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My Book of Birds Geraldo Val Rio Is An Artist Who Loves Birds, From Majestic Golden Eagles And Snowy Owls To Brilliant Cardinals And Jays To The Tiniest Of Hummingbirds Here He Presents His Favorites, With Beautiful Collage Illustrations And Brief Descriptions That Highlight Intriguing Facts About Each OneThe Illustrations Show A Variety Of Feathered Creatures In Their Natural Habitats As They Hunt For Food, Impress Their Mates, Nest, And Care For Their Young The Concise, Accessible Text Provides Information Ranging From Clever Techniques For Finding Food To Remarkable Physical Features To Fascinating Behaviors But Above All, Geraldo Valerio Shares His Passion For Birds In This Lovingly Created Album, Inspiring Young Readers With Their Beauty And The Excitement Of DiscoveryIncludes An Introduction, Glossary, Index And Sources For Further Information

Born in Brazil, Geraldo Val rio also lives in Vancouver, BC He began his career in children s publishing with A Cobra Zola, published by Le Publishing House and recently illustrated Do You Have a Hat for Simon and Schuster Books for Young People.

[Epub] ❥ My Book of Birds  By Geraldo Valério –
  • Hardcover
  • 60 pages
  • My Book of Birds
  • Geraldo Valério
  • English
  • 21 December 2019
  • 9781554988006

10 thoughts on “My Book of Birds

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    You will first see the pictures Geraldo Valeria is an artist and what you will notice first are Valeria s amazing collage illustrations.But don t stop there Valeria has had a passion for birds since he was little and that is reflected in his text, too Great illustrations Great text A new classic, I think.

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    Text 5 starsIllustrations 5 starsA child s encyclopedia of birds Beautiful paper cut illustrations and informative text in a well designed picture book Last page contains a short glossary of bird related terms, an index, and print online sources for further reading Love the endpapers the front endpapers feature eggs and the back endpapers display feathers, all labelled with which bird they belong to This is what children s nonfiction should be Excellent classroom resource, perfect for groups like Girl Boy Scouts, a children s Audubon group, or anything nature related , and entertaining enough for independent reading.

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    What a fantastic book For adults and children The illustrations are so cute, and the information about the birds is quite interesting.

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    If I could give this 1000 stars, I would I can t wait to purchase my own copy.

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    An oversized book of birds, ones that are mostly found in North America, done by an artist who has loved and observed birds since childhood in Brazil and now in North America using his favorite medium collage pieces torn from magazine print all of which makes for an exceptional artistic learning experience Some of the illustrations contain only one bird on the double page spread, the white pelican and the trumpeter swan Each page contains a very brief paragraph of information in small print A bibliography of adult and children s books are included as well as websites And yes, the front two end papers are illustrations of the eggs of the birds illustrated and the back two end papers are illustrations of individual feathers of the birds I plan to own this one.

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    great bird facts great design great book.

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    Using various types of paper, including paper from old magazines, art paper, and gift wrap, the author illustrator has create memorable visual collages of birds found in North America Readers will find birds ranging from the American White Pelican, the Double Created Cormorant, and various puffins and warblers on the book s pages The endpapers feature the eggs of these birds and a feather from each one Although I m not sure how the book is organized other than by which bird was most appealing to the illustrator, I found the images most impressive, particularly since he tried so hard to include them in their natural habitat as they nest, attract mates, and search for food and water The oversize format works quite well for its subject matter Respect for these flying machines is evident on every page Teachers may want to add this to their science classroom collection since it introduces readers to the wide variety of birds that fill our skies and might enable them to identify the birds that flock to the trees in their neighborhoods.

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    Beautiful, large format book about a diverse group of North American birds A short paragraph of information accompanies the collage illustrations The big bummer here is there are no species specific sources, though the author does list nearly a dozen sources, four websites and 4 books for young readers.

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    The birds are all illustrated in a collage style I think the sitting perching birds are better than those with wings out in flight.There s a bit of information about each bird, although exactly the kind of information offered isn t consistent from bird to bird.

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    Great illustrations and concise info on specific birds.

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