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Sober Stick Figure Sober Stick Figure Is A Memoir From Stand Up Comedian Amber Tozer, Chronicling Her Life As An Alcoholic And Her Eventual Recovery Starting With Her First Drink At The Age Of Seven All Told With The Help Of Childlike Stick Figures Amber Writes And Illustrates The Crazy And Harsh Truths Of Being Raised By Alcoholics, Becoming One Herself, Stagnating In Denial For Years, And Finally Getting SoberAs A Teenager, Amber Is An Overachieving Student Athlete Who Copes With Her Family S Alcoholic Tragedies By Focusing On Her Achievements It Quickly Takes A Funny And Dark Turn When She Starts To Experiment With Booze And Ignores The Warning Signs Of Alcoholism Through Blackouts, Cringe Worthy Embarrassments, And Pounding Hangovers, She Convinces Herself That She Just Likes To Party She Leaves Her Hometown Of Pueblo, Colorado To Follow Her Dreams, And Ends Up In New York City, Spending Lots Of Time Binge Drinking, Passing Out On Trains, And Telling Jokes On Stage She Then Moves To Los Angeles, Thinking Sunshine And Show Business Will Save Her Eventually Hitting Rock Bottom, She Has A Moment Of Clarity, And Knows She Has To Stop Drinking It S Now Been Seven Years Since That Last Drink, And She S Ready To Tell Her Story Sober Stick Figure Is Adventurous, Hilarious, Sad, Sweet, Tragic And Ultimately Inspiring

Amber Tozer has written for the Cartoon Network s animated sketch series MAD and Adult Swim s Moral Orel Her tweets have been featured by Ellen, Huffington Post, Playboy, and Mandatory She co created nitTWITS, a Twitter based web series that features writers and performers from SNL, Modern Family, The Office and Conan She has appeared on Last Comic Standing, performs stand up comedy across the

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  • Hardcover
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  • Sober Stick Figure
  • Amber Tozer
  • English
  • 06 February 2019
  • 9780762459728

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    To read of my reviews please go to Lit Wit Wine and Dine.Amber Tozer is super funny, brutally honest comedian who has bravely chosen to share her story of alcoholism and recovery with the world If you re thinking this is another super heavy memoir that will leave you feeling nothing but depression and pity, just take a look at the cover That sick figure version of Amber makes frequent appearances throughout the book In a very real and funny way, Amber Tozer shares how and why she first began drinking, how her drinking became out of control, her struggles to gain control, and finally, how she was able to get sober And there are also several funny stories about urine And a few other funny funny haha and funny odd stories that have little or nothing at all to do with urine.It s refreshing to hear another human being share their insecurities and worst moments with such candor and humor.There s no blame game being played here though the author did have some difficult moments in her childhood And though I got the sense that she definitely had some regrets about some of the things that occurred while she was drinking, this isn t a preachy book about redemption or regret and self loathing I got the sense that she was sharing her story to make people smile and to help others who may be having a difficult time.Sober Stick Figure was a quick, page turning, one day read for me.4.5 5 starsThanks to Running Press via NetGalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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    I liked this book very much, I m wavering between 4 or 5 stars I will write a longer review tomorrow I do recommend this memoir.Thought I would add a few things to my review I liked the little stick figure drawings that accompanied the author s memories really cute and clever idea I don t know anyone with an addiction to alcohol but I have read similar books and this is well done I especially liked the letter she wrote to her father at the end of the book I had a similar relationship with my dad and this was something that was suggested to me Maybe I ll still do it.

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    This is a memoir of a young woman s struggle with addiction and recovery The book is illustrated with simple stick figures drawn by the author.This book begins with the following words This is a dark and funny story about alcoholism I hope it helps anyone who needs it I like this book It informs, enlightens and entertains the reader Amber Tozer grew up in a dysfunctional family with an alcoholic father and codependent mother It is no surprise that she began drinking at a young age.The problem was, she did not realize that her drinking was a problem until her life was spinning out of control and she was on the verge of despair After seven years of binge drinking and destructive relationships, Amber finally admitted that she was an alcoholic and needed help This decision changed everything.The stick figure illustrations really cracked me up Ms Tozer has the ability to keep the reader laughing even through the most heartbreaking and tragic situations I believe this book will be very beneficial to anyone wanting to learn about the devastation that alcohol or any drug addiction can have on an individual This book contains profanity including some F bombs , so I recommend it for adult readers.MY RATING 5 Stars Out Of 5FYI I received a free digital copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for a fair review.

