Yummy Indulgences (Men of Charlestown, #1).

Yummy Indulgences (Men of Charlestown, #1). Sparks Fly When Blue Collared Worker Allen Meets Shiloh The Baker, But As Their Relationship Becomes Serious, Will They Be Able To Handle The Heat What Should Have Been Just Another Day, Ended Up Changing Allen Garner S Life Forever He D Just Finished The Night Shift As A Supervisor At The Rendering Plant, When His Sister Gives Him A Frantic Call Asking Him For A Favor To Meet With The Local Baker, Shiloh Ballard, And Pick Out His Parent S Fortieth Wedding Anniversary Cake Reluctantly Roped Into Doing This Chore, When All He Wants To Do Is Go Home And Sleep, Allen Is Surprised And Immediately Enchanted By The Beautiful Baker The Moment He Lays Eyes On HimShiloh Can T Believe A Strong, Masculine Man Like Allen Would Ever Be Interested In A Rainbow Flying, Petite Baker Like Himself Immediately Sparks Fly Between Them And They Are Swept Up Into A Whirlwind Romance Which Soon Turns Into A Deep Love Neither Man Expected But There Is One Problem Allen Hasn T Revealed His Sexuality At Work And Because Of This, Their Relationship Must Be Kept A Secret, Causing Both Men To Wonder If Their Relationship Is Strong Enough To Survive Living Together As A Couple Out And Proud

Hi My name is Andi and I write Homoerotic Romance Novels I ve been asked several times if I really do believe in happy endings My answer will always be YES As a shameless romantic at heart, all of my books will always give my heroes the happy ending they deserve.I m a proud author with eXtasy books, Mischief Corner Books and Siren Publishing.I love hearing from my readers Please feel free to

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    Note I m not gay Completely straight But, It s a Good love story.Exceptional one.Emotions fell within their heart.Happy ending with being together.

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    2 stars Unfortunately, Yummy Indulgences didn t work out for me too much insta love I am actually not at all against insta love if it is well done and credible, but it just wasn t the case in this book I wasn t able to connect with Allen and Shiloh, but I am definitly willing to give the second installment in the Men of Charlestown series a try.

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    This is a predictable, cookie cutter sweet, fluffy romance Be warned this is heavy on the insta love It s not for the cynics at heart.It s a mostly paint by numbers romance with the two main characters, Allen and Shiloh, falling for each other the instant they set eyes on each other My biggest complaint on that end is for most of their scenes together you could easily interchange Shiloh s pronouns of he , his , and him with she and her and change out Shiloh s boy parts with girl parts and it would have made absolutely no difference whatsoever.I personally felt like the ultimate portrayal of Allen s homophobic workplace and bigoted co workers was trite and unimaginative It felt like a lost opportunity for Anderson to have fleshed out Allen s life and character to really show how and why Allen had stayed closeted for so many years I mean, he stayed in his position hiding who he really is from his co workers and boss for fifteen years I would have liked to have read about the conflict of keeping his job at the expense of being true to himself One thing you need to know about me is that I hate lying Nothing is worse than a liar and the ironic thing isI live a lie and I hate it The men I work with would never understand my sexuality They have no tolerance for it and would do everything within their power to make my life miserable enough at work to either quit or sabotage me in some way so I would get fired Much of this story just felt like a huge lost opportunity for character development Instead it just offered up a simplistic love at first sight romance with no real substance Copy generously provided by eXtasy Books in exchange for an honest review. This review has been cross posted at Reviews by Jessewave

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    This was a really good book that I liked a lot Allen Garner has just got of work when his sister calls him and ask him to go to a local bake shop to pick out a cake for his parent s fortieth wedding anniversary cake When he gets there he meets the baker Shiloh Ballard the owner of Yummy Indulgences sparks fly when he lays eyes on Shiloh Shiloh ask Allen out on a date and he accepts Everything is going great until Allen tells him that he is not out at work turns out he works in a homophobic environment This was a pretty good read I really liked both of these character s Shiloh tells Allen that as long as he is honest with himself than things will be fine This was my first time reading this author This book was well written with no errors in grammar or spelling as this is the first book in a new series too me I am looking forward to reading the next book.

