Dancing at Midnight

Dancing at Midnight Lady Arabella Blydon Has Beauty And A Brain, And She S Tired Of Men Who Can See Only One Without The OtherWhen A Suitor Tells Arabella He S Willing To Overlook Her Appalling Bluestocking Tendencies On Account Of Her Looks And Fortune, She Decides To Take A Break From The Marriage Mart During An Extended Stay In The Country, She Never Expects To Meet Lord John Blackwood, A Wounded War Hero Who Intrigues Her Like No Other ManLord John Has Lived Through The Worst Horrors Of War But Nothing Could Have Been As Terrifying To His Tormented Heart As Lady Arabella She Is Intoxicating, Infuriating And She Makes Him Want To Live Again Suddenly He S Writing Bad Poetry And Climbing Trees In The Pitch Dark Night Just So He Can Dance With Her As The Clock Strikes Midnight And Even Though He Knows He Can Never Be The Sort Of Man She Deserves, He Can T Help Wanting Her But When The Harsh Light Of Day Replaces The Magic Of Midnight, Can This Tormented Soul Learn To Love Again

1 New York Times bestselling author Julia Quinn loves to dispel the myth that smart women don t read or write romance, and in 2001 she did so in grand style, competing on the the game show The Weakest Link and walking away with the 79,000 jackpot She displayed a decided lack of knowledge about baseball, country music, and plush toys, but she is proud to say that she aced all things British an

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  • Paperback
  • 375 pages
  • Dancing at Midnight
  • Julia Quinn
  • English
  • 06 December 2018
  • 9780749939137

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    Belle, he said flatly I don t want your love I can t accept it How dare you belittle me this way His hand closed around her wrist You misunderstand me It is because I value your love so highly that I do not accept it Time for another reimagined play Settle down, folks.Cast of Characters Lady Arabella Blydon Bella a lovely and allegedly brilliant young womanLord John Blackwood a grumpy, self flagellating war veteranKhanh self explanatoryAct I a blissful pastoral scene Bella sigh Woe is me WOE IS ME I am the daughter of an earl, child of two doting parents, with a beloved older brother, a huge dowry, and an ancient and noble lineage I m also considered a bluestocking who loves to read and I have suitors from dukes to viscounts falling all over my feet BUT IF ONLY I CAN FIND SOMEONE WHO REALLY UNDERSTANDS ME _ John HEY WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING ON MY LAND GET THE FUCK OUT RAWR RAAAAAAAAAAAAWR John snarls for good measure Bella ___________________ OH MY GOD I M IN LOVEJohn WHAT THE FUCK WOMAN I M NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU GO AWAY STOP MAKING COW EYES AT MEBella But._ I LIKE YOU._ D 3John IT DOESN T MATTER I DON T WANT YOU EVEN IF I DO NOW GO AWAY I MEAN IT,Bella most definitely not going away Ok _ sighs Khanh makes stabby motions at both Act II A dark room with lots of dark curtains and candles, there might as well be thunderstorms outside and shit to make it look appropriately dark, too John engages in a soliloquy II m uncommonly attracted to her Bella s beauty Her wit The way she makes me FEEL things I haven t felt since they almost sawed off my legs in the war I can t contains my feels MY FEEEEEEEEEELS shakes fist in despair John But alas, it can never be She is noble than I am and we are not equal at all, although she is the daughter of an earl and I m the son of an earl and even if I m a noble war hero who s been granted a barony for my brave deeds ALAS My soul howls at the moon MY SOUL IS DARK AND TAINTED FOR A MAN UNDER MY COMMAND DURING THE WAR RAPED A YOUNG WOMAN AND I DIDN T PREVENT IT THAT MEANS I AS WELL AS RAPED HER MYSELF I AM UNWORTHY OF HER I M A RAPIST OR I MIGHT AS WELL BE _ Bella peeks out from curtains Hi Want a scone Let s go for a ride John O_O Her persistance Her charm It is breaking all my defenses _ WHAT THE FUCK BITCH, GO AWAY WHY DO YOU KEEP ON PURSUING ME Bella WAAAAAAAAAAAH FINE I LL GO AWAY DXKhanh throws up her hands FINALLYAct III London Bella I m going to forget that asshole I m going to forget him by doing everything I can to spread rumors to bring him after me GIRL POWER YEAH I m going to tell my friend to tell my other friend to tell my other friend that I m about to get married and then surely he ll come after me and be my love Khanh Are you kidding me 10 seconds later John WHAT THE FUCK WOMAN, WHY U GETTIN MARRIED Bella JOHN I love you John FINE I love you too But I have to tell you that I AM A RAPIST Bella What You NO John YES A woman got raped by someone else under my watch You ll be marrying a rapist And someone might be trying to kill me Bella I DON T CARE John Let s get married right nowBella Butwe don t have my family s approval None of my friends know you My brother is away at university My parents are on vacation and god knows when they ll come back We ll be wed by a drunken priest I won t even have a decent gown This won t be any girl s dream wedding.John DON T CARE MARRY ME NOW Bella Yes, master Khanh grits teeth Are you fucking kidding me right now ACT IV London again bullet whizzes by John and Bella WAAAAH John Ok, Bella, this is dangerous I want you to hide because this guy is wily and he ll surely go after you in order to get revenge on me.Bella BUT I CAN HELP YOU I m going to help you by going where I m not supposed to go despite the fact that I m defenseless I can help you by talking to your enemy and telling him that I m your wife I m going to help you by inserting you in wherever regardless of my safety John ARE YOU BATSHIT CRAZY, WOMAN Bella waaaaaaaaaaaaails and runs away I NEED TO BE ALONE RIGHT NOW SO I M GOING TO TAKE MY MAID AND WANDER INTO A DARK PART OF TOWN BECAUSE OF MY DISTRESSKhanh ENOUGH I M GOING TO KILL YOU BEFORE THE BAD GUY DOES IT STUPID IDIOT pulls curtains to hide the carnage THE END

