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In Wilderness SELECTED AS ONE OF THEGREAT THRILLERS FOR YOUR BEACH READING LIST BY ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY For Readers Of Ron Rash, Thomas H Cook, And Tim Johnston,In Wilderness Is A Suspenseful And Literary Love Story Hailed By New York Times Bestselling Author Joshilyn Jackson As Heartbreaking, Bold, Relentless And The Work Of A True Original In The Winter Of , Katherine Reid Moves To An Isolated Cabin Deep In Georgia S Appalachian Mountains There, With Little Than A Sleeping Bag, A Tin Plate, And A Loaded Gun, She Plans To Spend Her Time In Peaceful Solitude But One Day, Katherine Realizes The Woods Are Not Empty, And She Is Not Alone Someone Else Is Near, Observing Her Every Move Twenty Year Old Vietnam Veteran Danny Lives Not Far From Katherine S Cabin, In A Once Grand Mansion He Has Dubbed Gatsby S House Haunted By War And Enclosed By Walls Of Moldering Books, He Becomes Fixated On Katherine What Starts As Cautious Observation Grows To Obsession When These Two Souls Collide, The Passion That Ignites Between Them Is All Consuming And Increasingly Dangerous Suffused With A Stunning Sense Of Character And Atmosphere, Diane Thomas S Intimate Voice Creates An Unforgettable Depiction Of The Transformative Power Of Love, How We Grieve And Hope, And The Perilous Ways In Which We Heed And Test Our HeartsPraise For In Wilderness A Harrowing Exploration Of Desire And Obsession, In Wilderness Sends Two People Into A Physical And Psychological Wilderness That Becomes Stranger And Terrifying The Deeper They Go Christina Baker Kline,New York Times Bestselling Author Of Orphan Train Not My Usual Thing, Which Makes Me Say It All The Louder I Love, Love, Love This Book The Fearless And Unflinching Story Of Two Extraordinary, Vivid People Alone In A Vast Pristine Wilderness, Told With Genuine Suspense And A Wonderfully Empowering Ending In Wilderness Is Altogether Spectacular Lee Child,New York Times Bestselling Author Of Personal Thomas Writes Hauntingly Of Obsession And Survival In This Dark, Unusual Love Story As The Author Moves Her Characters Through The Seasons Of , , And , She Offers A Deep And Unforgettable Look Into How Tragedy And Madness Can Shape Lives Written From The Points Of View Of Two Suffering People, The Story Takes On An Almost Surreal, Lyrical Quality Riveting And Raw Publishers Weekly Haunting This Is Both A Heartbreaking And Hopeful Tale That Stays With Readers Long After The Last Page Is Read RT Book Reviews Explosive The Tension Continues To Grow Thomas Writes With Richness, Describing The Natural World As Viscerally As She Does The Interior Lives Of These Two Intense Characters Recommended For Readers Who Also Like The Raw, Honest Writing Of Amy Bloom Or Amanda Coplin Library Journal Gripping Powered By Genuine Suspense And Driven Forward By Two Characters Whose Lives Readers Cannot Look Away From A Memorable Story Of An Isolated, Beautiful Place And Of Two People Trying To Make Sense Of The World They Have Chosen To Live In Booklist Unforgettable A Mad, Haunting, Dreamlike Story Of Love, Obsession, And Wildness Diane Thomas Mixes Elegant Prose With Raw Emotion William Landay, New York Times Bestselling Author Of Defending Jacob From The Hardcover Edition

My second novel, In Wilderness, a literary thriller inspired in part by the haunting southern Appalachian folk ballads of violence and erotic obsession, was also my first I wrote it in 1981 to distract myself from fears of dying, during an extended period of extreme ill health I titled this early version The Clearing, gave my symptoms to its protagonist, and sent her into a Georgia mountain wild

