Unsuspecting Hero (Sam Green, #1)

Unsuspecting Hero (Sam Green, #1) Sam Green S Life Is In Danger Of Imploding Suffering From Post Traumatic Stress Disorder After Horrific Injuries And Personal Tragedy In Afghanistan, She Escapes To The Isle Of Mull Hoping To Convalesce A Chance Find On The Island S Shores Interrupts Her Rehabilitation And Launches Her On A Journey To West Africa And On A Collision Course With Forces And Adversaries She Cannot Begin To Comprehend Meanwhile In London, MI Is Facing Down A Biological Threat That Could Kill Thousands And Inflame An Already Smouldering Religious War Time Is Not On Anyone S Side And Sam S Determination To Face Her Past And Control Her Future Regardless Of The Risks Looks Likely To End In Disaster Fate Conspires To Bring Sam Into The Centre Of An International Conspiracy Where She Alone Has The Power To Influence World Changing Events Blind To Her New Found Role, Is Her Military Training And Complete Disregard For Her Own Safety Enough To Prevent The Imminent Devastation

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[PDF] ✩ Unsuspecting Hero (Sam Green, #1)  By Roland Ladley – Uc0.info
  • Kindle Edition
  • 437 pages
  • Unsuspecting Hero (Sam Green, #1)
  • Roland Ladley
  • English
  • 09 January 2019

10 thoughts on “Unsuspecting Hero (Sam Green, #1)

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    A welcome addition to the thriller genre A clever plot, with well developed characters that left me genuinely interested as how it would all end and plenty of unanswered questions left at the end leaving the way open for not just a sequel but potentially a whole series of books.Looking forward to the next instalment.

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    This was recommended to me by a friend and it turned out to be a real page turner The story was fast moving and I developed a real interest in the character of Sam Green I can t wait for the sequel..

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    A film in waiting This thriller is begging to be made into a film The locations alone would be stunning It is a totally gripping read from a writer who knows what he is about in terms of the content.

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    Having found this debut novel by accident, I enjoyed this excellent book Well written, fast moving and rooted in reality A great thriller with terrific original characters and an imaginative but utterly believable story line I very much hope he writes some .

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    Great read As the complexity of the story progressed, I was and drawn into the characters, now I am waiting for another adventure with Sam Green.

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    This is the third Sam Green book I have read I came to the series through the Kindle Scout Program in the UK, and after reading and really enjoying book 2 for free, I decided to purchase the rest of the books and am looking forward to the newly released fourth book.I ve enjoyed all of these books appreciating the detail, as well as the thick plotting This being the first book, it perhaps unsurprisingly had weaker writing than the second and third books, but the story, set in Liberia and later Sierra Leone was very enjoyable and as fast paced as any thriller you ll find in books or on TV.It might have been said by some of the other reviewers here, but my feeling throughout reading this series has always been that the author punches above his weight What I mean by this is that these books are as well written and plotted as any thriller that I have read by traditional professional authors over the past few years Having read his blog, I know the author has not been picked up by a traditional publisher yet, but I do hope he gets a lucky break soon, and that he continues to write for a long time to come.

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    I really enjoyed this book Exciting and dramatic, crediting the reader with some intelligence, yet very easy to read and quite the page turner Original in that the lead is a strong female with a vulnerable side and her foil is the comic relief, a weedy yet likeable male foil.The locations are fantastic, you definitely get the sense that the author is well travelled The climax of the book builds gradually through these travels, I really felt that the reveals were staggered at satisfying intervals throughout The storyline has a military conspiracy theme without excluding those who aren t familiar with or would not usually choose this genre.This book is ideal for a free weekend, as once you ve started you won t want to put it down Great ending, too Enjoy.

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    This is an excellent opener, introducing Sam Green as the unexpected protagonist who stumbles upon a plot much bigger than she could imagine The characterisation is good with plenty of scope to be developed in the subsequent books in the series Roland Ladley adds personal knowledge and experience of the defence and diplomatic sectors to provide authenticity and depth to the plot The book is well paced and maintains interest until the last pages whilst providing enough hooks to draw the reader into the next instalment A great first novel that promises .

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    Thrilling and full of detail yet easy to read So glad to have discovered this series

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    This was a great read although I was expecting the strong female lead to be a senior commercial manager

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