A Sip of Fear

A Sip of Fear When Gordon The Bio Mage And The Other Illuminated Magicians Blessed With Familiar Spirits That Give Them Remarkable Powers Hear Rumors That Shadow Is On His Way, They Soon Learn That The Adept Of Death, Supposedly Mythical, Really Exists He S Undead, Invincible, And Ruthless He Kills Illuminated Nothing Can Stop Him, And Now It Seems That Gordon Is His Chosen Target Gordon S Familiar Spirit Knows How He Can Survive, But She S Left Him Alone To Discover It For Himself As A Test If Gordon Can T Find The Answer In A Few Days, He S Sure To Die

Brian Rush has been writing compulsively in one form or another for many years In fiction, he mainly writes fantasy with occasional forays into science fiction He has lived on both coasts of the U.S., never far from the sea, and currently resides in northern California.

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 181 pages
  • A Sip of Fear
  • Brian Rush
  • English
  • 14 January 2017

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    A Sip of Fear, by Brian Rush, is a sort of contemporary urban fantasy set on the streets of Seattle The year is deliberately unspecified, but you can easily imagine the events playing out today anywhere in the world Having briefly lived in Seattle, part of the charm for me was the occasional sense of recognition of the places visited.However, the appeal of the book goes well beyond that A Sip of Fear explores issues of spirituality and humanity, life and death, good and evil, and how these motivate men and women in rather different ways Readers of Brian s blog will not be surprised, since these are matters he likes to explore So there are occasional magical conflicts, but these are brief, and secondary to the main theme human growth and development, on both the personal and collective fronts.Brian s writing encourages readers to grapple with deep issues for themselves, and successfully avoids speculating about the ultimate nature of the world The book, and the characters, remain agnostic as to whether there is a Supreme Light beyond the lights they follow Instead, they are concerned with the next step along the way, and the human frailties which help or hinder that The strength of their moral compass or its absence is crucial to the quest Personal, intimate relationships are neither dismissed nor idealised, but are celebrated as expressions of life.Despite the use of magic, and the purposeful commitment to a life of spirituality, those factors ensure that A Sip of Fear remains an everyman book, and it remains easy to identify with the characters throughout I found it all too easy to go around multi cultural London as I read the story, wondering who was walking the city streets beside me and simultaneously committed to their personal quest of devotion.In short, Brian has created a vivid and credible world, with characters you would be delighted to meet well, most of them If you like books which provoke challenging thoughts rather than resting on undiluted action, A Sip of Fear could be for you.

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    Disclosure Brian and I are acquainted on social media, and beta read each other s books I volunteered to beta read this book, because I enjoy his writing and know that I will get a well written story with some extra depth to it That is exactly what I got Immediately before reading this book, I read one from a major publisher by a well known author who has been nominated for multiple awards I found fewer editing errors, and enjoyment, in A Sip of Fear If I had to pick a series to compare to this, it would be Julian May s Intervention We have a hidden group of adepts, assisted by mysterious advanced intelligences, working towards the evolution of human consciousness A Sip of Fear works on two levels as a contemporary urban fantasy thriller with a compelling plot, and as a novel of personal and transpersonal development I don t often see the two brought together so effectively, or so thoroughly intertwined.Don t let phrases like evolution of human consciousness and transpersonal development put you off, either This is no Celestine Prophecy, preaching fuzzy New Agery in deadly seriousness and dreadful prose A Sip of Fear works as fiction, even if you consider the spiritual aspects simply as well thought out plot drivers Another aspect I thought showed some depth the main character is or less obliged by his familiar spirit to be promiscuous At 15, when he first accepted the spirit, this seemed a wonderful idea, but now, at 30, he d really like to have a stable, faithful relationship, and regrets that he can t This shows believable character growth, and gives him a personal conflict which I thought was well handled.

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    Gordon Greenbough is one of the Illuminated That means that he is bonded to a familiar spirit and gifted with extraordinary powers Being Illuminated can take a lot of forms Gordon is a biomage linked to the spirit of life itself, Ela Tu This gives him power and influence over living things including the ability to heal, but it also makes it hard for him to keep love in his life as his connection to life makes him promiscuous When trouble comes in the shape of Shadow, the bogey man of the Illuminated world, Gordon has to rise to a whole new level if he s going to survive In Sip of Fear, Brian Rush has created a fascinating contemporary fantasy world and peopled it with engaging and sympathetic characters From the very beginning I was intrigued by the world and by Gordon The story is well paced and, while somewhat predictable in some aspects, quite well written Rush s prose flows well and pulled me through the philosophical moments that might have had me skimming in another book I especially appreciated reading a male characters who was comfortable with himself and with love and was cheering for his success throughout The other characters were well developed and real, especially Rose, Gordon s love interest Rush gave his characters real life struggles alongside their magical ones I look forward to reading of this series.

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    An interesting approach to an urban fantasy Every magical person, the Illuminated, has essentially a deity that grants them the power The main character s deity requires him to have sex with anyone who wants to have sex with him This didn t bother me, but the characters reactions did Essentially, he got off scott free for infidelity and nobody held a grudge Everyone forgives him for his infidelity Character reactions were very unrealistic His ex is all Oh, I couldn t stand you sleeping with every woman or man who wanted you, but it s okay, because I know it s not your fault Then his current girlfriend is all, Yeah, you sleep around, I just don t want to know about it, because it s not your fault This lack of responsibility for his actions was unbelievable Most partners would not be so it s not your fault about this They would hold it against him And it came up All The Time His 10 year old nieces are even Uncle, you re a life mage, I bet you re really good at sex And nobody in the book thought this was odd

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