Charlotte ,, Interesant sima la historia de la pintora Charlotte Salomon Triste, dura y tr gica Quiero saber m s Lo que no me ha convencido del todo ha sido la forma de contarla de David Foenkinos. I had never heard of this German Jewish artist before picking up this book, but I have since looked her up and find her paintings fascinating This is written in the prose style, a style I fell in love with after reading Brown Girl Dreaming, and it tells the story of this young woman and her family She was born in Berlin, but her family thinks they are getting her to safety by sending her to France, which of course was safe only for a while.The author inserts himself in the story, telling the reader how and why he became fascinated with Charlotte and also the places he visited trying to reconstruct some of her life That he admired her greatly one can tell by his writing which is full of intelligent observations and fascination with what she managed to create in such a short time Charlotte s family was a family marred by suicides, and Charlotte herself was prone to dark moods, thoughts So often these characteristics go with creativity, sad but true A good blending of history, her experiences trying to survive the Nazi purge, and the personal and professional details of her life So another rather difficult read but brings attention to a young artist whose life was cut way to short, who lived a hard life during a difficult period in history but still managed to leave an enduring legacy in her art.A link to some of her artwork A verse novel of two obsessions The first, is Foenkinos s subject, Charlotte Salomon, a Jewish painter who died pregnant in Auschwitz, having spent the last couple of years of her life in relative solitude obsessively, maniacally, painting images of her and her family s life I just reread a collection Charlotte A Diary in Pictures, including 80 of such paintings When I first read it I became obsessed about her obsession, but could not find her other collection until recently , Life or Theatre a collection which in part focuses on her family history of suicide, seven of eight women I bought a biography of Salomon recently but had trouble getting into it The tone wasn t right for my experience of the subject It lacked the passion and obsession of her life as I experienced it.The second obsession is of a novelist, Foenkinos, who had experienced Salomon s work, and couldn t stop thinking of her For years he couldn t find the form to encapsulate his experience of her life, but finally hit on the verse novel form, where he himself features as a novelist trying to give tribute to her life and work I can t speak to the translation, but I have read glowing reviews of the original, and I found that some of the verse in English unfortunately came off flatter than I had expected The novel as biography is fascinating because her life is fascinating, but the biographical rendering of her life is sometimes rather straightforward But the form in general was original and useful in capturing what many of us experience in encountering her life and work Her story is sort of quietly, sadly mesmerizing And why is there so much joy in her work That s an inspiring part of her story, and of course its endorsement its celebration of art in the performance of a life When Salomon knew the Nazis were closing on her, she bundled her life workthan a thousand paintings and put it in the safekeeping of a friend, who kept it until after the war If this is the first you have heard of Salomon, I encourage you to read her work and this novel You may yourself be obsessed as Foenkinos and I have been. I received this in exchange for an honest review from NetGalley Thank you to the author, David Foenkinos, and the publisher, Cannongate Books, for this opportunity.This book is a gripping portrait of an exceptional painter and young woman who suffered an early and tragic demise Charlotte Salomon was gassed along with six million Jews, who were murdered at the hands of the nazis She was just twenty six when her life was tragically ended, and pregnant with her first child Before this, she was a renowned painter, most famed for her series of autobiographical paintings, titled Life Or Theatre This is the biography of her life.I believe this is my first experience of reading an entire novel written in verse and it wasn t nearly as daunting as I had anticipated it to be The writing was clear, direct and hardly read like prose at all The truncated sentence length and the abundance of clear, white space around the lines helped with this Both also made this feel like a very fast read I liked this style of narrative, although I was expecting something different I m not sure what, exactly I think I assume poetic writing must also be flowery writing and this did not adhere to that style, at all, and yet still managed to be beautiful in places.Despite this being a poignant and haunting piece, especially towards the end, I did not interact with the entirety of it, as I would have liked to I knew nothing of this painter s life, before reading this, and suffered a little because of it The central portion started to feel a little too extended and, therefore, dull I also found myself thrown from the original tale with the intrusion of the author s voice Whilst full of interesting insights, I found these jarred with the emotion of the piece and I felt plucked from something wonderful and transported back to the regular world They felt like intrusions rather than necessary commentary.In all, this was a very moving piece and one I hope to come back to when I have gatheredinformation on the incredible life of an extraordinary woman.

David Foenkinos born 28 October 1974 is a French author and screenwriter He studied literature and music in Paris His novel La d licatesse is a bestseller in France.A film based on the book was released in December 2011, with Audrey Tautou as the main character.

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