Emilys Magical Bejeweled Codpiece

Emilys Magical Bejeweled Codpiece Tom, Museum Curator And Expert In Renaissance Jewelry, Doesn T Think His Boyfriend Peter Is The One Peter Is Perfectly Happy With Tom, But Tom Is Obsessed With The Artist Benedetto Emilio Nesci Exciting, Passionate, Extraordinarily Talented And Dead For OverYearsTasked With Researching A Bejeweled Codpiece, Tom Abandons His Professional Ethics And His Sanity To Try On The Codpiece And Is Transported Halfway Around The World And Back In Time, Right Into Florence, Italy And Nesci S WorkroomAfter His Initial Panic Subsides, Tom Seizes The Opportunity To Allow Nesci To Seduce Him, But Tom Discovers Not Everything About The Sixteenth Century Is As Romantic As He D Imagined Getting Back To The Modern World And Peter Becomes Tom S Only Wish, But Desire And Reality Are Two Completely Different Things, And Tom Might Not Get What He Wants This Time Around I had something to do with the writing of this story B Snow had the idea, but because I am a museum curator and an expert in antique jewelry seriously , she asked me Frankly, I thought the whole idea of a jeweled codpiece was weird I couldn t see how it would work, as a story or, honestly, as a piece of jewelry But I have been proven wrong Tom is, like many museum curators of my experience, self absorbed and far too in love with inanimate objects Peter, his patient and very attractive boyfriend, can t quite live up to the perfection of Tom s art driven fantasies As far as Tom sees it, Peter isn t the one, and thus he treats their relationship cavalierly I think Snow knows how much that would bother me There is magic in this story, and eroticism, and a wee bit of history Sort of And, of course, a jeweled codpiece I was surprised and amused at the twists and turns of the romance and impressed with Snow s thoughtful research Curators are so often beguiled by the good old days, because we love the objects that were created in the past But deep inside we know that the good old days were not all they re cracked up to be This a great little piece of romantic fiction Enjoy it I sure did. if the artist was Emilio, why is it Emily s codpiece I am rethinking my whole romantic ideals of the 15th century based on the hygienic examples or lack there of in this book Was a fun read though.Now if you will excuse me I have to dust off my Bedazzler and start on this year s couple s Halloween costume. This story caught my attention for a few reasons For one, it has a geeky main character just look at those glasses on the cover and even though he turns out to be quite a bastard, at least he manages to grow a little by the end For another, the idea of a magical codpiece just made me laugh Very unique And finally, the prospect of time travel back to the sixteenth century piqued my interest What I found is a charming story, some great descriptions of various settings, and a wonderful lesson about appreciating what you have rather than obsessing about something you think you want.Tom may be an expert concerning Renaissance jewelry, but his people skills leave a lot to be desired Just the way he thought about his boyfriend Paul made me wonder what kind of an idiot Tom really is He is also a little obsessed with the artist Benedetto Emilio Nesci who has been dead for over four hundred years Circumstances enable him to pay Benedetto a visit, and Tom begins to understand how some of his preconceived notions, ideas, and obsessions may stop him from being happy If you like stories full of humor and human frailty, if you want to knowabout Renaissance magic and the bejeweled codpiece that enables Tom to learn what is truly important, and if you re looking for a story that is as hilarious as it is full of wonderful observations in an unusual setting, then you will probably enjoy this novella It made me laugh and frown in turn, but in the end, it made me smile.NOTE This book was provided by Dreamspinner Press for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews.

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❰PDF / Epub❯ ☀ Emilys Magical Bejeweled Codpiece  Author B. Snow – Uc0.info
  • Kindle Edition
  • 56 pages
  • Emilys Magical Bejeweled Codpiece
  • B. Snow
  • English
  • 17 August 2018

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