The Beats In Rift (Bad Blood #1)

The Beats In Rift (Bad Blood #1) I Was Invisible, Until They Saw Me When Circumstance Forced Me And The Jacob Twins To Spend Two Weeks Of The Summer Together, The Bond We Formed Would Impact Us All, Altering Our Lives Fate, Entwining Us Forever They Became My Best Friends, My Family, My First Love With Their Love Came Their Father S Hate Love Is Powerful But Also Painful And Destructive When It S Torn Between Three People When My Mother S Reputation And Their Father S Vile Actions Damage That Love, That Friendship, It Changes The Dynamics Of Our Trio Setting Me On A Path Of Love, Loss And Impossible Decisions Jared The Beautiful Rogue, Who Pushed Her Limits, Opened Her Eyes And Owned Her Heart Their Love Was Powerful, Everlasting Until He Abandoned Her Justin, Loyal And True, Picked Her Up When She Was Left Fragmented He Made A Place For Himself In Her Heart And Would Fight To Keep It When Both Twins Come In And Out Of Meadows Life, Leaving Damage And Hurt In Their Wake, Will She Ever Choose One Or The Other, Or Leave Them Both Without The Beats In Their Heart

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  • Paperback
  • 212 pages
  • The Beats In Rift (Bad Blood #1)
  • Ker Dukey
  • English
  • 11 January 2019
  • 9781499658576

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    MY RATING THE BEATS IN RIFT by Ker Dukey Complimentary copy provided by the author Ker Dukey in exchange for an honest review THANK YOU God where to start First off anything and I mean anything from this author you know it s going to be good I freaking inhaled this book I could not put it down TWIN RIVALRY It was almost but not quite Good versus Evil twin, he wasn t so much evil he just wanted and took what wasn t his..At the age of thirteen when she s dragged to work with her mother Meadow notices two very cute identical twins..The Jacob twins Justin and Jared , very popular, good looking and wealthy..The boys take Meadow under their wing she spends time with them on a daily basis and their bond grows stronger if one was busy the other was free..Jared nic names Meadow Beats because she makes him want to tap out beats, and Meadow called him Rift which oddly stuck even though she mean t guitar riff.Even though the twins looked the same on the outside their personalities were very different, Jared being the Musician was a bit rough around the edges and Justin was the high school dream girls football player..Meadow loved them both, they made her feel worthy and not trashy like her mother I ve admired her, protected her, while being what she needs a friend, I m in love with Beats, I may be young but I know how I feel, puppy love or not, it was still love TWO SIDES OF THE SAME COIN, MY MUSEThe twins father is such a fucked up wanker in this, he treated her like shit and over stepped the line time and time again with pure revulsion in his eyes whenever she is in his presence Things take a turn for the worst towards the end of the book there abouts. You re nothing but a fucking whore, playing both my boys just like your mother did with me and my brother, women like you ruin lives, you turn us into jealous messes You use us for money, titles You ve been using my boys just like mummy taught you to, using your beauty against us YOUR BODY WAS MADE FOR SIN Just like your mothers SINS OF THE MOTHERThings never ran smoothly for Jared and Meadow something always got in the way of their love for each other I live and breathe him, he s the last thought in my mind at night, and my first thought when I wake up Oh and wait for it there is a whoopsey moment in here too When she gives herself to one of them, but it actually turns out it was the other one LOVE CAN BRING YOU LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS His lips ravish mine, taking his kisses down my neck, sucking and biting I cry out with pleasure from the new, aggressive side to him My moans are loud, shattering the thick yearning filled air My nails rake down his back and shoulders, making him pump his hips faster.And this is where shit starts to get real I loved you than life You were air for me, Rift, and when you left it was like living in darkness My sun was gone You made me feel like summer lived in my veins when we were together, so when you took off without a goodbye, a harsh winter set up shop within me, leaving me hurt, bitter and cold HEART BREAK IS WORSE THAN DEATHI m almost sad I ve finished this, just left me wanting craving

