Shadows Heart

Shadows Heart Dear Author,My Name Is Maksimillian I Am A ShifterSee Me The One With The Fangs And A Tail The One Hiding Between The Statues, Among The Ruins Of My Ancient HomeIt S Not The First Time I Spy A Thief Sneaking In None Succeeded But This Little Elf He Is The First One I Permit To Walk Through The Castle Unharmed Seems, He Brought Something With Him I Can Feel It, Hidden Under His Cloak, Something That Was Stolen From My Family Long Ago, Something That Carries Salvation To My Brothers, To My Whole Species How Did He Get It, Where Why Is He Smuggling It Back Instead Of Keeping To Himself Or Selling For A Profit This Might Be A Trap, A Bait To Lure Me Out But There Is Determination On The Elf S Face, A Touch Of Excitement And HopeI Wish For A Happily Ever After With This Cute Yet Mischievous Looking Creature And I Understand That We Have To Work Hard For ItPhoto Description A Young Elf Is Sneaking Through A Ruined Castle In His Hands He Holds A Glowing Orb Unbeknownst To Him A Dragon Is Sneaking Up Behind The Dragon Is About To Tap The Young Elf On The Shoulder With Its Tail The Ruined Castle Looks Vaguely Nordic Or GermanicThis Story Was Written As A Part Of The M M Romance Group S Love Is An Open Road Event Group Members Were Asked To Write A Story Prompt Inspired By A Photo Of Their Choice Authors Of The Group Selected A Photo And Prompt That Spoke To Them And Wrote A Short Story This Story May Contain Sexually Explicit Content And Is Intended For Adult Readers It May Contain Content That Is Disagreeable Or Distressing To Some Readers The M M Romance Group Strongly Recommends That Each Reader Review The General Information Section Before Each Story For Story Tags As Well As For Content Warnings

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  • Shadows Heart
  • Kathleen Hayes
  • English
  • 13 August 2019

10 thoughts on “Shadows Heart

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    Thank you so much to the author who have participated in this eventProbably a combination of the writing that I felt detached and the story that was too short for me to get into the world built, characters, or storyline but this one just didn t do anything for me at all shrugs Note Per my own policy, any story from this year s event that I can t give 3 rating to, will be left unrated

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    Maybe because it s my prompt and I am partial, maybe because it s about dragons and I am partial, maybe it s because I love the name Maksimillian which makes me partial D or maybe just because it s a really sweet and comforting story without too many complications, I am rounding 3.5 stars up to 4 and walking away from it with a happy smile.Kathleen, thank you so much for the lovely story D

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    Very nice indeed, a real pity, it was too short to reach the full potential.

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    4.5 starsshort fantasy storyBarlow is an ice elf, sold into the services of a witch to prevent her from selling their community s whereabouts to hunters While Barlow s own powers are being used by the witch he is transcribing a book about dragon lore When local village girl, Millie, visits and drops the book a pendant falls out and Barlow puts it on He s compelled to visit the ruined castle at the edge of the village where he mets Maks, a shadow dragon, and discovered that the pendant is his Maks agrees to flee the witch with Barlow, using one of his many forms shadow dragons being able to shift both shape and gender , but when they reach Barlow s home village things are not good, and Maks offers to help Barlow s people to recover In the process Maks and Barlow fall in love.This is quite a simple, gentle story, but it s very engaging with some really good world building and lovely characters

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    A simplistic children s fairytale with confusing start events at the end of each chapter.

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    Sweet story but too short.

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    Can you fall in love with a story prompt Well, I did And was tremendously disappointed after reading the story The story itself felt like a retelling of an old fairy tale or a first draft.It s like a basic framework, from which you construct the plot not a real story Besides that it doesn t fit the story prompt very well I can feel it, hidden under his cloak, something that was stolen from my family long ago, something that carries salvation to my brothers, to my whole species Where is this part Why was it left out Well, now on to the ending Yeah, ending Right What kind of ending was that They kiss, become mates and that s it Really The story just ends There s no solution as to why all the the elves became ill and died Nothing Just a kiss and END.

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    A quick sweet no sex fantasy about a Elf and a dragon.Barlow is an Ice Elf, who is being held by a witch For ten years She drains his magic, making him weaker He has been slowly but surely saving it up, looking for a spell to cast on her To forget To forget him and his family His parents gave him away, in return that she won t tell humans about their location, keeping them safe Then one day he finds a pendent And is determined to return it to it s owner The owner is a genderfluid, shapeshifting dragon, named Maks Maks and him travel the long distance home to see what has happened to Barlow s homeplace in the past ten years.

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    A very sweet and happy story It s a cute little thing and, although the relationship is a bit too fast I would love to see a sequel, to see what happens to this relationship after this point, how the two grow together.I m personally not a fan of the names, but I don t think that s important The elf and the dragon are cute together and make me happy and I d love to see them living their lives.

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