When Freedom Comes: Hope's Revolutionary War Diary, Book 3 (My America)

When Freedom Comes: Hope's Revolutionary War Diary, Book 3 (My America) In Hope S Third And Final Diary, By Kristiana Gregory, We Meet Hope Once Again In The Middle Of The Revolutionary War, As She Continues To Bravely Face The Turmoil And Violence Hope Describes The Realities Of Life In Pennsylvania As She Is Caught Up In The Midst Of The Revolutionary War Though The Emerging Nation S Future Is Still Uncertain, Hope Remains Optimistic And Brave

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  • Paperback
  • 112 pages
  • When Freedom Comes: Hope's Revolutionary War Diary, Book 3 (My America)
  • Kristiana Gregory
  • English
  • 17 May 2019
  • 9780439370547

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    Format Length Chapter book 112 pagesTheme s Adventure, Change, Cherish and Appreciate the things around you, Childhood, Courage, Family Family Love, Family Struggles, Freedom Liberation, Friendship, Inner Struggles, Meeting Challenges, War, SurvivalReview The main character is an 11 year young girl named Hope She is a strong individual, as she is living through the Revolutionary War in Philadelphia Hope tells of her experience through diary entries and the struggle of staying a close family with her father away fighting for the Patriots, as well as her struggle of remaining friends with her best friend Polly who s family is a loyalist When using this book with my 5th grade classroom, I used it as a support after reading from about the American Revolution in our Social Studies book.After the students read both of these texts, I had them create their own diary journal entries as if they too lived during the American Revolution.

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    Hope Potter is almost eleven years old when she begins her third diary on Christmas Day, 1777 Her older brother Ethan has finally returned home, but their house in Philadelphia is still occupied by British soldiers, and her father is still away fighting for the Patriots Hope can no longer even see her best friend, Polly, because Polly s parents are Loyalists Things become even worse when the family learns that Papa is very ill at the American encampment in Valley Forge Will they be able to do anything to help him Kristiana Gregory has written a good conclusion to Hope s story, and readers who enjoyed the first two books will want to read this one as well Hope s stories are among my favorites from the My America series, because I love this period in history, and the author has done a good job at bringing to life the voice of a young colonial girl.

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    This is the third book in the story about Hope and the Revolutionary War The British have occupied Philadelphia in 1777 The book shows how badly and arrogantly most of them behaved, taking over houses and stealing whatever they wanted from people.There was also still a problem with the fact that some people supported the British and some the Patriots and this tended to tear towns and even individual families apart The story shows the strength of some families as they managed to support the Patriot cause and still survive the British occupation of the city.Regular history books don t seem to deal much with the suffering of the average person during the war, and this type of book helps to fill that void.

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    I can t really remember what this was about, at all.I do not remember much about this book 8 up I can t rememeber much about this book, all I remember is that this is a really east reading book I know this was a good book for one it was Dear America for another it was historical fiction I think everyone should read this.

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    A wonderful book I wish there was a fourth book Such a great story, rich with history, and hard to put down I loved the characters, and learned so much about this time period, and our history Great, great book

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    This is a really good book.

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    really good

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    I love these stories They all tell the story of America s history by using fictional characters that students can relate to.

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    An interesting view of the American Revolution

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