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    You know that Katy Perry song that has the line You PMS like a chick that I know That s the song that comes to mind when I think of the hero John in this book Not that he s a bad hero, but he gives a reader whiplash He will go from relaxed and bantering with the heroine to yelling You can never understand what I ve done and crushing her into a kiss, then push her away in the space of ten seconds.It s Julia Quinn s second book and it s nice to know that she improves A lot of this book is actually very good The dialog and bantering, Quinn s trademarks, are all present It has a nice little mystery plot that plays out well I even like the hero John very much, even though I think he has an undiagnosed case of rapid cycle bi polar disorder.The book starts out that John is a war hero that has recently come into a title He has been traumatized by the war, and is guilt ridden by an event that he could have prevented if he had not been drunk that night As a result a young girl was raped and killed He feels undeserving of love.Enter the heroine, who of course, gets him out of his shell They fall in love and John s old nemesis during the war shows up to wreak havoc on the newly happy couple.It s a light, sweet read well not the trauma parts but the rest Not one of Julia Quinn s best but I don t consider it reading time wasted.

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    I m really, really sorry, but I found this book to be the ode to stupidity I was spoiled by other Ms Quinn s books and I was expecting something like those, but I just wanted to yell, cry and pull out my hair while reading this book The story could have been interesting, the writing was good, but the actions of ALL characters were sooooo idiotic that it was over the top I was rolling my eyes so much that I was dizzy They all had so many TSTL moments the it was not funny I could rant and rant and rant about it that this review would be as long as this book, so I ll just cut it short and say that loathed it and finish it here

