Drawn to You (Drawn to You #1)

Drawn to You (Drawn to You #1) 4 Oh The Author So Went There Stars Miss Ker Dukey you had me a little worried for about 75% of this book I was like oh my goodness, this is just some fluffy love book A bunch of friends hooking up and having a good time And then We get some good old crazy what the holy I did not just read that Now that is how you right an ending to make this story 4 stars for me and leaving me drooling for book 2 Antonia, traveling across the world for a fresh start Her past has blanketed her and her family and friends with brokenness As she meets up with her bff in America, she knows this is the time and place to start over Wipe the slate clean and make a new life for herself without the effects of her brutal attack sucking the life out of her What she never expects is to come face to face with her friend s brother Finlay, strong and determined to protect his family and the secrets that lie beneath the first appearance He never expects to find the woman he never thought he wanted in Antonia Their connection is instant They both feel it but they fight it They have some not so friend banter between the two of them This doesn t last long as they give in to wanting each other real quick Their sexual desires turn into feelings from the get go Neither ever realized how much they were craving the touch from the other For most of this book, it is friendship and love and lots of fluffy goodness We get some good drama an angst that keeps the story flowing But in true craziness style of this author, SHE SLAPS US IN THE FACE AND SAYS NA NA NA BOO BOO I got you That ending leaves you with a damn you Ker Dukey..DAMN YOU Warning, This Is BookOfThis Is A New Adult Romance Which Contains Explicit SexS Only Antonia McNally Has A Great Family, A Great Boyfriend, And A Great Future Until She Finds Herself Interrupting A Robbery And Becoming The Victim Of A Ruthless Criminal When She Witnesses Brutal Murder, Abuse And Suffers Her Own Traumatizing Assault By His Hand, Her Life Changes Forever When Love, Loyalty, And Strength Are Tested, The Weak Falter Moving Away To The States Offers Her A Fresh Start However, Confident, Successful Finlay Hayes, Her Best Friend S Brother Adds Even Chaos To Her Already Turbulent Emotions When She Can T Decide Between Ripping Him A New One Or Ripping His Clothes Off, One Thing Is For Sure, They Both Have An Unquenchable Craving For Each Other When Life Starts Looking A Little Brighter It S Not Long Before The Storm Clouds Roll In All Is Never What It Appears And Under His Good Looks And In Charge Attitude, Finlay Has A Past Of His Own And Secrets That Can Destroy The Dynamics Of The Friendships She Has Built Secrets Are Waiting To Be Spilled, But At What Cost 3 Stars Having only read this authors dark reads in the past, it s wonderful to know that Ker Dukey isthan capable of pulling off a contemporary new adult romance.Antonia is returning to America after a traumatic event which occurred whilst living in England with her parents, and whilst she is waiting for her apartment to be ready she will be staying with best friend Gaby and her brother Finlay.Antonia didn t really know Finlay before, but now that they are all grown up she finds him super hot and they have instant chemistry.Finlay inherited his fathers multimillion dollar company when he passed away, and along with his new high powered job, he is also trying to be a responsible big brother who is there for Gaby.There were a lot of secrets being kept, and also quite a bit of drama I did like it, and the story kept me turning the pages, but I have to say I didn t fall in love with this book at all, unfortunately I didn t really connect with Finlay as a BBF, he was a bit immature for my liking Saying that, I would recommend this book if you like NA drama and fast paced relationships.This is book 1 of 2, told in Antonia s POV ARC gratefully received from the author in exchange for an honest review ACTUAL RATING 4.5 UPDATE 02 08 2016So because I wasn t sure if there was going to be a sequel to this book, I emailed the author and decided to ask SHE ANSWERED Yes there will be a second book LINES DRAWN o Further details relating to the book will be released on her site HOLLYYY SHHHIIKAMSKSOSJDHDHTTTTT Guys the ending HOLY FLIPPIN BUCKETS This book could have gotten a five star rating but Antonia and Finlay relationship, especially their sexual one escalated far too quickly I wish there had beentime for them to get to know and trust each other They could have done things that would have helped each other, like idk, Maybe Finaly could have helped Antonia with dealing with her past Like, delve into her mind and build something with her on an emotional level first then slowly, made his way between her legs But I guess that s just how it is Otherwise from that, the book was lovely I thoroughly enjoyed it and that s what counts That s why I m giving this such a good rating NOTE THE SEX AND DRAMA DID NOTHING FOR ME.Dying for that second book Wait, there is a second book right Update Three and a Half StarsSo, after giving up on this one, and then having Jamie write that the story definitely picks up and gets better by the end, I gave it another shot and went back to it Boy, was she right I m glad I stuck it out The story got crazy interesting for so many of the characters, and completely back to what I expect from Ker Dukey during the last 20% of the story A good reminder that I should try a little harder to stick with books until the end, and not give into my ADHD and give up so easily DNF 60% I just cannot connect with these characters Not sure why I love this author, but this one is just off for me. I m still torn on my opinion on this one Considering I am a huge fan of darker reads, and it seems to be my go to genre of choice at the moment I think I possibly made a mistake by choosing Drawn to You as my first read, of an author well known and loved for her darker reads, Ker Dukey I knew this was NA, and a lotlighter than what she normally writes, and thought maybe if I liked this, I would be raring to go, on her darker stuff Plus, have you seen that cover But, I think maybe I m in a reading slump on NA I can t seem to get as addicted to it, as I once did Anyway, so Drawn to You is about Antonia, a girl who has experienced a traumatic life event, that changed her significantly She became withdrawn, and lost her friends and boyfriend, and had pretty much secluded herself away from everything The opportunity for a fresh start comes up She decides to switch schools, and go to America from the UK and she is staying with her friend from her teen years, when she used to live in the US So she has someone there for her, until her own apartment is ready Antonia meets up with her friend, and gets settled But within no time at all, she is meeting Finlay, her friend Gaby s brother They live together, when he is around, and since their father passed away