I'll Give You the Sun

I'll Give You the Sun A Tizenh Rom Ves Fi L Ny Ikerp R Tagjai, Noah S Jude Hihetetlen L K Zel Llnak Egym Shoz K L Nleges Burkot H Znak Maguk K R Sz Nekb L S Szavakb L, Ahov Nem Engednek Be Semmit S Senkit Egy Nap Azonban A Burok Felhasad, S A Csal Di Trag Dia Gy P Rgeti Ki Az Ikreket Megszokott Vil Gukb L, Ak R Egy Torn DH Rom Esztend M Lt N J Form N Sz Ba Sem Llnak Egym Ssal Az Rz Keny Lelk Noah Szerelmes Bar Ts Gba Keveredik A Szomsz D Sr Ccal, Jude Pedig Mester L V Laszt Egy Goromba F Rfit, Akinek T Bb K Ze Van A L Ny Csal Dj Nak Sz Thull S Hoz, Mint Hinn Az Ikrek Nem Veszik Szre, Hogy Mindketten Csak A T Rt Net Egyik Fel T Ismerik, S Vissza Kellene Tal Lniuk Egym Shoz, Hogy Es Ly K Ny Ljon Vil Guk Jj Form L S RaJandy Nelson Vil Gsiker Reg Nye D Bbenetes M V Szi Er Vel Sz Tt Mese, Amely Besziv Rog A Csontjainkba, Ak R A T Z Melege Egy Diderget Napon Vad, Gy Ny R S M Lyen Megind T Nelson R Sa Annyira Eleven, Hogy A Lapok Szinte Vil G Tanak A S T Tben Ransom Riggs, A V Ndors Lyom Kisasszony K L Nleges Gyermekei R Ja Jandy Nelson Ppolyan Babon S Pereputtyot Mondhat Mag Nak, Mint Noah S Jude Zsenge Kor Ban Kitanulta A N Gylevel L Here Felkutat S Nak Tudom Ny T, Lekopogja A Lekopognival Kat, S T Hint A H Ta M G , Ha Kell, S Amuletteket Hurcol A Zsebeiben Jandy Imm R K T Nemzetk Zi Bestsellerrel A H Ta M G Tt Minden Idej T Az R Snak Szenteli

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  • Paperback
  • 425 pages
  • I'll Give You the Sun
  • Jandy Nelson
  • Hungarian
  • 06 April 2017
  • 9789633103180