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    This was the darkest Julia Quinn novel that I have ever read, and honestly, the worst too.Pros Belle s supportive family I loved that Belle had a great support system in her family It was clear how much they loved her Seeing Emma and Alex again They were the couple from the last book, and ughhhh they were cuter than ever Persephone She was the MVP She seemed like just another old, friendly woman, who made occasional funny remarks However, she was pretty badass, and she literally was saving everyone with her wisdom and badassery Cons Dark While I do not prefer dark reads, I m good with it if it s executed well and if the inspiration and bright spots overshadow the dark, depressing areas This read was certainly romantic and cute at times, but the sensitive, dark topic dimmed my enjoyment in what I thought was supposed to be a romantic and silly read Perhaps it was wrong of me to presume that this would be a lighter read like all of the previous Julia Quinn s books I have read, but this book was startlingly and contrastingly dark It was such a surprise and not a pleasant one And while this book did explore the complexity of the emotions that revolved around rape, having it placed next to this all consuming, sweet romance, with a female character who did not take it seriously enough for my mind it was just not a good mix Rape in any read would obviously make readers feel morose and sad and angry, and all sorts of conflicting emotions, but having it be a huge central point in this book, alongside the na ve, careless Belle and this sweet romance made this just not good at all What careless characters The characters got annoying at times because of their careless actions Belle, in particular, was exceedingly careless and na ve She would say I m not a helpless, little girl, and yet, she got dragged down an alleyway and was literally about to be kidnapped, but fortunately, an old woman saved her She followed John who was meeting a killer and rapist Because she thought she could protect him in some way Like, girl, you don t even have a weapon, you re wearing a fuckin dress If you want to protect him, be at least smart about it, and bring a pistol Otherwise, it would be better off not following because John would ve worried for her safety And after her fighting about him not including her on this, she ran out while a storm was coming and it was turning dark, with a young female servant And she CHOSE to stay away from the crowded areas And I m like WHAT ARE YOU DOING Did we not just establish there was a killer rapist on the loose who wanted to murder her husband and kidnap her I just can t No weapon No worry No precaution She treated this so flippantly that I was cringing so hard I understood her intentions, but damn it, she needed to be smarter about this And then, she promptly hit her head on a branch when she thought she saw him, and fainted, and ended up suffering from hypothermia and a fever and I m like, And you said you were not helpless Yeesh Final ThoughtsI m giving it 1.5 stars There were good components to it, but it got both annoying and predictable This was dark and sometimes quite sweet, but in this case, the romance that resulted was not executed well I hate the issue the injustice of it all, and thus, I don t like reading about it, but this book especially being a fiction of a cute cheesy romance variety just made me sad and frustrated, and all sorts of terribly conflicting emotions I was dying for proper justice, especially for a fictional romance read The characters also got annoying, and I started wishing for the book to end already I was hugely disappointed, especially because I loved the 1st book of this trilogy Ugh.Things that you might want to know WARNING Spoilers below Is there a happy satisfying ending view spoiler Happy enough hide spoiler

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    A decent read Nothing to knock my proverbial socks offSeries yepSexy times It s JQ You re mostly safePlan on reading by the author Oh sure.Why it did or didn t work for me Nothing here to rock my world or make me want I mean, it s a solid JQ HR romance, just not one of her best Signed, Not to worry, Ms Quinn, I m still reading your backlist Won t give up

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    The first book was better, but I really enjoyed this one too I loved John, he was a good love interest for Belle I liked their story, but John shouldn t have blamed himself so much for what Spencer did in the past Overall this was a cute, and action filled love story just like Splendid I hope Dunford s book will be great too, I like his character.

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    June 10 23, 2015Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I dunno I wasn t as impressed this time around as I have been before STILL CUTE though April 6 9, 2014Cute Love it June 29 July 1, 2013I love this book Oooooohhhh You forget how AWFUL the bad guy is I wish John had view spoiler shot the guy s man parts off instead of shooting him in the butt hide spoiler

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    Belle, John

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    DNF I just can t do it any I read 161 of 255 pages And that took several times to accomplish I like Julia Quinn, she s kinda cheesy, but usually in a cute way This book is excessively cheesy and beyond melodramatic.John, the hero, he is whiny, whiny, mopey, woe is me He has the worst case if PMS ever He was wounded during the war, now has a limp, but was made an earl owns a house Yet he can t get over something that happened during the war, even though in no way was it his fault really, it s basically like he s blaming himself for it having snowed, that s how much it s not his fault He uses this as his excuse to not be with Belle Belle as the heroine is fine, I liked her, mostly, she s sappy, too But why she kept talking to that mope fest known as John is beyond me Second biggest fault in this book no plot problem, John s issue is such a nonissue that it makes the book pointless I just can t do it any longer I ve seen better plots in cartoons.

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    2.5 starsI really hate to say, but this wasn t one of Julia s best It started out good, but quickly turned into something I wasn t fond of I found myself flipping to see how many pages were left and almost skim reading so I could hurry and finish In fact, I thought about not finishing That is not in character for me and Julia Quinn books Anyway, the worst of it is that after all drama with John Belle in the beginning and his reasons for self hate, you d think he d act a little gentlemanly and with restraint towards the woman he loved It just doesn t make much sense to me It put a bad taste in my mouth I had hard time buying into the whole storyline overall really It s obvious to me that it was one of her earlier books The writing isn t magical like I ve come to expect Newcomers to Julia Quinn, DON T start with this one Longtime fans may appreciate it, but others like me may not so much Read at your own risk.

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