recently, he has taken on his father s company, and the role of watching over his sister He is absolutely gorgeous, and totally rude and obnoxious But of course that is hot as hell, and the chemistry between them is unbelievable Seriously, mentally hot chemistry He is addictive, and has this rough, and edgy attitude that makes him completely desirable He totally bosses Gaby and Antonia around, but he so can, he rocks the control vibe.So this was all great, and I was loving it But, then it started to change Like everything happened too soon Antonia and Finlay became a couple, which was obviously going to happen, there was no way it couldn t, BUT it happened so fast, and I missed all the crazy chemistry and atmosphere between them Once they admitted they wanted each other, and settled in to some sort of relationship, I kind of lost interest The story chugged along, and we learntabout Antonia s past quite early on and secrets between all the friends, which I must point out, there was A LOT of friends The secondary characters, kinda made my head hurt, there was so many of them I couldn t keep track But some of them were fun, and made me laugh so they were worth it So I felt like perhaps a third of the book, wasn t really anything significant,about developing characters and relationships, but I always felt like something was around the corner, or something big was going to happen There was this atmosphere, like waiting for the other shoe to drop, kind of atmosphere Things were too easy and too settled, even with the odd temper tantrum, and fight It was still all too chilled out Calm before the storm So I guess that s where the last 20% kicked in And that was a WOW moment Everything happened all at once, and left me with my mouth gaping A huge amount of twists and reveals, and they were pretty epic ones too Plus I obviously hadn t read up properly so didn t realise it was 1 of 2, and there is a sorta cliff hanger at the end Although it s not a total one, things are somewhat explained before hand So I guess if I could combine the beginning and the end, and shake up the middle, this would of been an epic read But I always felt like something was missing, or waiting to happen Finlay and Antonia fell into a relationship and love wayyyy too quick I think their early days could of been dragged out , and given us someof those epic chemistry scenes So am I going to read the next book Hmm yes probably I can t say for sure, but I did like where it was heading, and I do want to know the outcome of all that went down The characters were well done, and I m dying to know how the new situations will be handled So if you want a read that is pretty easy going, and not too heavy, with plenty of steam, and twists, then this is a good read for you STAR RATINGS Plot 3.5 4 5Characters 4 5Heat 4 5Writing Style 4 5Overall Rating 4 5 I was given a copy of this book, in exchange for a fair and honest review I love Ker s writing This book did not feel as if it was written by her I m not talking about how it s NA versus her usual dark reads No this book felt like it should have been her first It was immature and had quite a few distracting errors It was very Friends mixed with Angus, Thongs, and Full Frontal Snogging.The story starts with Antonia moving to America to get away from some mysterious tragedy that happened to her in England From the get go I could not stand our heroine She is messy, and whiney, and immature At first I liked Finlay but he quickly became docile and the insta love was terrible I did not see them as a sexy couple.I really liked the character of James and was hoping she d consider him But no I love Finlay so much he s my soul mate we can t be apart for two days.Their revolving circle of friends wasn t even entertaining This was just a big old drama fest with drama that was pointless The last few chapters felt like she was getting her groove back and holy cliffhanger I will probably read book two to see what happens even if Antonia and Finlay make me want to bang my head into the wall. 4.5 starsI have yet to read a Dukey book that wasn t fabulous and this is no exception Although not as dark as her typical books, there is still a gritty edge in this romance and the sex scenes that are as hot as they always are 4.5 Cranky Stars Holy secrets and lies Batman Let me off this rollercoaster before I throw up That was totally crazy and I would have never figured that out if my life depended on it.Antonia is fleeing her country to start anew in the USA She moves in with her best friend Gaby and her brother Finlay While battling fierce anxiety, horrendous nightmares and crippling trust issues she falls in love with Finlay She doesn t want to tell him why she fled but sooner than later she finds herself opening up to him They balance a job and college in the midst of it all.Finlay is the quintessential alpha male He s broody and he s keeping a ton of secrets He looks out for his sister Gaby with a father like obsession At first he isn t very nice to Antonia and let s it be known He s trying to juggle his newfound job of taking over his fathers company while maintaining a life He falls hard for the beautiful Antonia With his cast of ever present best friends he navigates the waters of Antonia and her secret.OK first if I really liked this book why didn t I give it a solid 5 Simple Finlay hadfits than a two year old kid who had his toy taken away I get why he has huge trust issues but come on man just listen for a second Let s talk about James That slimy weirdo I got my eye on him that s all I m saying This book was full of twists and turns and gave me whiplash yet it didn t feel like drama shoved in for the effect of it It blended and was part of the story The ending slayed me and I can t wait to pick up the next book in this series. 3.5 StarsFinlay, OMG, what an emotional beast He definitely has some emotional issues, I felt like he was either angry, crying, or horny That was it He was never just neutrally hanging out I m not even sure that I really liked Finlay I went through phases of liking him and thinking him and Antonia were a good idea, to just being so confused about why they were together and why they thought they loved each other It was hard to get lost in their story when I wasn t even sure I liked them together Finlay s friends were a welcome distraction and I enjoyed their antics especially Gabe s promiscuous ways and suggestive comments Finlay s sister Gaby, who was supposedly Antonia s best friend was actually kind of absent in the story They re supposed to be close enough that Antonia was living with Gaby and yet she isn t around that much.There were 2 reveals at the end, and I m going to say I was 75% right because I knew 1 and the other I was almost right, so close Both of these reveals happened right at the end of the story so I m definitely eager to see how this affects the characters in the next book.


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