Devon Destroyers MC (South Coast Brothers #1)

Devon Destroyers MC (South Coast Brothers #1) Amazing Read that was beautifully written and created it flowed really well from chapter to chapter Loved this MC bad boys book read a few of these books recently and this one certainly didn t disappoint me it s right up there with the best of them A love story between heather and Blade who have both lost loved one s because of MC club s retribution, Loved the chemistry between these two Loved there romance all thought it had its ups and down s a rollercoaster ride of emotions Can t wait to read the next book in this series I received this Arc for my honest review I absolutely loved this book It had me wantingand I so desperately need to read book 2 like yesterday.Kacey I think this is your best book yet.The start of the book had me hooked from the beginning Heather lost everything because of her husband She watched him get killed and then was taken away from the home she loved.When she arrived at the compound heavily pregnant she was made me dance on stage, Cammie took her under her wing and made it slightly easier.Then enters Blade He senses something in Heather and wants to look after her, protect her from the president of the club At first I think he did it out of being a gentleman after losing his wife and daughter and her being pregnant but slowly he changed towards her He was warm, gentle and protected her, but soon he wanted to feel her against him and in his bed.The attraction was natural and grew, it didn t feel forced and the characters grew with the story I liked that Blade wasn t like all the other MC s I liked that he was gentle when he needed to be but rough and ready when he wanted something, usually involving Heather.I loved how Cammieof a character and how she progressed in the story Especially when she disappeared and Blade helped find her, again I think this wasfor Heather.The book left on a cliffhanger that I never expected I ve so many questions, did Blade leave internationally Has he been taken Where is MY Blade Kade Kacey please hurry up with book 2 I need it like now please.Well done on a amazing MC book This is the first MC Motorcycle Club romance book I ve read I have read a straight MC book which was brilliant , so I wasn t sure what to expect when I opened it up The summary had intrigued me and I was looking forward to reading it Sadly, I felt it didn t quite live up to the blurb.As I read, I felt that the author hadn t done much research beyond watching Sons of Anarchy At the time of reading, I had never seen the show, but I have now and the similarities are glaringly obvious Yet, the idea behind the story was a good one, and that is what kept me reading I wanted to know what happened to the characters.Overall, my complaints list is longer than the things I enjoyed Things such as needing another round of editing as the writing was often showing rather than telling, and the emotion was somewhat lacking Rather than write knock, knock, knock why didn t Hamford describe the knocking and why it scared the characters It distracted from the flow of the story Also, in many places, the language is far too colloquial and reads like someone is speaking rather than conveying a story This worked brilliantly in the dialogue, which I felt was the strongest aspect to the story, but not so much in the descriptions and narrative Also, another round of editing would pick up a couple of mispelled words that made me stop reading for a second, particularly the use of the wrong homophone in a sentence.The characters, particularly Cammie I have a thing for secondary characters, and Neil, were well rounded, believeable, and likeable most of time tim, I m looking at you Prez which, coupled with the dialogue, kept me wanting to know what was going to happen Cammie and Neil, as mentioned, were my favourite characters There was something about the two of them that really boosted Heather into a pretty good main character Their support obviously means everything to her, and it showed the way she protects them in return.While the concept for this book really appealed to me, the execution left a lot to be desired, and while I am on the lookout forMC books to read, I m unsure if I ll readin this series. I am a huge Kacey Hamford fan and when I found out she was writing an MC book, I just had to read it I was not disappointed.Heather is married to James, a member of the Devon Destroyers MC, and she is 8 months pregnant Her life changes dramatically when her husband is killed right in front of her and she is forced to live at the Devon Destroyers MC clubhouse She is given a skimpy little bra and panty set and made to perform on stage for all the brothers She learns she must do this on a regular basis in order to pay off her deceased husband s outstanding debt to the club.Blade, an enforcer for the Devon Destroyers, is trying to come to terms with the fact that his wife and daughter were brutally murdered When he sees Heather, something about her makes him want to protect her and her unborn child, at all costs To keep her safe and away from all of his hungry brothers, Blade lays his claim on Heather by moving her into his room at the clubhouse He needs her to understand that if she doesn t play house with him, she will be fair game for any one of the Devon Destroyers to have their way with her and toss her aside.Playing the part of an ol lady is not something Heather is ready for And she definitely does not want her soon to be born son involved with an MC Blade is struggling with the idea of having a family again.Can these two convince the brothers of the Devon Destroyers MC that they are indeed a couple Will they fall in love in the process Devon Destroyers MC is the first book in the South Coast Brothers series by Kacey Hamford Due to strong sexual situations, this book is intended for readers 18 and older I love a hot, sexy MC story and Kacey has done an outstanding job with this one I cannot wait to find out what happens next. Wow what a fantastic book and start to the series, this is about a biker called blade and a girl named heather who was forced into the Devon destroyers MC Great storyline, i loved blade from the start and he just kept getting better and better, except maybe the cliffhanger at the end, but there is alotto the story than what heather was told by uno the