The Lives Between Us (Destiny, #2)

The Lives Between Us (Destiny, #2) How Far Would You Go To Save The One You Love Reporter Skylar Kendall Has Run From Commitment All Her Life, Pushing People Away Before They Leave Her, Until Her Niece Worms Her Way Into Skye S Heart And Settles In Tight Skye Relaxes Into A Career She Enjoys And Relishes Being A Doting AuntThen Her Niece Becomes Gravely Ill Unable To Bear Yet Another Loss, Skye Is Determined To Find A Cure, But The Girl S Only Hope Lies In The Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy Michigan Senator Edward Hastings Repeatedly Opposes When Skye Fails To Find Alternative Treatment In Time, She Vows To End The Senator S Political CareerCurious About The Woman Behind The Scathing Articles On His Best Friend, Mark Dutton Pursues Skye Dating Mark Gives Her Access To Hastings S Life And Secrets That Would Launch Skye S Career And Satisfy Her Need For Retribution Only She Hadn T Counted On Falling In LoveCan She Avenge The Lives Lost To Politics At The Expense Of Her New Love And Friends

Theresa Rizzo is an award winning author who writes emotional stories that explore the complexity of relationships and families through real life trials Born and raised in Grosse Pointe, Michigan, she now lives outside of Boulder, Colorado with her husband of thirty two years.

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  • The Lives Between Us (Destiny, #2)
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  • 10 June 2019

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    2 Preachy Stars Spoilers The Lives Between Us was an alright read I didn t really like it, and I didn t really hate it It really came off as kinda boring and preachy Over 50% of this book is about embryonic stem cell ESC treatment in great detail Skye one of the main characters in the book is for ESC and feels it would save her niece s life The niece dies Skye blames her death on another main character, Senator Hastings, because he is pro life and blocked the use of ESC Now I don t really know a lot about ESC so I don t really have a personal opinion on it one way or another I normally have no problem with political or religious views in books even if I don t agree with them, as long as it goes with the story line and isn t super in your face preachy I feel the author used this book as a podium to preach her views on ESC and all the good it can do This book talked so much about ESC using tons of medical descriptive terms that it bugged me and quite frankly bored me ESC may be great, but this book is suppose to be a romance book not a medical text book I will say that I did like Mark He was funny, sexy, and playful I also liked Faith, Peter, Senator Hastings, and his wife I couldn t stand Skye She was so selfish, immature, shallow, closed mind, self righteous in her belief of ESC, and a huge coward She pushed everyone away because they could die someday and hurt her She pushed her sister Faith and brother n law Peter away after they lost their daughter and I felt that was just cold blooded Then when her sister had twins super early due to suffering seizures and a stroke she didn t visit the babies for months and didn t wanna touch or hold them til Mark pretty much forced her, and she wasn t very supportive of her sister I honesty don t know how Mark could ever fall in love with her I can t think of one good thing about her This book just didn t work for me.

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    When reporter Skye s nine year old niece Niki dies she is convinced that her life could have been saved by embryonic stem cell treatment She blames Senator Edward Hastings for her death he has consistently campaigned and voted against the treatment and now she is determined to get revenge by finding some way to end his career When Skye meets and falls for Mark Dutton however, things are going to get a little muddied in this human interest read that is very romantic at times with characters who you really come to like and which is not as predictable as you might think It is a story that is extremely thought provoking just how far would you go to save the life of someone you love Could you put your principles aside for them and could you lie to them I didn t know too much about embryonic stem cell treatment or cord blood treatment before I read this book but I feel I learned quite a bit from the read in a very entertaining way that didn t condescend or patronise at all it just nicely wove the facts into the story.Both Skye and Edward tend to see things in black and white and neither of them are prepared to compromise For some reason I did find myself having sympathy with Edward s point of view not because I necessarily agree with it but I felt his character had integrity, was genuine in his beliefs and was just that little bit persuasive Of course he is a politician, and that is what he is good at but it was also nice to scratch underneath the surface to find the family man underneath.On the other hand, there were times when I wanted to shake Skye and tell her to grow up At times she came across as incredibly selfish, especially in the way she stayed away from her sister and brother in law after their daughter s funeral and wasn t there to support them There is a huge romantic element to the read, which complements the main part of the story line really nicely, but doesn t distract from it as things between Mark and Skye certainly sizzle but I really liked the way that certain things were left to my imagination It really does seem to have it all the moral and ethical dilemma, the romance, the heartbreak as well as intrigues and betrayals.It is an interesting, intriguing and thought provoking book one that certainly gave me food for thought I was given an uncorrected proof copy for review which did contain a large number of errors and I am assuming these will be eradicated before release Thanks to the publishers.