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    Awwww man I hate that this book had to end I loved Shiloh and Allen from the beginning to end of the book Allen was just the sweetest guy and his love for Shiloh was so sweet I want of them Great great book.

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    2012 Review So tell me Is Allen handsome Is Shiloh gorgeous Good thing, too, that they use their names to address each other every time they exchange words I mean otherwise I might not remember them or something But tell me again, is Allen handsome Because I am not convinced yet It s been over half a page since you last said he was.Hey, Allen, I am all with you regarding the unable to lie thing, but did you really have to pretty much spill Shiloh s contact details while keeping up the impression he s a girl Just seems like an ill advised thing to do, you know, what with your workmates being complete homophobes and all.And Shiloh, are you really sure that Allen s handsome Truthfully, the name thing only is an issue in the beginning, while the rest of my little list happily keeps up I was prepared for this, of course, since I glanced at my review of the first book before restarting this series Oddly enough, the things I complained about did not register much with me this time around during the first volume They certainly did with number two, however Strange.So yeah Everyone s beautiful and the story lacks tension despite the fact that this time we actually have Evil Homophobes around to provide Issues Happy, sappy, lalala At least it s not offensive Well, I think a certain amount of blandness might be considered offensive but luckily we don t quite reach those levels yet.So Are we sure Allen s handsome

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    Quick, low angst, enjoyable read I did kinda wish Allen could ve found something besides baby to call Shiloh all the time I am afraid this may be a me issue not a you issue I also have problems with repeated use of daddy, my lover and many other endearments that are nice when used sparingly grin Now, before I move onto my next book, I feel the need to go make some strawberry cupcakes D

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    Yummy Indulgences is a sweet romantic read that explores the love between Allen Garner, rugged, masculine, only out to his family and Shiloh Ballard, a lean, openly gay, bakery chef and owner Throughout this story, author Andi Anderson maintains a purity to her writing and to her characters The emotions, their struggles, and the conclusion travel along a pleasant path that keeps you wondering what will happen next, but which also rings true and believable.What drew me in most while reading was the complexity of the two main characters Without beating the reader over the head, Ms Anderson skillfully reveals why each protagonist struggles, what past events have led to their current situations I felt, by the end of the book, that I knew these two characters and I certainly now why they belong together.There were a couple of aspects to this story that I would have liked to have seen further developed Questions which remained unanswered by the end of the book Such things as why Shiloh holds off on sex, the struggle Allen faces as his relationship progresses with Shiloh and as he runs the very real risk of being outed at work, the impact of Shiloh s family history and how that has shaped who he is Each of these things is addressed, but I found myself wanting from these plot developments and others.With that being said, the simplicity of the story and it s development is also the story s strength It follows a clean story line, one that does not leave gaping holes and which rolls along with the right balance of tension conflict and happiness until we reach the ending.All in all, this was a highly pleasurable read.

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    3.5 StarsThis was a cute story I mean, I liked it but there was just something missing from it that couldn t hold my attention for that long so I put it down and picked it up a few times Shiloh and Allen are likable characters We get a little glimpse of who they are in little details and how they spend their time together The times that Shiloh didn t realize he had flour or icing or something on his face just made me smile and even though Allen is a recluse, it seemed like he blossomed a little bit from being with Shiloh.I felt that the issue with Allen s job was fixed way too easily, though With how much it was talked about and how big of an issue it posed for the story, the resolution to it was over basically before I clicked to the next page on my kindle I would have liked for it to have been a bit explained, with maybe drama to it As it was, the ending just fell flat to me Overall, I enjoyed the story even if it felt a little unfinished If there is in the series, I hope we get to see some of the characters from His Christmas Wish and some of Shiloh and Allen.

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    2.75 stars

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