Youre Dead—So What?

Youre Dead—So What? Though Numerous Studies Have Been Conducted Regarding Perceived Racial Bias In Newspaper Reporting Of Violent Crimes, Few Studies Have Focused On The Intersections Of Race And Gender In Determining The Extent And Prominence Of This Coverage, And Specifically How The Lack Of Attention To Violence Against Women Of Color Reinforces Their Invisibility In The Social Structure This Book Provides An Empirical Study Of Media And Law Enforcement Bias In Reporting And Investigating Homicides Of African American Women Compared With Their White Counterparts The Author Discusses The Symbiotic Relationship Between Media Coverage And The Response From Law Enforcement To Victims Of Color, Particularly When These Victims Are Reported Missing And Presumed To Be In Danger By Their Loved Ones Just As The Media Are Effective In Helping To Increase Police Response, Law Enforcement Officials Reach Out To News Outlets To Solicit Help From The Public In Locating A Missing Person Or Solving A Murder However, A Deeply Troubling Disparity In Reporting The Disappearance And Homicides Of Female Victims Reflects Racial Inequality And Institutionalized Racism In The Social Structure That Need To Be Addressed It Is This Disparity This Important Study Seeks To Solve Irrelevant VictimsIf you ever wonder how new reporters choose victims to highlight for the daily news, this book will provide an answer Author Neely s extensive notes support the hypothesis that black homicide victims who are black, receive superficial attention from the media and police investigators As she points out repeatedly through example after example, the color of one s skin, their gender, and lack of social, political and financial status continues to victimize women of color even after death.

Cheryl L Neely is Professor of Sociology at Oakland Community College where she teaches courses in Sociology and Criminology from

[PDF / Epub] ✓ Youre Dead—So What?  ★ Cheryl L. Neely –
  • Paperback
  • 126 pages
  • Youre Dead—So What?
  • Cheryl L. Neely
  • 13 March 2018
  • 9781611861785

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