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    Has anyone ever finished a book and just sat there for a while like, what did this author just do to me Finishing this book was the most surreal emotion It was like being stranded in the middle of a hazy daydream, laughing, sun soaked and shivering, with flowers blooming in your heart I had this sudden outburst of motivation to bake something, or go for a walk, or make a fragile human connection with some stranger in the vast and unfeeling infinity of this universe I was in love, not with a person but just in love I was literally walking around my place, thinking about this book and feeling like I was in this bubble by myself, like I was so deeply inside my mind I was actually out of touch with reality Look, I don t know who made me such a cheesy person and also such a romantic person and such a soft mess so full of feelings but I want a huge metal box to slam down on them and a padlock around the box and then the box falling to the bottom of the sea thank you very much what is this book about I had a very faint idea of what this book was about prior to reading it and I am almost loathe to reveal too much about it But I will say this this book is essentially about art and people and people being art, their experiences a soft canvas of creases and bumps and hard knocks, each telling its own story, and their melancholy stained thoughts the equivalent of constellation filled skies.It s about Jude Noah twin siblings whose lives have been drastically altered over the span of three years and the book alternates between their point of views Noah at age 13 and Jude at 16, a reflection of the resounding cleaving of before and after.There was something so incredibly authentic about this book It was a million galaxies of emotions and introspections The writing was very Sufjan Stevens very poetry and melancholy thoughts very cotton candy and waterfalls of tears very petals falling from rose bushes And it all manifested in how deeply flawed and undeniably human the characters were.I did not always like them and oftentimes I struggled to even understand them But that s just how you know they ve been humanized, in the way they were so fully fleshed out and multidimensional.Noah Jude were soft people with hearts like the seas, tides of volatile emotions, swimming through earthly life and unable to land They see beauty in all ordinary things and whatever they decide to invest their time and love into always grows the size of Atlas Their minds were a pandora crafted specifically for them, brimming with raw potential and overflowing with everything that blooms inside of them, doom and sorrow and so much art What is bad for the heart is good for art Yes, they sometimes let their jealous rampages govern them Sometimes, they just do not listen well enough, they get enraged and jealous and spit their grief and inward disdain at the world and at each other Sometimes, no matter how many times they tried to bury the ugliness inside, it didn t keep it from coming back alive, and it always showed in the way they took joy in pressing on parts of each other that are already bruised and sore from insecurities and self doubt, like pouring saltwater into already gaping wounds A broken heart is an open heart They sometimes feel so small despite having so much courage, fire, energy, for many things They both feel things so deeply and get so hurt, so wounded by small things And oftentimes, they succumb to their constant hesitance to trust others and each other for fear that if they let them in, they ll see all the imperfections they often see in their reflection.And all of it spoke so deeply to me because I ve seen so many slivers of myself in their feelings and actions and it wasn t always pretty or easy But to be fair, very little of this book was pretty or easy I m sick of being a coward I m sick of being on pause, of being buried and hidden, of being petrified, in both senses of the word The main takeaway from this book, I believe, is that your life is going to be many periods of sadness and you can t expect happiness to just jump into it overnight You can t cling onto the idea that once you achieve this or that, you re going to unlock the secret to happiness Happiness has never been a fixed point in one s life but is a multifaceted and elusive state Happiness grows back slowly, it tiptoes so quietly towards you until eventually it s walking by your side You ll survive You might be confused, a distorted version of the person you used to be, all screwed up, but you will survive Small victories count as victories I don t want to imagine meadows, I want to run through them And also, you are under no obligation to be the same person you were a year, a month, or even half an a hour ago You have the right to change You have the right to grow You have the right to shed off your past selves You are still growing and you have so much to learn One mistake does not define your entire being and the mere fact that you recognize your flaws and push yourself to right your wrongs is outstanding Quick, make a wish.Take a second or third or fourth chance.Remake the world Now, onto the romance The part of me that actively enjoys being an asshole in mario kart is aggressively side eyeing me right now but honestly fuck what I said last week, I changed my mind I want to be in love I am literally all about romantic clich s I can no longer deny my true self Throw them all in a book Throw all of them in my face Cover me in romanticized idealizations SMOTHER ME with them I guarantee I will be ecstatic There s two romantic relationships in this book Noah Brian who warmed the cold voids in my soul with their wholesomeness and cuteness and it makes my heart kind of sad because I can t even hug them I love you, I say to him, only it comes out, Hey So damn much, he says back, only it comes out, Dude And then there s Jude Oscar who bring me to this next point I can t believe that some people s fate in this world is dating someone who knows all their good angles and want to take pretentious pictures of them looking gorgeous and ethereal all the time just for the sake of the aesthetics Further I can t believe I m not in that squad everyone I know just literally wants A level pictures of themselves taken while they re snapping pictures of me mid sneeze and I want it documented somewhere that I deserve better Both relationships were heavily centered around the concept of soulmates which is um, dubious at best I mean, how lucky do two people really have to be for them to fall in love with each other at exactly the right time in exactly the right way But truly, I think in this book, it was about the beauty and comfiness of two people who wholeheartedly understand each other, surpassing all points of recognition and oppeness and harboring so much tenderness towards each other and hoo boy, what is this strange sensation I think I m smiling pulls myself closer in the backseat of my rover We were all heading for each other on a collision course, no matter what Maybe some people are just meant to be in the same story Overall, this book was an unexpected sweet treat from the universe and I truly adored it