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    WHAT an emotional charged read I have been glued to this book all afternoon since last night when I started it, but had to eventually go to sleep.I couldn t wait to get my nose back into it today.Skylar is a reporter She comes across as someone who doesn t want to get involved with anyone, she is someone that I would call, a good person, a solid person but keeps one step removed..from others.Skylar has a niece Skylar would do anything for her niece, she loves the bones of her But her niece becomes tragically ill and needs a miracle to survive.This is where the embryonic stem cells come in This could help save her Niece s life IF ONLY Her sister and her husband forms a decision on how to help their child survive But its a tragic and dangerous adventure for her sister to be onThe embryonic stem cells therapy was the only hope that could save her little niece, but Michigan Senator Edward Hastings is against it We find Skylar hitting against that decision in every avenue of her existence The loss of her niece has broken Skylars heart.The decision her sister made is emotionally wrecking Skylar too.Then in an unexpected turn she meets Mark Dutton Unbeknown to her, his best friend is Edward Hastings The very man she hates.Mark knows who she is But if he tells her too early his connection, the relationship may not survive My thoughts I have read one other book by this author which I really loved, her writing skills are so well crafted and her characters in the books can be formed so well in your head you feel you have meet some new people in your life.There is an ethic here in this book that whether you support the medical science of embryonic stem cell therapy or not, you have to face both sides in this book A little girl who could survive vs a science that you object to.Skylar on occasion did get on my wick, she needed to deal with things, but then I thought, there is all this emotion in her, all this grief from the loss of her Niece Maybe that was why she was head hunting the Senator too She had a very good sniffer on her due to her being a reporter, she had a point of view on his objections to something she thought unfair I feel some were tied up in her loss.It leaves you reeling Superbly written.I have my doubts about the cover though When I first saw this book I thought it was a Christmas read until I read the blurb I am wondering if others might by pass the book because of this.

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    The Lives Between Us is the 3rd novel written by Theresa Rizzo and the first one that I have read I wish to thank Ms Rizzo for asking me to read and review it honestly I also thank Net Galley and Rizzo Publishing for the ARC.This was a thought provoking read for me At first, I did not think I was going to enjoy it at all, primarily because I found the protagonist, Skylar Skye Kendall, difficult to invest in Early on she is selfish and immature I just wanted to shake her and tell her to grow up Since this is essentially Skye s story to tell, I wasn t sure how much I could take Flash to a few chapters further into the story OK, now things start to get interesting Skye s world is broadening, and we are introduced to a number of engaging characters in compelling situations The storyline becomes quite multifaceted, revolving around the ethical controversy of using embryonic stem cell therapy This leads into all sorts of difficult issues As an example, there is a character s moral battle over whether to maintain a public commitment and continue to embrace a stance that may well doom a loved one, or attempt to save the loved one and become a public hypocrite, along with other collateral damage Another complex concern that comes to the table is how much can one trust loved ones, and how much betrayal can one take before needing to leave a relationship Other tough questions emerge How can one remain dedicated to the mission of a profession, knowing that by doing so, loved ones will be badly hurt How much self damage will be wrought when personal secrets are kept hidden Just how far will one go to save someone else s life or reputation What constitutes a good parent What are the qualities of a good partner Do you truly know those you love These are challenging dilemmas and questions that grabbed my attention I found myself enmeshed in these issues right along with the characters, wondering what I would do if I were in their shoes I want to mention that Ms Rizzo also treats us to an engaging romance in this book that is neither graphic nor saccharine Just the way I like it I took a half star off my rating because of my initial dislike of the protagonist a personal peeve of mine I like rooting for the protag Another half star came off as I think the novel could have been condensed there are some extraneous parts that could be eliminated without affecting the story.In summary, much to my surprise, this book turned out to be a thinker, and I like when I am made to ponder I see a couple of reviewers are calling this a beach read I respectfully disagree It is than that I recommend The Lives Between Us to all readers of women s fiction who like substance to their stories Great job, Ms Rizzo.

