The Duke and Miss Christmas

The Duke and Miss Christmas3.5 StarsIt is almost the holiday seasonat least in romance novella land I have an odd sense of affection for holiday themed stories so I had to check out Amelia Grey s The Duke and Miss Christmas It also doesn t hurt that Ms Grey is a new to me author and this seemed like a good chance to check out her writing While this story did have the pacing issues that often plague novellas, I found it easy to get into and a decent way to spend a few hours.The meet cute for Crispin and Gwen is one of the funniest I ve seen in historical romance in awhileshe misunderstands a situation and starts beating him over the head with a basket It is a good example of the rest of their love story which I would describe as adorable He is a reformed rake who isn t opposed to love, but also isn t desperately looking for it She feels overshadowed by her sisters at times and feels like she lost her chance with Crispin after their initial meeting They work really well as a couple and the author makes sure that they spend time talking and hanging out together which I appreciated.The only problem I had was the pacing which, as I said, happens quite often in novellas While I m not sure how this particular romance would do as a full length story due to the lack of external drama, I feel like it could have benefited from a fewpages of character development I was able to get a good read on Crispin s character, but not as much with Gwen The romance moved along at a pretty frenzied speed as a result of the page length too.Overall, I thought that The Duke and Miss Christmas was a good introduction to Amelia Grey s writing and the Heirs Club of Scoundrels trilogy The style was something that I enjoyed and I am interested in Gwen s sister s story after meeting her here Not the most original romance I ve ever read, but I found it enjoyable and worth my time.I received a free eARC of this book from St Martin s Press via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. The Duke and Miss Christmas is my first sample of Amelia Grey s work and it may be my last Unfortunately, this didn t work for me, for a number of reasons 1 The heroine is a shrew She is a shrew at the beginning and she is a shrew at the end There is no character growth I know she had a suitor try to assault her at some point earlier in the series, but here, she makes her own decisions and then blames the hero At one point towards the end, she rails at the hero because he saw his own family at Christmas and due to his horse throwing a shoe, was late to her family s party What 2 The sex scene in here was entirely unnecessary and came out of nowhere The characters barely knew each other In fact, they d exchanged a few bland letters and had seen each other all of TWICE Even though the heroine is supposed to be skittish of men using her, she will agree to sleep with the hero with no offer of marriage or any sort of understanding In the snow no less NO WAY This story should have had no sex scene and would have done better as a clean story withfocus on relationship development.3 The writing style was a bit choppy for me and there were random descriptions of setting that didn t fit with the rest of the narration.Now, there were elements I did like, which is what got me through the story The depictions of Gwen s younger sisters were fun and I enjoyed the scenes they were in Also, I liked the hero He was larger than life and dominated all of the scenes he was present in Despite these two positive elements, I still can t rate this higher than 1.5 stars I finished this book unhappy with the romance and disbelieving about the sex scene I cannot recommend this one. Kratka, slatka i savr ena romanti na novela Volim ljubavne pri e obavijene Bo i nom arolijom, tako da je za mene, ova pri a pun pogodak. Delightfully charming and sweet read, too bad it ended up being so short.When Crispin, the Duke of Hurst finds a young injured girl, the last thing he expected was to suddenly be attacked by her older sister with a basket After striking him in the face and causing a cut under his eye, Gwen and Crispin ends up in the tussle Unaware that Crispin is a duke who was only trying to help her younger sister Sibyl, she accidentally mistakes him for an attacker and boy can Gwen hold her own. Let me up, you foul beast She ground out a hiss as she struggled to break free Not a chance in hell, he thought as his fingers tightened When the realization who she had attacked finally sinks in, Gwen cannot help but feel bad and a little ashamed for striking the duke and not giving him a chance to escape Her past had made her wary of other gentleman but she cannot help the attraction between them.Loved the banter, loved the plot line, and characters full of wit and humor but unfortunately because this is a novella, it made me wish for so muchI think I especially loved Sibyl, Gwen s cheeky young sister She had to be my favorite part of the story It is a shame that this is a trilogy because I do hope Miss Sibyl get s her own book. She gave him a smoldering expression of defiance and crossed her hands over her chest I don t cry, she stated firmly Crying is for babies Thought I really did enjoy Grey s writing and humor, it was the reason this novella fell a little short for me I really liked Crispin and wished this was a full length novel I wanted to feelof a connection between the two characters but it was quite quick and I guess because everything was so quick I just couldn t connect.Another reason I gave it 3.5 stars is that I felt Gwen was a bit careless in the beginning She could have really hurt her sister Plus at the end, Gwen admitted in her rent that she loved Crispin but a little after she says to him, well you don t know that I love you, and he acts like she never said it That was kind of a blooper it felt on that part.Overall, it was enjoyable, though quick I needed something like among all the thrillers I have been reading, and this definitely gave me that Do I wish it was longer Absolutely, especially since this was a Christmas romance and I love to get lost in those. This review was originally posted on Night Owl Book Caf The Duke and Miss Christmas is a 2015 St Martin s Press publication I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review This is a novella length Christmas story surrounding Gwen Prim and Crispin, the Duke of Hurst, who meet in a rather awkward fashion, but with a burst of chemistry that keeps