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    This book should be called I ll Give You Death by Artistic Metaphor It seems like I m in the minority on this one, but I did not like the writing style at all.I guess it should be noted that I was also not a fan of the author s first novel The Sky is Everywhere which everyone but heartless little me seemed to love Unlike many people I know, I picked this one up because the premise intrigued me and not because of a love for the author s previous work.You may be thinking this is a poetic novel about life and loss and love how can you be so cold sigh You would not be the first But while I appreciate that there are some good aspects to this book like the complex characters and the frank portrayal of teen sexuality in both a heterosexual girl and a homosexual guy, the style, the endless bloody metaphors and the way it became heavy on the romance all of that just did nothing but irritate me.There was a brief moment early on when I thought I might be reading a magical realism novel because of some of the bizarre things that seemed to be happening But, as the story unfolded, it turns out that these are actually just overly ambitious artistic metaphors that turn almost every single paragraph into a purple and downright weird mess Check them out Mom picks up a knife and thrusts it into his gut, twists Dad forges on, oblivious Jude barfs bright blue fluorescent barf all over the table, but I m the only one who notices All the hornet s buzzed out of her And there s no spider to her at all None of these things are actually, literally happening, of course When I read the first few paint splattered metaphors hehe, that s a metaphor too , I did my single raised eyebrow face it s epic, I assure you , but it was when I d read over a hundred pages of constant flowery prose that I started to feel like I d overdosed on cotton candy I guess it s a certain type of reader who will fall in love with this prose in short I am not that type of reader.I am the kind of person who forges strong emotional connections with characters or at least I do if the book is working its magic But I also find it really difficult to engage with characters who would otherwise pull me in when the prose is so nauseatingly bloated with metaphors Do any of you remember Shatter Me Bloody hell do I remember Shatter Me silently fumes And it s a shame because there were moments when I came close to feeling for these characters Noah tugged at my heart strings because of his passion for art and how he wasn t allowed to pursue it fully Jude s feelings of guilt and grief felt like genuine pain But I never got into their heads because I was too busy being drowned by the metaphorical prose Plus, I m not even going to get started on the stereotypical way the British guy is portrayed I ll just say that we really do not use slang words in every single sentence.The reveal at the ending can easily be guessed from reading Jude s first POV and it was a little anticlimactic Not just because it was guessable but because it was kind of blah I still won t give this book one star because there were some touching moments that I liked but, overall, I was pretty disappointed.Blog Leafmarks Facebook Twitter Instagram Tumblr

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    I love you, I say to him, only it comes out, Hey So damn much, he says back, only it comes out, Dude i think this one was also a 3.5 for me there were things i liked SO MUCH about it, and then there were things that bothered me a little and not just my fear of twins this time first to the good i enjoyed the unusual structure the fact that it alternates between the voices of twins noah and jude where noah s story takes place when they are 13 and jude s takes place when they are 16 in the three years separating the stories, a number of circumstances have driven them apart to the point where they have gone from being spookily twinclose to barely speaking both threads are compelling in noah s, we see an introverted young artist falling in love for the first time discovering that with brian, he is able to really be himself, gawky dorky bits and all this is the first time in his life he has been able to make an emotional connection with someone he hadn t once shared a womb with, and their scenes are all giddy excitement and quiet uncertainty and incredible attraction it is perfectly written but things in his life are not all puppy love and romps through the woods the twins have always been competitive for their parents attention, and at this point in their lives, the feisty cliff diving surfer girl jude is daddy s favorite, while the talented noah is the apple of his artist mother s eye their parents are going through a rough patch, fighting constantly jude is growing into a young woman and carrying her wildness and risk taking into new realms, and she s in a reckless emotional tailspin as she begins to covet what little noah has of his own his mother s affection, a spot at the art school he desperately wants to attend, and even brian three years later, so much has changed jude is living a life of self imposed penance, dictated by superstitious rituals, wearing only baggy jeans and sweatshirts, talking to the ghost of her dead grandmother, and on a complete boycott from boys she is attending the school of noah s dreams, but is wracked with guilt over what she has done to get there, and what has happened between herself and noah to drive them apart the writing is very gimmicky in noah s thread it is full of these little imaginative flourishes like Jude barfs bright blue fluorescent barf all over the table, but I m the only one who notices.and Mom picks up a knife and thrusts it into his gut, twists Dad forges on, oblivious.and We re sprinting at the speed of light when the ground gives way and we rise into the air as if racing up stairs.and he captions every scene as though it is a painting PORTRAIT Jude Braiding Boy After Boy into Her Hair PORTRAIT, SELF PORTRAIT Gray Noah Eating Gray Apples on Gray Grass PORTRAIT, SELF PORTRAIT Brother and Sister on a Seesaw, Blindfoldedwhich can be cloying after a while if that kind of thing irritates you, but once you get past the first couple of instances, you just kind of roll with it and it didn t personally bother me overmuch however, because of this writerly quirk, this is one of those books i hope they never ever try to make into a movie, because the temptation to film those bits would be there, and would be the worst kind of student film indulgence to attempt to reproduce visually seriously big shudders when i think of it okay, now on to the other stuff that i wasn t crazy about.oscar oh, oscar i assume we are meant to swoon over oscar, a boy who appears in both noah s 13 year old and jude s 16 year old storylines, but i just couldn t take him seriously oscar is the boy who tests jude s boy boycot, and he s essentially just a collection of every stereotypical teen girl dreamboy list older man english accent motorcycle scars tattoos dark past says things like I m pretty sure the things I ve done are far worse than whatever it is you ve done. bad boy vices romantic cheesy lines Your eyes are so ethereal, your whole face is I stared at pictures of you for hours last night You give me chills. leather jacket james dean slouch tomcat tendencies but oh so capable of troo luv if given the opportunity tough guy posturing but also soooo sensitive orphan enigmatic unconventional good looks charismatic and passionate speechifier he s like a roller coaster that talks.he s just a little silly, to me but i am not a teenage girl, so that probably accounts for it here is something else that bothered me view spoiler the jude and zephyr thing so, yes, i get the fact that jude feels, in hindsight, that she was too young to have lost her virginity to an older dude, and i get that the fact that their sexytimes coinciding with her mother s death is completely psychologically scarring but he was not an asshole, and she is putting him in the asshole role, to the extent that she spits on him when he is in the middle of helping her he gave her several opportunities to say no during the act, making sure she was okay with it, which is than most teenage boys would do in the heat of the moment he tried to contact her after her mother died, and she refused to speak with him he continued to watch out for her brother, as promised, despite her cutting all ties with him, and he never told anyone about what happened when noah got that unfortunate erection these are all positive qualities in a human, and yet he is being being blamed for something she went into consensually he wasn t some sexual predator going after the jailbait they were both teenagers and it was clear that he had feelings for her so while she seems to think it is really empowering to spit on him when his back is turned, it just seems really petty there are much worse ways to lose one s virginity better ones, too, yeah, but also much much worse ones hide spoiler

