Ravel Disclaimer I was an advanced reader of this novel I was lucky enough o read it as it was brought to life Also helped with some of the content A very small help but I want to be honest here That in NO way has influenced my opinion or review of this novel RAVEL earned 5 stars and that is what it is getting I am a huge Shari J Ryan fan Not gonna try to hide that Her books speak to you in a way that others just don t Ravel being a Military romance was right up my alley Add in the suspense and yes, even the abuse I was in head first I LOVED this novel Daphne needed a good shake a few times But in that note so did Kemper Stubborn ass people And Trent. oh don t even get me started on that twatwaffle He is a mole on the ass of a troll Now, to the fun part Here we goDaphne, Daphne. Daphne The poor girl is as backwards as a bird with no tail feathers Her mind plays with her and her heart. it s so broke at first that she is in a place in life that she is just lost Trent, the douche extraordinaire, is a vile piece of squirrel shit deserves so many ass whoopin s Men like him cause as we all know they re everywhere , the ones that think they can boss someone around need a swift kick to the nuts but without that they make your life hell Daphne s home life was not so good Her parents are a special kind of crazy as it is They ve also helped to make her mind a place that she thinks it s okay to be treated like a dog They need a swift kick in the pants too They set a line in the sand that Daphne doesn t know it s okay to cross So when Daphne meets Kemper and feelings start to come out to play, her mind tries to focus they way it had Now though, she may have a chance Kemper, poor heartbroken, sad, Marine who is grieving the loss of his brother in arms at the bar were Daphne works It s her moment of kindness that brings him back to the land of the living So to speak As the bond that sparks starts to grow both Kemper and Daphne try to fight it but then with Kemper giving in he makes a decision to be her friend One bar fight later Kemper is sweeping her off the ground and vowing to keep her safe That s something he can do It takes some time but finally Daphne starts to get a clue She has Kemper by her side to keep her safe and it s a routine of growing love, safety and mutual respect that keeps her with him Kemper, knowing just the kind of arserocket Trent is does the one thing guarantees to keep her away from him He takes her on base Then when the orders come in for him to go back to war it s just Daphne, her work and the worry everyone feels in those times But as always life throws a wrench in things Kemper is injured, Trent s on base and things keep going down hill for Daphne until she finally puts things right She decides she is worth fighting for and lays into Trent with the help of something special In the end it worked out as it should Daphne knows what love is, Kemper has a future outside of the black abyss we call war and Trent the sniveling little bastard gets what he deserves. I was given a copy of this book as a gift from Stephanie s Book Reports in exchange for an honest review.I am a huge fan of Shari Ryan s writing, so I was very excited to be able to read and review her latest creation Once again, she rocked it When Daphne first met Trent, she thought he was a pretty good guy, As time went on, she soon realized that he was a monster Like many women, Daphne found herself in an abusive situation, and she felt trapped She knew if she left him, he would kill her, so she stayed As a result, she ending up losing herself However, her outlook on life and love changed the day a tortured marine showed up at the bar she worked at.Kemper just returned home from Afghanistan where he watched his best friend die He goes to a local bar with a group of his fellow marines to try and forget if only for a while When he first sees the sexy and beautiful bartender, he feels an instant connection to her Fearing Trent s reaction, Daphne tries her best to resist Kemper s charms As they spendtime together, they each realize that neither one of them can deny the connection that they share Can their love survive two crazy ex lovers and a dangerous deployment or will these obstacles prove to be too much for them to overcome This is a great and heartwarming love story However, this book does deal with the topic of domestic abuse, so if that is a trigger for you, this might not be the book for you In my opinion, Shari Ryan did a fabulous job at shining the spotlight on this serious issue This is a book that I would highly recommend At Twenty Three, I M Left With A Decision The Outcome Could Be Life Or DeathTrent Hit Me Once, And I Cried Then He Hit Me Again And Again After A While, I Got Used To It, As I Slept On The Floor Beside His Bed, Night After NightEveryone Told Me To Leave Him, But I Can T He Won T Let Me The Moment I Wanted To Give Up On Myself And Any Form Of Hope, Kemper A Tall, Sexy Marine Just Home From Afghanistan Walked Into My Bar With One Look In His Eyes, I Saw