A Summons From Danby Castle (Regency Christmas Summons #1)

A Summons From Danby Castle (Regency Christmas Summons #1) Loving Mr Lockwell by Jerrica Knight CataniaBeing the granddaughter of the Duke of Danby the daughter of his heir isn t exactly to Isabel Whitton s liking After all, it means living in the ancestral home with the Duke which that isn t too bad as it give her access to the Duke s massive library a place she could spend all her time alone The downside the Duke summons the entire family at least once a year her quiet solitude is invaded with Whittons The latest Christmas gathering is no different than any other gathering with the exception her twin sister has forged a letter to their brother s best friend inviting him to spend his Christmas with the family in hopes of making him her husband Something Isabel can t understand after all she d rather have her books than a man That is until the arrival of her twins infatuation the friend he brought with him Damien Lockwell.Damien Lockwell would rather be anywhere than his own home for Christmas Hence he tags along with his friend to the Duke of Danby s for Christmas And after his first interaction with Isabel Whitton he is glad he did.As these two battle wits try to keep up with the interactions of her sister his friend, their own fireworks explode.A wonderful tale of unexpected love written by the talented Jerrica Knight Catania Twice Upon a Time by Samantha GraceA summons from their grandfather, the Duke of Danby, is never a pleasant thing Although Julian Beckford has missed the last several years while living in India However, his cousin has been subject to each summons a summons that implies the Duke is in failing health is determined to give the old man what he wants by hiring an actress to be his fianc e enlists Julian s help in picking the right actress Something Julian is less than thrilled about.All Felicity Halliday wants is to keep her mother sister together but since her father died it has been almost impossible to make ends meet Hence, she has started treating the disreputable having learned medicine at her father s knee which has her coming going from the theater at late night hours A time that has her pulled off the street into a waiting carriage with 2 gentleman.Julian becomesfrustrated as his cousin s plan gets out of hand when the chosen actress proves difficult to approach much less talk to However, when things calm down his cousin is able to convince her that it will be monetarily beneficial But like all his cousins plans there s a lot of aspects that he hasn t considered.Felicity knows that the proper thing to do would be to turn down this offer but the amount of money offered would provide for her family for years Not to mention it puts her in close proximity to Julian Beckford, someone she has loved from afar for many years after helping tend his ailing aunt However, Julian doesn t seem to recognize her Will Julian eventually recognize her if he does how will that effect the plan his cousin has Samantha Grace writes a lovely tale of past meeting present along with an entertaining insightful trip from London to the Danby Castle Becoming a Lady by Marie HigginsDorothy Paxton has lived her entire life despising English gentleman After all her father was one One that her mother fell madly in love with, became pregnant with Dorothy by, abandoned by And the name Duke of Danby is the most foul name on earth Despite her beginnings Dorothy is doing well in America owning running her own inn Her only regret is not being able to provide the best medical care for her ailing half brother.Calvin Seton, former military until leg injuries prevented his return, has been sent on a mission by a family friend, the Duke of Danby, find his illegitimate granddaughter in America bring her home A mission that may prove to be harder than he thought once he finds Dorothy Paxton inn keeper with less than ton approved manners.Calvin eventually convinces Dorothy to sail to England with him in exchange for the much need medical care for her half brother Her part of the bargain meet with the Duke AND take etiquette lessons from her chaperone during the voyage.As they set sail can Dorothy protect her heart from succumbing to her mother s fate Can Calvin let her go since he thinks he s not worthy of the Duke of Danby s granddaughter A battle of wits, an entertaining voyage the inevitable meeting with the Duke of Danby written by Marie Higgins is a wonderful tale Don t miss out It Had to be You by Olivia KellyThe Duke of Danby the most hated man in Harry Connolly s life After all, if it wasn t for his grandfather Harry s family wouldn t have moved to America His mother sister wouldn t have been exposed to scarlet fever died His father wouldn t have taken on a trade he knew nothing about nor would he have succumbed to melancholy after his mother died So, after all these years, the Duke wants Harry back in England What better time to expose the man to his family what a cold, bitter man the Duke really is The trip to England proves to be a long miserable journey as Harry is still recovering from wounds he incurred while serving the American military When, only miles from Danby Castle, Harry finds himself trying to find a bit of rest in a church pew when he collapses at the feet of an angel.Lily Beaumont, vicar s daughter, has lived her entire life avoiding any form of scandal after all their very livelihood rests with the Duke of Danby The turmoil of what to do what is right or avoid scandal when she finds a stranger collapsed in her father s church What is right wins out , with the help of the town doctor, brings the gentleman back to her home where only her invalid father is in residence at the time.As Lily tends Harry Harry recuperates an easy comradery builds between them along with deeper feelings Alas, Harry has not told Lily the full story of why he s going to Danby Castle, nor his connection to the old Duke.When gossips find out there s a man convalescing in the vicar s home with no proper chaperone word soon arrives at Danby Castle And before Harry can tell Lily the truth the truth finds him Can Lily forgive Harry for keeping things from her Maybe with a little help from her friends, Harry s twin cousins You ll have to read this sweet story by Olivia Kelly for yourself to find out what happens at the Duke of Danby s Ball A Second Chance for Christmas by Lily GeorgeEmily Barlow never thought she d be widowed young And with her husband well off, she