Forsaken (Fallen Siren, #2.5)

Forsaken (Fallen Siren, #2.5) Join Agents Emma Monroe And Zack Armstrong She Protected Him He Loved Her They Can Trust One Another With Their Lives, But What About Their Hearts Special Agent Emma Monroe Is A Fallen Siren Seeking Redemption Thousands Of Years Ago, She Was Banished From Mount Olympus By Zeus And Cursed By Demeter For Failing To Prevent The Kidnapping Of Persephone By Hades Now She S Working For The FBI, Seeking Salvation While Searching For And Finding The Missing Her Partner, Zack Armstrong, Is A Werewolf With A Grievance Of His Own The Former Black Ops Sniper Who Once Carried Out A String Of Questionable Assignments Is Atoning For His Past Ironically, Zack S Just Discovered An Important Piece Of His Past Has Been Magically Wiped From His Memory An Affair With Emma It Doesn T Matter She Used The Spell To Save His Life, That S Something He Ll Never Know With Trust Eroded And Love Overshadowed By Betrayal The Only Thing Holding Them Together Is The Job When The Son Of Multi Billionaire Roger Maitlan Is Kidnapped And His Babysitter Murdered In Cold Blood, Emma And Zack Travel To New York To Work The Case They Go Undercover, Infiltrating A Playground Of Private Dungeons Where Those Who Are Rich And Powerful Can Live Out Fantasies Without Consequence What They Find Is A Conspiracy Born Of A Twisted Mind And Fueled By Greed The Clock Is Ticking Will Zack And Emma Be Able To Find The Missing Boy And Their Way Back To One Another Talk about your intense, suspense filled plot , while reading Forsaken I had to remind myself to breath Emma and Zack are searching for a kidnapped young boy Sent to New York as the requested FBI agents for this case, they struggle with the recent relationship revelationseven though Zack doesn t remember their past relationship he knows something did go on.Time is running out for the billionaire s son so Zack and Emma must put away their differences before people become collateral damage in this bid for vengeance and greed Forsaken was absolutely riveting storytelling by the writing team of Samantha Sommersby and Jeanne C Stein aka S.J Harper I was utterly enthralled by this novella with my only complaint coming in a wish it was a full length novel so I could be swept up into this world a little longer.I highly recommend any I received this ARC copy of Forsaken from S.J Harper in exchange for a honest review.Written by S J HarperSeries Fallen Siren Series , Book 2.5Published By OmniLit All Romance eBooks, LLCPublished Jul 01, 2015 Genre Paranormal RomanceISBN 9781936387960Rating 5 StarsAll Romance Author PageFor Reviews and More Check out Forsaken picks up the story right after the ending of Reckoning so things are pretty tense between Emma and Zack It s not been long since Zack found out that Emma had messed with his memory and he s angry and hurt It doesn t help that Emma can t explain her actions because she refuses to risk his life by telling him the truth She is terrified he is going to walk away from her forever but at the same time she knows that is probably the safest option for him They have to put their feelings to one side when the child of a well known billionaire is kidnapped though The two are sent to New York to work the case and they know that the child s life is important than any hurt feelings between them Can Zack and Emma find a way to work together in spite of their issues or will a child suffer because of them I ve really fallen in love with this series so I was incredibly excited to read Forsaken, after the way things ended in the previous book I was nervous about how things would be between Zack and Emma It s hard because as a reader we can fully understand where they re both coming from If I was in Zack s position I m not sure I d be able to forgive Emma s actions because he doesn t know her reasoning but obviously knowing what we do about Demeter and Emma s curse we can understand why she keeps the secret There really isn t an easy answer to the issues between them and it s hard to see how much pain they re both in I do love that they are able to put their problems to one side and get on with their job though, of course there is tension between them and they still have that spike of attraction that isn t going anywhere but they will do whatever it takes to find the missing child and I respect them both for that It was nice to see them starting to work things out too, they still have a long way to go but we re left with a feeling of hope that Zack has started to figure out that something is going on that Emma can t talk about.This was a great addition to the series and I m sure fans will love it My only issue was that I wanted it to be longer, not because the story wasn t satisfying because it definitely was, but because I love this world and these characters and I wanted to spend time with them I can t wait to get my hands on the next instalment of the series 3.5 StarsEmma Monroe is a fallen siren who is trying to gain redemption and return to Olympus after Zeus and Demeter banished the sirens for not protecting Persephone when Hades kidnapped her The gods have decreed forgiveness will come from rescuing mortal kids who are missing or kidnapping In this addition, her partner Zack Armstrong, a werewolf, recently remembered that they were lovers but Emma erased his memories So their interactions are really tense and awkward.One of Zack s friends, billionaire