Pain That Mirrored My OwnAt First, I Thought Maybe He Would Be My Prince Charming, Riding In To Save Me, But All It Took Was One Tragedy For Me To Remember Fairy Tales Don T Exist In Real Life The Content In This Book Discusses Domestic Violence And Is Suitable For Readers Over ARC kindly provided via NetGalley for the exchange of an honest review I was in the mood for an emotional journey when I picked Ravel up Judging from the blurb, I thought that this would be the perfect book to fit my needs I was about a third of the way through the book and I thought that Ravel might make me actually ugly cry But unfortunately, it didn t Unfortunately, it didn t was kind of the whole theme for me with this book Unfortunately, it didn t help the flow of the book when the story keeps getting broken up by flashbacks Granted, the flashbacks are completely necessary with how the author was writing this book I saw the need for them but they just didn t always help the story It felt like they sometimes took something away from what was going on currently with the characters Personally, when I pick up a book, I want to be able to lose myself in it I don t want to have the chance for issues concerns and all of that from my life to interfere with what is happening with the story But that is a little inevitable when you re having to check at the beginning of each chapter to see a Whom the chapter is about 2 When the hell the chapter is taking place and d remember what in the hell happened with that last time period character.It s just too damn much to have to keep up with especially with how deep this story goes I don t know the flashbacks just stilted the story and it irritated me Maybe it irritated methan it should have because I was so excited to read it and then for the start stop action to be going on with the story like I m in a freaking car with a student driver who is a little heavy on the pedals Unfortunately, it didn t help the storyline for things to move so very slowly within the story I can almost see why it was so slow because of what Daphne was going through but at the same time, I found myself skipping sentences just so that I could get to a part when something was happening Anything I just wanted to light a fire under the story s ass to make it get a move on The slow moving story coupled with the flashbacks made this book seem quite a bit longer than it actually was And not in a good way Unfortunately, it didn t help my overall feeling of the book when the ending lit up and then fizzled out like a match getting rained on There was a point when I thought that the story would really redeem itself and the suspense was building and I was shifting in my seat, getting antsy for what was to come only to have things drop off and the scene just end Also, irritating As much as I wanted to like this book, it just didn t like me back I don t know maybe I ll pick up another one of Ryan s books in the future but maybe I won t I don t think that her writing style and my reading likes are on the same wavelength UnfortunatelyI received this novel in exchange for an honest review Check outof my reviews at Little Miss Bookmark Don t let my 4 Star Rating fool you Shari never disappoints in her storytelling Her character development is flawless Her writing style is superb Personally, I gave it this rating because no matter how many Military Romances I read I do not thoroughly enjoy it I have always felt it is a predictable storyline But I have no doubts you will enjoy this novel Kemper and Daphne have a great connection And you also get a sneak peek of her upcoming novel. and the excerpt is incredible Publisher synopsis At twenty three, I m left with a decision The outcome could be life or death.Trent hit me once, and I cried Then he hit me again And again After a while, I got used to it, as I slept on the floor beside his bed, night after night Everyone told me to leave him, but I can t He won t let me The moment I wanted to give up on myself and any form of hope, Kemper a tall, sexy Marine just home from Afghanistan walked into my bar With one look in his eyes, I saw pain that mirrored my own.At first, I thought maybe he would be my prince charming, riding in to save me, but all it took was one tragedy for me to remember fairy tales don t exist in real life This book stumped me I really wanted to be in Daphne s corner, but she kind of angered me She was waiting for a knight in shining armor I realize it is hard to live in one of these situations or leave one, but she had strength inside of her Also, I don t see what is wrong about Kemper wanting to marry her and protect her, why the had to go through the dating process after marriage All in all, this novel did keep me turning the pages I was invested, I just didn t feel as connected to the characters as I wanted to And I am glad Daphne s character gained strength through the book This book contains domestic violence This book contains descriptive romance scenes.I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley Thank