Falcone Strike (Angel in the Whirlwind, #2)

Falcone Strike (Angel in the Whirlwind, #2) Now A Celebrated War Hero, Captain Kat Falcone Is Back At The Helm Of HMS Lightning And Up Against Near Impossible Odds After An Ill Timed Outburst Almost Ends Her Career, Kat Is Handed Command Of A Deep Strike Mission Into Enemy Space The Objective Is To Gather Intelligence And Distract The Hostile Theocracy While The Commonwealth Prepares Its CounteroffensiveThe Chances For Success Are Slim And For Survival Even SlimmerArmed With A Ragtag Fleet Of Outdated Starships, A Few Loyal Officers, And A Skeleton Crew Of Refugees, Kat Knows The Royal Navy Expects Her To Fail But Failure Almost Certainly Means Death Or Worse, As The Theocracy Does Not Treat Prisoners Kindly Pitted Against The Enemy Defenses Of Her Old Nemesis Admiral Junayd, There Is No Room For Error And With A Spy Hidden Aboard Her Ship, Kat Will Need Than Her Wits To Survive Can Kat Enter The Lion S Den, Strike A Blow For The Commonwealth, And Escape With Her Life

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Falcone Strike (Angel in the Whirlwind, #2) book, this is one of the most wanted Christopher G. Nuttall author readers around the world.

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  • Falcone Strike (Angel in the Whirlwind, #2)
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  • 13 July 2019

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    Let me say some good things about how Nuttall has crafted this series His war between empires has some nice economic nuances The spacecraft are diverse and each model has its advantages and disadvantages which lead to some interesting tactical and strategic decisions The idea about how to come back from a surprise start to the war has some echoes of Japan vs USA in WWII I particularly like how the author handles the plot involving the spy had he, somehow missed the signs of a budding traitor Or had he overlooked something that had started a person down the road to treachery Or had he simply ignored the traitor, dismissed him as unimportant and never even considered the possibility of treachery Someone was going to pay for betraying their shipmates But, it wouldn t be enough How could it be The crew would be broken and scattered by the news, when they needed to pull together Their faith in one another would be shattered It wouldn t be easy for them to bond again after such a betrayal After the first book, I expressed some reservations He has chosen a tough sell with rich and young Kat Falcone as a newly credentialed captain of a major naval vessel He has to 1 Make us empathize and root for her 2 Make her tough enough but not experienced enough to avoid mistakes or we might not care enough about each incident and,3 Avoid or minimize just having a stereo typical bad guy empire and similar bad guy individuals who show little or no nuance With respect to 1 There has been a bit of a falling off of the empathy, but not to a critical stage Kat, who started the first book with an undeserved promotion to captain, receives another promotion that makes her commodore of a fleet of Commonwealth ships This takes place less than a year after the first promotion and there has been no comparable promotion for anyone else in the Commonwealth navy With respect to 2 Nuttall wants to have it both ways Kat is his Angel and he seems unwilling to give us someone who doesn t achieve what is asked of her He also finds time to digress about her great beauty in ways that detract from the nature of this genre She sat upright, crossing her hands under her bare breasts No matter how she looked at it, she couldn t see a way to get in, snatch the prisoners, and get out They d need to cut loose at least two squadrons of superdreadnoughts And, Part of her wanted him to hold her, but she knew her duty I need to sit down and think There could have been something significant said about feminism in this culture, but what we get is of a nod in that direction.With respect to 3 The Theocracy is not an ISIS type Islamic state because Judaism, Christianity, and Islam were all left behind when Earth was abandoned Yet, every other chapter seems to make the case for the Theocracy being a future ISIS The Theocracy would behead every other religion s priest they caught, just to make it clear that there was no other religion than theirs And, T he Theocracy keeps its population under very tight control indeed Men are given a very basic education mostly centered around religion, then pushed into jobs or the military women are kept at home then married off to have the next generation And, It was impossible to fault Admiral Christian but if he d served the Theocracy, he would have been executed for his failure to destroy the enemy fleet Charging right at the enemy formation, even if one was hideously out gunned, was regarded as a good thing, no matter if it was pointless and stupid And, He made a mental note to ensure that the story was turned into propaganda, aimed at anyone who believed that it was possible to coexist with the Theocracy Even when an entire population surrendered and submitted, it wasn t enough to keep them safe Nuttall could have should have put effort into giving us something beyond what we have seen in our recent decades Instead, he took an easier and less appealing path.This may be as far as I go with this series, given what I have noted as serious shortcomings And, by the way, the cover art is really disappointing.

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    Like the first instalment in this book series from Christopher Nuttall this book is my cup of tea The adventures of Captain Kat Falcone and the war against the religious fanatics in the Theocracy continues at a brisk pace Kat is already a war hero and it is safe to say that she adds to that reputation in this book.As the book blurb states Kat has somewhat of an outburst at a gathering with a lot of high brass, lords and political dimwits Well, outburst and outburst She tells a particular stupid, incompetent and arrogant dimwit exactly what he should be told Unfortunately, as is usually the case, said dimwit have connections high up among the noble society of political dimwits which renders her position a bit precarious To say that it ends her career well that is a bit of an overstatement to put it mildly since, luckily, Mr Nuttall has balanced the political dimwits with a number of characters that actually have something else than hot air between their ears People who also wields some power.Thus Kat is given a command, although officially the story is another one to satisfy above mentioned dimwits, and a mission which puts her far into enemy territory and gives her ample opportunity to prove herself, again, as well as deal some serious pain to the lunatics in the Theocracy.Of course it would be little suspense if Kat would be given a huge state of the art battle fleet to wreak havoc on the Theocracy so instead she is given a somewhat less than modern fleet to say the last, with the exception of her own ship The Lightning of course To make matters worse the crew is mostly in the same bad shape as the ships not to mention that one of them is a spy.So the stage is set for a nice adventure and the book does deliver quite nicely on that Kat is managing to throw quite a few grains of sand into the Theocracy s machinery and Admiral Junayd, who the Theocracy in their infinite wisdom irony have chosen to post behind the frontlines after Kat spoiled his plans in the previous book I quite like that the book does indeed follow both sides to quite a large extent so that we do really get to read about the surprise effects and humiliation that Kat manages to bestow onto the religious lunatics Well Admiral Junayd himself is neither lunatic nor very religious really but, unfortunately for him, most of the other people around him are.The book moves along at a decent, fairly brisk, pace while Kat pummels the Theocracy Not everything goes Kat s way of course and the before mentioned spy manages to cause quite some damage In the end though Kat has enhanced her reputation as a war hero quite a bit and there is also a slightly surprising turn of events involving a certain Admiral Junayd in the last few chapters As usual the writing is good, there are several good characters as well as a good story.I am looking forward to the next book in the series.

