Inveiglement Erotic and very interesting and the characters was very well thought of and billion times better than the Fifty Shades books and it kept me on the edge and won this here i will pass this erotic story to friends This is one of those books where you want to put it down but cannot because you want to find out what happens next It is also a book you want at the back of the bookshelf away from prying eyes loved it and cannot wait for the next installment won through goodreads When Tom And Callie Meet, Their Lives Are Changed Forever They Are About To Embark On A Scorching Journey Filled With Eroticism, Intimacy, And Passion Rough, Ready, And Deliciously Raw, Tom Banham Is A Hunter He Knows How To Be Patient In Order To Get His Prey He Has Been Watching And Waiting For Five Long Years But The Time Has Come To Strike And He Is Ready To Pursue What He Wants What He Wants Is Callie Cashin When Callie, A Confident And Successful Business Woman Accepts His Invitation To Meet, She Is Unaware She Is Taking The First Step In A Life Changing Experience Once Bitten, Callie Crosses The Line And Falls Into A World Of Erotic Pleasure As Tom Becomes Her Obsession Smitten, Every Dare And Every Opportunity Becomes A Challenge To Be Met Inveiglement Invites You To Share The Darkest Secrets Of A Couple Who, Ravenous For Each Other, Risk Everything To Be Together Book In The Inveiglement Series Inveiglement Invitation by Good Reads author, Gerard Abrams, is only for very very mature audiences It is pure erotica that leaves nothing to the imagination Two people delve into a forbidden relationship both have significant others of teacher and student They get and daring and take and chances hoping to keep their dirty little secret. Well, this one was a surprise packet I have seen lots of social media of recent time and thought that I should give it a read.The thing that I enjoyed the most was the way in which it switched Back and forth between Tom and Callie This was something I always thought would one day someone would do and it is a mind tease as you roll back and forth One minute you are Tom next you are Callie.It is a modern day affair of two people who I saw a quote as saying married, but just no to each other I think that says it all. I won this book in GR giveaways in exchange for an honest review.I judge an erotic story by my own sexual arousal or by my will to do one day the same than the MCs, to try it I didn t stop once to try something while reading this book Not that it wasn t good, but it wasn t new stuff to me People cheating their spouses This is as old as the first marriage, and they are numerous The percentage of divorces because of adultery proves it Further, there are lots of people who never discover that their spouses or lovers were unfaithful and there are others who discover it and do not divorce for that reason So the percentage of cheatings is huge.And sex teachers There are so many men believing that they are THE BEST at it but once in the room or anywhere else they want to do it , they are not so marvelous than they said.Anyway, what I mean is that this book was written by men, the kind of men thinking they know it all The female voices are not so female to me.The most interesting part of this book is the domination submission overall tone and the fact that real people cheat sometimes So it seems that this part is realistic.For the rest, there are not good sex teachers in every corner of all the bars in the city There are a lot of guys wanting to believe they are that good though So the part about the sexual relationships are borderline unrealistic That s why I removed one star.The idea of using emails or textos is not very original.The writing is correct So I give it 4 stars. Inveiglement Invitation was an invitation to rediscover erotica through alternating male and female perspectives of Tom and Callie co authored by writers of respective genders Raw, explicit and uncompromisingly direct in its delivery read this book if you enjoy an intense love affair, explicit erotica, humorous dialogue and a cliff hanger ending This book is not for readers expecting subtle soft allurement or those uncomfortable with infidelity theme The prelude sets the tone and expectation for the rest of the novel upfront for the readers Not for the faint hearted. RECEIVED FROM GOODREADS GIVEAWAY I enjoyed this, it s raunchy and will certainly give you a few ideas if you are into that sort of thing I love how the characters are clearly identifiable and I also love how they each explore their guilty feelings for the love they have for each other how they ve reached that point to begin with You know it s going to explode at one point, it builds up to it, but you won t find out until the next book what happens as its left as the cliffhanger oh my I will never look at strawberries the same lol this book was the first I have ever read in this particular genre and I have to say, it s not for the feint hearted like me takes you on a crazy, wild ride and the message I got was to hunt or be hunted special thanks to the author for giving me the opportunity to read this for a review.. A hunter has to follow his rules Rule 1 Be very very quiet Nobody should know about it.Rule 2 Enjoy yourself.Rule 3 Only hunter makes the initiate contacts.Rule 4 Walk away when one has enough.However To hunt or to be hunted That s the question.Tom is a hunter, a teacher and he has a target that has black hair and long legs.Callie is a student who is willing to learn everything from Tom to explore the unknown exotic world and to taste the forbidden love Inveiglement is full of exoticism and dramas that is very addictive that makes me blush.Reading this book is like riding a roller coaster I felt curious to start with following with excitement and some negative feelings towards to the end that I can almost express how Callie feels at the end of the book This book has a lot to offer Not only it fulfills one s fantasy but also brings out some of the human natures Highly recommend it to find out what this book can offer you.

Three years ago Abrams and Elliott were business colleagues Today they are coauthors of erotic series Inveiglement Both professionals, both passionate about the outdoors and sharing a zest for life, they chose to interweave male and female perspectives to create a dynamic insight of gender interaction When we are not scaring our critiques with incomprehensible sentences, we are most likely fr

[Ebook] ➣ Inveiglement  By Abrams & Elliott –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 348 pages
  • Inveiglement
  • Abrams & Elliott
  • English
  • 27 September 2019

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