Peter S. Beagles Immortal Unicorn, Part 2 (Immortal Unicorn, Part 2)

Peter S. Beagles Immortal Unicorn, Part 2 (Immortal Unicorn, Part 2) Peter S Beagle Is The Author Of The Beloved Fantasy Classic The Last Unicorn Now, With Janet Berliner, He Has Gathered Fantastic Tales Of Unicorns Combined With The Theme Of Immortality By Of The Finest Writers In The Genre, Including Karen Joy Fowler, Charles De Lint, Ellen Kushner, Tad Williams, Robert Sheckley, Dave Wolverton, And Elizabeth Ann Scarborough New In This Edition Is Julie S Unicorn , A Story Written Especially For The Anthology Beagle Himself Each Tale Celebrates The Myth And Mystery Of One Of Fantasy S Most Enduring, And Bestselling, Subjects Unicorns

Peter Soyer Beagle born April 20, 1939 is an American fantasist and author of novels, nonfiction, and screenplays He is also a talented guitarist and folk singer He wrote his first novel, A Fine and Private Place , when he was only 19 years old Today he is best known as the author of The Last Unicorn, which routinely polls as one of the top ten fantasy novels of all time, and at least two of

❰EPUB❯ ✼ Peter S. Beagles Immortal Unicorn, Part 2 (Immortal Unicorn, Part 2)  Author Peter S. Beagle –
  • Paperback
  • 444 pages
  • Peter S. Beagles Immortal Unicorn, Part 2 (Immortal Unicorn, Part 2)
  • Peter S. Beagle
  • English
  • 19 June 2019
  • 9780061059292

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    Julie s Unicorn Peter S Beagle.A miniature but feisty unicorn jumps out of a museum s medieval tapestry and ends up in the home of a modern California couple Sea Dreams Kevin J Anderson Rebecca MoestaTwo women, long time best friends One s always been flighty and imaginative, one practical and conservative And now, one is gone Whose choices were better The Same But Different Janet BerlinerA crass talent agent seeks to bring an African dance troupe to Vegas, and gets far than he bargained for Seven for a Secret Charles de LintA horned women passes through a crash pad for the down and out and other transients and changes at least one life with her magic The Brew Karen Joy FowlerTwo trespassing children discover an eccentric neighbor s secret one that will follow them into adulthood Mirror of Lop Nor George GuthridgeTwo different, but linked stories The first, a tragedy related by a dying warrior on a Mongolian steppe.The second, a story of a modern Eskimo woman whose life reflects the experiences of that ancient warrior The Hunt of the Unicorn Ellen KushnerA drama of manners A gay man who believes that those who love him must die, due to evil magics If you loved The Fall of the Kings etc, you ll also love this Winter Requiem Michael MaranoA horror story, on the old theme of a deal with a devil and demonic possession All right, but doesn t bring anything strikingly new to the table A Rare Breed Elizabeth Ann ScarboroughIf you like the sort of humor where a unicorn catches a middle aged woman with her pants down in the woods, you will likely enjoy this than I did A Plague of Unicorns Robert SheckleyA faux Greek, semi humorous fantasy of a quest to a land where everyone is immortal, in order to gain a potion of magical unicorn horn to save a dying beloved Survivor Dave SmedsA magical tattoo causes a Vietnam vet to be afflicted with multiple personality disorder, as he s haunted by the personalities of all his dead army buddies A Thief in the Night S.P SomtowA vampiric evil meets a powerful purity, in sunny Southern California Half Grandma Melanie TemA rather sappy story of a child encountering the death of a beloved elder Three Duets for Virgin and Nosehorn Tad WilliamsA resentful priest of the Inquisition is charged with accompanying a mysterious box on a sea voyage.A Dutch maid is asked to model for a visiting artist.A young Thai princess encounters a handsome and arrogant warrior.Interesting, and well written We Blazed Dave WolvertonIn a mysterious and savage far future, an enigmatically resurrected man searches for the woman to whom he pledged a love beyond death.2.8 average rounds up to 3.

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    This collection is jam packed with award winning authors I really enjoyed the introductions to the stories writers by Beagle and Berliner Actually, I preferred these intros to the actual stories, which is rather disappointing.

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    A very nice, varied collection of short stories Some are light and funny, some dark and grim, full of hope or loss I think there s a bit of everything for everyone in these stories So long as you like unicorns.

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    The thing I love about anthologies are that there is a little bit of something for everyone If your thinking oh a grouping of short stories about unicorns It s gonna be all farting rainbows and sunlight Yeah not so much And not all the time.

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