The Road to Hell (Multiverse, #3)

The Road to Hell (Multiverse, #3) EntryIn The Popular Hell S Gate Series ByTimes New York Times Best Selling Author David Weber And Joelle PresbyThe War Between Magically Gifted Arcana And Psionically Talented Sharona Continues To Rage The Dragon Borne Arcanan Assault Across Five Universes Has Been Halted At Fort Salby By A Desperate Defense, But At Atrocious Cost One Of Those Costs Was The Life Of Crown Prince Janaki, Heir To The Newly Created Sharonian Empire, Who Went Knowingly To His Death In The Tradition Expected Of The House Of Calirath And Another Price Will Be The Sacrifice Of His Younger Sister, Grand Imperial Princess Andrin, Now Heir Of Sharona, For The Accords Creating The Sharonian Empire Require The Marriage Of The Heir To The Crown To Wed A Uromathian Prince Andrin Bears Her Family S Talent, The Glimpses, Which Show Flashes Of Events Yet To Come She Knows The Accords Must Be Secured And Like Her Brother, She Will Pay Any Price, Make Any Sacrifice For Her Duty To Her People Sharona S Soldiers Dig In, Facing The Arcanans In A Tense Standoff Which Cannot Last Long Both Sides Continue Rushing Reinforcements Towards The Front, But How Do Armies Fight Wars When They Can Reach One Another Only Through The Portals Which Join The Universes And Far, Far Behind The Front, Carried By Dragons, A Young Voice Name Shaylar And Her Husband Jathmar Hurtle Deeper And Deeper Into Arcanan Captivity, Their Only Protection The Fierce Personal Honor Of The Andaran Officer Whose Men Massacred All Of Their Companions In The Horrendous Misunderstanding Which Began The Entire Conflict Men And Women Of Honor On Both Sides Must Grapple With The Terrible Costs And Deadly Secrets Of The Spreading Cataclysm, And In The Shadows, Those Who Will Balk At Neither Treason Nor Murder Drive The Conspiracies Which Pour Fuel Into The Furnace The Stakes Are High And The Pieces Are In Motion, But There Are Factors Known Not Even To The Conspirators And Not Even A Calirath Can Glimpse The Final OutcomeThe Hell S Gate Series The Road To Hell Hell Hath No Fury Hell S GateAbout The Hell S Gate Series Magic And High Tech Collide In This Exciting Military SF Novel From Bestseller Weber The Authors Treat Both Societies Sympathetically And Realistically, With Human Vices And Virtues Evenly Distributed Publishers Weekly About The Honor Harrington Series Weber Combines Realistic, Engaging Characters With Intelligent Technological Projection And A Deep Understanding Of Military Bureaucracy In This Long Awaited Honor Harrington Novel Fans Of This Venerable Space Opera Will Rejoice To See Honor Back In Action Publishers Weeklyeverything You Could Want In A Heroine Excellent Plenty Of Action Science Fiction Age Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant Anne McCaffrey Compelling Combat Combined With Engaging Characters For A Great Space Opera Adventure Locus Weber Combines Realistic, Engaging Characters With Intelligent Technological Projection Fans Of This Venerable Space Opera Will Rejoice Publishers Weekly

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❄ [KINDLE] ✽ The Road to Hell (Multiverse, #3)  By David Weber ➝ –
  • Hardcover
  • 720 pages
  • The Road to Hell (Multiverse, #3)
  • David Weber
  • English
  • 02 January 2019
  • 9781476780672

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    I waited years for another book in this awesome series It was so worth the wait What a great read

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    We waited 10 years for this Weber s weaknesses as an author are on full display here, too much infodumping, not enough actually moving the plot, ridiculously over done foreshadowing, too many minor characters nobody gives a damn about but we re getting a full description of them anyhow this may be one of the few times I agree with the common complaint about names and surprised declarations of how important something is that will never be mentioned again in this book I suppose it could count as a cliffhanger, if it didn t happen halfway through the book There are some good points, Weber still writes an excellent action scene this book just needed a few of them and does a pretty good job with good people who are stuck on the wrong side the actual villains are cardboard though Not a terrible read, but not something I d recommend to anyone who isn t a pretty hardcore Weber fan.