president and the other bikers, like all the secret phone calls blade was receiving There is one thing i would say about this book which is i did not like any of the other bikers i came across in the book that were Devon destroyers, don t think any of them were telling the truth about anything and were caught out in lies alot, did like Neil to start with then not so sure towards the end maybe he will change my mind again Other characters in the book i loved were Cammie for sure and Tiffany and of course baby Liam.My hopes for the second book is we find out what happened with blade and of course the girls have headed to Cornish Crusaders MC so im hoping they are going to be alot nicer bikers and we meet some new hot sexy men, and of course heather gets a happy ending like she deserves Would also like to hearabout her sister daisy which im sure we will in the next book Hope cammie also finds a great man Great work kacey cant wait for the next book. Mc love Ok so I m a newbie to mc books I ve read the odd one here and there but nothing that s really drawn me in Yep ive obviously not been looking in the right places because I absolutely loved this book May I just make it plainly clear now BladeIsMine ask kacey I claimed him first hehe This book like all of kacey s works is full of twists and turns You will experience emotional overload It will fill you with hope and then whip it out from underneath you bam Heather is sweet and innocent Although her husband has dealings with the Devon destroyers she has no idea of the way the club runs Until one day when her life is snatched from her Will she remain in control, or will the fateful day be the end of her life the way she has known it Blade mine Blade hasn t had a easy time Uncommitted to a single mc he moves around where needed This is until he falls for the charms of a sweet pregnant lady Can he save her or will it be another dreadful ending for the one he has feelings for Will his past experiences cloud his judgment I need book two asap That ending well let s say kacey is no longer on my Christmas card list lol loveyoureally I cannot wait to see what kacey will come up with next teamblade mclove devondestroyersmc bladeismine xx Heathers Life Drastically Changed When Her Husband Was Murdered In Front Of Her Forced To Live And Work At The Devon Destroyers MC To Pay Off Her Husband S Outstanding Debt With A Baby On The Way And No Place To Go Heather Would Do Anything To Survive, Even Play House With Someone Potentially Dangerous Blade Turned Enforcer For DDMC To Aid His Revenge Mission To Find And Exact Retribution On The MC Club That Killed His Wife And Daughter And Nothing Will Stop Him But Now This Overwhelming Feeling To Protect Heather And Her Baby Is Confusing Him Heather Never Expected Or Wanted The Life Of An Old Lady Blade Never Expected To Want Another Family Neither Expected To Find Love But Can They Make It WorkMaterial Arc for an honest review.5 So i have enjoyed all Kacey Hamfords books but this is my favourite so far.The writing flows smoothly and it is a light fun read I m very fuss when it comes to MC books, I find when an author gets them wrong they are very bad, there is no IN between it s really bad or really great Never fear though as this is definitely a book I will re read.Blade the badass is the right amount of tough and sweet and definitely my sort of alpha Heather is perfect for him as she knows when to relent and how to stick up for herself.As we all know this book has a cliffhanger and luckily we won t have to wait to long for the next book Usually I m pretty good at being able to guess where the story is heading and where it will end up BUT I never guessed how this book would come to its conclusion.The characters and plotlines were well developed mentally and emotionally The story dragged me in from the get go hence why I read it in one sitting.Out of all the characters I only ended liking 4 5 in the end of the book The rest I was like HEY ARSEHOLE.It s not a bad thing it just means I can t wait see where the next book takes us.P..s I will say I HATE UNO Peace out Ok let me just state this. I am a huge mc romance fan. But let me tell you about this book But I ain t going to revel a single thing about the book. Coz you will have to find out for yourself and BUY the book So the beginning of the book Omg seriously omg. I was about 2% in and I love it, it that amazing. Kacey hamford writing skills sucked me into the story and I became glued to my seat. The characters were made believable and realistic coz I mean some mc book are all about a big alpha male and a shy, timid little girl. But nope its was like BOOM I loved the story and following the lead characters on their personal journey. The highs the lows. Falling in love. The connection that they had The twists and turns This book had me on my edge of the seat. The sex scene are off the wall HOT and I was in need of a cold shower This is book is a 5 star read and for myself personally it is up there with some of the big names of the mc reads. And is better than some leading authors of today I personally Can not wait forfrom this series and future books from kacey hamford. You rock Thank you This is the start of a new series and oh how I wish the next book was out too This book still isn t out yet and I want the second book already This is another hit for Kacey Hamford The book starts out with Heather seeing her husband James shot and killed before her The Prez of the Devon Destroyers, Uno says she has to come with them to work off James debt even though she is very pregnant Blade, an enforcer, with the club says he wants Heather for himself so he can keep her safe Heather has to dance for the club members and any visiting clubs I don t want to give any spoilers, but I want to say there is love, laughs, danger, and many secrets in this first book alone You will get to meet a lot of characters from the Devon Destroyers, plus you learn that Heather s sister is married to the VP of the Cornish Crusaders MC Will Heather and Blade Kade find love or will they be separated Why does the Destroyers want Heathers baby there so much They are in for a big surprise there I highly recommend this series to everyone and I m looking forward to reading the rest of the books in this series when they become available.

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