Roger Maitlan just asked Zack for help finding his missing son He is hoping Zack s black ops background will help Zach rescue his son So Emma and Zack put their issues on the backburner because Emma is possibly one soul away from redemption.These two clearly care for each other Part of what I hate about mythology stories is the heavy handed way and complete arbitrary way the gods rule There is no clear path to redemption Emma could gain forgiveness today or never So I don t see how the gods just have these sirens working with just a slim hope of getting back to Olympus.Emma and Zack work well as partners and their supernatural abilities give them an edge in law enforcement Overall it was a good addition to the series. Man, I love this series I m still kind of surprised I do because 1 I tend to not like police procedurals and very episodic fiction and 2 I hate books, movies, stories, anything that has something bad happening to kids The content of the investigations in these books always puts a tightness in my chest, but I ve managed to still thoroughly enjoy the book I think maybe because they ve all had happy ish endings so far Can t remember if they all have.Anyway, I totally did not know this book was out It was a huge surprise, and that means I must get myself on the author s mailing list or FB page or follow them on or something I don t want to miss the next one And I want the next one now.FORSAKEN is like the previous books novellas in this series It starts with Emma and Zach investigating a new child abduction case Emma is a Siren, cursed by Demeter this is why she has to save abducted children, and why she can t fully open up and fall in love and Zach is a werewolf A dreamy werewolf Love him so much, and really enjoy the toughness of Emma s character, too.I m glad the wallowing that I feared my creep into the next book after the ending of book 2 didn t really happen here Emma and Zach are working together, and Zach isn t acting like an idiot many other series go in that direction and I always get annoyed, so yay for keeping Zach attractive.If you like urban fantasy at all, this is a series you MUST read But don t read this book Not yet Definitely start with book one Or, you could even start with the prequel It was excellent And that s another awesome thing about this series The novellas read just like full length books You will miss out on a great story if you only read the full lengths.Summary LOVE mon avis en Fran aisMy English reviewWhen I saw the summary of this novella, I was very surprised by its important length wondering if it wasn t saying too much But ultimately, it shows the events of the first two novels and only a small part of the story is presented here which is just perfect I must say.I really enjoyed the first two volumes of the series starring this fallen siren and a werewolf whose history is cursed long before anything starts But it is true that the situation at the end of the second volume between the two was not really simple and I was curious to see how they would resolve the events together So yes it is true that the situation is very tense between the two and this is how they will find themselves together on a new case.Indeed, the son of a Zack s friend, a very rich man, was kidnapped in another state and both are called to help the police Before putting aside their differences, the two will have to work together to save this little boy Yet the story could end up being complicated than expected and Emma will have to infiltrate the dungeons used by the wealthy men to understand what exactly is happening.It was a very good little novella highlighting the relationship problems between the two heroes but also a complex and very interesting investigation I look forward to reading volume 3 Emma and Zack s relationship is fraught Demeter s interference has left Emma reeling and Zack angry with a terrible case of magical amnesiaBut all of that has to be put aside when a multi billionaire s son is kidnapped and his babysitter murdered possibly due to an extreme act of revenge or just simple greed Answers that can only be found by being professional, putting their issues aside and going undercover in a sex clubAs a book reviewer, there s a repeat problem I have when reviewing a series I like How do you say I love this book for all the reason I loved all the previous books in the series without sounding repetitive or lacklustre It s hard to make it clear that the elements that you love about a series are still making these books ones you really love to read without sounding like it s stalled or run out of ideasThis is a short story in the Fallen Siren Series and, yes, it contains many of the elements that have made this one of my favourites We have a police investigation that is interesting, tense, exciting and relies as much and on actual investigative skills as it does on magic now I do love magic heavy series but I also prefer my investigative protagonists to actually have skill rather than deus ex machinae powers that are so often used as an easy way to solve the mystery without a coherent plot.We have characters who have a romance but put it aside Again, in a genre where all too often characters have sex at inappropriate times, especially a character whose woo woo is sex based, it is refreshing to see characters that have such a good sense of priorities In this story there could be no alternative you