Shamanic Journeying: A Beginner's Guide

Shamanic Journeying: A Beginner's GuideThis is a short and simple book that explains the basic practice of doing a shamanic journey As a newbie to this topic, I felt this book answered so many questions and was extremely practical I ve now begun to put these steps into practice and can t wait to see where this path leads I recommend this book to anyone who is beginning to explore shamanism. A great introductory text to shamanic journeying Ingerman writes in a straight forward way that is easy to understand and interpret However, failing to meet the 5 stars is due to the occasional repetition and because of the missing further reading which is often expected of such texts. Simple easy read.great introduction into shamanic journeying just like the title suggests.I do recommend to those who are interested on this topic This book is an excellent introduction when one is and even when one is not familiar with the three worlds, journeying and shamanism It is extremely basic to me only due to consistent research, study, practice and experimentation with great success in various areas of shamanism This is a volume for one to understand mentally what they are accessing spirituality It puts everything into perspective I suggest this book for anyone progressing spiritually in this specific direction Make sure you get the volume that includes the shamanic drumming CD. great starter. Un libro che spiega il lato pratico del viaggio sciamanico Semplice nella scrittura, ci che viene spiegato trova riscontro pratico nell operativit.Perfetto per chi si affaccia per la prima volta allo sciamanesimo. This tome is meant to serve as an introduction into Shamanic Journeying In doing so, the author provides both historical context for journeying, reasons why one might want to journey, and ways to journey Pros Short and to the point the book is only about an hour long, and that includes a 10 minute drum session at the end of the book The book does what it sets out to do, in my opinion Cons I approached this book with skepticism, especially with regards to the author s stated benefits for journeying I did not leave convinced, even after trying the practice myself.Conclusion If the title grabs your attention and sounds like something you d be interested in, this book is definitely worth a listen It is short and to the point, and can easily be completed in one sitting. Easy ReadThis book was very easy to read and understand Sandra goes through all of the basics of journeying in a way that anyone can understand I found her explanations of each world easy to understand as she tells about what is best to seek there and what each world is meant to achieve She s gives lots of ideas in the end of other Journeys you can take after practicing the basic ones she helps to lead you through This will be very helpful for my own practice as well as my practice as a teacher in helping guide others. Yeni ba layanlara rehber olsun diye yaz ld ndan k sa tutulmu bir kitap Notlar ala ala, sindire sindire, amanik yolculuk yapmay deneyerek ba ard m okudum imdi elimde 6 sayfal k not ve harika deneyimler var. Shamanic Journeying Is The Inner Art Of Traveling To The Invisible Worlds Beyond Ordinary Reality To Retrieve Information For Change In Every Area Of Our Lives From Spirituality And Health To Work And RelationshipsWith Shamanic Journeying, Readers Join World Renowned Teacher Sandra Ingerman To Learn The Core Teachings Of This Ancient Practice And Apply These Skills In Their Own Journey Includes Drumming For Three Shamanic Journeys

Sandra Ingerman, MA, is the author of 8 books, 7 CD programs and the creator of Transmutation App She is a world renowned teacher of shamanism and has been teaching for over 30 years She teaches workshops internationally on shamanic journeying, healing, and reversing environmental pollution using spiritual methods She has trained and founded an international alliance of Medicine for the Earth

[Epub] ➝ Shamanic Journeying: A Beginner's Guide Author Sandra Ingerman –
  • Paperback
  • 89 pages
  • Shamanic Journeying: A Beginner's Guide
  • Sandra Ingerman
  • English
  • 26 December 2018
  • 9781591799436

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