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Ask, Answer, Look, KissI was very pleasantly surprised at how much I liked this story and these guys Friends to lovers is a favorite and I thoroughly appreciated that these two were gay and knew it, just had a different fear for not being together Bonus points for how well the prompt pic was worked into the story This was a nice friend to lovers story, but not that special.What I wanted was You re my best friend.I love you.Let s have sex.What I got was You re my best friend.I m so afraid.Let s stay friends.Wait, you wantNo, let s stay friends.Come on, let s talk, again.Why do you want me Can we do this Let s have sex. Just When They Think They Will Be In The Friend Zone Forever, Everything Changes As A Successful Chef And Co Owner Of Best Bites Catering, Travis Reed Is Happy He Gets To Do All The Things He Loves Live In One Of The Most Beautiful Florida Beach Towns, Cook The Food He Loves, And Hang Out With Benny McKenna, His Best Friend And Co Owner Of Best Bites If There Is One Thing Lacking In His Life, It Is A Lover It Couldn T Be Benny, Though Not When Benny Made Their Friend Only Status Very Clear Shortly After They Both Came Out Benny Made The Decision To Keep His Relationship With Travis Purely In The Friend Zone Back When Both Men Were In College Now, Ten Years Since He Made That Decision, He Is Beginning To Waver Something About The Focus Travis Gives To His Craft Makes Him Jealous, Illuminating How Lonely He Is A Love Life Punctuated By A Series Of One Night Stands Isn T Especially Satisfying And With Travis Acting Strangely Ever Since They Moved In Together, Benny Is UnsettledWhen A Friend Asks Benny And Travis To Participate In A Non Profit Dating Event For GLBT People In The Tampa Bay, They Agree To Help Out What They Aren T Prepared For Is Answering A Series Of Increasingly Intimate Questions, All Aimed At Making Couples Fall In Love The Idea Of Falling In Love Wasn T On Travis Or Benny S Radar, But Now They Are Rethinking Their Assumptions Could Answering The Right Question Lead To Something Than They Ever Expected Dear Author,We Ve Been Friends Forever Best Friends In School Roommates And Best Friends In College Partners And Best Friends In Business He Was The First Person I Told When I Realized I Was Gay He Just Said, Me, Too Yet Somehow, In All Those Years, Through All The Ups And Downs, We Never Even Thought Of Being Lovers We Were Always Best FriendsThen One Day, Something Changed What Happened How Did We End Up Here Photo Description Two Unclothed Men Stand Side By Side At The Railing To A Ship, Their Backs To Us, Facing The Ocean The Man On The Left Has His Arm Around The Waist Of The Other And Their Heads Are Tipped Together Affectionately Both Men Are Similar Looking Wide Shoulders, Shaved Heads, Shapely Butts, And Golden Skin The One Major Difference Is Their Tattoos The Man On The Left Has Two Tribal Bands Across His Right Bicep And Shoulder The Other Man Has A Swirling Tribal Design That Covers Most Of His Back, With Smaller Designs On His Lower Back And Upper Right ThighThis Story Was Written As A Part Of The M M Romance Group S Love Is An Open Road Event Group Members Were Asked To Write A Story Prompt Inspired By A Photo Of Their Choice Authors Of The Group Selected A Photo And Prompt That Spoke To Them And Wrote A Short Story This Story May Contain Sexually Explicit Content And Is Intended For Adult Readers It May Contain Content That Is Disagreeable Or Distressing To Some Readers The M M Romance Group Strongly Recommends That Each Reader Review The General Information Section Before Each Story For Story Tags As Well As For Content Warnings 2.75 stars rounded upBest friends to lovers and slow burn romance Should ve been a treasure gold for me, yes Well, the story is initially good I liked that intimate speed dating session I think I read about the looking into your partner eyes for few minutes thing somewhere However, I personally thought the story lost its momentum when both men decided to go the other way one running away, one getting drunk after that speed dating session Afterwards, it just felt dragging, and I lost interest completely.And I m probably one of those people who would totally hates it if my friends are being nosy about my love life Once okay, but keep pushing me like so I could snap Maybe I m just stubborn.I ll round it up for the first half. My face hurts from smiling.Travis and Benny have been best friends for 18 years They live together, created a business together, and as so intertwined in each other s lives