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Democracy Now! Fantastic Moves quickly, but is very moving As depressing as some of the reporting can be, the rest is equally inspiring Democracy Now and Amy Goodman are National Treasures Like she says, independent media is the oxygen of democracy. Excellent book If you like the show you ll love reading about the behind the scenes stories. There s a reason I stopped reading books like this They re depressing and infuriating and they remind you of all of the many things wrong with the world It s good to stay informed but books like this are the reason SJWs value self care so much. ARC for review TBP April 12, 2016I started listening to Democracy Now as my morning news program just a few months ago when I made WTSQ my go to radio station and I thoroughly enjoy its gritty, fly by the seat of your pants style of journalism although I have to admit that I m an idiot.I thought they were referencing an underwriter and saying The Warren Peace Report when they are actually saying The War and Peace Report When I came to this book I expected it to be a story about the genesis and building of the program, and while there s a bit of that, it s reallyof a snapshot of national and world events as of this moment it includes the Sanders run and Trump s attacks on minorities I would have enjoyed hearing a bitabout the history of the program and a bit less about current events.What we do learn in 1996 Amy Goodman started Democracy Now to offer public broadcasting s only daily election new hours and it continues all these years later to provide a progressive focus on the issues that are underreported or ignored by mainstream news coverage specifically it continued to focus on the WTO protests in Seattle and found its mission there and I can attest that this is true I ve learned a lot about activists from all over the world from listening to Goodman s broadcast While chapter 1 deals with the shows origins the remaining chapters focus on the issues of the day which, I ll warn readers, can be incredibly discouraging at times such as whistleblowers, the Occupy movement, immigration, the fight for a higher minimum wage, the biases of corporate media and other scourges of our modern age As Goodman says, we need to hear these silenced voices That is the power of independent media to give voice to the voiceless to those who have been shut out of the debate This is the mission of Democracy Now and Goodman does this each week day, and writes about it here, admirably. Democracy Now is taking you through the years of covering American political news by Amy and David Goodman Each chapter focuses on a specific corner of the political playground By quite a few examples, Democracy Now has clearly struggled and fought for the right of freedom of press pretty consistently After finishing it, I m honestly surprised that the ugly politics of Washington hasn t taken away the spirit of these people to keep reporting from corners of the US which mainstream media doesn t want to touch.The only frustrating thing about it is that it really is just an overview of everything over 20 years, which often left me unsatisfied with each of the chapters and subsections Because they barely grazed the surface of a topic before the book moved on from the topic, I was a bit put out even though I understand this is just the nature of the book Frankly, I would ve loved to go on reading about immigration, foreign policy, global warming politics, etc for the rest of my reading month. I m never quite sure whether to be heartened or discouraged by books like this On the one hand, the legendary journalist Amy Goodman provides countless examples of individuals who have stood up for democracy, freedom, and social justice and rebelled against both public and private institutions On the other hand, the broad range of issues she covers makes it clear that the fight against injustice is a never ending battle and that even after all the work that has been done by courageous journalists like herself and other dedicated activists, only a tiny dent has been made in the problems that face the country and the world Moreover, all the progress that has been made so far could easily be undone.If you watch Democracy Now regularly, you ve likely already heard the stories Goodman recounts in this book However, if you re like me, you ve probably forgotten certain stories and details I was most grateful to remember the words of Tomas Young, an veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq who was paralyzed by a sniper s bullet In his open letter to George W Bush and Dick Cheney, he writes with a poignancy that is both eloquent and chilling Your positions of authority, your millions of dollars of personal wealth, your public relations consultants, your privilege and your power cannot mask the hollowness of your character And as sad as the story ultimately is, I was also glad to be reminded of the Nigerian activist Ken Saro Wiwa who was executed after he tried to stop petroleum flares that were polluting his country.If nothing else, reading Goodman s reporting over the last twenty years reminds me that there are still noble people working continually to inform the public and provide them with the knowledge they need to understand the world better It also reminds me that to do any good in the world is a never ending task As Noam Chomsky says, If you go to one demonstration and then go home, that s something, but the people in power can live with that What they can t live with is sustained pressure that keeps building, organizations that keep doing things, people who keep learning lessons from the last time and doing it better the next time. It s good But the introduction was too long She could have taken some of the points she made there and added them to some of the chapters, that way it wouldn t have felt too repetitive The case for an alternative media or a reform within the traditional media is well established and one I whole heartily agree on The media as it is today is broken It bend the knee to fear and corporate interests, it is afraid to lay out facts or call things by their name because they don t want to lose their sponsors, or anger a certain political faction Her work commenting on the news is also documented and laid out Amy Goodman is one of the leading figures in alternative figure, a remarkable woman in her own right, very talented and smart I hope she continues to do what she loves. Amy Goodman is such a great person, journalist, writer, speaker reporter The things she has been able to do for news reporting despite all the barriers that have gone up in front of her is incredible Listening to her speak in person about the different things she has experienced throughout her life as a journalist is amazing She was on the front lines for hundreds of events around the world being able to speak to them in a truthful manner is such an accomplishment She represents the most progressive way to report the actual things happening in the world without worrying about people coming up against her or not She takes the risks even when it has to do with very difficult situations around the world She will not be bullied or influenced by anyone that is what she is about. First, my credentials I am a somewhat lapsed activist who started listening to Democracy Now as a college student in 1998 I was present at the WTO demonstrations of 99 and the World Bank IMF protests a year later I was once an avid reader of Z Magazine and all things Noam Chomsky Therefore, I was a little disappointed that this book was nothan a best hits of Democracy Now, something that Goodman insisted that it was not I was hoping for a bitinsight into the work of journalists, especially the muckraking journalists who dare go where others do not There was a good bit of discussion about this at the beginning, but the book trailed off and morphed into recaps of historical events and social issues with which Democracy Now listeners are already familiar Mumia Abu Jamal, the Black Lives Matter movement, the Occupy Wall Street movement, etc I don t mean at all to disparage Goodman or D.N., I am still an avid listener, I was just hoping for something new here and that is not what I got. A Celebration Of The Acclaimed News Program Democracy Now And The Extraordinary Heroes Who Have Moved Our Democracy ForwardInAmy Goodman Started A Radio Show Called Democracy Nowto Focus On The Issues That Are Underreported Or Ignored By Mainstream News Coverage Shortly After September , , They Were Broadcasting On Television Every Weekday Today It Is The Only Public Media In The US That Airs Simultaneously On Satellite And Cable Television, Radio, And The Internet Now Amy And Her Journalist Brother, David, Share Stories Of The Progressive Heroes The Whistleblowers, The Organizers, The Protestors Who Have Brought About Remarkable, Often Invisible Change Over The Last Two Decades In Seismic Ways Rebellion Looks Back Over The Past Twenty Years Of Democracy Nowand Considers That As The Courts And Government Abdicate Their Responsibilities, It Has Fallen To Ordinary People To Hold The Powerful To Account Amy Gives Voice To These Leaderful, Not Leaderless, Movements The Countless Charismatic Leaders Who Are Taking To The Streets In Ferguson, Staten Island, Wall Street, And Other Places Where People Are Rising Up To Demand Justice This Is The Guiding Principle Of Democracy Now , Which Is Front And Center In The Powerful, Important Rebellion

Amy Goodman is an American broadcast journalist, syndicated columnist and author.A 1984 graduate of Harvard University, Goodman is best known as the principal host of Pacifica Radio s Democracy Now program, where she has been described by the Los Angeles Times as radio s voice of the disenfranchised left Coverage of the peace and human rights movements and support of the independent media

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