Send in the Hero

Send in the HeroThe third installment of this series, or should I say, serial space opera, is every bit as entertaining and imaginative as the first two books Yes, they are easy reads in that they really only touch lightly at the angst and deep philosophical dilemmas which could make this book just another word padded expression of the author s own psyche However, this is one factor which greatly contributes to what makes them so much fun to read After a long day, there is hardly anything satisfying than to be able to relax and read an enjoyable story I consider it junk food for the brain I look forward to reading each book as soon as I finish the last The almost interminable wait a minute or two for the next book to download from my Kindle Unlimited account is a very small price to pay for the joy I derive from finding another great book on my pad I say, Write on Tim. Another excellent bookI can t get enough of jon,jane, and the rest of the team I have every book in the series so far and I m rereading them, while waiting for the next one. Fun, the main character is still pretty much infallible though at least the author introduces a mechanic to kind of explain some of it The main is still one of the most blatant mary sue characters At this point, I m still reading this just to see how ridiculous it s going to have to get before he suffers a major failure and main characters will actually be seriously hurt and have consequences. I love Hunter What can I say Another fantastic book by Mr Ellis The story of Jon Hunter just keeps getting better and better This time the odds are massively against him but what happens He just keeps getting promoted Good book 3And while it did end on a cliffhanger this is another solid book, I still really enjoy reading this series and I m on to the next book I recommend you read this book 2. heaps of action, great fun, looking for Great seriesThis is a great series space battles and pirates, bounty hunters Excellent writing with believable characters and total interesting stories. Jonathon Hunter Is A Long Way From Home, And Intent On Getting Back To Track Down His Unknown Adversary But Local Problems Intrude An Annoyance Becomes A Real Threat Trading One War For Another Wasn T In His Game Plan, But You Do What Has To Be Done To Keep Others Alive Jonathon Isn T Playing One Of His Computer Games Any , And The Save Button Only Works By Putting Your Life On The Line When The Odds Are Stacked Against You, There Is Only One Thing Left To Do Send In The Hero The Hunter Legacy Series Hero At Large Hunted Hero Hunting Send In The Hero Make Or Break The Hero Forthcoming The Hunter Legacy is a great series I love these characters, Jonathan, the twins, Alison, Jane Everyone who loves some fun adventure with great characters should read this. More than a bit over the topThe I read the I struggled Everything seeemed too exagerated, and what was already extreme in the first 2 books went completely over the top this time I actually like OP Mcs but the way it was done here was pretty unconvincing He s effortlessly a genius at everything on the first try and the story does not make it easy for the reader to suspend disbelief on that one It often read like every character but the MC is a dumbed down shadow of a person, and he has capability than whole governments put together A little balance would have improved the read I tried hard to finish it, but I couldn t take it seriously after a while, And finaly gave up at 80%

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➻ Send in the Hero Download ➼ Author Timothy Ellis –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 319 pages
  • Send in the Hero
  • Timothy Ellis
  • English
  • 15 September 2019

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