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    i really liked this book it was a funny, quick read i have always had a fear of drinking or drugs mostly cause i think ill die and reading this book kind of solidified my reason its a scary ass thing Amber talks about growing up, how she was surrounded by alcohol, how she discovered it, kept at it and hid it very well and essentially how she decided that she d rather live sober than hate life drinking and drinking to keep at life its crazy to think how much your childhood life and surroundings can affect who you become as a person duh les but its true she was surrounded by her father, her uncle, her job life and friends alcohol was always around her and she did it she became a full blown alcoholic and she hid it so well and even though people knew, they never knew the extent of it I d recommend this book because of the journey that it tells because its not a serious book telling you to get your shit together if you happen to be a drug addict or an alcoholic but because she s telling you her life and what she went through and how she got it back and her writing is good the cliffhangers that she leaves you with for example what happened when she told the dogs owners trust me, no spoilers there are several dog stories and the way she picks it back up she talks about her life in Pueblo and moving to New York on her own and just figuring shit out while fueling her alcohol addiction she moves to LA eventually and she continues her alcoholism until one day she finally has her epiphany and very ironic i must add and decided to start her life over her writing is good but its not until the end when she starts talking about her sober movement and her letter at the end that you can see how beautiful it is her parting words put freaking tears in my eyes and it might be because I m still upset that someone ate my salad and they wont admit to it and cause i have to replace the Tupperware but i love her outlook on her addiction and her decision to recapture her life she picked herself up and she realized that she deserves than anything alcohol could ever give her and shes been fighting for her sober life 7 years I d definitely pick this up if not only for the message and the stories and she got in to a lot of shit that even i was like how the hell did you not get kidnapped or killed that she tells but also for her stick figure drawings those are the best

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    This book was easy to connect with because I understand the subject matter and am familiar with it Admittedly on some level we have all experienced the effects of addiction whether it is by direct result of our actions or those of others.I have been very close to alcoholics all my life My mom tried and tried and still couldn t keep my dead from drowning chronic ethanol poisoning homeless dad away from the drug and drank So while I was scared of it, I grew up in a place where alcohol abuse was normalized and celebrated small town Wisconsin by people very close to me Having had an absent, alcoholic father I have always wondered, what does this mean for me What is it like for other people to go through loss detached family members as they may be slaves to their addictions being the detached family member and not knowing it is this hereditary Should I be worried Binge drinking in college is normal right Everyone does it, no But everyone doesn t end up peeing in plastic take out bags and losing them off the balcony winkwinkOverall it was refreshing to read an account by someone with experience on the subject matter about something that is not easy to talk to people about Strangers think it s too heavy and your friendswellsometimes they ve heard enough of your worries or they don t see anything wrong with staying on the boat and you re killing the party This book is a step in the right direction for anyone who is apprehensive about taking that next step forcing themselves to keep the discussion going Pushing through when it s uncomfortable Realizing you aren t the only one 10 10 would read again less

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    I loved this book so much Comedian Amber Tozer writes so candidly and honestly about her experiences with alcoholism, and what it took for her to finally become sober I ve followed Amber on Twitter for years, and I am in such awe of her ability to find humor in the dark and twisty moments in life She has such a unique comedic voice, and the addition of the little stick figure drawings adds a whole other level of humor They punctuate her stories in such a perfect way that I found myself laughing out loud, and then being like, wait that is heartbreaking why am I laughing She was able to convey so much heart and humor into this difficult subject matter, in a way that was poignant, and surprisingly not preachy It s a quick and easy read, that is super entertaining, and unexpectedly really inspiring Whether you re an alcoholic, or you have any family or friends who are, this book provides profound insight into alcoholism in such a real and relatable way I cannot recommend this book highly enough.

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    I loved this book, read it in one afternoon It is highly relatable, funny, ridiculous, heartbreaking, feel good, wise, and unlike a lot of books about sobriety, it is never at all preachy She takes you through her entire career as a partier By simply sharing her experience, I imagine she will help countless others reflect on their own partying careers Oh yeah, and the drawings are frickin hysterical They are the perfect punctuation to her stories and highlight her original voice Really well done, I look forward to whatever comes next from this author Four thumbs up

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    I really wanted to like it The great title, the funny and childish drawings, the interesting preview a stand up comedian tackling the bitter subject of getting clean promised for a lot .The problem for me it s that it didn t delivered on the funny side The narrative feels dull, monotone and tedious Just an account of things that happened And when the author puts a funny twist or side note, it feels compelled to comment on it a constant see what I did there , that makes it feel forced and artificial.If you re looking for a story on struggling to overcome alcoholism, maybe it will work for you But if you are looking for the laughs and humor, it falls short.

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    Reading Amber Tozer s book is funny, moving and real How many things can you say that about Reading Sober Stick Figure was a sobering experience in the best way In her writing, she s honest with you and willing to take risks To me, the book is worth reading for that alone But there is a lot She s not afraid of being human or looking bad Because of that, she s really funny, especially in the darkest moments She doesn t hide things, she blows them up Also, it was very interesting to hear what the draw of alcohol was for her, what it seemed to do for her I love that she s even confessional about the book writing process itself Her drawings are hysterical, her writing is sharp and there are moments that made me cry And the last time I cried was my Bar Mitzvah I cried for a year straight So reading this was an experience that I will remember Read it and laugh and weep I have a feeling we ll be hearing a lot about her.

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    A memoir of a stand up comedian who starts drinking at age seven and continuing until it is than she can handle This book is about alcoholism and how it causes problems in your life Amber finally meets someone who is sober She starts attending AA and becomes sober.The author draws little stick figures throughout the book The book is funny at times even though she is also seriously writing about an addiction she lived with for three decades She is now sober I hope she continues to stay sober.Disclaimer I received an arc of this book free from the author publisher from Netgalley I was not obliged to write a favorable review, or even any review at all The opinions expressed are strictly my own.1

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