Ash and the Prince (Grimm Tidings, #1)

Ash and the Prince (Grimm Tidings, #1) Ashley Ash Prince Hates Using Magic, But That Doesn T Stop Her Mother From Forcing Lessons On Her She Resists Except When It Helps Her Stepbrother, Charlie Charlie Is Sick And None Of The Doctors Knows Why When Ash Has A Witch Dream, She Is Determined To Find The Elusive And Rare Ghost Orchid A Flower That Could Be The Key To Saving Him Her Mother Begs Her Not To Go Because Not Only Did Ash S Dream Reveal A Way To Heal Her Brother, It Also Hinted At Her Death But When Her Brother Gets Worse, She Refuses To Sit Around And Let Him Die In A Race Against Time, Ash And A Boy She Met In A Coffee Shop Go In Search Of The Ghost Orchid Only Someone Doesn T Want Her To Find It Family Secrets Are Revealed And Ash Has To Decide Whom To Trust The Mother That Raised Her, Or The Boy Barely Knows Love And Family Collide In This Cinderella Retelling

Katie Doyle is an avid reader, writer of YA, NA, and Adult fiction, a mom to two tornadoes that resemble a ten and seven year old, and pet to a tuxedo cat named Oz and a German Shepherd Boxer rescue named Charlie If she s not reading, writing, or getting Oz out of a tree, she s watching TV with her husband and trying not to curse around her kids.

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    3.5 starsI m usually very picky about my fantasy reads, so I was wary when it came to reading Ash and the Prince Surprisingly, I enjoyed it far than I expected to As far as Cinderella retellings go, I won t exactly classify this as a typical retelling The story is filled with enchantment and a bit of mystery Ash would do anything for her ailing step brother even if it means putting herself in danger What she doesn t realise is that Charlie s illness is not the natural kind When she finally starts to receive answers on ways to help her brother in the form of dreams, she wastes no time in searching for the cure Ash is a strong character She can be rash when it comes to decision making, but she means well She is loyal, and this can be seen in the lengths she takes to save Charlie s life Ash is also very determined once she sets her mind towards something, nothing can get in her way.On thing I like about this story is the unexpected turns it takes I had a lot of I did not expect that moments when reading this book, and that alone is enough to make me warm up to a story I also like the fact that mostly everything in Ash and the Prince centres on Ash s love for her brother The pacing is fast, and with every event that unfolded, I found myself looking forward to the next page The background of the story is pretty rich, and it clued me in on the fact that the author has a lot in store for the readers when it comes to the sequel s.Overall, Ash and the Prince is a quick, interesting read that promises an interesting series, and will leave its readers looking forward to of Ash.

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    Ashley Prince isn t lazy, she just doesn t want to use magic Except in matters helping her younger stepbrother, Charlie Ash feels helpless when Charlie falls ill and nears death The answer to saving him comes to Ash in a Witch Dream, but her mother forbids her from seeking the cure which is in a rare flower called a Ghost Orchid Ash takes off to find it and finds help in the form of a cute barista named Jason The closer she gets to finding the flower, greater horrors are revealed about Charlie s illness and her own history Someone doesn t want her to cure Charlie, but who can she really trust when everyone is now who she believed them to be The strength in this modern fairy tale is in Ash s love and dedication to her brother She never falters in it no matter the rest of her world is crumbling around her Ash may be rash like any teenager at times, but her loyalty is admirable and it made me root for her right from the beginning She is no helpless maiden in need of rescuing.The mystery winds tight and unravels in an increasingly suspenseful pace What I particularly liked was that though this was Ash s story, there are even greater tales lurking around it Elsa s, her mother s, the Witch Council It makes for a rich backdrop and allows for future story possibilities.A quick YA read with lots of magic, menace, and mystery I ll definitely be reading from this author in the future.