thought she d never be a widow with no money But that s exactly where she has found herself A penniless widow with a small daughter With no other option Emily decides to return to her home of 1week, pack her things return to her aunt uncle s beg them to take her in again A decision she is far from happy with remembering the misery she lived in when she was there before after her parents died The only bright spot at that time was the handsome Philip Whitton, grandson of the Duke of Danby, a man completely outside her station Oh but the memories of that love.Philip Whitton, grandson of the Duke of Danby, 2nd son of Danby s heir, has been summoned home after 2 years abroad where he s dulled his senses with alcohol drugs trying to forget the night he was stood up by Emily Ware The girl he was planning on proposing to only to find out she was engaged to another Only the life he had be living has dulled Maybe the trip home will give him new purpose.Philip s travel to Danby Castle Emily s trip home to pack have them crossing paths Paths that maybe fate has had a hand in arranging Now can fate convince Philip to forgive Emily Can fate convince Emily that the difference in their stations do not matter Did the Duke of Danby have a hand in this Sweet tale of second chances well written by Lily George. There are only 5 stories in this book but I swear it feels twice as long By the time I got to the fifth, my head was spinning Some stories are better than others, but honestly, a week after reading this I couldn t tell you the plot to any of them without looking at the description It is a good light read for the holidays, but none of them really stand out from the other. The overall book was enjoyable I particularly liked how each story intertwined and how they all happened in the same timeframe I also loved the dual POV in each story It really adds to the experience It was a light read as can be expected from a collection of short stories.About Loving Mister LockwellI loved the characters I loved the fact that Lady Isabel is very headstrong as opposed to her sister I liked how Lord Heathfield and Mr Lockwell weren t fooled by the letter It was a well written story.About A Second Chance for ChristmasIt was the story I least enjoyed in this collection I thought many things did not make sense I did not like Emily at all I found her shallow and plain She lacked personality as opposed to the other female characters in this collection Philip was also very plain to me His whole feeling towards Emily changed in only one sentence As if with one sentence he could erase years of anger and self indulgence I was dissapointed in this story, it didn t compare to the first in terms over character depth and plot About Twice Upon a TimeThis story was funny in many ways I loved Julian and Pen, especially when they were conversing together I loved their personalities and their divergences in opinion I also loved Felicity and her introduction with the gentlemen I loved the history behind Julian and Felicity and also the Duke s interaction with her I also loved how the marriage was executed Might just be my favorite story in this collection.About It Could Only Be YouI am torn about this one I can t quite figure out if I liked it or if it was just meh. It would be 3 stars if I would rate this story I liked Lily and Harry, yet I didn t like how their brains work I loved the fact that some characters from the other stories have an impact on the plot, and thought the village folks added to the setting It wasn t so bad, just not my cup of tea.About Becoming a LadyI really liked Dorothy I liked her stubbornness and how she is not afraid to stand up for herself I liked how Calvin recognized her strong will from the beginning.I really did not like the fact that Calvin wanted to change her for the Duke or that she would be separated from her brother.I am not completely down with the ending, but the timeframe for the plot does not feel rushed and I liked that It was a good read. This series was an enjoyable way to spend extra time during the holidays It is not really filled with a lot of holiday decorations, or actions, or customs The older Duke simply sends for those he,chooses, and they seem to arrive He has plans,set aside for most of them, although some, he has never met in person before It is almost as if as he has aged , he wants to put his affairs in order, and right some wrongs He starts at one point with wayward children, and now he is on to grandchildren I am sure nieces, and nephews will also come along He is a demanding, and at times tyrannical old gentleman, but his actions are better late than never He is also quite cunning, and although I do not approve of his past actions, he reminds me now of a,reformed Mr Scrooge, out of a Dickens tale. This is a fun collection of short novellas that followsof the Duke of Danby s grandchildren as he calls them home to Danby Castle for the Christmas season He s got a stack of special licenses, and he s not afraid to use them The Duke, nearing the end of his life, wants all his grandchildren to find spouses, and he d prefer they do it before Christmas He s also reconciling with a few of his grandchildren whom he s never seen due to estrangements with his own children.The stories mostly focus on the trip to Danby Castle once the person gets the summons, although some of the characters are already in residence Each story has fun twists on the way to the HEA The romance is mostly sweet due to interrupted encounters and any real action happening behind closed doors.I recommend these stories for quick reads at Christmas time or any time of year. Excellent set of stories about the marrying of 6 of the Duke of Danby s grandchildren Books are written by different authors They are novellas Some of the endings are rather abrupt. FIVE REISSUED CLASSICS Re Released Classics Originally Found In A Summons From The Duke Out Of Print , And A Summons From His Grace Out Of Print Jerrica Knight Catania S LOVING MISTER LOCKWELL Samantha Grace S TWICE UPON A TIME Lily George S A SECOND CHANCE FOR CHRISTMAS Marie Higgins S BECOMING A LADY Olivia Kelly S IT HAD TO BE YOU

After obtaining a degree in Vocal Performance from the Manhattan School of Music, and years of pursuing a career on the stage, Jerrica left the glamorous life of an actress in favor of writing romance She continues to reside in the New York City area with her husband, cat and their precious daughter.

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