The Trail (An Awol Thriller #1)

The Trail (An Awol Thriller #1) Paul Leroux Is A Serial Killer Wanted For Murdering Women In North Carolina When The Police Start To Catch Up With Leroux, He Panics And Decides To Escape To Canada On The Appalachian Trail, Where Thru Hikers Use Trail Names And Travel Anonymously Leroux, Who Is Overweight And Unhealthy, Struggles At First On The Trail But Begins To Relax As He Gets Stronger And Can Utilize The Physical Changes He Gains From His Intense Hiking As A Disguise His Urge To Kill, However, Is Invigorated By The Nearness Of Female Hikers, And His Intention To Stay Away From Them On His Trip Begins To Weaken His Life Is Further Complicated When Desert Storm Veteran Karl Bergman, Who Is Also Trying To Escape His Own Failure, Becomes Suspicious Of Leroux And Begins To Pay Careful Attention To His Every Move Leroux Becomes Increasingly Panicked As He Realizes That Both Bergman And The Police Are Close On His Tail As He Races To The Border Hoping To Find A Haven With His Canadian Family In This Cat And Mouse Thriller, Ray Anderson Dives Inside Two Men S Minds As They Struggle To Fight Their Identities And Confront Their Fears And Internal Turmoil

So far, I ve hiked the Appalachian Trail, the Pacific Crest Trail, the Long Trail VT , and parts of the Continental Divide Trail.I developed an abiding interest in hiking over 25 years ago when I began climbing the 67 four thousand footers in New England Completed that quest and will now begin hiking the four thousand footers in the Adirondacks NY.I m a retiree of The Coca Cola Company and a g

✼ [EPUB] ✴ The Trail (An Awol Thriller #1)  By Ray K. Anderson ❆ –
  • Paperback
  • 272 pages
  • The Trail (An Awol Thriller #1)
  • Ray K. Anderson
  • English
  • 02 October 2019
  • 9781630269821

10 thoughts on “The Trail (An Awol Thriller #1)

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    Ok I have never been on even a day hike so I went into this novel with no preconceived notions about hiking and whether it would serve as a good setting to interest me but I was surprised how much I enjoyed the book purely on the the hiking aspect I thought it served as a fantastic setting for a thriller and I was thoroughly entertained.

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    Excellent Would make a GREAT movie too.

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    A tremendous first novel hope there are Ray Anderson s debut novel THE TRAIL is an excellent read Ray is an accomplished hiker and mountaineer, and he blends those skills with a truly suspenseful tale about the hunt for a serial killer loose on the Appalachian Trail I learned a great deal about the techniques and traditions of the through hikers , the people who are walking the entire AT from Georgia to Maine or Maine to Georgia and found it all fascinating.Anderson s ability to vividly describe the terrain and the scenery adds a great deal to the story without losing the suspense Speaking as someone who s carried a pack and hiked some tough ground over the years, I found myself reliving many of those experiences as I was enjoying this book If you ve ever walked on blisters, strung up a temporary shelter, or cooked a meal on a pocket stove, this is for you.

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    Creepy novel about a serial killer stalker on the AT Loved descriptions of the trail Thoughts of serial killer, not so much.

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    This was an engrossing book.Could not put it down I guess partly because I am so familiar with Trail living near Blue Ridge Parkway Well written Mystery Thank you.

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    My Review I had picked this book up a while ago at a RI Author event, the author had a very interesting story and I was intrigued, but suspense thrillers are not my usual go to books I finally picked it up just yesterday and could not put it down This is definitely a great read for the summer or early fall, it was very atmospheric There are a lot of trail terms, but it was easy to decipher for non hikers and the descriptions of the events really show the author s knowledge and experience, you can t help but imagine being on the trail I enjoyed the dual story lines of the two characters, though some of the timelines are a little confusing I like that you have all the knowledge of what is going on, as many suspense thriller type books tend to take on a bit of a mystery, and what keeps you going is wanting to find out the endgame of both Awol and Moonwalker Definitely a fast paced and engrossing read, I am looking forward to reading the next book

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    Ray Anderson has created a terrific blend of a serial killer thriller with first hand expertise of the Appalachian Trail Unique plot and well crafted characters Ray keeps your attention with action and details Look forward to his second book Sierra about the Pacific Coast Trail as the scene of another crime.

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    Excellent Well written, fast paced page turner I wanted to stay up all night to finish it.

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    I absolutely loved this book Action thriller a must read.

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    Good read Held my interest although I don t know if it would be as interesting to a non hiker Nice light read.

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