Marauders of the Synchronetic Line

Marauders of the Synchronetic Line Delve Into The World Of UFO Abduction As You Follow The Story Of A Man Tortured By Serial Abductions Who Is Suddenly Thrust Into A World Beyond His Comprehension Old Style Sci Fi Action Mixes With Gritty Adult Drama In This Tale That Incorporates Actual Historical Events And Science Fiction Into One Possible Reality See The Fierce Battles That Ensue When Human Beings Retaliate In A Secret War Against The Invaders Join The Marauders Of The Synchronetic Line As They Travel Those Avenues Hidden From The Rest Of Us, Fight Back Against A Tyranny Only Few Believe In Or Understand, And Seek Justice In A Universe That Shows No Mercy What do you believe when you can t trust your own mind Brian Anderson is a homeless veteran who spends most of his days at the bottom of a bottle Plagued by memories that he can t explain, he keeps his distance from those who question his sanity But when the monsters he denies even to himself capture him once again, he finds himself rescued by a band of creatures whose existence and mission give him a new lease on life that brings questions than answers.Marauders of the Synchronetic Line relies on a seamless blend of fiction and history The story takes advantage of unsolved accounts of alien abduction and adds it to a protagonist rife with realism Indeed, there are instances where it is difficult to tell where the fiction ends and historical accounts begin The development of an intricate world complete with varying dialects, unique technology, and controversial values provides an experience of immersion that brings reality to an otherwise fantastical experience.Aside from the superb world building, the most compelling element of Marauders is the raw humanity expressed by the characters Regardless of whether they are human or one of the many alien races, each character displays emotions that are easy to identify with It is true that some characters are prone to singular emotions, such as anger or hatred, as opposed to a range of human feelings But in these cases, the depth of the sole emotion is a fitting aspect of that character s personality, even if a wider range of emotional expression is desirable.Marauders of the Synchronetic Line is not without its faults Its unique turns of language, unusual characters, and frequent in depth descriptions of inherently science fiction jargon can be off putting to some readers, particularly those who are not familiar with the science fiction genre Another element that may not be entirely appetizing is the frequent uncertainty neither the protagonist, nor the reader is ever 100% certain if the events are truly happening, or part of a psychotic break this is one of my personal pet peeves The reader quickly realizes that they cannot trust the protagonist to be a reliable source of information It can be a major strike against the story as a whole And while this is definitely not the worst book I have ever read, this overall uncertainty makes me hesitant to recommend this book to novice science fiction readers.

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❰Read❯ ➲ Marauders of the Synchronetic Line  Author David J. Barron –
  • Paperback
  • 316 pages
  • Marauders of the Synchronetic Line
  • David J. Barron
  • English
  • 09 December 2017

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