The Broken Road

The Broken RoadA Broken Man A Twist Of Fate A Second Chance From TheNew York Times Bestselling Author Of The Mistletoe Promise And The Walk Comes The First Novel In A Riveting New Trilogy That Explores The Tantalizing Question What If You Could Start OverChicago Celebrity, Charles James Can T Shake The Nightmare That Wakes Him Each Night He Sees Himself Walking Down A Long, Broken Highway The Sides Of Which Are Lit In Flames Where Is He Going Why Is He Walking What Is The Wailing He Hears Around Him By Day, He Wonders Why He S So Haunted And Unhappy When He Has All He Ever Wanted Fame, Fans And Fortune And The Lavish Lifestyle It Affords Him Coming From A Childhood Of Poverty And Pain, This Is What He S Dreamed Of But Now, At The Pinnacle Of His Career, He S Started To Wonder If He S Wanted The Wrong Things His Wealth Has Come Legally, But Questionably, From The Power Of His Personality, Seducing People Out Of Their Hard Earned Money When He Learns That One Of His Customers Has Committed Suicide Because Of Financial Ruin, Charles Is Shaken The Cracks In His Facade Start To Break Down Spurring Him To Question Everything His Choices, His Relationships, His Future And The Type Of Man He S Become Then A Twist Of Fate Changes Everything Charles Is Granted Something Very Remarkable A Second Chance The Question Is What Will He Do With It The Broken Road Is The First Book In A Much Anticipated New Trilogy By Beloved Storyteller Richard Paul Evans It Is An Engrossing, Contemplative Story Of Redemption And Grace And The Power Of Second Chances It Is An Epic Journey You Won T Soon Forget

When Richard Paul Evans wrote the 1 best seller, The Christmas Box, he never intended on becoming an internationally known author His quiet story of parental love and the true meaning of Christmas made history when it became simultaneously the 1 hardcover and paperback book in the nation Since then, than eight million copies of The Christmas Box have been printed He has since written ele

❤ The Broken Road pdf ⚣ Author Richard Paul Evans –
  • Hardcover
  • 304 pages
  • The Broken Road
  • Richard Paul Evans
  • English
  • 11 September 2019
  • 9781501111648

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    The author neatly tied together a storyline of dreams of hopes, Its everyday s ups and downs In our waking world, we have so many desires so many needs Much of what we see reflected in the mirror is determined by our personal history There s not a one of us who doesn t have baggage to drag around from the past Some of it can be pretty heavy at times That s okay, so we re told.This is really a story about me About you It s about the balance between struggle and success All our individual stories are as different as falling snowflakes, though, they all contain a common thread that binds us all together Humanity.Charles James, formerly Charles Gonzalez, charged out to set the world on fire A once in a lifetime offer was made to him One he could refuse It was finally time to grab the brass ring All he had to do was reach out and grab it He d been held back his whole life No He already knew all too well who he didn t want to be Any.Charles was not satisfied with what life had handed him Better yet, what his life had been doing to him, not for him Nothing, so it seemed It certainly wasn t giving him the financial success that he so greatly desired so greatly needed, so he thought Even though he found the love of his life, it hadn t been enough He needed Much Later, he was to discover that everything came with a price tag attached Be careful what you wish for On his roller coaster ride of building new bridges, figuratively speaking, Charles had been plagued with a reoccurring dream Actually, it was a nightmare He s walking along a broken road, on both sides there is fire, wailing, screaming, crying and sirens It s utterly terrifying He woke up in cold sweats He thought, Was this a vision of things to come It was When we sleep, we dream Can any of our dreams be prophetic We can only wonder I ll leave you with this final thought it s documented that Abraham Lincoln had dreamt he visited a funeral at the Oval Office He had asked a soldier on guard, who was the deceased The soldier said solemnly, It was the president This was 10 days before he was assassinated This too is a narrative about a dream, perhaps, a nightmare come true One, you won t want to miss.