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    Captain Kat Falcone has a new mission to take a bunch of junk starships and raid behind enemy lines She will face the same Admiral who has fallen from grace and is out to earn back his place within Theocratic society she will also have to deal with a spy on board.I had such high hopes that this second book in the series would improve my opinion, but I m disappointed I concede that some of the fault lies in the narrator of the audio version It is possible that had I read the print form that my brain would have overlooked some of the things that turned me off However, two things that I am sure of 1 I think the author could have done a better job of characterizing Kat as a woman Her femininity was shown only in the way she ran her fingers through her long hair luckily I didn t have to take a shot every time I heard that phrase and the one time she showed emotion after losing some of her crew And 2 the naval strategy and maneuvers were lacking expertise I am NO expert, but I ve read better I don t think I will be continuing the series.

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    Quite good..

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    Giving the enemy a bloody nose again The second book in this series is flat It has very little plot line and the tension of any sort of interesting action just isn t in it I really liked the first book so I plunged into the second anticipating that it would be of the same But no matter how I ve tried to bravely go, it s just ho hum There are numerous places in which Mr Nutall could have created some excitement and anticipation, only to have the missions turn out pretty much as you knew it wouldAttention possible Spoiler Alert Predictably, when the captain and XO discover that a spy is among the crew, the XO goes through personnel files and finds the suspected spy without problems Catching the right man first time through, he confesses with nil buildup of tension Nothing to keep the reader interested enough to keep going And what is it about getting a phrase, description or other expression sand then working it to death If the author used the phrase giving the enemy a bloody nose that is so interesting that if he uses it once, I swear, he uses it 15 times And that is just one of the expressions that he overuses Smiling coldly abounds as well as several others, issues that an editor would have addressed had he used one I am a longtime fan of s f, all the way from when they were typed and mimeoed or whatever the process was back then As such, I don t tend to get as upset as some of the other reviewers do about the typos or even a lot of editing issues But when I m paying a large corporation for the book and the editing is so nonexistent or poorly done, I begin to have issues with it Christopher Nutall is a proficient writer and I like reading his books generally But this one seems to not quite have gelled before he put it out A little work, a better polish and he could have come up with a way better book As it is, three stars is probably generous than it deserves The idea is great and I love thee British science e fiction Had this stayed in the oven just a little longer I think he may have had a way better book At least there would have been fewer bloody noses.

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    This is book two in the Angel in the Whirlwind series about Kat Falcone Captain Kat Falcone is back in command of HMS Lighting The mission is a deep strike mission into enemy space to gather intelligence and distract the Theocracy while the Commonwealth prepares a counter offensive Kat has gained the confidence of King Hadrian, and has been given a brevet rank of Commodore Her ship HMS Lightening has been newly outfitted but the rest of the ships in her squadron are outdated and understaffed and to top it off there is a spy aboard.The book is well written and the plot flows smoothly with some exciting twist The last half of the book has some space battles and Kat adds some captured ships to her fleet It is obvious that Nuttall is building the base for future books in the series I am enjoying this series so far I read this as an audiobook downloaded from Audible I had less difficulty with the narrator Lauren Ezzo this time sort of getting use to her style of reading but still do not like the flat dull delivery of some of the characters.

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    While Falcone Strike follows a familiar pattern it tells a very good story in the process I met Kat Falcone in book one of the series and enjoyed how she handled a very bad situation Now she is back and has put herself at risk by tell a blowhard with powerful friends just what is and is not As a result she is sent behind enemy lines to make as much trouble as she can with a less than stellar fleet to do it with.The plot flowed smoothly and the action matched the problems that Kat faced The bad guys are really bad and the good guys are shades of grey It was fun to see how Kat would solve the problems with a less than excellent fleet of ships The world building is set to allow some very interesting plot development in future books All in all a fun Space Opera series I am looking forward to meeting Kat in future books.

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    a little to errr LIKED it im a huge honor Harrington fan in a way im unhappy with the series as it builds her EXO into a bigger and bigger character just not a person im into also the whole side thing with davis moments just. i dunno ever thought of using a bob girl seriously build davis character and there time together so it makes a bit emotional sense other than that. not a bad series id like to see side characters fleshed out a tiny bit besides the EXo

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    Yet another great readWe continue to follow the heroine of this series, Kat has been given a new task Go behind enemy lines and cause as much problems as she is able But before she returns to the safety of home space, she is able to rescue commonwealth POWs One which she are anyone else expected.

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    It is nice that this book glosses over the incongruities of the first of the series It dives right in with action and intrigue There is a nice juxtaposition between the to sides of the conflict and enough action in between to keep the story moving.

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