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  • 01 July 2019
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    In 1966 Katherine Reid is giving a death sentence Her doctor tells her that she has less than six months to live There is no name for the disease that is causing her body aches and continual vomiting In a few short months her vital organs will begin to shut down.Katherine does not want to die in a hospital She wants to die on her own terms So she buys a small cabin in the mountains of North Georgia She leaves her ad agency job and takes just what she can carry and moves into the cabin Her days consist of inner soul searching and basic survival Then she starts to feel better slowly.Now this book may seem to be one of those new stalkery type romance novels that are super popular right now It s not She does have a young man that is watching her He has watched since the Dead Lady moved into the cabin that he was staying in.He watches as she starts to recover her health He Danny has problems of his own He arrived at the location of the cabin and a nearby burned house due to his Nam buddy Jimbo telling him of it s existence He wants no contact with anyone, will not allow himself to be touched He has so many demons After watching Katherine for awhile he can t get over her He does become obsessed with her He ends up destroying her car so that she won t leave him The second part of the book is the coming together for the two of them and I didn t love it like I did the first half of the book but it was still an amazing read.I love basic survival stories and this one was part survival and part coming to terms with a life The writing in this is flat out beautiful.We crave attachments When we can t make them among live things, we attach unnaturally to something else And so she stands watch this night over a last burning nub of candle as if she were waiting by a sick friend s bedside for the end The little flame wavers in the still air, winks out, and she cries inconsolably Lately, it saddens her to see even wildflowers die she no longer picks them for her table.After reading this book I went to the authors page and she wrote this book back in 1981, giving Katherine symptoms that she herself suffered from, she finally released the book this year I m so very glad Back in the 1960 s Danny PTSD and Katherine s chemical sensitivity would not have been diagnosed Crap, I was giving this book a four star I m changing my mind after writing the review and full out fiving it GO read this book.

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    3.5 Stars Thirty eight seems young to die But maybe if you re ninety six so does ninety seven Sad and discouraged by loss, tragedy and a death sentence, thirty eight year old Katherine Reid and her gun move to a remote cabin in the Appalachian Mountains to spend her last days, but soon finds she is actually feeling better and is not really alone, and when twenty year old Danny Maclean appears on the scene, a lusty and weird relationship develops that soon progresses to darkness and danger no spoilers here For me, despite the descriptive writing and super enticing prologue and first chapter, IN WILDERNESS turned out to be rather slow moving for a good part of the story, but an interesting and discussion rich novel nonetheless.Look forward to reading The Year the Music Changed.

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    It s not a plan A plan requires a future Katherine Reid is 38 years old and she is dying She can t eat, can t sleep, and her strength is slowly ebbing Doctors are unable to pinpoint what is killing her, what they do know is that she has only a matter of months to live before her organs start shutting down Unwilling to die in a hospital, Katherine decides to buy a cabin in the middle of nowhere, a place where she can make peace with herself and where she can make the determination of when to end her life In the middle of this wilderness, there is no one else around for miles and miles Wrong There is indeed someone else in the area, and he closely watches Katherine as she goes about the business of dying He is mesmerized, becomes obsessed with her Ironically, as the days and weeks tick by, Katherine s health seems to improve She is now aware that she is being watched This was a Goodreads First Reads giveaway Thank you

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    4 Two disparate and damaged souls seeking extreme solutions to their physical and mental disabilities collide in a remote Appalachian wilderness in the late 1960s Initially it s a cat and mouse game for one, Russian roulette for the other.The reader is kept off balance with the author s intent Is this unfolding as a nail biting thriller, la the movie Deliverance, or perhaps something else The spare, raw, and mesmerizing prose explores the twin sides of physical and psychological despair and obsession that accompany severely disrupted lives seeking release It also comes attached with praise from writers such as Ron Rash, William Landay, and Lee Child If you re ready for a suspenseful walk on the twisted, erotically wild side, this is a good one.I recommend readers enter into this story as blind as possible by exercising caution with blurbs and reviews.