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    Ash and the Prince is Katie s first book and it was very excellent It had me on my seats edge throughout the entire book I would have gotten it finished earlier if it hadn t been for a few things that needed to be taken care of around the house.I loved how she incorporated the retelling of a classic fairytale, magic, love both romantic and familial, secrets, and a heroine that keeps true to being herself.The first thing that she incorporated into her book is the retelling of Cinderella She retold it by having Ash, Cinderella, be a witch that is trying to save her stepbrother who is sick much like his dad was, and Ash dealing with her mother not being happy about her trying to save her stepbrother I was just so impressed with Katie s ability to give a classic fairytale a new spun It makes you hope that Ash doesn t die because of the flower.The second thing that Ms Doyle incorporated into her book is magic The fact that Ash hates using magic makes you stop and think about why she hates it That is one reason to buy the book, you know, so that you can find out who would hate using magic This made me very curious about how magic could be a part of the retelling of the classic fairytale, Cinderella I loved the book completely, including the parts of the book that talk about magic It really makes me wonder what if magic is still real.The third thing that Ms Doyle incorporated into her book is love both romantic and familial The way that Ash cares about her little stepbrother, her mom, and her stepfather are all sweet And yet the romance she finds with the boy that she met at a coffee shop is also sweet Ash never knew her dad so when her mom married her stepdad he became her surrogate dad Ash loved him very much and she also loves her little stepbrother They treat each other as if they were actually siblings No matter what ends up happening between Ash and her mom, Ash still loves her Ash doesn t like the decisions that her mom made in the past, the and present and she probably won t like the ones that her mom makes in the future as well Ash has never really felt any romantically feelings for anyone until she meets Jason and she falls for him after he starts helping her research the Ghost Orchid flower He even goes all the way to another state to help her look for it Jason will stand against her mom and anyone else that gets in their way Their relationship is another big main thing that is really present in the book.The fourth thing that Ms Doyle incorporated into her book is secrets because that seems to be the base of a lot of the stuff in the book The big secret in the book is with the magical witch community They will not telling anyone that they are witches unless the person is also a witch Ash kind of breaks this secret every time she tells stories to her little stepbrother, Charlie, but the little eight year old just thinks that they are all just stories He loves the stories, and all that Ash wants is to see a happy smile on his face The other secret is how Charlie got sick However, that is a really big one that we don t find out until later in the book Another big secret is with why Ash has this much power when no one else really did and the one about Charlie, which we also find out until later in the book.The last thing that Ms Doyle incorporated into her book is a heroine that stays true to herself Ash doesn t really change all that much throughout the book She is still that headstrong stubborn girl that doesn t want to practice her magic because she doesn t like it while being a protective, kind, and nice person to Charlie and at times Jason Ash tries her best to keep this strong face in front of Charlie so that he doesn t see her break down She needs to be strong for him while they try to find out what is wrong with him as Charlie is slowly deteriorating daily Ash wants to save Charlie this is very clear throughout the book and that she doesn t care about the risks Ash totally stays strong, true to her beliefs and yet she is still shows her femininity Granted it isn t highlighted in the book but I feel it is there.Ms Doyle is an excellent author She had me sucked in with the plot of the book immediately, which is saying a lot about her writing It usually takes me the first chapter or two of a book to decide if I am going to like it or if I think the plot seems interesting to me.Ash and the Prince by Katie Doyle deserves the five butterflies rating that I am giving it This is a really great book and I will tell anyone that asks me what a brilliant book this is to read Anyways until the next time enjoy this book review brought to you byBaroness Book Trove.PLEASE NOTE THAT THE AUTHOR AND PUBLISHER ASKED ME TO READ AND GIVE AN HONEST REVIEW FOR THIS BOOK To read of my reviews please visit my site Thanks.

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    Posted originally on my blog The Writer s InkwellSo I have to admit, I was a bit dense when it came to this particular novella This happens from time to time, but as I read it, I couldn t figure out how it was a reimagined version of Cinderella This is actually a good thing, because it s far too common for it to be overly obvious in books and I m a bit fan of a book that can make you think.The author has created a smart, fun and entertaining novella about a young girl, Ash who is desperate to find a cure to save her little stepbrother from death s door What made it hard for me to understand the exact Cinderella tie in comes from the fact that while Ash is heroine of the story, in a way, she s not the Cinderella character in this book Both she and her stepbrother, Charlie fill aspects of the character, Cinderella, without either fully embodying her in an obvious way That s what makes it such a smart and interesting read The fairy tale aspects of the tale are represented extremely well and I could see their influence throughout the story But what s best about this story is the fact there s no glass slipper and though the ending is a happier one than the alternative, it s not the traditional happily ever after that s so heavily represented in these type of tales.If I had to name something to critique, I think it would have to be the need for detail in the story There were a few moments, where the story line jumps ahead to the next scene and it felt like I was missing something Had this been a full novel, the jumps wouldn t have been so obvious and would have worked really well to keep the pacing fast and easy for the reader But since it s a novella, it actually had me looking backwards in case I had accidentally tapped or swiped at my reader and skipped a page The positive side to this is that the author does make it a point to fill in the needed blanks, you just don t get the entire picture at the same time as Ash I suppose it s a stylistic choice and that s perfectly okay.This story is not just for those who enjoy these kind of twisted fairy tales This is the type of novella that can be enjoyed by a wide range of readers and still leaving you wanting So I hope you ll give this one a chance It s a great start to what may be an interesting young adult series of novellas Reviewer s note I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

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    Of course, I m biased, but I loved writing this book The idea of it came from a discussion with my husband about the practicality of glass slippers From there, the idea evolved until I decided I had to write it.It started as a serial for the A to Z Blogging Challenge in April of 2014 The people who read it asked if I was going to publish it and if I was going to write another one I honestly hadn t thought about it After enough people asked, I decided I would.If you re a fan of magic, adventure, and head strong female leads, then this YA Paranormal Romance is for you No vampires or werewolves were used in the making of this book

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    I won this book as a Goodreads Giveaway This book packed in a great story for being a short novella It was full of action I liked the fantasy witch characters I would recommend this to anyone who likes fantasy stories.

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