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The Kaminsky Cure The Kaminsky Cure Is A Poignant Yet Comedic Novel Of A Half Jewish Half Christian Family Caught Up In The Machinery Of Hitler S Final Solution The Matriarch, Gabi, Was Born Jewish But Converted To Christianity In Her Teens The Patriarch, Willibald, Is A Lutheran Minister Who, On One Hand Is An Admirer Of Hitler, But On The Other Hand, The Conflicted Father Of Children Who Are Half Jewish Mindful And Resentful Of Her Husband S Ambivalence, Gabi Is Determined To Make Sure Her Children Are Educated, Devising Schemes To Keep Them In School Even After Learning That Any Child Less Than % Aryan Will Eventually Be Kept From Completing Education She Even Hires Tutors Who Are Willing To Teach Half Jewish Children And In This Way Comes To Hire Fraulein Kaminsky Who Shows Gabi How To Cure Her Frustration And Rage To Keep Her Mouth Filled With Water Until The Urge To Scream Or Rant Has PassedThis Beautifully Rendered Novel Of WWII, Seen Through A Child S Eye, Makes Delusion And Hypocrisy Shockingly Stark The Guardian

Educated at Oxford and Princeton, I have taught philosophy in England and Hong Kong, where I was for some years Head of the Philosophy Department in Hong Kong University Equally at home in East and West, I now divide my time between the two My novels are set in China, India, Egypt and Europe.I think too many western novelists are concerned only with their own small corner of the western world, a

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    The story begins Christmas 1939, when our unnamed narrator is only five and three quarters years old He lives in the Austrian town of Heimstatt which cleverly translates to homeland with his parents Willibald and Gabi Brinkmann and three siblings Ilse, Martin, and Sara Willibald is a Lutheran pastor, an Aryan, a staunch supporter of Hitler, and very much an absent father, who perpetually locks himself in his study to write religious plays that no one will ever perform His wife Gabi was born a Jew but converted to Christianity in her teens Nevertheless, in this time of the Nazi regime, she is not accepted by the townspeople or even by her own husband Her main goal in life is to ensure the education of her children She constantly hatches new schemes to get around the laws that continually change to prevent Jews from getting educated Along the way, she employs tutor Hertha von Kaminsky, who teaches Gabi the Kaminsky Cure the art of taking in a mouthful of water to prevent oneself from speaking out inappropriately this technique will come into play at crucial times throughout the narrative.The story is told through the eyes of our child narrator His tone remains light and humorous despite the constant disappearances and atrocities being committed around him He reports with an air of innocence and na vet , but with the wisdom of an adult, using a lot of foreshadowing and portent to keep the reader engaged Another trick the author employs is to cut off the last sentence of each chapter, thereby forcing the reader to turn the page to read the end of the sentence, which also becomes the name of the next chapter The writing conveys a great sense of atmosphere and is peppered with striking metaphors and similes The author paints beautiful portraits of each of the many supporting characters, showing us their flaws, foibles, and eccentricities There s the slow and infirm Ilse Martin, who s desperate to join first the Hitler Youth and later the Luftwaffe the practical Sara, who serves as a sounding board for her mother, Gabi Annchen, the Down s Syndrome child of their poetic housekeeper, J gerlein and Fraulein Kaminsky s former pupils, the Habsburgs, whose family is in line for the Austrian throne.This is storytelling at its best The poignant ending with stay with you for a long time to come One of my favorite lines Every scene in the drama of her life plays on that inner stage of hers, and no one gets invited to the show I received this book in return for an honest review.Full blog post

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    I received this book as a give away and considered that if I didn t care for it, my husband would enjoy it It came at a time In my life when there was little opportunity to sit down and read, so it took me a long time to get through it It is so well written that I read slowly in order to soak up every clever word A Jewish German child s point of view in a very difficult time History that many of us want to ignore, put into an amusingly poignant story A book of fiction that I would recommend to all Could it be relevant today

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    British author Christopher New s novel, The Kaminsky Cure is one of the best novels I ve read so far this year Originally published in 2005, but reissued in ebook form in 2015, it is the amazingly beautiful story of a family who survive WW2 in a small town in Austria The family consists of a father who is a Lutheran minister, a mother is a Jewish born woman who converted to Lutheranism before she met and married her husband, and four half Jewish children half Aryan children Life for the family is difficult war times are hard, added to the subtle and not so subtle Nazi rules against Gabi, the mother and her half Jewish children She s protected because she s married to an Aryan, but that protection comes with its own challenges.Gabrielle Sara Brinkmann referred to as Gabi by one and all is the character around whom the others circle A tireless advocate for her children and their education she gets along much less well with her husband, Willibald, who is pretty sorry he married her Other than their four children, they have less and less in common as the years of their marriage and the war pass The story is told in the first person by their youngest son, beginning at about the age of 7, and continuing to his early teens Christopher New s ability to tell the story from a child s viewpoint is one of the most impressive parts of the book.New s characters both in the Brinkmann family and outside of it are some of the best drawn characters I ve read There s not a caricature among them they almost come off the page and talk to you.His writing about life in the war years is both fierce and poignant The reader ends the book wondering what happens next The Kaminsky Cure is one of those books that I wish I could write a review saying, Just read the damn thing It s that good It s definitely worth a look.