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    The Beats in Rift by Ker Dukey Holy fucking cum slut she s done it again I ve come to the conclusion that Ker could probably write any fucking thing and it would be the ballocks You just one click those mother fuckers and you are transported into a sitting on the edge of your seat, biting your nails whist flicking your bean all the while not knowing what the fuck is going on type of world I loved this book from the get go The whole high school nerd jock thing does it for me I m also Into love triangles although I would much rather a three way but there you go but with this book it s not your typical love triangle Unlike some books with the same subject I never once thought the heroine was a cock teasing whore I fucking loved her and you actually root for both the alphas at the beginning but Jared won my heart and my muff I loved the fact it went from one extreme to the other When you think you know what s going on and then BOOM some fucking shit goes down and then your back to square one At one point I was so bloody nervous I didn t want to move until I read the very last paragraph which left me in a cold bloody bath at 1am this morning wrinkled up to fuck, then I forgot my towel but that s a whole different story I ve said it once and I will say it again, this fucking bird can write a fucking book I will read any wanking thing she creates The one thing I love about her is she s not afraid to be different and that s what sets her apart from other authors Another amazing book by Ker Dukey I loved every fucking minute of this book and can t bloody wait for I want Crystal and Ice s story and I kind of want to be in the book too, possibly in an orgy So think about it.She s my One Click Author and another massive five stars from me.

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    ARC provided for honest review ANOTHER WIN FOR KER DUKEY FANS Twins YAY Thank you Ker In my opinion The Beats in Rift is another slam dunk for Ker Dukey We follow a love story from youth to adulthood and it is dramatic and provocative I love Ker s ability to make me absolutely LOVE or completely DESPISE her characters so quickly And she s just a pure genius when it comes to creating men I CRAVE I found myself instantly invested in the trio The Jacob twins Justin Jared and Meadow meet one summer and are instant friends.The boys come from money and have everything they could ever ask for Meadow has a slutty waitress mom Outsiders looking in on their friendship believe that Med Meadow is just like her mother Only using the boys to get what she wants This couldn t be farther from the truth Meadow is an intelligent, sweet girl That loves music and creates song lyrics in her spare time The kids meet one summer and become the best of friends giving Med what she really needs, self worthNow my favorite twin is Jacob that s right ladies HANDS OFF and to say that Jared s sexy motorcycle riding hot ass, is swoon worth, is like saying the Titanic was a cute tug boat I want no I NEED a Jared Unfortunately our trio are in for one hell of a bumpy ride on their pursuit for happiness When you throw in sexual attraction, a dad strait from the depths of hell, and an egg donor Meadow is unlucky enough to call mother you ll see they are handed some pretty shitty cards As you know I would NEVER tell you what happens in the story all I can say is that I am VERY stingy when it comes to my 5th star and I hand it over gladly to Ker Dukey This 5 star read is just another reason why I will gladly DEVOUR anything she writes This author has proven time and time again that no matter the genre she was born to write.

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    This is a rushed confusing story and I had to go back to understand what I d just read The story jumps weeks, months and years and it is not made clear by the author how much time had passed Why rush a story that could have been so emotional, deep and thought provoking I just didn t feel any sympathy for any of the characters because the story is so rushed and I didn t have time to invest in a character and care for them, the story moved along far too quickly Some of the dialogue is ridiculous e.g view spoiler Jared says Did I just take your virginity hard against the wall , after he finds out he took Meadows virginity That piece of dialogue sounds so fanfiction I d expect him to say something like, Oh shit you were still a virgin, i just took your viriginity Fuck Meadow hide spoiler