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    In Wilderness is a literary fiction novel written by author Diane Thomas After finishing this book, my thoughts about it felt somewhat disorganized I could not write a review right away All I knew was that in some strange, deranged way, I loved itevery dysfunctional and haunting thing about it I think I can put my thoughts down now I won t say that I can do it justice, because I know I can t But here it goesOn Ms Thomas s goodreads author page, she provides some insights regarding her book In Wilderness I love it when authors share these intimate details with their readers It makes all the difference My second novel, In Wilderness, a literary thriller inspired in part by the haunting southern Appalachian folk ballads of violence and erotic obsession, was also my first I wrote it in 1981 to distract myself from fears of dying, during an extended period of extreme ill health I titled this early version The Clearing, gave my symptoms to its protagonist, and sent her into a Georgia mountain wilderness to either die or heal And so begins this story set in the years 1966 1968 about Katherine and Danny, two characters who both are struggling with very real illnesses that had yet to be recognized by their medical community view spoiler The author s note at the end of the novel names these illnesses as Multiple Chemical Sensitivity MCS and Posttramatic Stress Disorder PTSD hide spoiler

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    3rd review,Still in the ICU butWaiting for a bed.I finished this about a week ago and while there were many things I liked, there was some I didn t In another thread a few friends and I were, discussing how we each need different things from a story, how we identify with characters or plots Interesting conversations and now after my recent hospital experiences my review has been hijacked because I identified in a big way with Catherine A young woman basically being poisoned with modernism, allergic to life s busy epicenters See, this is what happened to me in a very basic way and I ended up here Three separate incidents, things found and smelled in everyday settings So my book focus changed and I could now identify.A brilliantly descriptive writer, the mountains, the flowers, nature in all its glory left me spellbound with awe And against the beauty, Catherine s environmental death penalty and a young man with PTSD and some serious scars from his past Their coming together is violent, obsessive and in some way insidiously off putting so, while this book has it s ups and downs, it is well written and brings together two injured souls just trying to survive.

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    I loved this disturbing story about two broken, both physically and mentally, souls living deep in the wilderness The writing is just beautiful almost dreamlike evoking all the senses It s unlike anything I have read.After finishing the book and reading the acknowledgments, I discovered my mother s cousin married the author s sister.

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    The year is 1966 and Katherine Reid receives a heartbreaking diagnosis She is dying from a terminal illness The doctors can t even figure out what s wrong with her, only that she is dying So, she sells everything s she owns and moves far away to a cabin in Georgia s Appalachian Mountains Her plan is to spend her last months in solitude and she has brought with her a gun to end it if it gets too painful towards the end But she doesn t know that she is not alone In the forest, someone is watching her The young Vietnam veteran Danny is watching her with a growing obsession Danny is haunted by war memories and is living in an old once grand mansion alone.On Goodreads, you can read that this is a suspenseful and literary love story I agree with suspenseful, but let not describe the relationship in this book as a love story It s a relationship between two people that needs each and for a brief moment in life find comfort in each other arms But love story, no I thought it would be a love story, but certain things in the book, Danny destroying her car so that she wouldn t be able to leave and his attitude towards her, when they are together, isn t something that I would describe as a love story A very dark love story perhaps, but now, it s a relationship.Anyway, I did enjoy reading the book, but I did not love it as much I had hoped I would It was well written, but the story just didn t work all the way for me, I liked the beginning when the hadn t met yet and the ending best But the part, when they got together, was just no to my liking that much Thankfully the book ended on a high note Btw, in author s note, you can read about what it was ailing both Danny and Katherine view spoiler Danny suffered from PTSD This was hardly surprising But Katherine suffered from the environmental illness EI also know as multiple chemical sensitivity MCS which makes perfect sense to how living in the cabin made her better hide spoiler

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    3.8 Rating Into the Woods..and off we go.Haunting, haunted, and increasingly borders on insanity. as novels go.a little creepy Yet, the writing is luminous You HAVE to keep reading It will drive you nuts not to.As Katherine tries to face mortality with courage, having been overexposed to a pesticide, alone in a Cabin she purchased Danny, a younger man, living with post traumatic stress disorder, is stalking her from the other side of the mountain The entire first half of the book these two characters to not come together And then they do Danny leaves some ripe delicious peaches on Katherine s doorstep Conversations beginA love affair beginsAs for who lives and who doesn t and everything in between, it would be a shame to say much I did at least ask myself.would I ever consider moving to the woods alone, with no plans of returning if I was knew I was facing death

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    2.5 stars

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