Adventures of Faith, Hope, and Charity - Finding Patience

Adventures of Faith, Hope, and Charity - Finding Patience This is a sweet and powerful tale that will speak to the heart of every child who has ever faced change and the fear that accompanies a new situation When the family of three sisters I loved their names Faith, Hope, and Charity move to a new town, the girls are forced to start a brand new school in the middle of the year The story focuses on the oldest girl, Faith, as she struggles to fit in with her new classmates and instead finds herself ignored and lonely Reading this book brought back very vivid and painful memories for me, as my own family moved 17 times when I was a child and it was ALWAYS in the middle of the school year So I could completely relate to Faith s churning stomach and sinking heart as she tries to be brave when all she feels is rejected and scared in a new school Fortunately for Faith, her family is Catholic, so her mother guides her gently through the isolation by praying with her and telling her to be patient for God s time to send her a friend Her little sisters join in and pray for her too, which is a beautiful element in the story The lessons of prayer, charity, compassion and patience are very evident in the story, but not at all in a preachy way The author handles it perfectly And there are a couple of delightful twists that make everything come right in the end I think this wonderful book should be in every classroom not just in Catholic schools either this story can help any child A beautiful book for every child that is faced with change What a delightful book Who can t identify with eight year old Faith, new in town and struggling to make friends If you weren t there as a child, you ve surely experienced the same struggle as an adult With real problems and a loving family, Faith takes a short but significant journey of faith, and learns about God s answers and timing A great children s book, appropriate for a wide range of ages Lovely illustrations, too Check out this gentle tale for your children and grandchildren and any other kiddos in your life. I read this book aloud with my seven year old daughter, who declared it, The best book ever The story was simple yet engaging She particularly enjoyed the surprise twist at the end in which God answers Faith s prayer quite literally.I also read the book to my four year old daughter and two year old son They enjoyed the bright illustrations My daughter particularly liked the cuddly puppies, and my son occupied himself by pointing out the teddy bear and turtle as they appear in the pictures.So often when I speak to my children about patience, I focus on short term patience waiting your turn, not whining while awaiting dinner, not nagging for when it s time to go, etc This book focuses on the importance of long term patience waiting for a circumstance to change or God to answer a prayer Long term patience may be difficult to model visibly to children They cannot see the inner disposition that trusts and waits, knowing that the Lord hears and answers our prayers This book does a good job in taking that somewhat abstract action and giving it a concrete application.I d recommend it for ages 2 8, with older children reaping the most benefit from its message. Author Virginia Lieto s first book in the Adventures of Faith, Hope and Charity series is a charming children s book for the young reader It is the story of a family of five who re locate over the summer due to the father s new job When the three children return to school, the oldest, Faith, worries that she has not made any new friends immediately at her new school The mother comforts her and advises her to pray for patience In fact, the entire family supports her by praying that she acquire patience The ending is delightful It is beautifully illustrated with full color pictures, which add to the beauty of this inspiring and uplifting story Adventures of Faith, Hope, and Charity Finding Patience is a wonderful book to read aloud with your children to help them cope with situations that require patience This is a great book for both home and the classroom, as it teaches valuable lessons about friendship and patience. I enjoyed this thoughtful story by Virginia Lieto I would ve loved to read it to my kids when they were younger Children will love the colorful illustrations, the characters, and a story they can relate to I think this would be a great book especially for children who are transitioning to a new school or have moved My father was in the Coast Guard and we moved often Finding a friend in school was always so important but didn t happen overnight The message of practicing patience is so important for children at this age and this story presents it beautifully Virginia Lieto s first book in the Adventures of Faith, Hope and Charity series is perfect for the emerging reader This sweet story focuses on Faith, the oldest of three sisters, as the family moves to a new town Lonely for friends, Faith doesn t know how to go about finding friendship with kids her own age, and she quickly discovers that sitting back and waiting for friends to find her isn t going to work Faith s mom empathizes with her and reassures her that all she needs is some patience.This book s lessons on friendship and patience make it an ideal classroom read aloud Finding Patience ends with a prayer for patience, especially designed for the young reader Review based on ARC provided by author, who is a fellow member of the Catholic Writers Guild awwww We LOVED this book The title got me, because my youngest is having a little trouble with this particular virtue But it s even better and deeper than merely discussing the importance of patience Just a great story It struck home to us, especially the scene about the main character sitting alone at lunch because she didn t have any friends yet at her new school The end is very clever Catholic Writers Guild Seal Of Approval RecipientFor Children, Waiting For Anything Seems Endless Faith Livingstone Would Agree, Having Just Moved To A New Town, And About To Enter A New School Faith Wants So Badly To Make New Friends She Wants To Feel Like She Belongs In Her New Surroundings It All Can T Happen Fast Enough For Faith Journey With Faith As She Struggles To Make New Friends Yet, Learns The Value Of The Virtue Of Patience In The Process This was a sweet story about what it takes to find and practice a new virtue The illustrations were darling, and the prose was straightforward I was provided by the author with a review copy. Adventures of Faith, Hope, and Charity by Virginia Lieto is a book that imparts an important lesson to our children and will also provide a vital reminder to us adults.The book centers around the upheaval experienced by the Livingstone family as they recently moved due to their father s job They have three young children, Faith, Hope, and Charity The main subject of the book is Faith and her struggles in making new friends.This is a book that depicts life as it is It is not a fairy tale or escapist literature The difficulties faced by Faith are all too familiar to many children and parents may also recall the angst they experienced as a child Yet it also provides an answer to the problem that Christian parents can reinforce with their children As such it is a book that belongs in every family s bookcase.

Virginia Lieto is an adjunct professor at Saint Joseph s College of Maine, where she teaches Theology, and also obtained her Master of Arts Degree in Pastoral Theology She is also a public speaker on the Catholic faith, author and Catholic blogger Virginia Lieto is a proud member of the elite Catholic Speakers Organization, CMG Booking She is also a member of the Catholic Writers Guild, as well

[Ebook] ➧ Adventures of Faith, Hope, and Charity - Finding Patience  By Virginia Lieto –
  • Paperback
  • 30 pages
  • Adventures of Faith, Hope, and Charity - Finding Patience
  • Virginia Lieto
  • English
  • 10 August 2019
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