A SEALs Chance (The Heroes of Chance Creek, #6)

A SEALs Chance (The Heroes of Chance Creek, #6) I loved this series, every book showed their support for one another Phyiscal and emotional.As a family thier determination was unlimited and unconditional of what they would do for each other Had I known it was only 62 pages I d never paid for it It was pointless maybe if it was of an actual story with some details. This was a short little novella that dipped into the same plot device, angst and characters as the previous books Nice but pretty worn out by now. Short sweet read Wish there was. Very short but sweetWhen Ben one of Masons ex marine buddies who was injured comes to stay he gets than he bargained for Ben is struggling and feeling down and jaded Who would want a cripple like him Caitlyn is a sweet young single mom who feels the world is passing judgement on her They meet and it isn t roses But when they get to know eachother and see they are both broken thy start to mend eachother. I usually like everything by this author but I am sorry to say that I was disappointed by this book Too short and too predictable, not much of a story here.I don t think that the H should have demanded he stay the night and she would have accepted I don t think that someone who had a one night stand would fall into another one night stand It wasn t even a date I guess that happened due to the brevity of the story And the cost for the short story seemed pretty high All around disappointing, because fully developed it could have been another really good story in the series. Obstacle Course Of Love I am beginning to think that the obstacle courses, is one of love.From the man who built it for his boys, to the boys who grew up and found their wives, and now four friends who have found love on that course.An awesome story of how two people who didn t think they were worthy of love, helped each other to see the best in themselves. When Navy SEAL Ben Warren Is Sidelined By An Injury, He Thinks Love Is Off The Table Until Single Mother Caitlyn Cross Reminds Him That A Warrior Fights For What He Wants Revisit Chance Creek And The Hall Brothers, And Meet A Brand New Hero You Won T Forget This didn t feel like a romance This felt like first date, get it on, and then skip six months and they re at the altar and she s pregnant Just very unsatisfying We don t see him really get over any of his issues There wasn t any character development. The first book in this series will always be my favorite However, I feel in love with each one of the brothers and the struggles they faced If Cora Seton writes it I ll read it Love this author.

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 93 pages
  • A SEALs Chance (The Heroes of Chance Creek, #6)
  • Cora Seton
  • English
  • 11 June 2018

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