Take Charge of Your Life

Take Charge of Your Life CD Version Six Compact Discs The Jim Rohn Philosophy Take Charge Of Your Life When Talking About Personal Success, I Like To Ask Four Questions Why Why Not Why Not You Why Not Now Why Not Acquire The Means To Travel First Class Through Life, To See The Mona Lisa First Hand, To Swim The Crystal Waters Of The Bahamas, To Sample The Food In Paris Or Africa Why Not Do It All There S Really Nothing Like A View From The Top Recorded Before A Live Audience, This Very Illustrative Program Will Teach You How To Make Your Life Better By Making Some Small But Significant Changes How To Become Influential, Wealthy, And Powerful How To Transform Responses Into Results How To Communicate Effectively With Everyone You Meet How To Choose Your Attitude How To Affect People With Words How To Control Your Emotions How To Be Persuasive How To Refine Your Sales Abilities And Leadership Skills How To Make The Past Valuable How To Be Prepared For The Inevitable How To Study And Analyze Possibilities

Emanuel James Jim Rohn was an American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker His rags to riches story played a large part in his work, which influenced others in the personal development industry.Rohn was the recipient of the 1985 National Speakers Association CPAE Award for excellence in speaking.

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  • Take Charge of Your Life
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  • 10 January 2017

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    The great Jim Rohn So many jewels1 Sincerity is not a measure of truth You can be sincerely wrong.2 Ideas inspiration life change3 Everything you need is within reach4 Search and you will find Finding is reserved for the searchers Needing is not the prerequisite for getting value You can t be a needer you must be a searcher.5 Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come6 Translate response into results7 Here s what blocks the flow of all good ideas cynicism8 The 5 areas that affect your life immensely philosophy, attitude, activity, results, lifestyle9 Perception is the ability to find value in something10 Life accumulates Accumulate value that you ll be happy about.11 Suffer the pain of discipline, not regret Discipline weighs ounces, regret weighs tons.12 Always ask yourself Where are these thoughts taking me 13 I always come in early and always stay late, because I choose to invest in myself 14 Activity is high priority15 God s philosophy on work 6 days activity, 1 day rest16 Make rest a necessity, not an objective17 The reason for life is enterprise and productivity18 Enterprise is better than ease.19 Do it with all your might.20 ANT PHILOSOPHY Ants never quit If you try to stop them, they ll look for another way They ll climb over, they ll climb under they never quit looking for the way they re supposed to go Ants think winter all summer They work instead of resting, storing goods for the lean times This won t last forever It will be warm again On the first warm day, ants are outside They can t wait to jump back in Average people want off Successful people can t wait to get in The doing and the activity causes all their transformation Ants work as hard as they possibly can to collect goodies all summer What a great philosophy How much should you do All that you possibly can How many books should you read As many as you can because the books you miss won t help 21 We don t call enough an amount We only call enough Your best 22 How tall will a tree grow As tall as it can Trees drive their roots as deep as they can, grow as tall as possible, and sprout every leaf they can Their way is to maximize 23 You can choose to be less than you were designed to be, or you can choose to be all that you were designed to be.24 It s not what we get that brings us all the happiness, it s who we become.25 Make measurable progress in reasonable time26 Ask a lazy person What have you done since all this time has passed 27 Life is a numbers game.28 Jesus said to his disciples Does that fig tree have any figs What an important life question 29 Lack of results says everything about you30 Don t mistake movement for achievement31 Don t be busy without making results to show for your time 32 Activity brings enterprise into being.33 Values were meant to be costly Winning is a great reward, but the price is tremendous hard work.34 Lifestyle is learning to live uniquely.35 Four steps to good communication Have something good to say Preparation continual research When you talk, make sure you ll have a verbal check that will cash Interest go in interested, collect goodies on the way back Fascinated people don t like surface information They have to know what s really going on.36 Life is worthwhile if you stay If you want to win, you must hang in there.37 The limited the vocabulary, the poorer the behavior.38 Actions are no substitute for words.39 What will make me real to the audience 40 In conversation, meet people where they are If someone s hurting, you have to meet them in the hurt If they re in trouble, you have to start with the trouble 41 The customer needs just enough logic so it makes sense, but purchases for emotional reasons.42 Never procrastinate never let it slide.43 Show contempt for the problem, and concern for the human being s development I love you, I hate what you re doing Learn to put love and hate in the same sentence.44 Paint in language how much we hate the wrong, in order to develop the good Kill the evil with your words, elevate the possibility of good.45 All values must be won by contest And after they are won, they must be defended.46 We don t give large trophies for small effort.47 Don t operate on the heart with a hatchet.48 Solutions painting results in advance49 If you can t see the future, it makes your today pretty desperate and your steps uncertain Borrow from the future What makes the farmer toil all spring and summer He envisions a superior harvest in the fall.50 Art of persuasion be a good storyteller 51 Once weekly, look back and see if you changed and grew Make the past valuable Experiences can become currency That s why we invest today in the future.52 Only one lie weakens someone s credibility, tossing everything they did beforehand Never lie.53 True sophistication is the total absence of exaggeration Exaggeration is a childish attempt to make up for self worth, and completely unnecessary to the sophisticated You make up in numbers because you lack in character Absolute truth in accuracy is what counts.54 Better understated than overstated.55 When you re working with people, let them find out it was than you promised.56 Simple sales course Talk to lots of people everyday Be very nice Give good service 57 A seed sower is ambitious.58 Be faithful over small amounts, and we ll make you ruler over much Good stewardship when the amounts are small 59 Ideas without labor are stillborn 60 Teach the inevitable 61 Building yourself up is far, far easier than tearing up the competition Spending time chasing the birds instead of planting is a massive error in judgement 62 Discipline your disappointment Things don t always go your way big deal Plant away.63 Do not major in minor things 64 Championship team building how What is their history Interest read hearts and judge someone s true intent Response if they don t want to work long hours or are not interested in performing work, cut them off immediately They lack character and drive A person s response will quickly illustrate their life philosophy Results actions and products and fruit Measurable progress in reasonable time Someone who produces results is quality A quality team produces results 65 Be upfront with what you expect as a leader.66 Life was set up to deserve not to need It s not If you need, you shall reap It clearly states If you plant, you shall reap If a person says Wow, I really need to reap Just answer Well, then you really need to plant Life was not designed for the needers it was designed for the PLANTERS So plant away Life doesn t respond to what we need Life responds to what we deserve by faith, activity, movement belief, and action67 Learn to work with the people who deserve it, not the people who need it.68 In leadership, we teach people how to serve it, how to make the moves, steps in the right direction You ve got to pay the price.69 In haste, it s possible to recruit losers and careless people.70 Don t linger too long Be swift in your analysis of who will and who won t You will have to decide how much time your willing to give someone to respond There are too many prospects who are winners to linger with those who are losers 71 Leaders must understand there is both good and evil 72 Don t be too surprised when the inevitable evil occurs from a wolf Learn to detect a wolf in sheep s clothing.73 Leaders engage in the study of possibility Always ask What if I had better people More funding More ideas Be a student of possibility 74 Always be aware of opportunity75 Be watchful of your and others ability Scam the environment for gems 76 Ask If I keep up my current practices, where will I be in 10 years Don t enter the terrible inevitable Don t let your team members enter either.77 Follow rationality and a sensible course 78 Let other people lead small lives, not you Deal only in things that matter the larger opportunities of life.79 People in your organization should say My experience there was the greatest experience of my life It wasn t what I earned it was what I learned 80 If you work on your gifts, they will make room for you If you practice your gifts, your gifts will make a place for you Someday, if you work on your gifts, we will call you noble We ll give you rewards that right now you cannot imagine Plaques, trophies, but most of all the gift of knowing yourself That you did the best you could with what you had..

