The Doctors Little Ward

The Doctors Little Ward After The Death Of Her Deeply Indebted Father, Nineteen Year Old Abigail Barrow Faces A Hard Future In The Workhouses Of Nineteenth Century London Her Only Hope Lies In A Marriage To Dr Simon Abbott, A Man Whose Life Her Father Once Saved While They Both Served In Her Majesty S Navy But With No Education And No Dowry, She Can Hardly Expect The Esteemed Doctor To Agree To The Match, Especially When Her Sharp Tongue Earns Her A Trip Over His Knee For A Humiliating Bare Bottom Spanking During Their Very First Meeting The Reserved Dr Abbott Has Long Avoided Marriage, Knowing That What He Seeks In A Wife Is Not Easy To Find Abigail S Response To His Firm Chastisement Convinces Him That She Is Just The Woman He Needs, But She Will Require Training To Be A Properly Submissive Wife, And Thus Before He Makes Her His Bride He Decides To Bring Her Into His Home As His Ward On Her First Day In Simon S Home, Abigail Finds Herself Stripped Naked, Bathed Like A Child, And Then Dressed In Clothing Befitting A Little Girl Worse Still, Her Failure To Obey Her New Guardian Promptly Results In A Swift And Painful Punishment Applied To Her Bare Backside Yet Simon S Strict Discipline Is Accompanied By Gentle, Loving Care, And As The Days Pass His Intimate Attentions Awaken A Powerful Need Within Her When She Lies On The Doctor S Exam Table, Exposed, Vulnerable, And Blushing Crimson, Abigail Cannot Help Aching For Him To Claim Her But Can There Be A Permanent Place For Her In Simon S Life As Both His Wife And His Little Ward Publisher S Note The Doctor S Little Ward Is An Erotic Romance Novel That Includes Spankings, Sexual Scenes, Age Play, Medical Play, Anal Play, And If Such Material Offends You, Please Don T Buy This Book

Ava Sinclair is a best selling romance author who caters to readers who appreciate a plot driven book where the steamy sex complements the story, rather than overshadowing it.A hopeless bibliophile, Ava avidly reads across multiple genres, and this is reflected in her varied body of work that spans contemporary, medieval fantasy, western, historical, time travel and sci fi She especially e

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    A Victorian age play that certainly delivers I m a big fan of this era and age play somehow it goes together like milk and Oreo Cookies When you throw in a Doctor well that just gives it the extra sizzle Medical examination and play is done very well here though nothing harsh of course A ward discovers love and discipline go together The dynamic of ward and benefactor or owner or daddy just really works in this time frame due to the historical era being ripe for a slightly different gender dynamic This is a nice package and one you ll enjoy

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    Dr Simon Abbott knows that everyone is waiting with baited breath for him to choose a wife She will no doubt be a young lady of high social standing from a respectable family Problem is, sociaty s idea of the perfect wife a polite perfect hostess thats only willing to talk about the weather and have sex just to bare children, makes Abbott want to cringe With the introduction of Abigail Barrow, Abbott quickly realises that she may be the answer to all his prayers a young woman filled with fire and passion, that only needs a firm hand and warm loving embrass to make her his idea of a perfect wife.With the death of her father, Abigail Barrow knows she is destined for even harder times repaying his debts But she never dreamed that the price would be serving under another harsh man as his ward, soon to be wife Worse still is his determination of humiliating her by dressing her up as a child, putting her in the charge of a nanny, and spanking her when she crosses him Much to Abigail s surprise she soon learns that there is method to Dr Abbott s madness and he, the first man ever, might attually care for her Oh Abigail, you rebel against something you don t even realize you need a chance to be a little one a chance to go to bed at night on soft linens with no worries, a chance to be loved and protected and, if need be, corrected for your own good He paused and took a step closer until he was looking down at her As for coupling with you, that will only come when you are begging me for it, and even then only if you ve been a very, very good girl I honestly had low expectations for this story as other works in the same genre are lacking in one way or another All the characters have something to add to the story and are all well round considering how short to story is I enjoyed the fact the Simon is learning about this lifestyle as much as Abigail is And through watching another couple in a similar relationship and his own profession Simon has no trouble getting kinky ideas of how to keep his little one on her toes Did being strapped over my knee, of knowing you were helpless, make your pussy ache with need She sniffed again and it took her a moment to answer Am I a wanton Yes, he said But that is healthy However, I worry about you in other areas You are prone to nervousness, Abigail, and nurse tells me you are not eating well My tummy feels sick when I am nervous Or maybe you feel nervous when your tummy s sick He tipped her chin up until she was looking at him Just as your naughty bottom needed a good spanking, it also needs a good cleansing Cleansing She shook her head, confused Yes, my little one He scooped her up in his arms We re going to the exam room That being said, TDlW is a nice combination of sweet and delightfully kinky.