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    Geez, imagine a life where whatever can go wrong goes wrong and just keeps f ing going wrong over and over That s this book in a nutshell So, twin brothers, different as day and night, fall for the same girl When one abandons her for sins not her own fault, the other becomes her soft place to fall But, when the other brother returns, that soft place to fall hardens with jealously his own fears of abandonment From there, one misunderstanding after another drives wedge after wedge between these three broken souls transforms their lives over the course of years Four elements to this story were extremely irritatingFirst, a lot of the angst and heartbreak in this book between the three could ve been prevented by simple communication Characters run and brood and make poor decisions based upon the actions of others I don t mind miscommunication as a plot element, but it s hard to read a story where EVERYTHING bad happens because someone is always running away without using simple WORDS that would clear everything up It s an easy tactic for authors to keep a story going, but it makes for a frustrating, tiring read for readers that want depth from the dialogue within a story Second, months and YEARS skip in this book between each of these kiss and run, lack of communication sequences between the three It s a lota hard to believe that they absolutely can t f ing find each other when they look, but always happen upon each other just as they ve seemed to begin to move onward separately The huge time jumps and insta life developed off page between the jumps was irritating Third, it s fairly obvious which bro really has her heart BY HER ACTIONS, but she professes love for both, dates both, etc Yet, the emotional love triangle never gets addressed for resolve through words again there s no communication here It just kind of plays out to where one of the brothers finally stands up and says she s mine and alpha like ends any other possible outcomes No rhyme or reason was given as to why f ing now after so long Fourth, there s never any apology for all the abandonment she endured, for not believing her, for never giving her a chance to explain things, for how her virginity was taken, for calling her a whore like her mom Nope, years would pass between the latest blow up and meeting one of em again and all would just be swept under the rug for a few hours or days until another blow up and the cycle repeated Now, the above said, it s still a very emotional story that will captivate you and make you root for a HEA despite all the irritation I just feel that communication was necessary for readers to understand all the characters went through and reach that HEA I never really got that it just was kinda oh okay shit just worked out Yeah, whoopie Beats was a good character She just couldn t seem to win no matter what choices she made How many times can one survive being abandoned, misused, and distrusted by the people that are supposed to care about you the most Her emotional plight with the twins and her mom pulls at your heartstring, and, despite wanting to slap her for not insisting when the brooding boys NEVER let her explain things, I respected that she never gave up on love She could ve easily turned into her mom She wasn t a pushover per se, but she should ve been angry at these guys because she at the very least deserved an apology Will she finally get a happy ending with one of the brothers that love her fiercely but constantly push and pull her only to leave her holding her broken heart in her hand, or will she eventually find love elsewhere Overall, a decent story that just never sealed the deal for me because I wanted, needed than true love prevails No work, groveling, or communication needed 21 2 stars.

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    DNF at 45%Verdict annoying.

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    2.5 Stars Slight spoilers ahead So, when I read what this book was about and how the rating for it were high I immediately thought that I would love this book..let me tell u..I was extremely disappointed The story had no flow to it as far as I could tellthere were so many breaks in betweena few months, one year, two years in between and there was no indication as to when this was happening so I was confused the whole time At least the author could have put something like two years later of start the chapter off by saying it had been two years since that day Also, Jared and Justin s crazy dad I hated that Justin couldn t see past his evil facade What I hated even was that although he was a main part at the end, there was no real build up to the climax It s written that he was supposedly stalking Med and that he had a relationship long before but this subject was only touched upon and not expandedlike HEllloooo the guys stalking u because of his hold up with your mother It should have been mentioned that she had felt someone stalking her or watching her This piece of info just came out of nowhere Another thing, I loved Jared s character but the fact that he kept running off when things got too hard was just a big fat no no for me I mean this book didn t even represent Rift and Beats relationship I saw the connection but I felt as if the story didn t show the love and respect or any of the dynamics of their relationship It was just not worth reading and I m really sorry because I see all the great reviews and I feel horrible that I didn t connect to this book.

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    Another amazing book by ker Dukey I loved it so much that I am always left speechless to explain what I am feeling I never had this problem She gets better and better This book is about Two brothers and Meadows They become friends ,they start growing up and feelings develop between the When you read the interaction of the brothers and her you will feel the love,their friendship their need They were the heroes and of course their will be a villain This isn t a book where you know what might happen and what happens is something that will shock you While reading it you will have your eyes glued to your Ereader Its that good Both Jacob twins are intense The shit they deal with life is intense The love they have is intense It s a story bout how a vile creature like twins father can do to destroy their life but its a journey how to survive, trust and come out strong There are twists, turns ,surprises which changes the path I felt like I was in the story shouting,experiencing what they felt I love being on edge while reading a book this did it to me I was scratching my head what s going to happen and trust me scratching my head didn t leave me pretty as I was a guest in someone else s house but my heart ,mind soul was totally in the book.Fantastic job once again Ker I am lucky to part of blog tour

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    I was given an Arc for an honest review Ker has produced an amazing, gripping, keep you guessing and falling for the very delicious Jacob Twins.The Beats in Rift takes your through the lives of Meadow and her strong friendships with Justin Jarred Identical hot twins in many ways, however, one is a slam you up against the wall type of guy and the other is a hearts flowers guy Meadow who starts out lost lonely develops into a strong woman, she loves the twins and the bonds they develop are unbreakable until you mix in love, passion trust issues and a twisted spiteful father.I do not want to give any details away, this book needs to be read and for you to feel the love, hurt and emotions for yourselves Remember the heart wants what the heart wants I have read all of Ker s books and loved them all, The Beats in Rift is the best I have read so far from Ker 5

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    Ker Dukey sure knows how to write a story full of angst Loved this one, the characters were great Stayed up way past my bed time just to finish it.

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