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    Nearly five stars I was lucky enough to be contacted by Theresa Rizzo asking if I would like to do an honest review of her new novel, The Lives Between Us Having never read any of Theresa s books before, I can say I will now be on the hunt for her other books as I really enjoyed this book From the very first chapter I was intrigued and invested in this book It is a compelling read with well developed characters that I found was hard to put the book down until the end Skylar s niece dies and she turns her grief into a vendetta to bring down a local senator whose personal beliefs stops the research that may have helped save Skye s niece life This book must have taken a long time to research because there is quite a lot of discussion regarding the embryonic stem cell debate that I have now learned a lot about So as not to give anything away, I will only say that Skylar can be very frustrating at times but stick with her because she does mature along the way I believe that fans of Diane Chamberlain will enjoy this book because we get to see and feel things from both perspectives of the debate And for those people who read the back of the book first don t There is a final twist at the end that will ruin the book if you read it first An emotional read that revolves around family and love and what you will do if you strongly believe in it enough 4 and a half stars Half taken off purely cause Skye was driving me crazy

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    I started this book completely unsure of where it was going to take me I honestly went into it not knowing if I was going to like it or not I was so, so, wrong to judge it up front It grabbed me from the very beginning, and I simply could not put it down It is so much than just a romance It is heartbreaking, clever, and beautiful The Lives Between Us follows Skye as she navigates through the heartbreak of watching her very much adored niece suffer with health problems that she feels could be cured with the use of stem cell medicine Senator Edward Hastings is one of the main obstacles in the way of the research that Skye thinks could save her niece Taking her frustrations out on him, she sets out to use her journalist position to make his life as difficult as possible This draws the attention of Mark, who is one of the head researchers at his father s foundation He s also the Senator s best friend His relationship with Skye is so real and sweet, despite the fact that he began it to learn about the woman harassing his friend He worms his way into her life, by genuinely caring about her and her family He also brings her into his life, showing her that not all is as it seems on the outside These characters are all so three dimensional, and the author puts them through so many heartbreaking trials that I couldn t stop reading I had to know what was going to happen to them, how it was going to turn out This was definitely a bring the tissues book, and it was not always an easy ride That doesn t mean it s not worth it though, because in it is, in every way George, 5 stars

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    I did not finish this book It made me crazy angry The author has a pro embryonic stem cell research agenda and she s made her champion, Skylar Kendall, the least sympathetic character possible Skylar has had many deep losses, but rather than creating empathy, they have made her selfish and vindictive She is passionate so we are supposed to overlook her flaws on her journey to healing Instead we are forced to put up with her vitriol toward a state senator on whom she s placed all the blame for all her woes I kept trying to like her, to understand her, but I gave up about 42% into the book It was at this point her self centeredness reached an all time low and I couldn t continue SPOILER view spoiler The person Skylar probably owes the most to in this story is her older sister, Faith After the untimely death of their parents, Faith steps up as a mother figure to Skylar Scared to be hurt, it s with hesitation that Skylar allows Faith s daughter Nikki to find a place in her heart, but then she s entrenched Nikki s death at only nine years old from heart failure brought on by a virus is devastating to Skylar, the loss she feared most Nikki may or may not have benefited from embryonic stem cell therapy, but not likely in a timely way and none of the existing family are a match to donate cells with current therapies In a Hail Mary, last ditch effort to achieve matching cells, Faith and her husband go through three rounds of in vitro to conceive a sibling The non matching embryos, who s only crime was not matching their sister, were donated to research Faith does finally become pregnant with twins, but not soon enough to save Nikki Carrying these babies is a life threatening task for Faith Eclampsia puts her in the hospital for an emergency C section at just 28 weeks, but she still experiences a mild stroke The stroke leaves her initially weak and she is not allowed to hold the preemie babies for risk of dropping them Crying, she begs Skylar to hold the babies and give them touch therapy since she cannot The woman who cared for Skylar, who lost a daughter not a niece, endured in vitro, a high risk pregnancy, an emergency C section, AND a stroke asks her sister for ONE THING and Skylar doesn t want to She has to be pressured into it by her boyfriend hide spoiler