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    maybe some people are just meant to be in the same story and maybe some people are just meant to love the same story over and over again the colour and brightness this book continues to add to my life puts the sun to shame every word is such a thing of radiant beauty, i know my soul is incapable of feeling anything other than joy when reading this this book is true art at its finest ________________________________i try not to have any regrets in life, but i do regret that i read this book too quickly and that it ended before i was emotionally and mentally ready a book like this is meant to be cherished, to be savoured but i was incapable of putting this down i dont think ive ever read such transformative writing, it gave the story such a lyrical feel to it i needed every word, every image, every emotion, every feeling even if it did leave my heart a devastating wreck in the process 5 stars

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    One of the best books I ve read in a long long time, I ll Give You the Sun, gave me the chills, gave me a heart attack, gave me everything I ever wanted from a love story Self portrait boy in love with a book The narrators have such fun voices, the writing and use of artistic metaphors is beautiful, and the pacing is amazing Pretty much everything about this book is perfect It s essentially Gone Girl meets Romeo and Juliet The characters connect so cohesively with their incredibly dark twisted histories that all collide into the craziest, most fulfilling love story ever.Jandy Nelson, thank you I needed this.

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    NOT JUST 5 STARS, ALL OF THE STARS This book was perfect and beautiful and everything EDIT 04 02 2015Quer a editar este review porque aunque ya he hablado maravillas de este libro en mi canal, siento que tambi n merece que diga aqu cu nto me gust I ll Give You the Sun es un libro muy hermoso y conmovedor, lleno de cosas que no me hab a encontrado en otros libros Creo que la escritura de Jandy Nelson es la raz n principal por la que este libro me pareci tan arrollador Como he dicho ya en mis videos, Jandy escribe de una manera nica y llena de vida, sus palabras est n cargadas de pasi n y de magia y de electricidad pura Adem s, tiene un talento incre ble para cambiar de POV Ya ven c mo algunos autores utilizan dos perspectivas y ni siquiera se nota el cambio Con Noah y Jude se nota much simo Cada uno tiene una personalidad y un estilo tan entra able y especial que incluso si al inicio del cap tulo no viniera NOAH o JUDE en grande, podr as saber qui n lo est narrando Bravo por eso Tambi n quiero decir que aunque la familia y la hermandad son la parte m s importante en esta novela por lo menos para m , los romances me han fascinado La relaci n entre Noah y Brian me ten a fangirleando, llorando y gritando de a ratos, y la de Jude con Oscore simplemente me quitaba el aliento, ese amor que ten an ellos dos era tan fuerte, que hasta lo sent a palpable.Adem s me gusta demasiado que el libro tiene su raz n de llamarse Te dar a el sol , uff, lo recuerdo y se me pone la piel de gallina No quiero spoilear por aqu , pero simplemente me fascin I gave up practically the whole world for you, I tell him, walking through the front door of my own love story The sun, stars, ocean, trees, everything, I gave it all up for you Todo dentro de este libro me tiene enamorada Vale la pena mencionar que Jandy Nelson le da al arte un significado m s all del que yo conoc a Claro, s apreciar el arte, pero verla a trav s de los ojos de Noah y Jude fue una experiencia nueva para m Y ay, Guillermo, qu bello se orLe recomiendo a todos este libro En espa ol se llama Te dar a el mundo y lo publicar Alfaguara este 19 de Febrero.