cannot have people in charge of finding kidnapped children be distracted by sexy times But this also reflects not just in the romance but also the other character developments between them.Over the course of the books, Zach and Emma have had a fraught history Her curse, her justifiable fear of love and the constant threat of Demeter has made their relationship difficult and have left them with a lot of issues and rifts between them And, as professionals, as capable dedicated adults, they are quite capable of putting aside all this emotional drama to focus on the essential task at hand I really appreciate that.Read More Forsaken by S.J Harper is book 2.5 of their Fallen Siren series This is a novella that picks up right after the second book ended In Forsaken, S.J Harper continues the trend of exciting, tense filled stories that are filled with pulse pounding action Emma and Zack continue to work together to solve major crimes, despite their intense feelings for each other Zack cannot remember his relationship with Emma, but knows deep down that something did happen, and he continues to feel the chemistry between them Emma cares strongly for Zack, but she knows showing those feelings could be the death of him They make such a great couple, even if they fight it He is a werewolf and she is a Fallen Siren, and together they are wonderful team.In Forsaken, a child is kidnapped and Zack with Emma s help must find the boy the son of Zack s billionaire friend, before he is killed With a race against the clock, the suspense multiplies after discovering the motive of revenge and greed that insures the boy will not be saved by just money There are betrayals, and twists that make story even intense as we head to the finish.During all of this, the romance between Zack and Emma continues to get hotter and hotter Will Emma allow herself to continue this romance with Zack, putting him in danger Will Zack discover the truth why he can t remember what he knows has happened Jeanne C Stein and Samantha Sommersby make up the writing team of S.J Harper, and they do a fabulous job of creating such a wonderful series Each book is filled with excitement, suspense, intrigue, sexy romance and a wonderful couple Fallen Siren is a great series that I suggest you read, and please start with the first book.BarbThe Reading Cafe What an amazing jump back into the Fallen Siren series Fast action, great plot twists, and some sexy, angry relationship rebuilding between Emma and Zack Starting right where we left off in Reckoning, Emma is still recovering from the injuries inflicted by Demeter She s just tired and hurting on so many levels So sitting on a plane next to a very angry Zack isn t helping much.Once they land things move rather quickly in the case they have been requested to intervene in, and Zack begins to see things a bit differently I suspect he is beginning to grasp that there are things going on he isn t aware of Forsaken is a short read, however a very engrossing and thoroughly captivating one as well So I won t revel anything about the case as not to spoil it for you All I will say is that this series is getting better and better with each installment.5 STAR READ GUYSFollow us onKT Book ReviewsTwitterFacebookPinterest I received this novella from the author in exchange for an honest review, I was in no way compensated for this review.I love the Fallen Siren series written by S.J Harper the writing duo that comprises of Jeanne C Stein and Samantha Sommerby Forsaken takes place right after the events of Reckoning, and as you might recall, things didn t end happily there.Zack and Emma are going to NYC to help in a kidnapping case, one involving a child Though things between them are still very tense And unhappy Zack has learned that Emma has taken away some of his memories of them and he s pissed Naturally Emma still won t tell him the why of it all and that just further drives the wedge between them But for now, they pushed that aside A child is missing and that s not something they re going to let sit idly by.Zack and Emma work with the task force in NYC and try to uncover what happened to the missing boy and who could possibly have taken him The father happens to be a billionaire and has his own dark secrets, ones that are catching up with him.As they work together on this case, old tensions still run high between then Emma is forever trying to redeem herself to Demeter for what she let happen all those years ago After all, redemption can just be a rescue away As is her motto for life I truly hope to see that happen to her by the end of the series but only time will tell The Fallen Siren series is definitely one of unique variety Greek mythology twisted in, and naturally some good ol paranormals, and mystery solving The mysteries are always intense, no matter how big or small as the novels and novellas will show you This is a fast paced and remarkable series that every paranormal fan should read Overall Rating 4.5 5 stars

S.J Harper is the pen name for the writing team of Samantha Sommersby and Jeanne C Stein, two friends who met at Comic Con in San Diego and quickly bonded over a mutual love of good wine, edgy urban fantasy, and everything Joss Whedon.Samantha Sommersby left what she used to call her real life day job in the psychiatric field to pursue writing full time in 2007 She is the author of than

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