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    The author got in touch with me and asked whether I would like to read a copy of her book I had it downloaded on Net Galley and put it to the top of my tbr pile.I was quickly drawn into the book I loved the scenes between Sky and her niece Nicky who had a heart problem She took supplies in for a pyjama party to give her sister and her husband a night off Conventional medicine is not helping and the only thing that may help stem cell therapy is opposed by the senator.She tries to get him to rethink his policies and then vows to ruin him She is devastated that he stands in the way of the medical research that could help so many people.As the book evolves you realise that everyone has their own standpoint on something like stem cell research and what constitutes illegal practice and that personal circumstance may force you to face up to your personal beliefs The characters are all tied together either by work or personal friendships and I loved seeing behind the scenes on the ski trip and the blooming relationship between Sky and Mark They are both shaken by past experiences and afraid to fully commit, drawing back when they are ready to take their relationship to a new level Can they ever learn to trust each other fully and is one of them hiding than they should It makes you think about the home life behind public office A Senator or one of our politicians is elected to serve the public but they also have a private family life and they may be a totally different person at home Can you form an opinion solely on their public persona I loved every page and will be keen to read from Theresa.

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    3.5 stars bumped to 4I received an advanced copy of The Lives Between Us from the author in exchange for an honest opinion of the novel I enjoy reading novels that explore current controversial subjects while maintaining a compelling story, and this is one of those stories In this novel, Theresa Rizzo uses embryonic stem cell therapy as her controversial theme By the end of the novel, I learned about that particular subject than I had previously known Embryonic stem cell research is a political hot button, and as a result, the research has been limited while advocates feel it s an unexplored therapeutic gold mine for serious spinal injuries and diseases such as Huntington s disease.Rizzo does a great job developing real characters To highlight the complexities of this debatable subject, Rizzo creates her main characters as being honest and forthright in their feelings The reader sees both sides of the debate and understands the morality of both sides I enjoyed this treatment One main character is a Republican Senator and I expected him to be portrayed as a constituent grabbing slime ball However, Rizzo portrays Republican Senator Hastings as truly believing his anti embryonic stem cell research stance He s not against it for the Right to Lifer votes he believes it On the other side of the argument is a young, brash, idealistic Skylar Kendall who is a newspaper reporter and has a niece who is dying of congenital heart disease The niece is on a waiting list for a new heart While a new heart would be ideal, using stem cells could provide healing and time Because of current legislation, embryonic stem cells can t be used At the beginning of the novel, Skylar is difficult to like, as she s explosive and unruly She s a true 20 something character though, in her zealous and idealistic feelings By the end of the novel, she matures and become compassionate, seeing other sides of the subject.I m not a fan of the romance genre, and there s a strong romantic piece here, which I did find a bit distracting in the middle However, the romance provided a way for Skylar to evolve and mature It also provided the reader differing ideas and feeling of the embryonic stem cell debate Also, the Senator was a bit squeaky clean for this jaded voter, but I can understand Rizzo s portrayal.Beyond the informative component of the novel, there is a surprise ending that I thought MADE the novel So, for those of you who read the last chapter before you finish the book DON T do it You will ruin the novel for yourself.Rizzo combines a chic lit romance story with medical issues and political ideals plots I recommend it for those who want a quick, easy to read, and absorbing novel, especially for those who enjoy romantic genre.

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    This book gave me so much to ponder My father had Alzheimer s Disease Although he passed from another condition, it definiely affected my feeling about stem cell research, particularly as I age So The Lives Between Us hit me pretty hard First of all, because of the propensity of Alzheimer s in my family, I would love to believe that a cure will be found quickly, but for other families who have other conditions, there is so much to be learned.The reader gains a lot of knowledge from this book It s a very serious topic and was well researched, I believe However, my beliefs are not what this book is about.The author, Theresa Rizzo, had me with the first paragraph I was hooked not just because of the subject, but the characters were so brilliantly portrayed and the plot so fluid, that I simply could not stop reading The story of this family and all the contributing plots were well woven together that it was seamless The characters ate at my heart I felt the emotions happy, sad, angry and there were all of those, plus many This is a book everyone should read It takes one family and puts them into situations that move the reader I highly recommend this book I received this book through NetGalley and Rizzo Publishing in return for an honest review Now, I m off to hunt for books by this author

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