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    It s reread no 4 and I don t know how this book still has the ability to make me feel the way I do right now Like I believe anything is possible and magic is tangible It s healing I can never seem to get enough of it Slice of heaven of a book if there ever was one Original review My heart Words will fail me This book did something to my soul My heart exploded about a hundred times whilst reading it and I cannot express how much I loved it How much I ll continue to love it It was expressive, imaginative, and so god damn gorgeous I want to bask it its beauty forever Everything about it just worked I was gushing throughout the entire thing, internally weeping, because it was just perfect Utter perfection Sublime I absolutely drowned in it and had no intention to come back up It s the type of book you want to shove into everyone s hands, urging them to read it, so they can relish in its beauty It left me with a renewed sense of wonder for the world, about people, our capabilities, myself It s tragic and it breaks you, and it puts you back together again in the best possible way And what s better is that as soon as I finished it, I wanted to pick it back up again.

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    5 StarsOverview Fourth Read This is my favorite book It s a blanket statement of course Ask any bookworm their favorite book and we ll either ask for parameters What genre Classics too Of all time or this year or rattle off four or five While I m certainly guilty of that, every time I answer I see this cover in my mind This is my favorite book Sometimes I wish it was something else Something akin to Joyce or Tolstoy, so I d sound a little smarter Or maybe something not classified as Young Adult, as I ve slowly grown out of the age range Or maybe just something where the protagonist doesn t use the phrase toilet licking as an expletive on the first page.But I also don t want it to be anything else I understand the critiques, the one star reviews, and criticisms These opinions are certainly valid And I understandThe writing style is as artistic as the characters and the whole book drips with prose The metaphors are eccentric, dramatic, and consistent If you don t like the writing style, you won t like the book And I feel so very, very sorry for you Meeting your soul mate is like walking into a house you ve been in before you will recognize the furniture, the pictures on the wall, the books on the shelves, the contents of drawers You could find your way around in the dark if you had to I love you, I say to him, only it comes out, Hey So damn much, he says back, only it comes out, Dude It s okay, because not every book is for everyone But this one is for me. Or at least, that s what it felt like Maybe one day I ll be able to explain my deeply personal love for this book How I hadn t really read a book in three years, before picking this one up on a whim How it was one of the first LGBT books I read when I was in the middle of realizing I wasn t 100% straight How this book made me feel known and helped me process the world around me.But all I can say is this It reignited my love of reading I find the writing beautiful, vivid, creative and something about it just works.Jandy Nelson manages to take all the mixed up feelings of being a teenager and somehow puts them into words That emotion I never could quite name was beautifully illustrated in a way that made my chest ache People die, I think, but your relationship with them doesn t It continues and is ever changing Noah and Jude are twins who used to be inseparable, but have grown apart as tragedy hits their family They are completely different, completely dynamic characters Their progression is some of my favorite character development ever and I loved them both Noah seems to be the fan favorite, but I will defend Jude to the death I have no artistic ability whatsoever, but the relationship both characters have with art was astounding Noah especially captures moments in his life by determining how he d paint them, and what he would name the piece It s a compelling way of moving the story forward that matches the imaginative style What is bad for the heart is good for art The terrible irony of our lives as artists One of the romances happens very quickly And one of the love interests is a mash up of several bad boy archetypes I understand why some wouldn t like this but the book is completely aware of it Nelson subverts the tropes, in my opinion Noah s whirlwind of feelings is a tool for showing his character mature, as the scope of his emotions change as the romance unwinds Because the focus is on Jude s development and her coming into her own self, her perception of her love interest changes and evolves with her There s a strong focus on mutual support and respect, while still being able to laugh and love I don t want a split apart, I say I think I need my own soul The characters make mistakes and some of their actions are horrible I won t excuse them, but I m not supposed to These actions have consequences that affect all their relationships.At its core, this book is about family dynamics The ever changing, complicated mess that reminds us how interwoven our lives are But it s not condescending or over the top, as it discusses these important issues with brevity and humor We were all heading for each other on a collision course, no matter what Maybe some people are just meant to be in the same story In summary Recommending this book is odd Not because I worry about negative opinions or criticisms like I said, I understand those, and they are valid. But because I have a separate, personal love for this book But it takes a pretty damn remarkable book to make me love it so deeply I think my personal love stems from how special this book is artistically.