that neither would change it, even if they could.But there s something missing Benny sleeps around to fill a void he won t allow himself to feel, and Travis focuses his attentions into his work as a chef in their catering company Neither will allow themselves to touch on the feelings that have been there for as long as they can remember A little frientervention in the form of an intimacy date night, and the walls these two have built up, finally come crumbling down It could have been their caring for each other that had me smiling Maybe it was their answering of intimate questions or being forced to look into each other s eyes for 4 minutes straight Or maybe it was the moment when they finally began to trust that wherever their relationship took them, they d still have each other But really, it was the ending It really was a perfect ending I wish that Travis and Benny had been a taddistinctive I feel there were a few times that they blurred together because they were so similar But they got their HEA, and I loved watching them get there, so who am I to complain My thanks to the author for their effort and participation in the Love is an Open Road event. This was lovely Loved the slow burn.Great job Nice friends to lovers romance Slow burn Great chemistry and a nice epilogue YummieAll this time I ve been hiding hiding from Travis and hiding from myself If I can let Travis see the whole me, right now, I might be brave enough to do it again. This story is a free story from Goodreads M M Romance Group MM Romance Group Love is an Open Road Stories 2015 and prompt view spoiler PHOTO DESCRIPTION Two unclothed men stand side by side at the railing to a ship, their backs to us, facing the ocean The man on the left has his arm around the waist of the other and their heads are tipped together affectionately Both men are similar looking wide shoulders, shaved heads, shapely butts, and golden skin The one major difference is their tattoos The man on the left has two tribal bands across his right bicep and shoulder The other man has a swirling tribal design that covers most of his back, with smaller designs on his lower back and upper right thigh.STORYLETTER Dear Author,We ve been friends forever Best friends in school Roommates and best friends in college Partners and best friends in business He was the first person I told when I realized I was gay He just said, Me, too Yet somehow, in all those years, through all the ups and downs, we never even thought of being lovers We were always best friends.Then one day, something changed What happened How did we end up here Please, no BDSMThank you,KiraceeSTORYINFO Genre contemporaryTags culinary, friends to lovers, beach life, slow burn, travel, hurt comfort, tattoos, angstWord Count 34,058 hide spoiler This was a very nice, well rounded story and the author did a great job working the prompt pic into it. 3.5 StarsThe blurb pretty much says it all, so what I will tell you is that this was one of the better friends to lovers stories I ve read.I really liked the alternating pov s, as each reflect on their past, present, and future Both Benny and Travis realize how the other has always fit and has been such a fixture in each other s lives When their mutual friends meddling force them to revealof themselves, they are shocked but not shocked to see what has been in front of them all along.This had great UST and great, slow epiphanies as these two come to terms with their feelings Sweet, sexy and tender I don t doubt you ll find this a wonderful addition to your LOR DRitC library Adorable Friends to Lovers novella about two men who ve been best friends for 18 years, who live together, own a business together, and fear losing each other if they admit what they ve both been feeling for a while Take a sprinkling of good friends who provide the needed push, a pinch of jealousy, an accident with a sharp knife, and some really strong UST cum sexy times, and you have yourself a wonderful, somewhat fluffy and oh so ooey gooey romance, culminating in the perfect ending.Free from the M M Romance group s Love Is An Open Road event My thanks to the author

Livia is a New Yorker by birth, but a Floridian at heart She lives with her husband and four children in the Tampa Bay area of Florida She has always known that she was part fish, but it wasn t until later that she decided that her ultimate happiness would be having the opportunity to swim every day of her life Living only a half mile from the Gulf of Mexico has made that possible When she s n

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