you NetGalley Writing greatSex yes Violence yes rape, assault and war violence Narration multipleRating 5 stars I don t know what it is about Shari J Ryans books but they are instant book crack for me I seriously didn t want to put this down and stayed up super late finishing it because I HAD to knowHow it ended The writing is so good that you seriously get sucked in There is some violence in this one and it does deal with some domestic violence issues I will say that it I am pretty sensitive to that stuff and felt like it wasn t so graphic I couldn t handle it So kudos toThe author for Getting her point across with out making my overactive imagination go crazy Anyway I love her books This is my 2nd review forThis author and I have seriously devoured both books I received this book in exchange for an honest review All opinions are that of my own. Review by Trinette DungeePhysical, Emotional, and Verbal Abuse mixed with Survivor s Remorse with a little PTSD and all I can say is WOW I want to drown my thoughts I need a change I need to get away I feel like I m locked in a room with no windows or doors, no lights, and no chance of freedom There s only one way outonly one way I lower myself to the floor of the tub and pull my knees into my chest, holding myself as the hot water streams down my back My tears blend with the water from the shower and the heat does little to soothe the ache in my chest Would they care if they knew how much I m hurting everywhere How many times can I tell myself I can t do this any before I come to the point where I actually make a change A scary, life altering ending change Sometimes I wonder if everyone would be happier if I were gone.Daphne may only be twenty three years old but she s lived the life of a much older person Growing up with feuding parents in a loveless marriage has given her a jaded outlook on relationships So jaded that she s spent the past few years with an abusive jerk that makes her sleep on the floor of his bedroom She s pretty much accepted that this is the best she s going to get out of life until a lonely marine stumbles into her life From the minute she lays eyes on Kemper, Daphne is drawn to him Though Kemper himself is damaged and fighting his own demons, it s through him that Daphne really starts to recognize her potential and see that there isto life than and relationships than what she knows Kemper So yeah, man, I m driving your truck because you can t Maybe you ll climb out of that casket you re in now and kick my ass Huh Why don t you come kick my ass Please, come and kick my ass Why did you have to go and die on me, bro Why I choke back the tears that threaten to fall, then furiously grab a handful of rocks and chuck them one by one at the truck, trying to provoke the dead But it doesn t work Nothing works Nothingnothing nothing We were brothers, Rex Brothers stick together They don t leave each other high and dry like this Don t you know that shit Huh Kemper has returned home from another tour, but this return is bittersweet He has been estranged from his mother since enlisting, and has no other family other than his best friend Rex who didn t survive this last tour So while trying to adjust to home life Kemper is also dealing with the loss of his friend as well as the guilt that he couldn t save his best friend s life Kemper, doesn t necessarily deal with his issues head on, instead he uses Daphne as a distraction.The second he feels my touch he falls to his knees and drops his head between his legs His hands fold around the back of his neck and his entire body convulses I almost let it all go too because I can t handle it when someone is in this much pain, but I hold my breath, trying to keep back my selfish tears as I kneel beside him, wrapping my arm around his back Hey It s okay, I say softly It s okay It s not fucking okay, he cries The broken sound in his voice tears my insides out, he s gone and he ain t coming back, Daphne I can t handle this I can t But while Daphne serves as a distraction from his issues, she is a major attraction for him Unfortunately for him, Daphne belongs to another man and he refuses to move on a woman who belongs to someone else even if that someone else is an abusive bastard When Daphne makes the decision to leave the abusive Trent, Kemper is still hesitant to become involved with her due to the baggage he carries I m such a chicken when it comes to books that address issues like domestic abuse I guess it s that whole I want to be in La la land thing I think I feel like if I read about topics like this it will kill the vibe When I read the synopsis, in my head, I d decided to pass but something thing made me say yes I m glad I did While it was tough it was so worth it From the moment Daphne and Kemper encounter each other they clicked There was just something about them where you knew Yep, these two were destined to meet While Daphne and Kemper both try to fight their attraction to each other a friendship develops between the two of them Daphne was such