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    SPOILERS Not many, but they re there..Nineteen year old Abigail Barrow is brought to Dr Simon Abbott s home, by a solicitor hired by her father before his death His choices are to either marry Abigail and take on her father s extensive debt, or, by proxy, have Abigail sent to the workhouse to pay off her father s debt over her entire most likely, short lifetime Simon s decision is made when he really LOOKS at Abigail and sees how and what she really is, and how a marriage to someone like her would differ from the woman that his aunt wants him to his decision is made.I have a small confession the arranged forced marriage trope is probably one of my favorites I always have found it interesting, especially on a historical level what women have had to go through in order to survive and to be happy While men had of a choice, women were at their mercy, and it was up to them to try and make something out of nothing.One of my favorite parts about this book is howtender Simon is The debt that he has to pay off is mentioned only once or twice by him, in the entire book It is irrelevant, to his relationship with Abigail And I also liked how he got through to the root of Abigail s behavior and issues which is rooted in how she views herself which is not in a good light and reassures her.through words AND spankings He wasn t just a Daddy who liked to hit, or to punish for his own pleasure but also to get to the root of the problem And I also like that he made sacrifices for towards his own money and social standing by marrying a nobody who came with a ton of debt , and did it for THEIR happiness and health It wasn t a sacrifice for him it was something that he knew would be better for their household and relationship I think the author did a good job of balancing Abigail as someone who is vulnerable and shy two character traits I identify with and love to read about , without making her seem weak She is someone that I think every woman can identify with with especially us shy ones.This is probably my favorite Ava Sinclair book and I hope she does arranged forced marriages tropes

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    3.5 starsI liked this one a LOT than I thought I would The beginning with the heroine s comments really put me off Also the public spanking and the comments of the lawyer So I m glad I pushed forward The side story with the hero s aunt and cousin was sad and a little over done at points All in all, a nice surprise

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    An enjoyable read.

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    Dr Simon Abbott was saved by a shipmate in the Royal Navy, who then was saved by the doctor, though he would lose both his legs This caused a bitter man to return to his young wife and daughter The wife escaped through her own death, leaving their daughter to care for her father in poverty At his death, her father hired a lawyer to present his 19 year old daughter Abigail Barrow to Dr Abbott, with hopes that he would marry her and cover his debt, that could put the young woman in the workhouse Dr Simon refuses at first, but the ill mannered redhead soon finds herself over the doctor s knee and being spanked bare bottom in front of an audience She moves his inner desires, so Dr Simon agrees to have her become his ward, till he has trained her to become his wife Abigail is carried upstairs to the nursery which has adult size children s furniture His nurse puts her to sleep with a drugged milk and cookies, then goes out to buy her dresses for an adult child or little They sweetly fall in love as Abigail battles her feelings of not being good enough to be a doctor s wife Insecurities are re enfurced by his aunt and cousin they wish to him to marry Simon and Agigail marry and honeymoon at a country estate with littles and daddies entertain Abigail learns how to walk in both worlds.

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    Really enjoyed this one, liked how Abigail could be big and little and Simon is so determined not to settle for what his aunt and society expect.Totally five star Aubrey Anderson s review.

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    Typically Victorian age play can be harsh, but I did not find this one to be so I loved the romantic and sweet way this story played out Abigail has had such a hard life and when her father dies she thinks things are only going to get worse but surprisingly she is wrong Wrong in the best possible way as she gains a new guardian, Simon, who is smitten by her from their first meeting Their romance starts off unexpectedly and Abigail is against it but as time and circumstances change and develop their love blooms Great read I received this book from Stormy Night Publications as an Advanced Reader Copy.

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    Very sweet story I was glad to see Abigail overcome her bouts of inadequacy Simon was the perfect husband papa He was dominant, but super loving.

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    3.5 stars Great historical age play Not as harsh as some.

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