A Dull Roar

A Dull RoarDiary of a few months in 06 as Hank muses on life while working on the second season of his tv show on IFC, his radio show, acting in the movie Wrong Turn 2, and the Rollins Band reunion tour As usual, plenty of insights on the hard truths of existence mixed with passages that make you really think he needs to lighten up just a little, or at least take a five minute break Also, isn t keeping a running list of what you eat exercise every day a sign of anorexia This was kind of a mixed bag for me One thing about it that kind of takes away from it as far as I m concerned is that he was planning on publishing this diary before he wrote it so I feel like he is self conscious about his writing than he might be otherwise He even mentions editing the earlier entries of the diary towards the end of the book He s a prolific workaholic with a ton of interesting projects and ideas, but this isn t one I ll return to again like some of the others That being said, he was rather honest at times about how some people he was working with were irritating him and it takes guts to publish that. 01 APR 2006 and the Rollins band are reforming to support X on an American tour They last played in Japan in 1997 A Dull Roar is a journal by Rollins leading up to the tour going through press and practice plus he is doing The Henry Rollins Show for IFC and interviews the likes of Eddie Izzard, Jeff Bridges, Paul Thomas Anderson and Bill Maher He has a radio show Harmony in my Head He is filming for Wrong Turn 2 up in Canada He has spoken word shows in London He is writing this book and he is working out You get the idea He is busy but lets be honest here he is being busy in a good way unlike me stuck in an office for 10 hours a day.He talks about having to keep himself busy to stop thinking about himself and falling into depression.When I started the book I was wondering why I was reading it It was odd but it grows on you Rollins can be quite inspiring and I have found lots from this to take away In 2006 he is the age that I am now which is interesting for me I actually thought he would have read books and he may well do but that does not come across in the journal I guess letting the reader know that you read again for another 2 hours is not all that exciting Maybe he should post reviews up on Goodreads I would certainly read them. Tailed off a bit near the end when the fatigue of tour hit Henry, but I think that was partially me not wanting it to end I always feel like I m sharing his life reading these journals, its a massive source of inspiration Loved it and want A Dull Roar was an interesting insight to the way Henry Rollins thinks and deals with celebrity An avid reader, he had some pretty good suggestions for my to read list The first part of the book was really good, but I didn t rate this higher because the last third, which describes the tour that the whole book was building to was rather flat To paraphrase I came to town, I exercised, I did a show, I read a book The band is getting on my nerves But, maybe that was the point tour life is pretty dull, especially when you re not one to socialize much. I ve been reading and listening to Henry for about 16 years now, and I have to say this is the first Diary style volume that I thought should have been edited a little He repeats himself a few times, especially about the not wanting to be tied down because of the work ethic that he has Which is fine But having read his books, listened to his Radio show, watched and listened to inumberable spoken word shows, I kind of worked that one out But that s just me being picky there s no bad Hank books It s good to read about the Wrong Turn 2 period and it also explains why there was no uk leg of the Rollins Band reunion tour So definitely worth a read. A Dull Roar is a look into Henry Rollins journal from April to September 2006 It pretty much just covers his day to day thoughts as he prepares for and goes on tour This book is only worthwhile is you are a fan of Henry Rollins, however it is not as clever as his spoken word performances If you will take anything away from this book is a little motivation to get off your ass because Rollins is a workhorse. So far, my least favorite book by Rollins, but still better than many other books I read Unlike much of his other work, this book felt forced, and he repeated many of the same things over and over I like being alone, zingers at the President, etc Get in the Van and Broken Summers were effective and powerful tour diaries I have a lot of respect for Rollins, and this book does detail his dedication to his craft Not many people could keep up such a schedule I took a long break from reading Hank and I remember whythe journals are interesting enough but he can be as little too.Rollinsy A Dull Roar Chronicles A Tumultuous Five Month Period In Henry Rollins Life During April Through September , He Reunited With The Rollins Band, Prepared For And Toured North America With Them, Wrapped Up The Second Season Of The The Henry Rollins Show, Filmed Wrong Turn , And Slaved Over His Radio Show, Harmony In My Head Although Comprised Of Rollins Daily Journal Entries, The Book Is Far Than A Day To Day Account Of This Brief But Hectic Period As He Confronts His Feelings About Reuniting With His Former Bandmates, Rollins Reflects On Music, The Industry, Current Affairs, And Other Topics In His Typically Outspoken, Irreverent, And Combative Fashion

Henry Rollins born Henry Lawrence Garfield often referred to simply as Rollins is an American singer songwriter, spoken word artist, author, actor and publisher.After joining the short lived Washington, D.C band State of Alert in 1980, Rollins fronted the Californian hardcore punk band Black Flag from 1981 until 1986 Following the band s breakup, Rollins soon established the record label and

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