Nighttime Wishes (Make A Wish, #1)

Nighttime Wishes (Make A Wish, #1) Ok wasn t 100% what I was getting myself into because I ve never read a book with tentacle sex but it was hot Will defiantly readof this series. I liked some partsthan others The alien, Ziang, was an ok character I could get why he acted the way he was Shawn was harder He was like two different characters First the scared noncooperative guy who at least tries to question Ziangs actions Then he switches to this lovey dovey mellable guy who agrees to everything Ziang says The tentacle sex was not a big deal for me It waslike a conventional sex scene, and not that good either What bothers me most was the bad editing I mean how can an editor not catch that a scene is used twice view spoiler I m referring to the scene where Ziang teaches Shawn how to use their technology The first is when they re still in Shawns house waiting for the retrieval The scene is then repeated after they arrive on the spaceship The wording of that scene is almost exactly the same hide spoiler Previously Published InAndThis Edition S Cover Has Been Changed But The Story Has Not Been Changed Ziang, A Tentacled Warrior From The Planet Maz Rar, Has Come To Earth To Claim His Most Precious Prize And Start A New Life When An Unforeseen Accident Results In A Crash Landing, His Plan For A Quick Removal Of The Human Shawn Lays In A Twisted Ruin At His Feet, Much Like His Shuttlecraft If That Isn T Enough, The FBI Is Sniffing Around Confronted By The Very Same Alien Who Observed Him Since He Wished On A Shooting Star As A Child, Shawn Finds His Initial Inability To Communicate With Ziang Leads To Misunderstanding And Fear Forced To Hide Until Rescue Arrives, Tensions Mount Shawn Learns Of Ziang S Intentions Of Taking Him As A Mate Ziang, On The Other Hand, Is Completely Befuddled At Shawn S Less Than Stellar Response To Said Taking As They Wait, A Spark Ignites Turns Out Humans And Maz Rarians Are Very Compatible Tentacles And All Shawn Falls For The Big Alien He Jokingly Calls ET Now He Must Decide If He S Willing To Throw Away All He Knows To Travel The Stars With Ziang I have to say that this book was a real turnoff There were a number of things that I found disturbing about it, but I stuck it through to the end I m not much for tentacle stories and thought that this might be a barrier to my enjoyment but, surprisingly, that in and of itself didn t bother me What squicked me out right away was the description of the alien The original cover the one that is supposed to show the alien and the human makes Ziang look like a human with tentacles in place of hair this is false advertising Instead his is described as being fairly reptilian with scales in places on his face, a weird nose, crocodile rough skin on his upper arms, no penis, and red eyes in place of the whites with a vertical slitted pupil That is very far from sexy to me When we get to Ziang s claim on Shawn we find out Ziang is planning on taking Shawn with him no matter what Shawn wants he is there to forcibly remove Shawn with or without his permission This turns out to be a common practice and Shawn will become Ziang s property once they reach his world What I guess it s lucky that, for no reason I can see, Shawn is in love with Ziang after three days But just to clarify these aliens practices, the next kidnap victim is identified before the spaceship leaves I don t find intentions of kidnapping and rape to be a desirable characteristic in a future mate The sex itself had a few things that I find uncomfortable, sounding and erotic gagging Altogether, it mystifies me how other reviewers found it sweet or sexy This was my first book by the author and I would definitely be leery of trying anything else by her. Alien abduction..or notTurns out aliens have been coming for years and sometimes they take people and keep them Shawn has known aliens are out there since he first saw their lights at six years old Now, at twenty five an alien crashes in his field Turns out it s his alien and the time has come to claim his as a mate and Ziang plans to take him home The story has plenty of focus on how a town and the government would deal with an alien crash It was interesting seeing both how people reacted and how Shawn reacted I enjoyed Shawn, because as much as he had known about aliens, actually having it confirmed was a different story He was fun and fiery and stood up for himself and others He was a great character and I hope we see him again in the next book 3.6 StarsSexy and interesting, to a point I wish there wascreative and detailed world building but it does the job.I do have to mention that I used to do something very similar when I was younger making a wish to whomever might be out there to come take me away, so I could visit strange worlds and meet other beings And then I started watching Farscape and that shit got real scaryso, yeah, no I d still like to explore the universe, but I d rather be on a human crew and have limited interaction with the truly unknown, thanks.But yeah, I m still probably gonna read the next one because I am hoping it will take placeon the alien home worldor at least in spaaaaaaaaace. I admit, I picked up this book because TENTACLES The fact that it is a gay romance was just icing on the tentacle cake This was a fast, predictable, simple read Basically fluff, and I thoroughly enjoyed it If you are looking for deep character development or plot twists this won t be for you But if you want some well written from a technical aspect silly and cute alien human interaction with some pretty freaking hot tentacle sex scenes and a big old fashion happy ever after ending, then give this one a try It looks like there will be a book two because Shawn s sheriff friend has also captured pun intended the attention of a tentacle alien.3.5 sucking tentacle stars Whoa, fan the flames for tentacle sex on this one A nice different twist on the alien race and culture Not a heavy plot and a bit of a cliff hanger, but steaminess was rating high with this one Who knew tentacle sex could be so hot A surprisingly light sci fi romance, with tentacles aplenty.When Shawn was young he noticed a strange light in the sky Throughout his childhood and into his teenage years, this light consistently appeared and seemed to follow him Once he was older, he had strange reactions to the light Strange reactions as in he was suddenly majorly turned on at the sight of it Turns out, that was Ziang s intention.Ziang s the alien that was following Shawn since he was small He had chosen him as a mate, then watched and waited until the time was right Now that they d met, he had to convince Shawn to go to his home planet with him Of course, he was taking Shawn with him whether he agreed or not.So, did ya see the cover All those tentacles Well, Ziang definitely knows how to use those tentacles and plays Shawn s body like a fiddle They did all sorts of interesting things, all at the same time Yeah, this book gets an A for the tentacle sex.Other than the hotness, there wasn t much substance to Shawn and Ziang s story Shawn lived a somewhat lonely life, so he didn t need all that much convincing from Ziang Their romance was rather easy For a sci fi romance, it was very fluffy and light Other than there being aliens around, there wasn t much world building I usually likedevelopment in my sc fi, but the tentacles made up for it.NIGHTTIME WISHES is recommended for sci fi and erotica fans alike It was very enjoyable and I especially enjoyed the end, and am excited to read the sequel. 2.5 starsCan I just sayTENTACLES The cover is awesome and really gives a good representation of what Ziang s hair like tentacles look like.I love the premise, I just wish the execution was better The writing was choppy and left me scratching my head lot s of times The were some major plot holes and some things creeped me out, like the fact that Ziang had observed and chosen Shawn to be his mate when he was 6 years oldICK.I did, however, love the mating scene where we find out that view spoiler Ziang doesn t have a penis, he has a mating tentacle hide spoiler

M.A Church is a true Southern belle who spent many years in the elementary education sector Now she spends her days lost in fantasy worlds, arguing with hardheaded aliens on far off planets, herding her numerous shifters, or trying to tempt her country boys away from their fishing poles It s a full time job, but hey, someone s gotta do it When not writing, she s on the back porch tending to th

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