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    You can t succeed by yourself Jim Rohn, Take Charge of Your Life Excellent program on personal development Covers all areas of life, but focuses on what it takes to become a great leader.As Jim Rohn says, Let other people lead small lives, but not you This program will challenge you to become greater He says to become greater, you must tap into the gifts that have been given to you and then those gifts will make room for you.

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    Yet another fantastic audio program by a teacher I have learned so much from over the years Many words of wisdom that only he can put across so well via his unique tone and style.Finished listening to this near the end of the year 2017, yet this kinda wisdom is important today than ever, especially with the very unfortunate lack of people embracing these principles in the world and age we live in today if only they would start by listening to this book it may be enough to change society for the better for many of us But who am I kidding LolTo Our Continued Success Waseem Mirzahttp www.WaseemMirza.net

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    Does Jim Rohn have a bad book out there I m going to keep looking.

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    This is an excellent book This is not printed material, it is an audio book Powerful The message that Rohn is trying to convey can only really reach the audience with his tone and voice I particularly enjoyed the way he connected every ounce of his wisdom with a biblical verse or biblical principle even though Rohn does not define himself as a bible connoisseur but a businessman Rohn challenges readers in becoming the best that they can ever be Which can only happen if they will take all the opportunities that are offered I found these word sobering To hear that even though there is an incredible amount of resources available to all, not many people value resources, study free material, and plan for success e.i only 3% of American owns a library card Rohn encourages everyone to expand their vocabulary, to take classes and courses that will increase skills and performance, and to make it a point to learn something every day His point is that success is on purpose, and that people should make a plan which will lead them to be who they want to become It was refreshing to hear that so many times we make excuses for everything that we cannot accomplish by blaming things on someone else such as the Government, the economy, our job, our family, the environment, but the truth is that we need to take a honest look at ourselves and figure out what have we been doing wrong if time has passed and we are not where we wished to be The power of that introspective truth and looking where our plan failed is what set us free to stop what we were doing and re direct our steps to the direction which will bring fruit.

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    simple principles for extraordinary living thank you.

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    Great series by Jim If you re interested in his work, this is a great one to start with, a bit of an overview.

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    Nothing is powerful than an idea whose time has come.The power of the Jim Rohn philosophy is the simplicity and candour in which he presents it His Take Charge program is one loaded with some of his classic gems You can always make money, but you can never make time Suffer the pain of discipline, not regret, discipline weighs ounces, regret weights tonnes Do not major in minor things Simple sales course Talk to lots of people Be very nice Give excellent service A great introduction to anyone not familiar with Rohn and a welcome addition to all those that are.

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    Jim Rohn is my favorite speaker and he does a great job at making the fundamentals look important, because they are He speaks with simple words and gives some really good stories to back the ideas up.

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