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    A young boy is growing up in a half Jewish half Aryan household at the dawn of World War II He is thoroughly confused as to what all of this means, especially because his father is a Lutheran minister and his mother had converted long ago All he is aware of is that danger is all around His mother, Gabi is forced to enter her own fight for her survival and for the rights of her children, now classified as half Jews The children s education is constantly attacked and Gabi is ferocious in her determination to have her children educated Classified as a Jewish woman, but a privileged Jewish woman since she is married to an Aryan, Gabi must be extra careful, especially when she speaks For this, she employs the Kaminsky cure, holding water in your mouth for a minute before you speak Told from the point of view of the youngest Brinkmann son, a unique experience unfolds Through his eyes, the confusion, frustration and bleakness of WWII is shown in an honest manner With many moments of light humor, the plight of the half Jewish Brinkmann s is portrayed My heart bled as our narrator struggled with understanding what was happening, his confusion of being half Jewish and whether or not he should say Heil Hitler or feel for the Jewish cause as he grows and the war progresses his understanding increases and his attitude changes Overall, a different, heartbreaking and insightful story of WWII This book was received for free in return for an honest review.

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    Christopher New s historical fiction The Kaminsky Cure takes place in Austria during the Third Reich It tells the story of one family with both Jewish and Aryan blood trying their best to survive in a time of great upheaval The patriarch of the family, Willibald, is a pure blood Aryan as well as a Lutheran minister, is married to Gabi, a Jew who converted to Christianity when she was a teenager read the rest You can read this entire review at San Diego Book Review

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    Totally got invited to read this, so why not I ll get to it eventually since it looks good.

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    I won a copy of Christopher New s The Kaminsky Cure in a Goodreads giveaway The book is a young adult historical fiction told from the perspective of a young half Jewish boy in Nazi controlled Austria The story chronicles the life of the Brinkmann family in the Third Reich Willibald, the temperamental and overly dramatic Lutheran minister with some admiration for Hitler, Gabi a bold and outspoken Jewish born Christian convert desperate to care for the interests needs of her children, both unhappy in their marriage, Ilse their slow melancholy eldest terrified she s cursed by her Jewish taint , Martin prideful and self absorbed favorite who can t understand why everyone doesn t see how great he is, Sara a withdrawn girl forced to be Gabi s confidant slowly losing herself to an inner imaginary world, and the youngest who is the narrator and cannot remember life before the war A historical fiction told from a child s point of view which creates a vivid account of a stark and confusing time where evil madness becomes normal I recommend this to the historical fiction crowd, esp those interested in the Holocaust.

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    Absorbing an engrossing and very important tale New has written a dark and frightening story that also contains even in the meaning of its title some dry humor as well Those whose knowledge of the Second World War is limited to battles and the most lurid of the Holocaust tales should read this book, which documents the gradual process by which a country becomes hell on earth thanks to a poisonous ideology and the weaknesses of the human species that harbors it New is one of the great writers, I think This book should be taught alongside Anne Frank s diary and Catch 22 It should endure.

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    Highly original and clever portrayal of the plight of one Aryan Jewish family as the Nazis pursue the persecution of non Aryans and inferior offspring.This story had a profound effect on this reader it provides a much deeper understanding of life in Nazi Germany while satirizing the obsessively authoritarian regime.The sardonic humor concerning the persecution and annihilation of the Jews is very sensitively done so even those most sensitive to the issues should not be offended.

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    The Kaminsky Cure is a satire of Nazi Germany previously published and now offered anew in digital format Thanks go to Open Road Integrated Media and Net Galley for the invitation to read and review, and for the DRC, which I received free of charge This title is available to purchase now.Who would have thought it possible to satirize such a terrible time and have it come out in anything other than terrible taste But New carries it off, using a pre school aged child in a mixed family with one Jewish parent and one Anglo parent as his narrator Several times the precocious tot points out aspects of his own narrative that are actually impossible, as for example when the child tells us exactly what is contained in something written and then blandly points out that he cannot read yet It just makes it funnier.The appealing thing about this novel is that it brings up the reality which should be obvious to any thinking person that has paid any attention to this particular time and place most Germans as well as Austrians were entirely in favor of Hitler s takeover, and although there were Jewish families, many of them in fact, that wanted out of Nazi occupied Europe as quickly as they could go, there were others that had never embraced their culture and had converted to Christianity in some cases generations earlier and such is the case with our protagonist s family, which wants only to pass itself off as Aryan so that it can join in the party Young Martin, the protagonist s older brother, longs to become a member of the fearsome SS, Hitler s storm troopers Ah, the uniforms The ferocity The authority Our toddler narrator, meanwhile, observes his own family with platonic remove, contemplating which members have violated one edict or another and should therefore be turned in to the authorities After all, that s one of the things he has learned in school Children are the future, and it s up to them to weed out those older folk that fail to comply with important social changes It s what Hitler would want him to do.There s one twist and then another, but overall I found that the story s momentum lost steam as it progressed, because there was really just one joke here, and it could only be played so many ways before it became repetitious Nevertheless, it s wholly original, and when faced with an event as horrific as the Holocaust, one either has to laugh or cry.And amazingly, New has created a way to help us laugh, at least for a little while.

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