin to Elizabeth I and Mary I who unfortunately ended up being caught in the scandal of monarch lineage and power hungry noble families like the Dudleys which ultimately saw to her fate of being beheaded after 9 days as Queen Jane had two sisters, and of the two, Katherine was next in line for the throne once her sister was killed, after Henry VIII s two daughters.As Elizabeth I becomes extremely paranoid and with due reason , the relationship between Katherine and Elizabeth is strained In Prisoner of the Queen, Knight also writes of the passionate romance between Edward Seymour and Katherine, which they conducted under the radar of the now Queen Elizabeth Becoming pregnant, however, led to Katherine and Edward being discovered and they were locked in the Tower by Queen Elizabeth Katherine s lived her life in the Tower until her death.It s a sad story, but Knight does such a superb job of telling it that you feel compelled to root for Katherine even if you know how it turns out historically She does an overwhelming amount of research and it shows within the pages of her novel She writes with an expert hand, bringing heart wrenching emotion to the page.Many people adore Elizabeth I, and I admit I like many parts of her legacy and personality, but it s important for us as readers and historians, to remember the other side of Elizabeth I as well Knight shows the true side of the Queen with an authentic accuracy, even if we wish it weren t so Impulsive and paranoid, Elizabeth I is many times the image of Henry VIII, and within this book, Knight was correct to portray the proper course of history.Knight writes a novel that lights with passion, emotion, and description that breathes new life into old stories of England s monarchy She writes with elegance and vivid descriptions that make you feel as if you ve entered into the period yourself Her imagery is easy to convert visually and her details stunning.If you are getting tired of Tudor historical novels, don t stop yet until you read Knight s series It will make you see a whole new side of all the characters and players you thought you d had enough of You ll be swept away snuggled by the fire with some tea and biscuits before you know it has captivated you, leaving you turning your head only when your partner says, Have you been up all night It s not always easy to write in first person, but with Knight s Tudor series, she succeeds in making you feel that emotional connection with the protagonist that is so important when reading from that point of view If you think you ve liked Brandy Purdy or Phillippa Gregory in the past, they can move way over for Knight s eloquent storytelling In the same vein of Elizabeth Freemantle and Hillary Mantel, Knight s writing is top notch and highly recommended as a new face of Tudor fiction.I was given a copy in exchange for an honest review. One would think with all of the Tudor books out there that one would have read it all but no Ms Knight has found a heroine about whom I knew very little Lady Katherine Grey was a sister to Lady Jane Grey the young woman who was queen for 9 days between Edward VI and Mary I Katherine had royal blood so her life was really lived at the Queen s behest She couldn t marry without her permission, she really couldn t be free at all So much for the fun of being royal.Once I started reading about this young woman I was totally lost in her life I felt so badly for her unable to love who she chose Much has been written about Elizabeth I s inability to let the women around her find happiness because she herself could not That left these women with the option of never marrying or taking their chances and defying the Queen Katherine went the defiance route and she paid for it with imprisonment in the Tower She was still able to see her husband and she did have two sons while living there but the Queen made sure she would never see her husband again.It s a very sad story about a woman who just wanted to live a normal life when she was not living in normal times The book is very well written with a style that makes the time and characters come alive on the page I found myself thinking of this poor girl for days after I finished the book I could tell that Ms Knight really cared for her subject and wanted to due her story justice The research is evident in the delightful details sprinkled throughout the tale I ve got Ms Knight s first book on my tablet and I am going to make time in my reading schedule for it as I so enjoyed this one and I know I ll be looking forward to from her.4.5 Prisoner of the Queen by E Knight was a fantastic read One of those books you curl up with, and find you can t put it down until you finish I liked how the novel was written in first person It really gives the reader a great idea of what Katherine really might have been going through you can picture her having these exact thoughts during this time I felt like I really was able to get to know Katherine She s definitely a relatable character, and as a reader you just want to protect her and for things to turn out for the best Katherine Grey is definitely brought back to life in this novel I like that the focus was mainly on her life outside of prison.E Knight s writing transports me to another time and place I can picture everything and I become completely lost within the pages of this novel The author has a great gift for storytelling that makes it hard to put any of her books down This novel is another hit in a long list of great novels by E Knight She definitely has a way of pulling the reader into a novel, and letting them get lost in the smooth writing and great research.I would recommend this novel to any lover of historical fiction The research is great, and the writing style is fantastic It definitely is a great read.I give Prisoner of the Queen a FIVE out of FIVE stars. Prisoner Of The Queen, marks authoress Eliza Knight s latest tarriance among the royal and not so royal blooms of the fabled Tudor Rose.Chronicling the life and times of Lady Katherine Grey, princess of the blood and sister to the tragic nine days Queen, Jane Grey this is a story of life, love, and treachery, that has to be read to be believed.As cousin to both Mary and Elizabeth Tudor, Katherine s story offers a much intimate look at life among the royals As such, the rivalries, jealousies, spites, and slights, create of the cat and mouse game of sovereign versus subject, and relative versus relative, that readers of Historical Fiction crave.Eliza Knight once again tells the story of the little known royal relation with a personal panache and flair for the dramatic that serves to elevate one given a mediocre place in the annals of history, to astronomical heights in the fictional arena.Vibrant characters, mind bending plot twists, and a fluid yet breakneck pace, are all trademarks of authoress Knight, that fans of her books have come to know as her signature hallmarks of excellence.Lady Katherine presents as a strong, intelligent, and astute heroine from page one of her tale A woman bound and determined to live and love as she chooses, even as forces both within and without the realm of court and crown fight to control her every move. This was a great retelling of the tragic life of Lady Katherine Grey, sister to the ill fated Lady Jane Grey Hers is a story of true love and heartbreaking separation Mistrusted by her cousin Queen Elizabeth, her adult years are hard and riddled with imprisonment and pain But through it all she retains the love of her one and only, Ned Seymour Secretly wedded and bedded, Katherine gives birth to two boys and remains utterly in love with the husband who is kept away from her Unfortunately, her legitimate royal pedigree always haunts her and keeps her from living the quiet, peaceful life she craves Eliza Knight does a beautiful job with this story and her writing is flawless I blew through this novel in just a few days and loved every bit of it I won t lie it s not a happy story, but if you re interested in one of English history s forgotten royal women, I encourage you to pick this one up It s a beautiful tale of realistic love, betrayal, fear, and court intrigue, and I don t think you ll be disappointed Oh my goodness Anyone that knows me knows this is exactly my kind of book I have been an Anglophile for over 10 years and whenever I can find a book, fiction or nonfiction, on this area of the world I sink right into it.Unfortunately this also means that I take my time in reading it as I want to absorb all the details Prisoner of the Queen took me in from the first page Eliza Knight has accurately told the story of Katherine Grey, the sister to Jane Grey who is known as the Nine Days Queen She did this without sounding like a lecture Instead she was able to offer a new perspective on some of the queens and on life at court Katherine is thought to be a threat to the Crown but instead she just wants to be with Edward Seymour I highly recommend this book to anyone that enjoys the Tudor time period I was given this book by NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing in exchange for my honest review. eknight, or her historical blog, History Undressed,

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