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    Finished my 2nd read of the novel so I will add a few thoughts first for an overview of the series, here is my review of Hell s gate Despite the 8 year hiatus and a change of co author, the novel RTH for short fits naturally and smoothly in the series, starting where HHNF book 2 Hell Hath No Fury ends and carrying the story to a good stopping point, not unlike the one of HG first book Hell s gate except that now it is from the opposite side some story lines are finalized Andrin s marriage, Jasak s trial though of course only to continue in new ways, new story lines are introduced, reunions happen, new talents and magic appear the Djinn are among the most interesting, but I really liked the three headed Sea Drakes and the Sharonan cetaceans, most notably the Orcas and Tooth Cleaver in particular there is little warfare per se the cover is accurately representing the main such , but as mentioned the ending being the analog of HG s one presages lots such in the next volume this being an e arc currently available to buy on baen s website so not restricted to reviewers, while the book will be officially out in March there are the usual typos and such, though the most notable was an Arcanan reference to saints which is something that should be obviously edited, but nothing truly annoying or out of the ordinary the final book may or may not have a glossary character list the e arc doesn t , but the portal map is useful and enough if you are up to date with books 1 2 which is a must as this one is another chapter in the saga as mentioned no real jaw dropping surprise moment, a few sentimentalisms and a few fairly predictable story lines, but a few wow sf nal moments most notably, the first look at Portalis, the two universe capital of Arcana which is a 22nd century city with skyscrapers, aerial transport, all based on industrial magic and no technology as we understand it , while the new mechanized Sharonian advanced strike force which is in a some ways at a WW1 tech base though with the psy powers adding a big multiplier in communications and such , is so different and still so naturally fitting or less everyone from the books so far and surviving appears or is mentioned, while new interesting characters are also introduced, so in that way there is a massive expansion which i actually liked, though it leaves pretty much everyone with few pages here and there overall high expectations and a book that delivers what i expected and fits perfectly despite the long delay within a series that has huge potential due to its superb and ingenious world building, with great characters, lots of mysteries and potential of expansion in so many ways a book4 seems to be guaranteed with some closure and then of course one hopes the series does well enough to allow the promised expansion to volumes and universes highly recommended as a complex series with lots of interesting characters, civilizations and world building

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    I m glad the story picks up and things progress rapidly However, like all Weber books, there are certain chapters that deal with such useless minutae and minor logistical concerns that I was forced to skimmed over them Another thing that disappointed me in this book is that the political opposition of both sides are unambiguously portrayed as evil Some nuance would have been better.

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    This is the third book in the Hell s Gate series by David Weber This one is also co written by Joelle Presby It has been a long wait for this book as the first two were released in 2008 This book is what I would call Science Fiction Fantasy It has two different races of humans from two different universe s traveling from one universe to the next by the way of naturally occurring portals One group, the Sharonians, have steam power and a large percent of their people have , Talents , which amount to mental powers of various types The other race, the Arcanains, have , Gifts , which let them control magic Their entire technology is depend on this magic They both have parties out exploring the different universes, which have planets near identical to their home worlds but with one exception, they have never found other humans, until now They accidentally run into each other while exploring the same universe A misunderstanding and an accidental killing starts a conflict which quickly escalates into open warfare This book has a myriad of characters who are brought to life by the excellent writing of David Weber and Joelle Presby I highly recommend this book and this series to fans of David Weber Also the next book in the series is reportedly already in the works, so we shouldn t have another 8 year wait.

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    The largest portion of this novel deals with the logistics of crossing large swaths of land Which unfortunately detracts from the story rather than building up the universe Those large sections drag the narrative down in an otherwise good story.

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    I like the magic versus technology theme but the heroes and villains are so black and white It also ends on a cliffhanger which given the last book was written nine years ago, is annoying You must read the previous books, it cannot be read as a standalone.

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    The continuation of the Hell s Gate series begun in 2006 by Weber and Linda Evans After two books, the series seemed to have been abandoned now, nine years later, it continues with a different coauthor, Joelle Presby.Multiple almost identical universes are connected by a series of portals connecting disparate spots on the planets Both the Sharonans and the Arcanans have been exploring their nearby universes for hundreds of years When they meet, a bitter war breaks out, fueled by misunderstandings and malice on both sides Many Sharonans have psychic Talents, including a kind of telepathy that can broadcast news very quickly across the multiverses they have reached a roughly Victorian tech level, with steam trains and rifles and cannon Arcana, on the other hand, relies heavily on magic and uses dragons and spells in warcraft The collision of the two is horrific to both sides.This is very much a middle book When The Road to Hell begins, the war has paused in the aftermath of a major battle Both sides are being whipped to a fever pitch by their losses and by inflammatory reports from the front There is very little actual fighting in this book, but a lot of maneuvering both military and political The Sharonans and the Arcanans both have deep divisions in their societies that affect their responses to the war and may yet rip their empires apart.Recommended for those who enjoyed the first two books and the series as a whole is recommended for those who like military fantasy in general and or Weber in particular but this is not the place to start Hopefully the series will continue without another nine year hiatus and hopefully it will come to a conclusion at some point.

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    I really like David Weber and have read almost all of his books This book could have used some thinning, maybe up to a third of the book So many of the words did so little to move the story forward I finished the book all 600 hard cover pages of it but it was a real slogging read Otherwise it would have been a 4 star review.

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    I m not a fan of David Webers writing style I find it too slow and with details other people clearly appreciate, but which just gets in the way of the meat of the story I like his ideas, and have been waiting for a conclusion to this series for a while This isn t it, but it looks like the ball is rolling again.

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