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    I thought I was chasing success when all along I d really just been running from failure We have all heard a story like this before What is the definition of success What happens when priorities get skewed What would you change if you could start from scratch again Richard Paul Evans s storytelling allows this life lesson to feel fresh again, at least it did for me But this particular character s story is very familiar to the men in my family so I felt incredibly invested and engaged which made the cliffhanger ending all the frustrating I knew this was a trilogy though, right But unlike Mr Evans other collections, Broken Road isn t a collection of standalones It s a continuation, and one that I will be following Check it out.My favorite quote There are some who would gladly put you through hell under the auspices of saving you from it

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    Inspiring and uplifting equal to or greater in awesomeness than THE WALK series I really enjoyed this gem There s a broken heart behind most journeys from Beowulf to Ulysses Honest and relevant in characterization, geography, conditions of the heart, and scope, this book is than a feel good novel It s a peek into the human condition when bankrupted by greed, obsession, success, and compulsive addictive missteps Sometimes in making our way through life we get ourselves so lost and tangled in the thicket of self interest that we forget that our self interest is much than a flashy car and a fat wallet Historic Route 66 as a both a travelogue setting and metaphorical element embolden this simple, but not simple, story, giving it a true American culture heartbeat and retro nostalgia Gone are the days of Walter Cronkite when journalists were reporters than fabricators Today the only difference between fiction and news is that fiction, to be accepted, has to have a basis in reality If you re ever need an inspirational lift or a heartfelt purposeful good read, Richard Paul Evans never disappoints The way in which he expresses complex, uncomfortable truths with gentle economy and compassion, about life and humanity good, bad, or ugly, is simply amazing The well in which we recieve grace is only filled by sharing it with others FOUR Heartfelt and Inspiring, Relevant and Rewarding Richard Paul Evans Never Disappoints STARSI m greatly looking forward to the next series installment Note Quotes added 9 8 2017.

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    Another fabulous book by Richard Paul Evans, with a message of redemption and second chances Charles James has reached the pinnacle of success He appears to have it all, wealth, status and power But was he happy Having turned his back on God as a child, he became his own God , caring little who he stepped on in his rise to prosperity Charles grew up poor, bullied, suffering abuse at the hands of his father and spent his mornings dumpster diving He was hungry for a better life As Charles explores his journey he begins to recognize what truly is important, what brings enrichment to his life and jumps at the chance for a fresh start Can t wait for the second installment.I loved the quotes at the beginning of each chapter A few of my favorites The well from which we receive grace is only filled by sharing it with others It requires peculiar acrobatics of the mind to hate God for not existing There are some who would gladly put you through hell under the auspices of saving you from it It takes great courage to wear kindness as if one has never been hurt Without passion we are deemed to mediocrity It is that to which we cling that drags us to the bottom of the abyss There is real power in having nothing to lose.

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    Excellent book by Richard Paul Evans Without giving away too much, it really got me at the end Can t wait for his new book in 2018, The Forgotten Road

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    I thought the writing, in the beginning, was excellent and the mysterious character who turns out to be the protagonist for most of the story was good But the scenes with the psychiatrist talking about issues rather than experiencing them in the writing itself left me wanting a bit The protagonist was kind of interesting as the derelict than the seminar leader I m going to check out some earlier works because he s been so successful and I will chalk this one up to being not my cup of tea.

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    2.5 stars I feel guilty giving this such a low rating RPE is one of my favorite authors and I look forward to his books However, for some reason this book and his last Christmas book haven t affected me the way his previous books have I m trying to figure out if it s me or him that s changed This book has a good storyline, but it didn t make me feel anything It was like I was reading a newspaper article Has his writing declined or have I just outgrown him Is the formula he follows getting too stale Not sure, but not ready to give up on him just yet I ll read his next one hoping to get that old feeling back.

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    Fabulous book, imo I ve always enjoyed RPE and this book reminded me of his walk series While it.s true that the book ends on an unresolved noteI didn t mind that I am looking forward to the next one.

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    I really enjoyed this new book by RPE and can t wait for the next one in the trilogy

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    I really enjoy Richard Paul Evan s work and writing style I think he has captured ideas and makes you the reader feel strongly That is a wonderful relationship to have with the author Nothing is worse than reading and realizing you are reading It is far better when you become invested in the story and forget that you are a bystander far removed This story isn t about feeling good for someone I felt it was an emotional roller coaster If you haven t read his work, I would recommend you try one This is my second book and I have a third already I shelved this as inspirational It is a human experience and it asks you to be part of the expeience reading it Try it.

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