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The Dark Crystal WHY WE LOVE IT We Re Big Jim Henson Fans, And Nothing Could Be Exciting Than Getting The Novelization Of The Dark Crystal Adapted By ACH Smith And Personally Overseen By Jim Henson Back In Print, And For The First Time In Hardcover WHY YOU LL LOVE IT This Beautiful Hardcover Includes Illustrations And Concept Designs By Legendary Illustrator And Concept Artist Brian Froud The Goblins Of Labyrinth, Faeries That Have Never Been Published, As Well As An Exclusive Peek Into Jim Henson S Creative Process With Over Never Before Seen Pages Of His Detailed Notes On An Early Draft Of The AdaptationWHAT IT S ABOUT The Story Of The Cult Classic Jim Henson Film The Dark Crystal, Wonderfully Adapted For Prose By Author And Playwright ACH Smith

Anthony Charles Hockley Smith born Anthony Charles Smith is a British novelist and playwright.

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    The Dark Crystal by A.C.H Smith is the second title taken from the films of Jim Henson s films Like Labyrinth I remember the film although over the years certain details and scenes became hazy come on it was 1986.Like Labyrinth this was a story that dramatically departed from the world of Henson s Muppets which he is most famous for, in fact Henson made a point of experimenting and challenging the ways stories were told So as different as it may have been I think given the opportunity we could have seen many .No wonder he chose then a dark fairy tale of a story inspired and coloured by the designs and illustrations of his friend Brian Froud in fact this deluxe edition has a number of the original sketches and designs dotted through the pages as well as production notes taken from Henson s own notes.Looking back the story is pretty straightforward but then again so are many fairy tales, it is in the telling and the atmosphere that it is complexity and unique storyline However what did surprise me was how dark the story got one reference towards the end of the events in the Podling village struck me as particularly bleak That all said the books really does capture the feel of the film and reading through the pages it all came flooding back There is a timeless feel to these stories which I think helps explain why both films and obviously their stories remain with us today even when film techniques have dramatically improved over the years There is still so much love for this story today that there are still new books being published on the subject 30 years after the film was released.

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    Netflix is bring this out as a series The trailer looks AMAZING Omg I need to read this I am so glad I have a copy

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    Really great adaptation I still like the movie , but all the same this was good.

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    I was born under a shattered sky, he finally got out Dark fairy tale about a boy raised by mistics, a land tainted , and a prophecy because there is always one , innit This is a novelization of the film The Dark Crystal 1982 , a wonderful film to watch made with animatronics tech that I m most fan.The book did not give details that the film, though after all the years I just remember the basics view spoiler the rather Jekyll and Hyde scifi version of this film hide spoiler

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    I remember seeing the adaptation of this as a little kid, what nightmare fuel But The Dark Crystal is still a beautiful story with good morals.

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    Inevitably the book will be compared to the film, and that s tough competition especially for the nostalgic ones among us But I would say that Smith did a good job translating the film into fiction He does have a powerful descriptive ability and some of his choice of words left me pondering the paucity of my own vocabulary But it s nicely written and it s quite a short novel, so things keep moving A minor complaint might be the extensive use of foreign languages in the book for the Skeksis, et al., which I felt slowed things down a bit basically, you re reading all this dialogue that has no meaning to you and may just as well be written in English or whatever language you happen to be reading in translation The film of course, did the same thing, but sparingly so I thought it worked out better Still, I enjoyed the read and A.C.H Smith s poetic handling of the tale as well as his depiction of Jen s inner thoughts and feelings.

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    What a wondrous imagination Jim Henson and his team of creators had I first fell in love with the Dark Crystal many years ago and wanted to revisit this story prior to the release of the Netflix series Dark Crystal Age Of Resistance This novelization by A.C.H Smith wonderfully expands on Henson s vision of the world of Thra and a quest to heal that which was broken I love the nature of the hero s quest, to right a wrong of a previous generation in this case falls to both a young boy and girl gelfling and they embark on this mission to save their world This story has been told many times through books, films, and even epics, poems, and plays of the ancients Greeks and Romans What stands out in the story is the incredible creativity of the world Thra and the interconnectedness of all its inhabitants The Crystal most importantly, as it seems to be a nexus that impacts the health of the planet If the Crystal is in discord, so is the world The races of Thra are astounding, I especially loved how he author related the Crystal and its shard to harmonious or discordant themes depending on how the Crystal has been utilized Gorgeous story, wonderful writing, and a truly imaginative tale.

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    Read this book to my daughter at bedtime She really enjoyed it and is ready to watch the movie.I watched the movie as a kid and loved it When I found out that it was made into a book, I had to get my hands on it I tried to read it a few months back but couldn t get into It wasn t unil a few weeks ago that I thought it would be a great idea to read it to my daughter I tried to have her watch the movie a few years back but she was too young then and got scared of the skeksis Reading it and having her use her imagination worked a lot better It didn t hurt to have the drawings in the book as well to help with visualization.

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    I picked up this book after recalling the 1982 83 film inolving Jim Henson and Frank Oz The book is a novelization of this film and therefore, as novelizations go, ran the risk of being lame Although I agree with other reviewers, that the books scientific and technical explanations of the visual aspects of the story fall short of the wonder of their portrayal on the big screen, I was impressed by A.C.H Smith s word choices and his addition of some political drama that I don t recall being in the original film I ll have to check The book does have a few pages of pictures from the motion picture, but that clearly is a far cry from the work that Brain Froud and Henson crafted I d recommend this to anyone who has seen the film or enjoys fantasy There is a hint of philosophy throughout the novel that I ve enjoyed as an adult that was lost on me as a kid Worth the read.

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    I love the film, but don t think the novelisation really lives up to the it There are some nice bits of background that let you know a little about Jen, but I would have liked a little about Kira.

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