Wild Mama

Wild Mama When Carrie Visintainer Became A Mother At The Age Of Thirty Two, She Worried It Was All Over, That Her Adventurous Life Was Done World Travel Adios Solo Explorations In The Mountains Ciao Creative Outlets She Wondered, Are Diapers My New White Canvas Immersed In A Whirlwind Of Sleeplessness And Spit Up, She Was Madly In Love With Her New Baby, Yet Also Felt Her Adventurous Spirit And Core Identity CrumblingSo Carrie Laced Up Her Boots And Set Out On A Soul Searching Journey, With Revelations Near And Far Inside A Local Walmart, She Realized That New Motherhood Is Like Traveling To A Foreign Country, With A New Vocabulary, Unknowable Customs, And Extreme Jetlag Lying In A Yurt In The Colorado Forest, She Came To Terms With Her Postpartum Depression While Sailing On A Gulet Off The Coast Of Turkey, She Examined Feelings Of Guilt About Leaving Her Child In Pursuit Of Adventure And Then, While Perched In A Handsome Stranger S Motorcycle Sidecar In The Mexican Jungle, She Found Herself Face To Face With Her Central Quandary Domesticity Vs WanderlustFinally, She Discovered She Could And Should Have Both

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Wild Mama book, this is one of the most wanted Carrie Visintainer author readers around the world.

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  • Paperback
  • 216 pages
  • Wild Mama
  • Carrie Visintainer
  • 10 June 2018
  • 9780996487108

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    Love this book This is my new go to baby shower gift, which every expectant mother friend of mine will be getting from this day forward I know SO many women who fear that their identity as adventurer, artist, writer, traveler, or fill in the blank will be threatened by becoming a mother and this is a very valid fear Quite often, we see women giving up their unique, creative identities once their kids are born, unfortunately But as Carrie Visintainer shows us in her inspiring memoir, there can be another way Women can creatively pursue their passions while being loving mothers Carrie shares her own journey to this realization in the beautifully written WILD MAMA She is our sensitive, honest, witty, and bold guide into this ground breaking territory She shares with us her own vulnerabilities and triumphs in a relatable, engaging, and moving narrative she makes us feel a sense of camaraderie, a sense of determination that we, too, can design our lives in a way that honors our own passions Highly recommended

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    Why I read this book I won a copy of Carrie Visintainer s first novel Wild Mama through the Tales of Mountain Mama s blog Her blog is my go to for gear and activity suggestions for enjoying the outdoors with small children.My one sentence summary Motherhood is about embracing change without giving up who you are.Kudos My own transition to motherhood at the age of 37 was one of the traumatic experiences of my life Although I don t share Visintainer s wanderlust, I can relate to her need to preserve those individual qualities that make us who we are before baby I found reassurance in her struggles to redefine herself post baby I enjoyed reading about her solo adventures and the push pull if motherhood against individuality.Quibbles My only quibble is that the sections jump in time, which was disorientating The chapters felt like a collection of essays rather than a cohesive work.Final verdict High recommend to any outdoors mama s who need a pep talk on the value and importance of finding a way to hold on to what makes them a person As Visintainer says, being kids respect their parents for being individuals.

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    Carrie Visintainer 96AuthorFrom the author When Carrie Visintainer became a mother at the age of 32, she worried it was all over, that her adventurous life was done World travel Adios Solo explorations in the mountains Ciao Creative outlets She wondered, Are diapers my new white canvas Immersed in a whirlwind of sleeplessness and spit up, she was madly in love with her new baby, yet also felt her adventurous spirit and core identity crumbling.So she laced up her boots and set out on a soul searching journey, with revelations near and far Inside a local Walmart, she realized that new motherhood is like traveling to a foreign country, with a new vocabulary, unknowable customs and extreme jetlag Lying in a yurt in the Colorado forest, she came to terms with her postpartum depression While sailing on a gulet off the coast of Turkey, she examined feelings of guilt about leaving her child in pursuit of adventure And then, while perched in a handsome stranger s motorcycle sidecar in the Mexican jungle, she found herself face to face with her central quandary Domesticity vs Wanderlust Finally she discovered she could and should have both.

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    Full disclosure I know Carrie personally, and that s how I got an advance copy of this book But I don t know her THAT well we met at a writing retreat about a year ago , so it says a lot that I d take the time to write a review here I was nervous picking the book up, hoping I d like it Luckily, I loved it.Her descriptions of the early days of motherhood were gripping and poignant I kept rooting for her to succeed, and laughing along with her at her failures As an adventurous woman pondering myself whether to have kids, this is exactly the kind of inside look at those emotional struggles that I was looking for I ve wanted to hand it to at least half a dozen friends since I finished it last month.

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    Wonderful She captures a side of motherhood that isn t as widely talked about the mother s identity outside her child.

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    I liked this at first but sfter a while I just felt like I was reading the same scenario over and over again By the end I was just ready for it to be done While I related to the wanderlust just on a different level and in a different way, I often felt like I was reading the memoirs of a woman going through of a mid life crisis and less of a new mother loss of identity Granted my daughter is 9, so I m well passed this stage in life Not to mention I never really experienced it on her level so I might not be the best to comment on it I just know that this just wasn t for me on some levels but on others I didn t mind it.

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    Unfortunately, it just wasn t great All of the topics and instances that the author wrote about where so briefly mentioned that the only ones I could really identify with were the ones that mirrored my own experiences but that wouldn t really help with a new mama who is anxious about beginning parenthood.One thing I can mention though, is that it struck me as very useful The author would bring her notebook, her journal, when she would go to all of these different destinations, even in the deep jungle He was able to take field notes in the depths of motherhood, where maybe your thoughts are hazy but you can make notes and go back to regroup when the haze has cleared.

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    I found this book at the guesthouse I m staying at in Yelapa and was excited to read it I was a bit disappointed since it seems like she s a pretty standard north american mom who goes on backpacking trips and international vacations than average I guess I was expecting something a little crazier and wilder That being said, it was fun to read and I could relate to a lot of her experiences as a mother with small children, and especially fun because I m in Yelapa.

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    I guess I was expecting someone who was wild and had zing she was pretty ploddy and whined a lot in my opinion.

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    I loved this book I think it should be required reading for all moms

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