Crispin looking for ways to see Gwen However, his character has been called into questions after he was involved in a horrible scandal, and Gwen has had enough of scoundrels Can Gwen trust him or will he live up to his bad reputation and break her heart Christmas themed novellas are always fun and I like to pick a variety of them for the holiday season This one got off to a great start, but fizzled very quickly There wasn t a lot going on here and the conflict was very tepid, but there were some humorous spots here and there that kept me from losing all interest, plus the courtship was sweet, a little bit steamy, and romantic Not great, but a nice, light romantic tale non the less 3 stars Amanda s review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsThe Duke and Miss Christmas is a sweet novella that was delightful and charming What made this story so charming is the Duke himself, Crispin He s in the country to visit his uncle and celebrate the holiday, when he encounters a young girl on the ground during his early morning ride Being the gentleman, he comes to Sybil s aid after a fall from the tree.However, no good deed goes unpunished.First impressions are always important but when Gwen Prim meets the Duke of Hurst for the first time, she jumps to the wrong conclusion and attacks him Oops He ultimately teases her and when things are made to right she finds out he s a duke Can it get any worse than that Crispin finds it refreshing that she stood up to him, even before she knew his name and title He teases her and she teases right back Will he forgive her for her mistake I love it when propriety is so important in order to stay in good standings and avoid scandal with good society Gwen knew she met an honorable man when he didn t blame her and was genuinely interested in her and her many sisters Falling in love wasn t hard for Gwen when she decided to let herself to do so Some might find it hard to believe that people can fall in love so fast in a short amount of time but part of it is anticipation and desire These two have it in spades Definitely a light and fast read for the holiday season.Review copy provided for an honest review. What a charming little novella I think I had a smile the whole time while reading it.The opening scene was cute as well as the cast of Prim sisters The heroine had spunk and the hero was unexpected I wish the other love interest hadn t been quite so annoying, but I suppose that is his job, so that the hero can be such a contrast A truly magical Christmas story.I haven t read any books by Ms Grey before, but I certainly will in the future Thank you to the publisher and Net Galley in exchange of an honest review. Crispin, the seventh Duke of Hurst, has been invited to a Christmas Ball by his friend, Bray, the Duke of Drakestone The oldest of six younger siblings, Crispin has decided to forego Christmas Day with his family to attend this Ball As he is riding his horse to Drakestone, he comes upon a young girl named Sybil sitting in the snow surrounded by a basket of greenery cuttings She has hurt her ankle after falling from a tree attempting to pick mistletoe so he offers to put her on his horse and take her home As he is lifting her onto the horse, he is attacked behind by a young woman who thinks he is trying to steal Sybil away Sybil is a good rider and takes off on the horse Crispin struggles with the young woman who had attacked him and scrapes his face with the basket He tries to calm her down and explain to her that he was only trying to help young Sybil She refuses to tell him her name so he calls her Miss Christmas.Gwen Prim is the sister in law of the Duke of Drakestone Having returned from her season she is heartbroken from her experiences However, she is shocked to find that Crispin is a Duke and will be staying at Drakestone She is horribly embarrassed that she struck him and he now sports a scratch on his face.Crispin is a member of the Heir s Club which is a group of wealthy young men who tend to become involved in scandal That is exactly what happened with Crispin, so he chose to join his mother and siblings in America for awhile until the gossip died down.Crispin and Gwen are immediately attracted to one another and even after the Ball, they continue to correspond with one another They are both quite fond of their many siblings Gwen needs to be sure that the previous gossip about Crispin is not true before she can allow herself to fall in love with him.This is a sweet novella with lots of humor Once again, Amelia Grey has given readers a fun story.Copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley Another damp squib Trying to read these Christmas stories for my Challenge and I am ready to be over Christmas when we still have 4 weeks to go The Duke in this novella has a pretty unsavoury past that included a wager with a group of young men to see who could get the most girls to fall in love with them in one season Yup What a hero Don t care that he regretted it, and stopped participating part of the way through Maybe he could have stopped the others, too Pretty mean, breaking all those hearts for a bet So it was a struggle to see him as a genuine Mensch.She then proceeds to view spoiler have sex on a cloak in the open in the middle of winter with said duke She is a virgin That makes him a creep and her self respectless hide spoiler Crispin, The Duke Of Hurst, Has Never Met A Woman He Couldn T Handle Until He S Hit Over The Head With A Basketful Of Mistletoe By A Young Lady Who Mistakes His Intentions When He Gets Into A Tussle With Her And She Can Hold Her Own Crispin Knows He Has Finally Met His MatchMiss Gwen Prim Is Mortified That She Attacked A Duke, But Even Concerning Is The Way Her Resolve Melts When She S Near Him She S Never Felt This Way About A London Gentleman In Her Life And With The Magic Of Christmas In The Air, She May End Up With A Proposal She Didn T Expectin This Delightful Regency Gem, The Duke And Miss Christmas By New York Times Bestselling Author Amelia Grey

Amelia Grey aka Gloria Dale Skinner grew up in a small town in the Florida Panhandle She has been happily married to her high school sweetheart for over twenty five years She has lived in Alabama, Connecticut, New Hampshire and now lives in Florida Amelia has won the coveted Romantic Times award for Love and Laughter, the prestigious Maggie award for best historical and Affaire de Coeur s bes

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