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The Russian Story Book Fifteen Tales From The Song Cycles Of Kiev And Novgorod And Other Early Sources Includes Such Titles As The Adventure Of The Burning White Stone, The Golden Horde, Vasily The Turbulent, And Others, Retold By Richard Wilson Stunningly Illustrated With Line Drawings And Sixteen Colored Plates By Frank C Pape

Wikipedia Richard Wilson 1920 1987 was a Nebula Award winning American science fiction writer and fan He was a member of the Futurians, and was married at one time to Leslie Perri.His books included the novels The Girls from Planet 5 1955 30 Day Wonder 1960 and And Then the Town Took Off 1960 and the collections Those Idiots from Earth 1957 and Time Out for Tomorrow 1962 His short stories included The Eight Billion nominated for a Nebula Award as Best Short Story in 1965 Mother to the World nominated for the Hugo for Best Novelette in 1969 and winner of the Nebula in 1968 and The Story Writer nominated for the Nebula Award for Best Novella in 1979.

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    This is a collection of fifteen stories from Russia, retold by Richard Wilson and published in 1916 Here is a short paragraph from his preface, explaining why he chose this theme I have gone right into the heart of Holy Russia, to Kiev and Novgorod and the borders of the Caspian, in an endeavour to show by means of some of the early legends the ideals and point of view of the Russian nation while it was in the process of being made The stories of the song cycles of Kiev and Novgorod tell of a barbaric, though not a barbarian, world, full of high colour and spirited action, of the knock down blow followed quickly by the hand of friendship freely extended to pick up the fallen foeman if indeed he has had the hardihood to survive.Later he says his first concern was to please healthy minded boys and girls in their early teens. So that and the word retold tells us that these are not exact translations of the original stories, but they are still wonderfully entertaining and introduce the world of Russian hero legends And what heroes they were My favorite was Ilya of Murom and his shaggy bay steed Cloudfall For thirty years he had been a helpless cripple, without arms or legs, until one day three old travelers visited his parents cottage, where he spent all of his time They healed him, gave him greatstrength, and advised him about his future In the first five stories Ilya is the main character, although we also meet such legendary beings as Svyatogor, who carries his wife around in a crystal casket while he rides his horse across the steppes and Falcon The Hunter, who was an impressive sight At his left stirrup ran a swift grey hound, and a fire eating dragon was chained to the right which sang and whistled with a strange music as the horse and its rider passed on towards the dark grey sea. I especially enjoyed meeting Nikitich, who was introduced as Nikitich, the young man of supernatural wisdom who could both read and write Every time he showed up in these stories he was described this way.I had never read any myths legends from Russia and I greatly enjoyed these stories They are full of larger than life characters whose horses can easily leap across rivers that are two miles wide feasting and drinking with boasting afterwards which seems to get our heroes into Situations every time lots of green wine the best quality there is, but I do wonder why treasure rooms full of red gold, silver, and seed pearls There is a Water Tsar and a beautiful but mean spirited woman called Yelena The Haughty and another beautiful but wise woman named Vasilissa She is the wife of Stavr The Noble, and had to try to rescue him from Prince Vladimir s dungeons after one of those boasting bouts In one story the villain was Whirlwind The Whistler, who kidnapped the wife of the Tsar The Tsar s youngest son Ivan went off to try to rescue her Here is part of what happened when the two met With a piercing shriek Whirlwind turned and mounted quickly upward He passed with a howl through the open window in the roof, and then his form was changed, but what it was now no one knew or was able to describe, for as often as any one opened eyes to look at him he filled them with dust and water if any one sniffed him he made them sneeze if any one tried to lay hands upon him he buffeted them in the chest and turned them about like weather vanes, all the while crying out, What is my shape Only pigs could see him and knew of what shape he was and they had no powers of description.I found this book at Project Gutenberg, with lovely illustrations by Frank Pape I am very glad I read it, and would love to read the author s The Indian Story Book I hope that Someday it will also appear at Gutenberg Here is the link for The Russian Story Book Try to have a look at the gorgeous illustrations even if you are not interested in the stories.

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