strong soul but it amazed me how she didn t know it She was educated, she was capable, and to some extent she was resilient but the absence of encouragement in her life kept her from reaching her full potential andor less sentenced her to a life with someone like Trent The weird thing about Daphne, other than her family, she seemed to attract people who wanted to be there for her even strangers Like the time when Trent showed up in the bar and attacked her As soon as the first guy is out of earshot, another one, an older looking Marine from the crowd walks up to Kemper s side Look, hon, we don t tolerate that kind of stuff You ever need anything, you let Kemp here know He pats Kemper on the back and squeezes his shoulder We all have your back Consider us your brothers Daphne and Kemper s relationship was definitely something different than what I m used to reading Can t quite put my finger on what made them different but different it was It was a sort of an I m there for you but won t push and the whole I can t show you how much I want you but God I want you type of relationship Even when each of them sees the other at their worst, the still come back to one another Is this the first time he s hit you Kemper s brows are bowed toward his nose while his thumb continues to trace small circles around my cheek I d rather lean into his hand than respond In truth, I just don t want to answer him, but he s still staring at me, waiting for a response I look down, away from his gaze The ache in my chest, mixed with feeling like a weak woman, makes me want to cry, but I won t cry in front of all these people His finger curls under my chin and he tilts my face back up to look at him His eyes are kind and caring, yet pained at the same time The light is hitting them at the perfect angle, giving them the slightest shimmer in the center of each pupil Then there are his lips I can t stop looking at those either They re full and capable.Both seem to have issues with their parents Kemper s dad died when he was too you to really remember him but he to connect with him, Kemper follows in his dad footsteps and enlists I was a little confused at his attitude towards him mom While she may not have been somewhat emotionally unavailable to him she wasn t abusive towards him He continued to support her financially the entire time he serves but he doesn t see her I definitely understand Daphne s attitude towards her mother I feel like she could have given her dad a bit of a break Especially when he s sees that Trent has hit Daphne For me it was strange how she could so easily cut him off because of her anger but she couldn t do the same with Trent I think he really wanted to do right by her but just wasn t sure how to go about doing it I m not doing this story any justice, all I can say is it s really worth reading It s definitely an emotional read didn t bring me to tears but it definitely made my heart ache at times Oh and aside from their attraction to each other, Kemper and Daphne find that they are linked to each other in the most unusual way. ARC kindly provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review5Charmingstars from meWhat a sweet story with so many messages Some people have been through or actually living right now situations like Daphne and Kemper have Abuse physical, mental and participating at war as marine or soldier etc been through the cruelty of seeing death, blood or even loosing a loved one or a brother at arms.The reality sometimes is devastating and i think this story gives hints of it even though it s fictionDaphne has been suffering in the hands of an abusive boyfriend Trent no words about him..I just HATE him.The whole thing can be described by many words, at first i was sad and angry about her i meanMy sweet girl why Leave this poor excuse of a man this instant. Why are you letting so many years pass from your life while you treated like this You deservefrom life.But i saw her evolving and i admired her courage at last to stand up him and make the right choices because to tell the truth you can t feel or understand her or every person that suffered from abuse Yes i might say speak up and go but maybe it s something easy so i feel proud of her and her actions She is asweetand caring person with a hidden strong will inside herKemper on the other hand has suffered the cruelty of a war who also lost his beloved friend To begin with i can t even imagine what he s been through or what his eyes have seen war is a sensitive subject We can see his character after war, even through he is a wounded man who struggles mentally to come back to reality beyond war, he is a strong person who too has strong will and fights I couldn t write without mentioning his caring side, the way he took action with Daphne it s it s very admiringSignificant mixture, fast plot and characters with great chemistry A really worth reading story, i absolutely recommend it and i can t wait to see what is next from the author

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