Youre Tearing Us Apart

Youre Tearing Us Apart No One Argues With The Fact That Relationships In The St Century Are Complicated One Recent Study Found That Couples Spend Only Minutes Per Week In Intimate Conversation The Rest Of The Time They Rely On Electronic Contact And Notes To Keep A Relationship From Hitting Esc Or Worse, Delete, This Fast Paced Life Calls For Fast Paced Strategies, And This Book Is Full Of Them Many Broken Relationships Not Only Can Be Mended, But They Can Actually Be Magnificent You Re Tearing Us Apart Follows A Simple, Get To The Point Formula For Each Chapter First, A Narrative Describes What It S Like Living With Someone Who Is Practicing Relationship Threatening Behaviors Next, The Psychology Behind The Behavior Is Explained, Followed By A Succinct Account Of Why This Particular Behavior Threatens Relationships Finally, The Best Strategies For Transformation Are Spelled Out, Covering Such A Wide Range Of Options Most Any Couple Can Easily Comply These Four Sections Validate The Experience Of Both Partners, Offer Concrete Reasons Why Change Is Necessary And Then Present A Selection Of Strategies To Move Forward See At A good reminder that small changes can lead to better relationships and it doesn t always require two to fix it Some useful wording to carry with you Not all chapters relevant but even within them there were good strategies to apply in other situations. I received a copy of You re Tearing Us Apart from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review I started out reading this not for my marriage, but for other relationships in my life I was not disappointed in the least A lot of information in this book can be used for several types of relationships While the marriage I have with my husband is wonderful, I am of the belief that things can always improve My husband and I talked about the chapters as I read and he had some great insight as well I went into this with an open mind, ready for anything A lot of realization happened as I read Oh, I do that, and uh oh I do that, too, went through my head a lot I found a few things that I personally need to change to work on certain relationships in my life and also to make myself a better me There are some things in the book that I have no experience in, such as sexual issues, kids and parenting I read it from the outside looking in and used those chapters as a learning tool about something that I don t know a lot about It was very interesting to get insight into things I ve seen other people have issues with but not myself personally There seems to be some great advice on those three things and I have people in mind to recommend the book to for those issues Certain things hit home for me, such as anger, mood swings and technology use I learned a lot about anger when my husband and I started dating as we both used to be a tornado and a volcano, and have had to work very, very hard to overcome that The tips in this book are fantastic and we both plan on applying them today despite how much we ve both calmed down I m naturally a moody person and this book made great points on what mood can do to yourself and people around you As far as technology goes, my husband and I are both guilty of that, and we see it so often when we re out Each chapter starts out with a dialog of sorts These are things that someone would say to their partner about whichever issue the chapter is addressing A lot is covered in the dialog and a lot hit home for me from my first marriage There are exercises throughout the book that couples can do together or someone can do on their own My husband and I did them as I came to them in the book and had a lot of fun We re the type of couple that is extremely open with each other and we still learned things about each other That says a lot to me, since we are constantly talking and made the no secrets promise at the start of our relationship years ago If a book can get us to learn something new about each other, then it s a hit with both of us A lot of self reflection will happen as you read this if you are open with yourself Read this with a clear mind and the idea that you are willing to change as well, and you will discover a lot This book does not blame or point fingers at anyone It is very clear that there are times that a professional is needed, and reiterates that point several times The chapters are just the right length and the wording has great flow Like I said above, my husband and I had a lot of fun going over things together, and I recommend that if possible, you read this to, or with, your partner.If you re looking to fix issues without blame, help your relationships or are just curious, this is a great book to read You ll find help on just about anything you can think of from hurtful words to financial issues, affairs and parenting The advice is wonderful and unique to each issue This is not a book that says, be a better person and it will be fixed at the end of each chapter as so many relationship books do Instead, you will find advice and exercises tailored to each issue with real world situations I highly recommend You re Tearing Us Apart. InvaluableIf you ve ever been in a destructive relationship, or if you re in a relationship that s rapidly heading south, not knowing how to get back the thing that drew you to your partner in the first place, this is a book that is tailored to your needs Whatever the issue, if you feel your relationship has reached its breaking point and you aren t yet ready to give up that is a good sign That means you have something worth fighting for, so in such a case I urge you to read this book Just one chapter will be able to remedy your relationship, just so long as you put what you learn into practice.It is easy like you wouldn t believe, and some of the techniques, for example effective communication, can be applied to other relationships you have Even with your children, perhaps Unless you were blessed with sweet darling angels I can t even imagine And the writing style the authors employ in this book were very insightful, and professional, but also encouraging It was a good approach the book was written to tackle every imaginable issue you could possibly have in your relationship For example, if the issue was anger, you have a monologue at the start of the chapter to introduce the issue Then you get a detailed professional perspective of the anger problem, how it could be tackled and dealt with It was rather like those Dear Delia newspaper pages it was written as an advice column is written, but I appreciated how this offered better solutions, rather than leave the guy if he doesn t take you on dates any I don t recall the authors ever actually advising readers to take such a brutal action, instead the author encourages readers to take the issue in stride and work on resolving it.I d say this is a valuable book, because just as the author acknowledges, within relationships there s always room for improvement No relationship is perfect, but that isn t to suggest we should just settle Why not give the tips offered in this book a go You have nothing to lose, and plenty to gain who doesn t want to be in a happy or happier relationship To help you decide whether this book will be as helpful to you as I said it would, I have included the relationship issues the authors offer solutions for For this to make sense, insert each term into the phrase Your insert here is tearing us apart The issues are as follows Criticism, Mood swings, Porn chat room, Spending, Technology use, Work, Sexual withholding, Lack of financial contribution, Over involved parenting, Controlling behaviour, Sexual Demands, Distance, Anxiety Depression, Anger, Addiction, Affair, Communication Style I know, quite a mouthful After all of that, for those of us who want a little , there is a chapter titled the Shortcut to a Great Relationship In which, we learn of some general tips that we can practice and apply to our relationships.I received this book through NetGalley, and I appreciate the opportunity of having read it.

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