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    I LL GIVE THIS BOOK THE SUN FIVE SUNS More than that, if Goodreads had ever answered my impassioned plea to add a sixth star which I sent by pony express after Ready Player One Pony express means mail, right I m a fan of that do I love thee, book Let me count the ways That s both a reference to this book and an illustration of how difficult it will be to put my intense adoration of it into, like, a semi coherent review Sidenote I ve never strived for anything higher than semi coherent Let s start with the characters God, do I love the people in this book They are so, so, so imperfect imperfect doesn t even begin to cover it They should suck, honestly I should hate them In fact, I should hate this whole shindig for the things that happen in it In any other context, they d give me second hand embarrassment cringes so hard it d shoot this book down to two stars But NOT HERE This sh t is different.These characters are so human. They re so lovable and deeply good that you d forgive them for anything Seriously All of them do at least one thing and mostly than one that should be, like, narrative shatteringly awful, and instead manages to make them even better I can t explain it YOU JUST HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK.This book has alternating perspectives between 2 twins Noah when he was 13, and Jude when she s 16 which is the present Noah is so creative and talented and amazing, and Jude is such a badass and so interesting and equally amazing Their mom s a whirlwind, which has its ups and downs, and their dad starts off not great but becomes the best There s Brian, who loves space, and Guillermo, one of the greatest sculptors ever, and Oscar, who I m not going to try to put into words Hands down the most inherently confusing character They re all so wonderful and I wish I knew them in real life and could join their lil ragtag group of pals.The character development is just unreal.Also, the depiction of family is pretty amazing I m going to use the words great and amazing a bajillion times in this review, AND I M NOT GOING TO APOLOGIZE They can mistreat each other and fight and generally seem toxic, but they all love each other and they re all good people SCRATCH THAT MAGNIFICENT people You thought I was done talking about how much I love these characters Ya burnt I m going to spend the rest of my life talking about them Every review from now on Name dropping Noah and Jude Get used to it What else, what elsethe writing was just really beautiful I m always really happy to see that in YA It s pretty rare for a young adult contemporary to just be genuinely, no holds barred gorgeous And y all know I love when my books are filled with fun facts I wish every book had some character just inserting cool information in every once in awhile This book EVERY CHARACTER IS DOING THAT There s so much fun sh t about superstition and art and sculpting and space in this book Ugh God, it s perfect It s like Jandy Nelson read my mind and made this book to check all my boxes WHAT A DREAM.I thought there d be one major downside That s the discussion of fate and true love in this book, neither of which I believe in and both of which I pretty consistently find dumb in like, every YA contemporary ever But this book, no surprise at this point, IS DIFFERENT It s so well done and just makes you feel all warm inside and root for the characters Hurray, hurray I miss this book already.The cherry on top, you ask The best fictional encapsulation of and response to slut shaming I ve ever seen is contained within THESE VERY PAGES When thirteen fourteen year old Jude and her mom are fighting about everything, including Jude s clothing and makeup choices, mommy dearest always asks if she reallyyyyyy wants to be that girl Pretty yuck, right The only blemish on the perfect record of this masterpiece.But then But then Blemish surgically removed, or whatever That was really gross I m so sorry Jude has a realization A great, perfect, better than cherry on top epiphany I like cherries, but this is like the lottery ticket on top, or the Zac Efron in Baywatch a bad movie on top Jude realizes Maybe Mom was wrong about that girl after all Because that girl spits on guys who treat her badly Maybe it s that girl who s been missing I didn t bring the bad luck to us, no matter how much it felt that way It brought itself It brings itself And maybe it s that girl who s now brave enough to admit it A little bit of editing to remove minor spoilers, but how amazing is that Your clothing or your makeup don t change who you are They don t prevent you from being a badass, or a good person, or brave God, I love this book Read it in a couple days, and miss it already.Can you believe how genuine this review was That s a testament to my loveeee for this book.Bottom line This is going on the all time favorites list EVERYONE READ THIS PLEASE Amazing, amazing, amazing Even better the second time around.Jandy Nelson, GIMME YOUR NEXT BOOK.

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